Chapter 1496 A World-Destroying Blow

The five clouds revolved rapidly around each other. Lightning surged within like raging waves.

The five clouds were like five petals of a flower, with the center right above Long Chen.

“What the fuck, this is no normal five-colored lightning. This is five-colored world-destroying tribulation lightning! Long Chen, what did you do to anger the heavens so much?!” Even Dragonbone Evilmoon was shocked.

“How am I supposed to now?! These damn heavens just find me displeasing and do everything possible to kill me,” said Long Chen hatefully.

Suddenly, the world trembled. The lightning beasts exploded into runes and vanished.

In that instant, a pillar of light shot out from the five tribulation clouds and enveloped long Chen. He felt endless heavenly might lock him down. The surrounding space was frozen, and he couldn’t move.

As for the distant Sha Guangyan, Peng Wansheng, and Ye Qingkuang, they were exhausted and about to collapse. They despaired. The pillar of light also affected them, making it so they couldn’t flee.

However, at that instant, the three of them were blown away by a strange force. That force was hard, making them cough up blood and feel like their bones would collapse. But they were delighted.

“Hahahaha! Long Chen, in the end, you still lose! Your own trap killed you- pfft!” Ye Qingkuang laughed wildly while also coughing up blood.

The lightning tribulation had ended up letting them off. Now it was locked onto just Long Chen. That meant that this five-colored lightning still did show some concern for Empyreans.

Even before, seventy percent of the lightning beasts had been targeting Long Chen, with only thirty percent attacking the three of them. That showed how great the karmic luck of Empyreans was. Even heavenly tribulation looked after them.

Now as the lightning tribulation prepared for its final blow, it actually sent them out. The three of them had escaped death and were filled with both joy at life and joy at Long Chen’s misfortune.

“Don’t worry, Long Chen. Once you die, I’ll immediately go to the Spirit World and let the rest of the Dragonblood Legion join you! As for those beauties of yours, hehe, I’ll properly look after them!” laughed Sha Guangyan as he wiped off the blood from his mouth.

Endless destructive will was gathering within the five clouds. That was the will of the Heavenly Daos. If the heavens wanted someone dead, that person would have no choice but to die. This was the power of the heavens.

“Will Long Chen really die? If he dies, that means he’s not my destined devil star. If he isn’t my destined devil star, wouldn’t that be a huge joke?” Zi Yan looked at the distant Long Chen who couldn’t move under the light of the five tribulation clouds. A pained expression appeared in her eyes.

The current Long Chen was unable to move, but he had no intention of submitting. He was standing tall, glaring furiously at the tribulation clouds.

In this situation, no one could save him. No human could surpass the heavens, but Long Chen was trying anyway.

The beautiful woman didn’t say anything as she watched. If Long Chen really died to this lightning tribulation, it would truly be a huge joke.

She trusted that the divination spoken by the Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s ancestor was correct. But she couldn’t imagine how Long Chen would survive this terrifying tribulation.

This was a tribulation with no chance of survival. Nothing could save him, not even a divine item.

“Long Chen, you can’t die. You’re my greatest investment. Grand Wealth God, please protect my client.” Zheng Wenlong had almost despaired, but he clung onto the slightest shred of hope.

“Senior brother Long Chen, you can’t die!”

“Long Chen, if you die, the world will no longer have a hero like you!”

“Long Chen, you’re the miracle of the Martial Heaven Continent. You have to continue your legend! You can’t die!”

Countless youngsters were praying for Long Chen to survive. They stared nervously. 

Suddenly, the five tribulation clouds stopped revolving and gathered into one multi-colored cloud. All the lightning that had been brewing within them was suddenly unleashed.

From the distance, it looked like five torrents of lightning had been unleashed, devouring Long Chen.

The five torrents blew apart the earth. Lightning runes formed a giant mushroom cloud in the air that rapidly spread.

“Not good!” Sha Guangyan, Peng Wansheng, and Ye Qingkuang were horrified. They hadn’t expected this attack to be so huge. They had already retreated so far away but were still caught by it.

The three of them summoned their defenses but were still blown away, tumbling back across the ground and coughing up blood. Sha Guangyan’s body was covered in cracks, and he almost died.

Even from this distance, the three of them almost perished. Then just how powerful was the core of this lightning? It was truly worthy of being a legendary world-destroying tribulation. There was no chance of survival for Long Chen.

Once the torrent of lightning was unleashed, the lightning clouds vanished. The sun once more bathed the land with its light.

