Chapter 1495 Lightning Covers the Land

Sha Guangyan, Peng Wansheng, and Ye Qingkuang had summoned all the power they had at their disposal. They couldn’t hold back at all.

Light flowed around their divine items as they attacked once more. They were intent on killing Long Chen in one breath.

Long Chen let out a furious roar, and green light soared from his scales. Wielding his saber with both hands, he charged out at the three of them.

The collisions of divine items caused the world to alternate between light and dark. As they crazily fought, the torrent of lightning exploded around them.

The people in the distance could only vaguely see four figures within the lightning. That terrifying pressure had completely twisted space and made it seem like what they were seeing was illusory.

No one dared to even blink an eye. They were afraid of missing even an instant of this scene. In this kind of terrifying barrage, one of them could die at any moment.

“Long Chen’s too terrifying. If Empyreans are monsters, then Long Chen is a monster amongst monsters. He’s not at a disadvantage even one against three,” praised the white-robed elder beside Zheng Wenlong.

“Be careful. If you say the wrong thing, you might lose your life,” warned Zheng Wenlong.

The white-robed elder’s expression changed slightly. He had actually forgotten that saying the wrong thing within the domain of this tribulation could be sensed by the Heavenly Daos and invoke karma. Ye Qingkuang’s master was a good example of that.

The white-robed elder shut his mouth. He didn’t even dare to send spiritual messages and simply watched.

As for weaker experts, they couldn’t even speak under this terrifying pressure. The huge Eastern Xuan City was silent.

The four of them were crazily fighting in the lightning. Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng’s hearts shook. As they fought, Ye Qingkuang was growing stronger. This five-colored tribulation lightning was tempering him rapidly. He had already gained the aura of a Soul Transformation expert.

His aura was still chaotic and fluctuating, but his power was now soaring. Although he couldn’t match Long Chen, he could still manage to block him with their help.

Long Chen’s heavy attacks were all blocked by him. It was only because of Ye Qingkuang that the other two could fight against Long Chen. They thanked their luck that they had saved Ye Qingkuang back then, or without him, they wouldn’t have been able to survive.

Five-colored lightning surrounded Long Chen. It had formed a set of armor around him, preventing him from being injured by the torrent of lightning falling from the sky.

As for Sha Guangyan, Peng Wansheng, and Ye Qingkuang, they were forced to divert a part of their energy to resist the lightning. 

As a result, both sides ended up having their advantages and disadvantages. They fought for a full two hours without determining a victor.

“Damnit, how can he have so much spiritual yuan?! He clearly isn’t absorbing energy from heaven and earth to replenish it!” Sha Guangyan ground his teeth.

It wasn’t just Sha Guangyan who was confused by this. Considering there were three Empyreans with their manifestations in full bloom, all the energy of heaven and earth was sucked dry by them. Long Chen couldn’t absorb energy to replenish his spiritual yuan.

His divine ring was active, but it was focused on resisting the suppression of their three manifestations. It wasn’t absorbing any energy from the world. According to reason, Long Chen’s spiritual yuan should have run dry an hour ago.

Even the three of them who were absorbing all the energy in the air were using more energy than they were replenishing. They didn’t even have half their spiritual yuan left.


Just as the three of them were growing anxious about this, an explosive sound came from the sky. They saw that the cross-shaped crack Long Chen had cut into the sky had exploded due to some energy. It had formed a huge hole in the sky.

Countless five-colored figures began to descend from the sky. They were terrifying lightning beasts. There were drakes, phoenixes, wolves, insects, tigers, leopards, essentially anything that existed.

Flying ones, swimming ones, running ones, they were all present. Some of these were beasts that no one had ever seen or even heard of.

Each of these lightning beasts was as large as a mountain. They charged toward the four of them.

Sha Guangyan was the first to be struck. He was sent flying by Long Chen into the mouth of a lightning python.

“Break!” A roar came from within the lightning python’s mouth, and its head exploded. Sha Guangyan flew out.

However, his face was a bit pale with fright. When he had been devoured, he had entered a strange space with endless lightning chains coming to bind him. If he hadn’t had a divine item to break those lightning chains, he might have been bound.

This lightning python was just one of the millions of lightning beasts that had appeared. He had almost died to just one. This five-colored lightning was truly worthy of being the legendary annihilation lightning.

They were Empyreans, and every time they underwent tribulation, the heavens would pamper them. The heavens would send down powerful but gentle lightning to expel the impurities in their bodies and make sure their advancement was as perfect as possible.

