Chapter 1492 Five-Colored Lightning Thunders

The very first time Long Chen had attacked the tribulation clouds, he had provoked the heavens’ fury. He was completely locked onto by the tribulation clouds, and he would be forced to go through the tribulation with Ye Qingkuang.

However, Long Chen hadn’t broken through. His cultivation base was still at the peak of the Jade Core realm, so now he had truly courted death. Having gone straight up against the heavens, the conclusion was obvious to all.

“So, that cold and hard exterior actually hid such a kind heart. Long Chen is a true peerless hero! On one hand, we have an evil, despicable person who, despite clearly having been defeated, drew heavenly tribulation to kill his opponent with external power. On the other hand, we have a savior who is willing to go against heavenly tribulation, sacrificing his life to save the lives of the innocents. Just how grand is his heart?” praised an elder.

Now Long Chen had forced Ye Qingkuang far away. Although the tribulation clouds still covered the Eastern Xuan City, the core was already very far away, and the lightning tribulation wouldn’t reach the city. The people who hadn’t managed to escape in time had all been saved.

They looked at that indistinct figure in the distance, filled with gratitude. They had no relationship with Long Chen. In fact, many of them had looked at him with indifference, or with the attitude of people watching a show when he had been surrounded by enemies just now.

However, for them, he had repeatedly attacked the tribulation. No one could survive after infuriating the heavens, so his actions made them all feel ashamed.

“He actually sacrificed his life to save us, who have nothing to do with him. You’re saying that such a person would destroy his own sect? You’re all despicable slanderers!” A youth only at the Xiantian realm roared angrily.

His roar shook everyone’s hearts. If Long Chen really was such an evil person, how could he sacrifice his life for them?

“Obviously, he’s just trying to leave behind a good name for himself before his death. What a cunning and sinister man. Truly despicable-”

“Fuck off!” That person couldn’t even finish speaking before an expert cut off his head. Blood spurted into the air.

“An idiot like you isn’t fit to live in this world.” An arrow pierced the head, destroying that person’s Yuan Spirit.

“Long Chen said that we have our own eyes, that we have our own heads. We have to decide right and wrong for ourselves, not blindly follow others. As for those prejudiced people with a shadow on their hearts, their words are nothing more than farts. In any case, you could beat me to death before I’d believe Long Chen is that kind of person!” roared the man who had shot the head.

“I also believe that Long Chen isn’t such a person!”

Following that, all the people in the city roared along. Although their cultivation bases were low, the roaring of millions and millions of people caused the sky to change color. Even the tribulation clouds in the sky shook.

This was the belief of all these experts. They had been stuck in the city and had been about to die from the tribulation. They firmly believed that Long Chen was a peerless hero, and this belief gathered together to form a kind of invisible energy that even affected the heavens.

“With this one move, Long Chen has proven himself to be innocent. What unrivaled intelligence,” praised an elder beside Zheng Wenlong.

“You’ve overestimated him. With my understanding of him, he’d disdain doing such a thing. His thinking is very simple: it’s simply because some of these people supported him. Even if there was only one child who believed him, he’d draw the lightning tribulation away for that child. Long Chen is simply Long Chen. He is unique and unmatched. This world will never have a second one like him. However… now he’s in trouble, and I can’t help him.” Zheng Wenlong’s voice was first full of pride and admiration, but toward the end, it became vexed and unresigned. In the face of such a terrifying tribulation, no one could save Long Chen.

Within the carriage, Zi Yan and the woman were silent. The woman’s expression was complicated. Now, even if it was her, she wouldn’t be able to harden her heart enough to attack Long Chen.

Just as everyone was watching from the distance, two figures shot into motion, charging into the lightning tribulation as well.

“They- What are they doing?!” Everyone was shocked.

“The world of peak experts isn’t something we can comprehend. But my guess is that Peng Wansheng and Sha Guangyan aren’t confident that Long Chen will die, so they’ve charged in as well to make sure he dies. Because Peng Wansheng and Sha Guangyan have already gone through their Soul Transformation tribulation, they’re confident of surviving this one. Along with Ye Qingkuang, they’re Empyreans, the favorites of heaven and earth. The heavenly tribulation won’t kill them. To the heavenly tribulation, three of them are like sons, while one is an outsider, an outsider that dared to provoke it at that. Long Chen, he… sigh, he’s definitely dead.”

