Chapter 1498 Bad Luck Ghost

Although the three divine items had over a hundred Life Star experts supporting them, when Evilmoon unleashed its divine power, it still pierced through their barrier and escaped with Long Chen.

When the barrier broke, the three peak Life Star experts received an intense backlash and coughed up blood. The other experts that had supported the formation also turned pale from the backlash, but it wasn’t as severe.

“That black saber is even stronger than we expected. But why would such a terrifying weapon listen to Long Chen’s orders?” The beautiful woman softly muttered as she looked at the distant battlefield.

“Master, if you had interfered, then with the power of the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither and your half-step Netherpassage cultivation base, Long Chen definitely wouldn’t have escaped,” said Zi Yan with a complicated expression.

The woman was startled. “Girl, you even calculated against your master? You don’t need to overthink things. You are the future master of the Illusive Music Immortal Palace, and you aren’t able to escape your fate. While Long Chen is still a righteous hero, you aren’t able to kill him, and as your master, I can’t either. He is your devil star, and there is karma between you two that must be settled. You can’t kill him because he hasn’t turned completely evil yet, but did you not see that evil blade listen to Long Chen’s orders? The two are clearly connected, and perhaps there will soon come a day when he is completely infected by it… or…”

The woman suddenly shut her mouth, a trace of unease in her eyes.

“Or what?” asked Zi Yan.

“Perhaps I’m wrong, and it sounds funny when I say it out loud, but I feel like it’s not the black saber infecting Long Chen, but Long Chen infecting the black saber. I know it sounds illogical, but Long Chen has never walked the normal path. Anything can happen with him. Zi Yan, your primal chaos manifestation has reached its initial awakening. Although it hasn’t fully formed, it is easy for you to suppress other Empyreans. Now is your best chance to kill Long Chen. You’ve also seen how frightening he is. Even the five-colored world-destroying tribulation lightning was unable to kill him. He is a Divergent-”

Suddenly, the carriage quivered, and countless runes lit up before it returned to calm.

The woman smiled faintly. “You see? The word was sensed by the heavens even with a formation to block them. Long Chen definitely isn’t an ordinary person. As your master, I know why it’s so difficult. You can’t attack a good person. But as your master, let me warn you that when Long Chen becomes a devil, you cannot be softhearted. This is your fate, as well as your responsibility.” Her expression gradually grew grave.

Zi Yan lowered her head, tightly clenching her robes. Because she was clenching so hard, her fingers turned a bit white. Her expression was pained.

She couldn’t understand why fate would arrange for things to happen like this. Why did she have to be enemies with Long Chen?

Seeing her appearance, the woman simply sighed. No one understood Zi Yan better than her. But some things were unavoidable, and they had to be faced head-on. Comforting someone with lies was meaningless.

The woman ordered the Magical Beast pulling the carriage to turn. They were preparing to leave when the carriage was suddenly surrounded.

The people surrounding them were the three elders of the ancient races, ancient family alliance, and the Titan Sect. Following them, the others also came, blocking their path.

“Who are you? Why did you refuse to show yourself from start to end? Are you someone who can’t see the light of day, or are you with Long Chen?” shouted the expert from the ancient family alliance. His tone was extremely hostile.

He was Sha Guangyan’s great-grandfather and the master of the Sha family within the ancient family alliance. He was someone with quite a high status in the ancient family alliance.

Now he had a belly full of fire. The divine item he had inherited had been permanently damaged by Evilmoon. The nick that was cut into it would never heal, and the item-spirit would require hundreds of years of nourishment to recover from the impact. Now its power had sharply dropped.

This carriage had been silent here the entire time, with the ones inside never revealing themselves. That now caused the others to feel resentful. If the ones inside this carriage had also come out to suppress Long Chen, then perhaps he wouldn’t have escaped. So their anger was now being released on this mysterious carriage.

“Immediately come out and explain everything, or don’t blame us for not being courteous!” demanded Ye Qingkuang’s master. His posture looked like he would immediately attack if they didn’t comply.

Now, three divine items in the hands of three top experts were pointing at the carriage. The terrifying divine might made the Magical Beast pulling the carriage quiver.

Zi Yan had a disgusted expression. Unable to hold back Long Chen, these people now cast their anger on them. It was absolutely shameless and ridiculous.

“Master, the Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s mission to protect the Martial Heaven Continent refers to protecting people like this?” demanded Zi Yan.

