Chapter 1497 Evilmoon Splits Space

This broadsword was a divine item and was unleashing its divine might. Now that the heavenly tribulation had ended, the divine items could be activated without worry.

“Evilmoon,” called out Long Chen.

“Don’t worry, I’ll handle it,” replied Evilmoon. The two dragon images on it lit up, and an endless air of slaughter appeared. It was truly like an evil dragon had awakened. It left Long Chen’s hand and slashed toward the broadsword.


Evilmoon’s divine marks lit up, and a frightening power gathered. However, when the two divine items clashed, it didn’t cause a shockwave. Instead, a pillar of light soared into the sky and blew apart the clouds.

Both Evilmoon and the broadsword were directing the shockwaves of their power upward. If they simply allowed their divine power to explode in all directions, then even Long Chen in his peak state would be killed at this distance, to say nothing of the others.

Suddenly, a clear cracking sound rang out that caused the elder controlling the broadsword to cough up blood. A peanut-sized nick had appeared on the broadsword.

“What?! The divine item was damaged?!” Shocked cries rang out. Divine items were unrivaled existences in people’s eyes. However, the broadsword had actually been damaged in the first clash.

Divine power exploded from the broadsword, trying to force away Evilmoon. But Evilmoon was like a viper, stubbornly biting the throat of its prey.

Long Chen knew that Evilmoon was absorbing the divine essence of the broadsword to replenish its own energy. It definitely wouldn’t let such a good opportunity slip away.

“You two, hurry up! That blade is an atrocity! We have to immediately eliminate it!” This elder from the ancient family alliance shouted toward the other two peak Life Star elders.

He was shocked to find that no matter how the broadsword struggled, it was unable to escape Evilmoon. Its item-spirit was sending him a terrified cry for help.

Those two elders made their move at the same time. Ye Qingkuang’s Steel Coiling Dragon Staff and Peng Wansheng’s golden halberd flew out of their hands and smashed toward Evilmoon.


Facing two more attacks from two divine items, Evilmoon was forced to divert its attention. The broadsword managed to escape its grasp, and then all three divine items unleashed their divine power at Evilmoon. Three rays of light shot toward it.

Black qi revolved around Evilmoon. Astral winds surged around it as it unleashed its own black light, blocking the attacks of the three divine items.

“Heavens, just where did that black saber come from?! Even without Long Chen controlling it, it protects him against three divine items!”

Now everyone realized that the true priceless treasure in Long Chen’s hand was not the pot but this saber. Countless experts almost went crazy with envy, especially the sect masters.

Even as sect masters, they only had Ancestral items to maintain their sects’ karmic luck. Furthermore, the majority of them didn’t even have top Ancestral items.

As for Long Chen, he was just a little Jade Core disciple. That pot was able to smash apart other Ancestral items, so it had to be at least a peak Ancestral item, the strongest type of existence below divine items. And now that black saber in his possession was able to block the attacks of three divine items controlled by three peak Life Star experts.

At this moment, the three elders exchanged a look and formed new hand seals. Ripples of light came from their divine items, forming a huge light barrier around both Long Chen and Evilmoon.

“Everyone, Long Chen’s mind has been taken over by this evil blade. We need your help. Pass your energy into our bodies so we can seal this evil blade together. We must kill this fiend Long Chen to save the world from calamity!” shouted the ancient race elder. The three of them had found that their current power was not enough, and they needed everyone’s help.

However, the people present were no longer as fanatical as they had been at the start. Many of them had become aware of just how serious this problem was. Just before this, when Ye Qingkuang had summoned his lightning tribulation, it had been Long Chen who had saved all the commoners here, throwing himself into danger by attacking the lightning tribulation and drawing it away. There were countless people grateful to him.

Now the story of a fiend who had destroyed his own sect and had his soul controlled by an evil blade had lost its power. Not everyone was an idiot, and not everyone was overcome with envy.

Although they didn’t know the exact details of what was going on behind the scenes, since Long Chen was someone who would do such a thing to save people who were total strangers to him, how could he possibly do something like destroying his own sect and master?

The people who had attacked before had been able to use the righteous excuse of eliminating a scourge of the Righteous path in order to cover up their envy and greed. But now, that excuse was clearly groundless. If they really attacked, they would be denounced by others. After all, this was the Eastern Xuan City, and there were countless experts here. No one dared to make a move without considering things properly. When it came down to it, whether it was the ancient races, the ancient family alliance, or the Titan Sect, they were unable to represent the Eastern Xuan Region’s Righteous path. The wrong decision here could cost them everything.