To them, heavenly tribulation was like a gentle mother. But today, it had become an evil stepmother who wanted them dead. The four of them had no choice but to focus on blocking these lightning beasts.

In truth, the majority of the lightning beasts were charging toward Long Chen. That proved that the main target of the five-colored lightning was still Long Chen.

When the endless lightning beasts appeared, over a thousand five-colored dragons also appeared around Long Chen, fighting crazily against them.

“How… how is that possible?!” Zi Yan was filled with shock. How could the lightning beasts start fighting against each other?

In the next instant, she realized that these dragons were not the beasts of the lightning tribulation, but Long Chen’s thunderforce.

Long Chen had had Lei Long absorb the five-colored lightning from the start. It had silently sent its split bodies throughout the lightning tribulation, absorbing it. Having already transformed to become five-colored as well, its split bodies were like fish in water. No one had noticed them.

When Long Chen had been fighting against them, he hadn’t used any thunderforce. He had merely kept Lei Long’s main body with him to absorb any tribulation lightning that attacked him.

Lei Long was truly gluttonous. It had summoned eighteen hundred split bodies in one go. That was its limit. Eighteen hundred split bodies had been greedily devouring the five-colored lightning tribulation this entire time.

When the time came and they merged together, Lei Long would grow to a terrifying level.

However, right now, they had yet to merge again. Its split bodies might not be extremely powerful individually, but they had completely transformed to become the same as this five-colored lightning.

The tribulation lightning beasts ended up viewing them as coming from the same source, and so they didn’t attack Lei Long. They only charged at Long Chen.

Fortunately, Lei Long didn’t view them as coming from the same source. It viewed them purely as fat pieces of meat, and it crazily devoured them.

These huge lightning beasts were incredibly fierce, but they didn’t possess minds. They didn’t know how to fight against themselves and simply continued charging at Long Chen without attacking Lei Long.

As a result, Lei Long devoured them without any misgivings. The lightning essence it was devouring was the best meat to it.

Eighteen hundred dragons were pouncing on the lightning beasts in the sky while protecting Long Chen.

But even like this, there were too many of the lightning beasts. Many of them still got past the lightning dragons to attack Long Chen.

Long Chen slashed his saber at those. His saber was flickering with five-colored lightning as well. This was the power of Lei Long’s true body.

If Long Chen was using his own power against the lightning beasts, it wouldn't be this effective, and it would take more spiritual yuan. But with Lei Long’s assistance, killing these lightning beasts was much easier. He killed one with each slash of his saber.

When he killed the lightning beasts, they transformed into lightning runes and were absorbed by Lei Long’s true body that was still within Long Chen. Its growth rate was even faster than the split bodies, as the split bodies still required a great deal of effort to devour the lightning beasts of the tribulation. After all, each of those lightning beasts was just as large as them.

However, Long Chen could destroy them with a simple swing of his saber, and that efficiency allowed Lei Long’s true body to grow much faster.

Long Chen was handling his lightning beasts without much effort, but on the other side, Sha Guangyan, Peng Wansheng, and Ye Qingkuang’s expressions were growing unsightly.

Each time they attacked one of the lightning beasts, they needed to use a huge amount of energy. But worst of all, when the lightning beasts exploded, the exploding lightning would harm their bodies. Even their souls would feel a prickling pain, making them almost cough up blood.

The three of them were Soul Transformation experts who had already started condensing their Yuan Spirits. If they were still in the Jade Core realm, their souls might not be able to bear the impact of this lightning.

Seeing Long Chen’s expression was so calm as he killed the lightning beasts without the slightest pain, they felt like they might go insane.

Although the majority of the lightning beasts were charging toward Long Chen, around thirty percent of them were still attacking the trio Empyreans. This thirty percent was horrifying, and the three of them were battered and exhausted.

After two hours, Sha Guangyan was the first to start wildly coughing up blood.

After four hours, Sha Guangyan, Peng Wansheng, and Ye Qingkuang were covered in blood. Having been injured multiple times, their combat power was starting to fall.

After six hours, the three of them had reached their limit. They had entered a deathbed struggle.

As for Long Chen, he was also covered in blood amongst these endless lightning beasts. There were just too many of them, and he was starting to run out of breath.

The people in the distance were watching with rapt attention. They knew the end was coming.

Suddenly, the lightning tribulation clouds in the sky began to rumble. They slowly gathered together, eventually forming five different-colored clouds right above Long Chen’s head.

“This is… the real five-colored lightning tribulation.” People stared in shock at the five clouds above Long Chen.

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