Chapter 1493 Fighting Against Heavenly Geniuses

The legendary five-colored tribulation lightning was a destructive lightning, one that could destroy anything in the world. Anything that had been locked onto by five-colored divine lightning would be annihilated.

In the cultivation world, the most solemn oath was sworn on being struck by five-colored lightning. Beneath five-colored lightning, you would be destroyed in body and soul.

And now, up in the sky, five-colored tribulation lightning was pouring out of the crack Long Chen had cut in the sky. It rapidly spread, filling the sky.

Even as far away as the Eastern Xuan City was, the experts were all petrified by the sight of the radiant five-colored lightning. They were afraid that the slightest movement might draw the lightning’s attention and kill them.

This five-colored lightning was something that only existed in legend. It was recorded in ancient tomes, but no one had ever seen it personally.

“There’s been different colored lightning before, but not a five-colored one. Good, then let me see whether your love for your three sons will hold when I’m added to the mix.” A cold smile appeared on Long Chen’s face as he looked at the five-colored lightning.

Long Chen, Ye Qingkuang, Sha Guangyan, and Peng Wansheng were all within the domain of the five-colored lightning. Other than Long Chen, all their expressions changed.

Not only did their expressions change, but even the expression of Ye Qingkuang’s face became unsightly. Furthermore, two elders also came out of two other carriages, looking at the scene in front of them nervously.

These two elders came from the ancient races and ancient families. They were extremely powerful, but despite that power, they could only watch from a distance. They didn’t even dare to speak for fear of being locked onto by the lightning.

“It seems your father is angry. I wonder whether he’ll exterminate all of you just because of a little outsider like me.” Long Chen then slashed his saber at the sky once more in front of everyone’s horrified gazes.

A huge saber-image created another crack in the tribulation clouds. Along with the previous clash, it formed a huge cross.

A torrent of five-colored lightning grew even stronger. In the distance, the experts wielding photographic jades had their photographic jades destroyed by some kind of power.

“Long Chen, you madman! Kill him quickly!” roared Sha Guangyan. He could see that Long Chen didn’t want to live. What he wanted was to bring them all down with him.

The five-colored tribulation lightning was booming above. It had completely escaped its restrictions, wanting to destroy them as well. Even their status as Empyreans had lost effect against it.

If they didn’t kill Long Chen immediately and allowed him to continue infuriating the tribulation, they would all be doomed.

However, before the three of them could attack, the five-colored lightning crashed down. Huge thunderbolts shot down, enveloping Long Chen, Ye Qingkuang, Sha Guangyan, and Peng Wansheng.

This lightning was incredibly powerful, and it was full of terrifying destructive will. The three of them were forced to go all-out against this lightning. Their bodies were quivering.

Yet, Long Chen was immersed within the torrent of lightning. The lightning would explode when it landed on him and transform into five-colored runes. That natural and easy appearance was like he was taking a bath, not undergoing tribulation.

This five-colored lightning was extremely berserk. Each strike was equivalent to the full-strength attack of a normal Life Star expert.

Most terrifying of all was the destructive will within it. It was something that destroyed a person’s body and mind. It made people feel despair.

However, this lightning was unable to cause any injuries to Long Chen. After all, since the Blood Condensation realm, Long Chen had repeatedly undergone tribulation. All his experiences had accumulated into a large immunity against lightning. This fatal lightning wasn’t much to him. At the very least, he didn’t have to bother with it at this intensity.

“Not bad. Long Chen, you have some guts. Now I understand why the Heavenly Daos don’t like you.” Dragonbone Evilmoon sent Long Chen a message. Its voice contained the slightest bit of admiration now.

Clearly, this fearless courage of Long Chen’s had surprised it a bit. That was because Evilmoon had always looked down on Long Chen personally. It felt Long Chen was too softhearted, but this display made its impression of Long Chen change.

Evilmoon was rejected by the Heavenly Daos due to undergoing too much slaughter. That was why Long Chen had to use more energy to use Battle Skills with it.

However, Long Chen was also rejected by the Heavenly Daos, and he even dared to go against them. That won him some praise from Evilmoon, because it didn’t dare to do the same.

“Long Chen, within this domain of five-colored lightning, no one else can interfere in your battle. I can’t, and they can’t either, including those people in the carriages. No one would dare to activate the power of divine items here. In other words, the four of you will be fighting entirely with your true, personal power. Whether they kill you or you kill them, no one will be able to save anyone,” said Evilmoon.

“Why is that?” asked Long Chen.