If they helped and Long Chen was killed, then that was alright. After all, he was dead, and a dead man wouldn’t be able to argue about his innocence even if he was innocent.

However, what if on the off-chance they failed to kill Long Chen? What then? Other than the destroyed Xuantian Dao Sect, Long Chen also had the support of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, the Wine God Palace, and even the Huayun Sect. Was doing this worth it or not?

“I will use my status as the Eastern Xuan Region’s Pill Tower’s master and the name of Pill Valley to ask everyone to attack together to eliminate Long Chen! This person is the calamity of the Eastern Xuan Region. He has colluded with foreign races to kill fellow humans. His sins are irredeemable, and he must be executed!”

Suddenly, an elder wearing the Pill Tower’s robes appeared. He was the first to come up and pat his hands on the back of the ancient family alliance’s elder, pouring his spiritual yuan into the latter.

“My Martial Heaven Alliance also supports Pill Valley’s decision! Through our investigation, we’ve confirmed that Long Chen had colluded with alien races to harm the Righteous path. The evidence is undeniable, and he must be punished!”

Another elder flew out of the crowd. He tore off his bamboo hat and came to support them as well.

“Isn’t that the leader of the Eastern Xuan branch of the Martial Heaven Alliance, Qin Mingxian? He… he also supports killing Long Chen?” cried out someone who recognized this elder.

Qin Mingxuan was the one with the highest authority in the Eastern Xuan Region’s Righteous path. He had actually appeared.

“Since the two of them have come, it means Long Chen really is a fiend. We have to execute him.”

Immediately, quite a few people flew out as well to pass their spiritual yuan to the three elders controlling the divine items.

Having gained the help of dozens of people, the three divine items began to shine even brighter. The huge barrier around Evilmoon and Long Chen locked them in place. There was nowhere for them to go.

“Long Chen, so what if you escaped the heavenly tribulation? Having done so many heinous deeds, you won’t be able to escape this tribulation. Did you think you could escape the trial of righteousness? Death is your only end!” shouted Sha Guangyan’s upper body.

He had been cut in two by Long Chen’s saber at the waist. His upper body had escaped, but his lower body was still within the barrier the three divine items had formed to trap Long Chen. One of Peng Wansheng’s golden wings was also within it, and both of them couldn’t get them back just yet.

Right now, they had no energy left to heal, and it took all they had just to not collapse. Yet, they forced themselves to stay conscious so that they could personally see Long Chen die.

Long Chen watched as more and more experts arrived to strengthen the three of them. The barrier around him was growing stronger and stronger, and it was also shrinking.

However, his expression didn’t change. He was covered in blood, and his skin hadn’t even recovered. His appearance was very frightening, with several of his bones sticking out.

He suddenly shot up and kicked a severed body part. That body part slammed into the formation and immediately exploded on contact.

“Long Chen!” Sha Guangyan roared. Although he had known that there was no way for him to retrieve his lower body and he would need to spend some time to regrow it, Long Chen’s action was still extremely humiliating.

“I’m not interested in two legs and a butt, but I’ll accept this chicken wing. I’m quite fond of roasted chicken.” Long Chen pulled the golden wing into the primal chaos space.

Peng Wansheng’s chest heaved, and he almost fainted. He had reached his limit, but he still forced himself to stay awake. He had to witness Long Chen’s miserable death.

“You’re all framing Long Chen! We refuse to believe Long Chen is such a person! You’re intentionally eliminating a genius!” As more and more experts flocked toward the side of Pill Valley and the Martial Heaven Alliance, someone finally roared furiously.

More and more furious roars rang out, but they were too weak, coming from people with low status. No one bothered with them. By this time, over a hundred sect masters had gone to help.

Zheng Wenlong stared at those people with a touch of pity in his eyes. He sighed, “How foolish. They’ve sent themselves to the death god. Write down those people’s status, names, and sects clearly. My guess is that the old list is pretty much useless now. What Long Chen wanted was this list.”

More and more experts appeared, but there was still one carriage in the sky that hadn’t made a move.

“That’s about enough. We should go. Once I get the list, I’ll properly settle the debt from today.” Long Chen was weary. Evilmoon was still fine, but he was starting to feel like he couldn’t last much longer.

“Alright.” Evilmoon’s dragon marks shook, and a faint dragon roar could be heard.


A saber-image exploded into existence, instantly piercing the barrier created by the three divine items. A black light shot into the distance, vanishing from their sight along with Long Chen.

When Evilmoon broke the barrier, the elders wielding the three divine items all coughed up a mouthful of blood, their faces pale with terror.

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