Chapter 1491 What is Called Courting Death

“A divine item!”

Startled cries rang out as the Steel Coiling Dragon Staff was activated. It was the divine item of the Titan Sect.

“Although he’s unable to bring out the power of a divine item, Ye Qingkuang’s Titan Art is closely connected to the Steel Coiling Dragon Staff, so he doesn’t need to activate its divine power. He can just use its weight to smash Long Chen to bits.” Many people assumed that Long Chen was simply doomed now.

Dragonbone Evilmoon appeared on Long Chen’s shoulder again, and he held it with one hand. Evilmoon’s voice rang out in his head once more.

“Nothing more than a quasi divine item. Furthermore, that brat can’t even unleash its divine power and is only capable of using it to passively increase his power. I’m not going to help you against something like that. If you can’t even beat that, you should just kill yourself.”

Long Chen snorted, but he didn’t say anything. In this kind of scenario, he also hadn’t been planning on having Evilmoon’s help. In terms of power, he had never feared anyone.

The black Evilmoon hacked down like a black bolt of lightning. There was no fanciness. It was a simple direct hack.


The two divine items clashed. Heaven and earth lost all their color, and the world lost all its sound. This was the result of the divine runes on the divine items defending themselves.

Neither the Steel Coiling Dragon Staff nor Dragonbone Evilmoon had unleashed their divine might, but this was a passive defensive power invoked when divine items clashed.

The result of their divine runes clashing gave off this misperception of time standing still. But that quickly ended as time began to flow once more. One figure smashed into the ground, unleashing a huge wave of earth.

“How… how is that possible?!”

Shockingly, the one blown back was the incomparably confident Ye Qingkuang who had been using the Steel Coiling Dragon Staff.

“He was still unable to receive a single blow even when he was using a divine item?!” People felt like they were going insane. Just how powerful was Long Chen?

“Look! That black saber, it has to have reached the level of a divine item!” Some people managed to see through the clues.

Even though they saw this treasure, no one was filled with greed. They were fully intimidated by Long Chen’s power.

Long Chen lazily rested Evilmoon on his shoulder. Looking at Ye Qingkuang crawling out of the ground, his expression was apologetic. “Sorry, I didn’t hear what you just said. Something about splitting mountains and seas, destroying heaven and earth, shaking the cosmos, and how I can die at peace? Can you repeat it for me?”

A slap in the face, this was definitely a naked slap in the face. Who would have thought that returning the same words Ye Qingkuang had just said would result in such a resounding slap?

Ye Qingkuang was ashen, his eyes scarlet. He had no way to retort to Long Chen’s words. He had an urge to find a hole to hide in and never come out. That was just how merciless Long Chen’s current words were.

Seeing that Ye Qingkuang had been driven almost insane, Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng exchanged a glance. They both silently nodded.

Suddenly, the two of them attacked. A dark gold broadsword appeared in Sha Guangyan’s hands, while a  golden halberd appeared in Peng Wansheng’s hands. Both of these weapons were unleashing terrifying divine might. They were divine items.

The two of them silently slashed their weapons at Long Chen’s back. They were extremely quick, reaching him in practically the same instant as they attacked.

“Damn, seriously? Two Soul Transformation Empyreans would actually launch a sneak attack?” People were practically unable to believe their eyes. Did they still care about their faces at all?

They didn’t know that Long Chen had already exchanged blows with Peng Wansheng and Sha Guangyan. The two of them knew just how terrifying Long Chen was.

Long Chen hadn’t even shown his true trump cards yet in his fight against Ye Qingkuang. Although both Peng Wansheng and Sha Guangyan had broken through to Soul Transformation, they hadn’t solidified their cultivation bases yet. The power they could unleash was limited.

Now seeing Long Chen already so terrifying, their original confidence was starting to be shaken. Long Chen was like a deep well. No one could tell how deep he went.

“You could have learned from anyone, but you still decided to learn the Bloodkill Hall’s shameful skills. You really disappoint me.”

As startled cries were ringing out from the city, Long Chen spun. Dragonbone Evilmoon smashed into their weapons just as they were about to reach him.


A powerful explosion erupted, but Long Chen’s figure was not shaken in the least. He was like an immovable boulder.

“Scram!” An irresistible power surged through Evilmoon, and Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng were sent flying.

Ever since the Divine Gate Star had absorbed the heaven and earth divine spring of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, his physical body had undergone a huge transformation. He was now much stronger than before.

Furthermore, the Divine Gate Star was still slowly absorbing the divine spring from the Bloodkill Hall. The Nine Star Hegemon Body Art was going through some kind of transformation.

Now, in terms of power, Long Chen had reached an unprecedented level. This was something he hadn’t even realized until he had started fighting all-out.

Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng didn’t specialize in power in the first place, so they were both blown away by Long Chen.

With a one-handed simple swing of his saber, Long Chen had knocked back two Empyreans. All the experts had a certain thought unconsciously surfacing in their hearts: Long Chen was truly about to defy the heavens. He would no longer have an equal opponent within the same realm.

After blowing them away, Long Chen suddenly gripped his saber with both hands, hacking Evilmoon down.

BOOM! Just at that moment, Ye Qingkuang’s Steel Coiling Dragon Staff smashed over. Their weapons clashed once more.

Ye Qingkuang coughed up blood and was sent tumbling back once more, blood pouring from his hands.

“Bastard! It’s because my bottleneck is too loose that it’s making my fighting power unstable! Since you want to die, then just die!” Ye Qingkuang suddenly let out a furious roar, and his aura began to surge violently. Heaven and earth became dim.

“Heavens, he still has another trump card? What a monster!” People were shocked. At this time, he actually wanted to advance?

“Trump card my ass! He… he’s undergoing tribulation! This bastard, is he trying to draw in everyone in the city?! Run!” When people looked up at the sky, their expressions changed.

“Heavens, these are tribulation clouds! Does he want to undergo tribulation here?! That bastard, how many people will he kill like this?!” Furious roars rang out.

Long Chen and the others were fighting thousands of miles away, but these tribulation clouds covered tens of thousands of miles. Anyone who was sensed by the tribulation would be annihilated. Ye Qingkuang was a Jade Core expert advancing to Soul Transformation, and as an Empyrean, the power of his tribulation was extremely great.

Chaos spread in the Eastern Xuan City as experts fled, but the weaker people couldn’t possibly escape in time.

The ones who were most terrified were the people who had families in the city. There were some women and children who hadn’t even reached the Xiantian realm.

Rumbling filled the sky. The tribulation lightning was about to descend.

“It’s over, all over!” Despair filled people’s hearts. Those people below the Xiantian realm couldn’t possibly escape.

Although the core of the tribulation was Ye Qingkuang, a lightning tribulation on this scale covered a huge range. Anyone within that range would be sensed and killed. Furious roars rang out from within the city, as well as the cries of women and children.

“This person deserves to die.”

A touch of killing intent blazed in Zi Yan’s eyes. She was about to go out.

“Don’t panic. We have the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither. We can protect them,” said the beautiful woman, holding her back. “However, that Titan Sect’s master and disciple really are good-for-nothings. The young one goes through tribulation, while the old one doesn’t do anything. Ah, the Righteous path really isn’t the original Righteous path.”

Their carriage had a formation to screen them from the heavens, so they weren’t afraid of the tribulation. They had no intention of dodging.

There was also another group of experts that had retreated, but not completely. They had their own Ancestral items that could screen them from the heavens.

“Save us! We don’t want to die!”

The weak people in the city cried out, hoping for the experts to protect them. But no one bothered with them.

“Old Bai, if the tribulation lightning falls on the city, activate the Nine Heavens Netherpassage Formation to divert the lightning that falls. That brute Ye Qingkuang, he’s going to cost us two years of profit.” Zheng Wenlong was still in the city, having an aggrieved expression. If this formation was activated, the Huayun Sect would be paying a large price out of their pocket.


Just as the tribulation clouds finished forming and were about to unleash their lightning, a saber-image tore into the sky, breaking the tribulation clouds and creating a hole in them.

It was like tribulation clouds that were about to take off their pants and piss on all of them were kicked in the ass, and as a result, their piss ended up held in.

“This Long Chen, he… he actually attacked the tribulation clouds. Is he crazy?!” After a brief moment of stunned silence, shocked cries rang out. The one to attack was actually Long Chen. The tribulation clouds were forced to regather, giving them more time to escape.

However, the tribulation clouds that were regathering contained a terrifying will. The heavens were enraged. Now the tribulation clouds were even stronger than before.

As for Long Chen, after destroying the clouds, he attacked Ye Qingkuang, blowing him away.

Long Chen chased after him, blowing him away time and time again. Ye Qingkuang repeatedly coughed up blood as he was forced further away from the Eastern Xuan City.

“Long Chen… he’s sacrificing his life to win time for us…” Only now did people realize Long Chen’s goal.

The tribulation clouds finished gathering again. Just as the lightning was about to fall, Long Chen attacked it, destroying the clouds again.

This time, heaven and earth rumbled. Endless tribulation clouds surged. The heavens… they were enraged.

“All my investment, it’s all gone. Long Chen really is doomed this time…” Zheng Wenlong was filled with despair as he looked up at the endless black tribulation clouds in the sky.

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