Chapter 1498 Bad Luck Ghost (Teaser)

Although the three divine items had over a hundred Life Star experts supporting them, when Evilmoon unleashed its divine power, it still pierced through their barrier and escaped with Long Chen.

When the barrier broke, the three peak Life Star experts received an intense backlash and coughed up blood. The other experts that had supported the formation also turned pale from the backlash, but it wasn’t as severe.

“That black saber is even stronger than we expected. But why would such a terrifying weapon listen to Long Chen’s orders?” The beautiful woman softly muttered as she looked at the distant battlefield.

“Master, if you had interfered, then with the power of the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither and your half-step Netherpassage cultivation base, Long Chen definitely wouldn’t have escaped,” said Zi Yan with a complicated expression.

The woman was startled. “Girl, you even calculated against your master? You don’t need to overthink things. You are the future master of the Illusive Music...

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