A white-haired elder learning on a cane sighed regretfully. However, despite his age, there was a reserved light in his eyes. He was an extremely powerful figure.

This elder had seen through the clues. When Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng charged into the tribulation, the tribulation grew even stronger. However, they hadn’t provoked the anger of the heavens, so they wouldn’t be killed by the tribulation.

It was like there was a farmer, and four children had made a mess of his farmhouse. Three were his children, while one was an outsider. The fury of the heavenly tribulation was concentrated on Long Chen.

Ye Qingkuang’s tribulation was growing stronger and stronger. This strengthening of his tribulation would actually be beneficial to him as long as he survived, which was essentially guaranteed since he was an Empyrean. As for Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng, they had just gone through their own tribulation, and it just so happened they could use this tribulation to wipe out some of the flaws from their advancement.

Long Chen saw that the distance he had created was about enough and so he stopped. He was no saint, but he didn’t want to implicate the people who had supported him or the people who knew nothing.

As for provoking the heavenly tribulation? Tch, that wasn’t something rare for him. He had long since become the target of the heavens, and he didn’t mind provoking them some more. It just so happened that he wanted to confirm something.

He saw Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng arrive in the tribulation and surround him. However, he ignored them. He once more attacked the heavenly tribulation with a black saber-image.

“Crazy, he’s definitely gone crazy! Is he worried he hasn’t doomed himself enough?!” Zheng Wenlong felt like he was also going crazy. Long Chen wasn’t giving himself the slightest chance at survival.

The tribulation clouds were once more broken and then even more gathered. In the beginning, the tribulation clouds had just been a couple of hundred meters thick, but now they were thousands of meters thick. It was like a huge black pot had covered the sky, and the might of the heavens was growing stronger and stronger. Even the people in the distant Eastern Xuan City could feel that apocalyptic power.

In front of this heavenly might, many people in the city were forced to kneel on the ground, their faces pale. They didn’t even dare to raise their heads.

These kneeling people were ordinary cultivators or some lower-ranking Celestials. They had no choice but to submit. Cultivators cultivated the Heavenly Daos, so no one dared to go against the Heavenly Daos.

Only higher ranking Celestials could keep themselves standing. They were now so far that even with the eyesight of cultivators, they could barely see four indistinct figures.

“Long Chen, your ability at courting death is admirable.” Sha Guangyan was happy to see Long Chen continuously attack the tribulation clouds.

In their eyes, Long Chen was purely courting death for himself. They were Empyreans, and the heavenly tribulation treated them as family. Even if they closed their eyes, they could pass their tribulation.

They wanted to borrow the heavenly tribulation to kill Long Chen, but unexpectedly, Long Chen was even helping them by attacking it himself.

He was vainly trying to increase the power of the tribulation to make it more difficult for Ye Qingkuang to pass. They found such foolish thinking laughable.

Long Chen also found it laughable. He was smiling just like them, but his smile was very strange. He indifferently said, “Peng Wansheng, do you remember when you said Favored were commoners, Celestials were officials, and Empyreans were crown princes? Back then, I was very puzzled. If you are the crown prince, who is the emperor? But now I know that it’s the Heavenly Daos. So today, I want to see just how much this emperor really loves you.”

Long Chen suddenly charged at the tribulation clouds again, and black light shot out of his saber, stabbing into it.

“Will you refuse to attack your sons? Fuck, where did all your vigor go when you were attacking me? Garbage thing, do you need me to slap you? Split the Heavens 4!”

Now Long Chen was no longer just using ordinary attacks, but the power of Split the Heavens.


The tribulation clouds were split in two. In that instant, the world suddenly froze and lost all sound.

Up in the sky, the only thing people saw was Long Chen holding Evilmoon, coldly looking at the dome of the heavens. That sight would never be forgotten by anyone who saw it.


The sky suddenly exploded, and the world turned dark. The sun was completely gone. Endless heavenly might fell, and the air felt like it had vanished. Even in the city, people were suffocating.

The tribulation clouds no longer gathered. Instead, huge cracks appeared in the clouds, and what came from those clouds was endless five-colored lightning.

“It’s five-colored tribulation lightning! Long Chen has completely infuriated the heavens! Now even they might not be able to escape. The tribulation will not differentiate between friend and foe.” The beautiful woman in the carriage looked at this with shock.

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