Chapter 1493 Fighting Against Heavenly Geniuses (Teaser)

The legendary five-colored tribulation lightning was a destructive lightning, one that could destroy anything in the world. Anything that had been locked onto by five-colored divine lightning would be annihilated.

In the cultivation world, the most solemn oath was sworn on being struck by five-colored lightning. Beneath five-colored lightning, you would be destroyed in body and soul.

And now, up in the sky, five-colored tribulation lightning was pouring out of the crack Long Chen had cut in the sky. It rapidly spread, filling the sky.

Even as far away as the Eastern Xuan City was, the experts were all petrified by the sight of the radiant five-colored lightning. They were afraid that the slightest movement might draw the lightning’s attention and kill them.

This five-colored lightning was something that only existed in legend. It was recorded in ancient tomes, but no one had ever seen it personally.

“There’s been different colored lightning before, but not a five-colored one. Good, then let me see whether your love for your three sons will hold when...

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