The lightning was gone, and space had stopped shaking. The world was once more warm and clear, but the territory beyond the Eastern Xuan City had been reduced to ruins.

In particular, there was a bottomless pit tens of thousands of miles wide. The leftover might of the heavens was so terrifying that just looking at it would make a person feel like their soul was being stabbed.

That giant hole was like the gaping maw of some fiend. No one dared to make a sound in front of that hole.

“Long Chen, your little plan of drawing five-colored lightning tribulation to kill us was truly laughable. Did you think you could scheme against Empyreans?” mocked Sha Guangyan as he looked at the hole.

Suddenly, the ground split open, and a figure charged out of the earth, slashing a black saber at the three of them.

That figure was covered in blood, his flesh ripped off. He had practically no skin left and many of his bones were exposed. His face was gone, but that black saber caused everyone to let out startled cries.

“It’s Long Chen!”

“He didn’t die?!”

“How… how is that possible?!”

Although they couldn’t recognize Long Chen in his current state, Dragonbone Evilmoon’s sinister appearance allowed them to easily tell who he was.

Sha Guangyan was the first one to be struck, and he was cut in two at the waist. He didn’t even have time to use his broadsword to block.

Evilmoon didn’t pause after cutting through Sha Guangyan. It continued toward the shocked Peng Wansheng and Ye Qingkuang.

The two of them were originally behind Sha Guangyan, and so they had some time to raise their divine items. But both their arms were broken, and they were sent flying. One of Peng Wansheng’s wings had been cut off by Long Chen.

“Damnit, if it weren’t for that damn lightning tribulation, I could have killed all three of them with this blow,” cursed Long Chen inside. Right now, he was heavily injured and almost out of spiritual yuan. If it weren’t for that, those three would have died.

“You’re complaining when it was all your fault? You actually dared to absorb that five-colored world-destroying tribulation lightning. You really have a death wish.” Evilmoon’s voice contained a new emotion within it.

When the lightning had crashed down on Long Chen, at that moment, he hadn’t blocked it. Instead, he had opened his body to absorb as much of it as possible.

At that time, Evilmoon had truly thought Long Chen had gone insane. Even if someone wanted to die, they wouldn’t do it like this. Did he really need to raise his chance of death to ten thousand percent?

However, Long Chen had allowed the lightning to enter his body. Just as his body had been about to explode, he had activated the primal chaos bead, drawing the lightning into the primal chaos space.

The lightning had immediately destroyed a large swathe of the World Trees the instant it entered, but before it could continue rampaging, the primal chaos space shook slightly, and the divine might suddenly filled it. Then the berserk lightning actually went quiet and condensed into a ball.

Long Chen had almost died from the impact, but having survived the first wave, he used the life energy in the primal chaos space to heal as he continued absorbing more.

The terrifying lightning had only continued for a few breaths’ time, but the berserk energy had almost destroyed him. If it hadn’t been for the vast energy in the World Trees, there would have been no chance he could have survived.

The lightning that had been drawn in destroyed a large swathe of the World Trees, but compared to the huge forest of World Trees in the primal chaos space, it was nothing. Yet, despite that, all the World Trees had withered from how much life energy Long Chen had sucked out. That was how terrifying the lightning had been.

Having survived this unsurvivable lightning tribulation, Long Chen had gathered a huge ball of lightning in the primal chaos space. This was his harvest after risking death.

Dragonbone Evilmoon didn’t know why Long Chen would take such a risk, but Long Chen knew that he had to absorb as much thunderforce as possible in order to raise his chances of surviving his next tribulation.

Once the tribulation had ended, he had stealthily approached the three of them with his weary body and launched a sneak attack.

Yet, he had underestimated the terrifying five-colored lightning tribulation. He had not only exhausted almost all his spiritual yuan, but even the might of the Heavenly Daos was still present on his injuries, wracking his body and causing his power to drop.

He had no more life energy to draw out, so he could only bear it. Regretfully, even such a great opportunity hadn’t succeeded.

Having sent Peng Wansheng and Ye Qingkuang flying, Long Chen shot toward Sha Guangyan’s upper body. If he couldn’t kill three, one was good as well.

However, he had only just moved when the broadsword in Sha Guangyan’s hand flew out of his control and at Long Chen.

“Long Chen, your sins are so grave that even the heavens can’t handle you. So let this old man do it instead.”

A cold shout rang out from a distance. Sha Guangyan’s elder was forming hand seals, and a blood rune had appeared on his forehead. He was actually controlling the divine item from a long distance.

Under his control, the broadsword was flowing with divine light. A huge sword-image slashed toward Long Chen.

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