The woman shook her head. “Our mission is to protect the life of the Martial Heaven Continent, which refers only to existences which can threaten the Martial Heaven Continent. That mission has nothing to do with people like them.”

Although that was what she said, her expression was also unsightly. These people’s actions were truly loathsome. Although the Illusive Music Immortal Palace stood aloof from worldly affairs, this was just that irritating.

Zi Yan nodded and coldly shouted to the people outside, “We were just passing by. We came to see what was happening. Is that not alright?”

Zi Yan had no good opinion of these people, especially that Ye Qingkuang. He had drawn heavenly tribulation and almost killed all the commoners in the city. He was human scum.

To have raised such a disciple, the master couldn’t be that much better. In order to show their power, he was fine with doing anything. That arrogance was one that didn’t care about anyone else.

“You came to watch? What a joke! Hurry up and get out! Don’t make me force you!” shouted Ye Qingkuang. Upon hearing a woman’s voice, he was very surprised, but that just gave him more confidence.

At this moment, the door to the carriage slowly opened, and a beautiful woman walked out. Zi Yan was originally a peerless beauty, but after cultivating the Music Dao, there was now an ephemeral air around her, as if she was a fairy who didn’t consume the food of the mortal world.

However, this fairy was now icy-faced, showing her mood. The woman inside the carriage shook her head and didn’t stop her. She knew that Zi Yan was aggrieved at the world from having to accept her fate. Just as she had to deal with that, this group of idiots came to find trouble with her. 

Zi Yan’s appearance shocked everyone. They had never seen a female cultivator with such an air. Ye Qingkuang in particular almost began to salivate.

“You shouldn’t go too far. As I said, we were just passing by,” said Zi Yan coldly.

“We? So there are still people inside the carriage? Have them all come out!” demanded Ye Qingkuang’s master.

“I’ve already said that you shouldn’t go too far. We were just passing by and had no responsibility to help you. Now we’re leaving.” Zi Yan moved to return to the carriage.

“Hmph, I suspect you’re Long Chen’s companion! Take a trip back to the Titan Sect with me!” demanded Ye Qingkuang, suddenly lunging toward Zi Yan.

Having rested, he had recovered about a tenth of his energy. Seeing a peerless beauty like Zi Yan actually ignore him, he wanted to capture her and bring her back to the Titan Sect. He was already smitten with her beauty.

“Impudence!” Zi Yan’s expression sank. With a wave of a single hand, rainbow light condensed into a vine that whipped Ye Qingkuang across the face.

The skin of Ye Qingkuang’s face split open, and the wound was so deep that people could see bone. The vine had a strange power on it that threw him into the distance.


Everyone couldn’t help being shocked. Ye Qingkuang was an Empyrean, but he was easily blown away.

“Slut, you’re asking for it!” Ye Qingkuang roared like a berserk beast. His primal chaos manifestation appeared once more, and he flew at Zi Yan.

As a result, the other side of his face was viciously struck as well, and he was blown away.

“This is…” Shockingly, a primal chaos manifestation had also appeared behind Zi Yan, but her manifestation had some vague figures within it. Although they were unclear, it was different from the primal chaos manifestation of other Empyreans.

“Who are you?!” demanded Ye Qingkuang’s master upon seeing Zi Yan’s manifestation.

“You aren’t qualified to know who I am,” said Zi Yan frostily as she returned to the carriage. The Magical Beast prepared to pull the carriage away.

“Courting death! You dare act so arrogant?!” Ye Qingkuang’s master roared furiously. Ye Qingkuang was his disciple, and he loved him dearly, to the point that he pampered him endlessly. He was naturally infuriated that Ye Qingkuang had been struck in the face twice by someone else.

The Steel Coiling Dragon Staff lit up and smashed toward the carriage’s Magical Beast.

Although he didn’t know Zi Yan’s origin, he knew she wasn’t an ordinary person. Rather than attacking Zi Yan, he attacked her Magical Beast.

The twang of a zither rang out, and a streak of light came from within the carriage. It looked like an ordinary piece of string as it swung through the air and at the Steel Coiling Dragon Staff.


The Steel Coiling Dragon Staff was blown into the distance, while the elder’s arms exploded into bloody mist. For a moment, everyone was deathly silent.

The Magical Beast pulling the carriage rushed away, and it along with the carriage vanished from everyone’s sight.

“The Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither? They were from the Illusive Music Immortal Palace?” The three elders were absolutely shocked.

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