“This five-colored lightning has condensed endless destructive will. It is independent of the Heavenly Daos, and so it will kill anyone, including Empyreans. But if a divine item was activated within this domain, it would be instantly caught by the Heavenly Daos. This five-colored lightning would instantly become divine lightning. Let alone you four, no one within tens of thousands of miles would exist in that case. So as long as they don’t want to die, none of them will activate their divine items. That would be no different than suicide,” explained Evilmoon.

“What if someone activates their divine item in panic in order to bring me down with them?” asked Long Chen. He had to get a grasp of this new information.

“What a joke, do you think divine items can be activated by anyone? Without reaching the Life Star realm and condensing astral energy, how could they activate the power of their divine items? The only exception would be if the divine item wanted to help them, but do you think divine items are stupid? Would they actually be willing to end up destroying themselves? Let alone them, even those old fellows over there wouldn’t be able to force a divine item to do anything if it didn’t want to. So be at ease,” said Evilmoon a bit irritably.

Hearing this, Long Chen was delighted. Without the threat of divine items, and with the protection of this five-colored lightning, he could dominate this fight.

Lei Long had already finished devouring the lightning chains from his last tribulation. It had grown incredibly powerful, and now this five-colored lightning was being silently absorbed by it. It was full of excitement as if it had encountered a peerless delicacy.

“I’m not in a rush to handle them. Lei Long, do your best to absorb as much of the five-colored lightning as you can, but be careful. For now, don’t get sensed by the tribulation,” said Long Chen.

He found that the current tribulation was different from before. The first wave of this tribulation was already so terrifying, so Lei Long needed some time to slowly digest this new energy.

Suddenly, the rain of lightning around him exploded as a staff smashed toward Long Chen. Finally, the three of them had lost patience. Ye Qingkuang was the first to attack.

At the same time, Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng also launched attacks. Their three divine items were hurling toward Long Chen.

“I wasn’t in a rush, but it seems these sons have gotten anxious. Then today, let’s have an all-out fight!” Long Chen slashed Evilmoon. His first target was Ye Qingkuang’s Steel Coiling Dragon Staff.

In terms of power, Ye Qingkuang was fundamentally not a match for Long Chen. He was blown away.

“Void Breaker!”

“Heavy Earth Ascension!”

Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng’s attacks arrived. The runes on Peng Wansheng’s wings were lit, while the earth rune on Sha Guangyan’s forehead was glowing. Down below, the ground began to shine with a dark gold luster. Endless energy was gathering from it.

Although the two of them weren’t able to activate the power of their divine items, when they unleashed their full power, they also possessed the power to shake heaven and earth. When the two of them combined forces, they seemed unstoppable.

Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng were feeling an intense sense of crisis. This five-colored lightning was an existence from legend. Just the first wave was already so difficult to bear. Who knew how terrifying it would become later?

Their status as Empyreans was no longer able to protect them. This heavenly tribulation didn’t care about them. It would kill them all.

Their only choice was to kill Long Chen before the tribulation reached its strongest level. Otherwise, they would really be in danger.

The lightning tribulation was Ye Qingkuang’s, but it was Long Chen who had drawn the five-colored lightning. Even if Ye Qingkuang died and the tribulation ended, the five-colored lightning would continue. If Long Chen didn’t die, the five-colored lightning wouldn’t stop.

Long Chen’s slash met with their two divine items. Lightning exploded as their three divine items were locked together.

“DIE!” Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng poured their power into their weapons, wanting to send Long Chen flying. This was an extremely important exchange.

If they could blow Long Chen away, they would take the advantage. Under a torrent of attacks, Long Chen who was forced into a passive position might very likely be defeated just like that.

However, as they unleashed all their power, they were shocked to find that Long Chen’s power seemed endless. They were unable to shake him in the slightest.

Just at this moment, Ye Qingkuang came flying back, the Steel Coiling Dragon Staff smashing toward Long Chen’s side.

“Just wait, it’ll be your turn soon,” snorted Long Chen. Dragonbone Evilmoon shook three times suddenly, and Peng Wansheng and Sha Guangyan felt their wrists almost break. They noticed a portion of their energy being absorbed. As for Long Chen’s saber, it knocked their weapons into the air as it slashed toward Ye Qingkuang.

“Not good!” Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng’s expressions changed, but it was too late to warn Ye Qingkuang. They could only focus on attacking Long Chen again.


Long Chen’s saber viciously slashed into Ye Qingkuang’s staff. As for Sha Guangyan’s sword and Sha Guangyan’s halberd, they landed on Long Chen’s back.

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