Chapter 1490 Steel Coiling Dragon Staff


Long Chen’s knee viciously slammed into Ye Qingkuang’s high and arrogant nose. The sound of bones breaking rang out. Clearly, Ye Qingkuang’s nose wasn’t as hard as Long Chen’s knee. 

With Long Chen tightly holding his hair, Ye Qingkuang couldn’t even escape. Long Chen’s knee slammed in for a second time.

Consecutive explosive sounds rang out as Long Chen slammed his knee into Ye Qingkuang’s face over and over again. The dust was flying and the ground where they were was blown apart.

“The two of them are fighting underground! I can’t see!” Everyone could only see the ground exploding and guess where the two of them were based on the dust that was flying.


Suddenly, an intense boom rang out, and the ground exploded like a volcano. Two figures came charging out of the ground, soaring into the sky.

“Heavens, what happened?! Ye Qingkuang is injured!” Ye Qingkuang’s face was covered in blood. Although he had quickly healed his injuries, the people still managed to catch a glimpse of his broken nose.

Ye Qingkuang threw out a punch once again, but it was caught by Long Chen. Using the former’s power, Long Chen spun, throwing Ye Qingkuang into the ground once more, deforming it. This was a true battle of peak experts, and it was incomparably intense.

As Long Chen once more shot toward him, Ye Qingkuang let out a furious roar. His eyes turned scarlet.

“Titan Art, Soul Devouring Power!”

Following Ye Qingkuang’s crazy roar, the primal chaos manifestation behind him began to flow into his body.

The originally dim runes around Ye Qingkuang’s body now blazed with light.

“He actually absorbed his Heavenly Dao manifestation?!” Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng were shocked to see this.

It had to be known that while they could summon their own Heavenly Dao manifestations and borrow heaven and earth’s energy for their own, the manifestation was an intermediary. They could draw it within themselves while keeping it active.

Clearly, the Titan Sect had a secret art to absorb one’s Heavenly Dao manifestation. Ye Qingkuang’s wild aura doubled in power, and that power even made their hearts shake.

“No one can match my Titan Sect when it comes to brute strength! In front of me, you are just an ant!” roared Ye Qingkuang. Wherever he passed, space would wildly twist, proving his power.

“What a bitch! He dares to say the dragon race is an ant in front of him? Long Chen, kill that bastard!” Long Chen didn’t react to what Ye Qingkuang had said, but Evilmoon was enraged.

Long Chen possessed the essence blood of a green dragon and had summoned the Green Dragon Battle Armor, which meant he was using the power of the green dragon. For Ye Qingkuang to call that an ant’s power ended up provoking Evilmoon.

“Alright, then I’ll kill him. Who said he could be a show-off?” Long Chen took a deep breath, and the unmoving divine ring behind him began to rapidly revolve. As it did, the energy within his 108,000 stars gushed forth, linking up with his 108,000 scales.

Within his silent mind-sea, the Divine Gate Star suddenly shook. Long Chen felt his head heat up.

The FengFu, Alioth, Life Star, and Enlightenment Palace Stars on his hands and feet shook and heated up as well. Terrifying power was rising with them.

This was Long Chen’s first time encountering such a state. In that instant, he felt like his power was overflowing. If he didn’t release it, he would explode.

Long Chen suddenly raised his head and roared. He smashed his fist at Ye Qingkuang.

This time, his punch didn’t cause any rumbling or affect space. It was silent as if it had broken through the limits of time and space.

“That power… it’s not the power a human should possess.” Within the carriage, the beautiful woman was finally shaken.


Their fists collided. It was like two stars had erupted, and blinding light eclipsed the sun. 

Cracking sounds rang out. Ye Qingkuang’s arm broke, and he coughed up three mouthfuls of blood. He was filled with disbelief.

It wasn’t just Ye Qingkuang who found this hard to believe. Everyone found this preposterous. All of them had witnessed Ye Qingkuang’s power, but even someone as strong as him was defeated with a single punch from Long Chen.

From the start, Ye Qingkuang had displayed his powerful and arrogant side for them to experience, and yet he had never managed to gain the slightest advantage. He was always suppressed by Long Chen.

“This is unbelievable! Long Chen is already this powerful?!”

“Long Chen really is heaven-defying. Even Empyreans can’t suppress him.”

“It’s not that Ye Qingkuang isn’t strong, but that Long Chen is too monstrous. In front of Long Chen, he has no qualification to be arrogant.”

Everyone was shocked by the power Long Chen currently displayed. That shock also contained terror, especially when it came to those people who had previously insulted or attacked Long Chen.

They had ended up insulting such a terrifying figure. If Long Chen continued to grow, the consequences… they were unimaginable.

Long Chen stood in the air, his divine ring revolving around him. Like a devil god, he looked down at the shocked Ye Qingkuang. Ye Qingkuang had long since lost his arrogant expression.

“You can be arrogant, but don’t be arrogant in front of me, because you aren’t qualified. You can say you’ll kill someone, but don’t say you’ll kill me, because ever since I stepped into the cultivation world, all my time was spent either on killing people or progressing toward the next person I’m going to kill. You and I are different. You are arrogant to be arrogant, but my arrogance was forced by a group of brainless fools. My arrogance was forced out by their lives and deaths. There’s a fundamental difference between us.  My arrogance is for survival, to protect myself. As for your arrogance, it’s just a joke,” said Long Chen from the sky, looking down on Ye Qingkuang.

Long Chen didn’t want to be arrogant. He was only in his early twenties, and that could still be counted as very young. To be young and arrogant was natural, but he had experienced so much that he had long since lost the arrogance of youth. Or perhaps it was simply because there was so much on his shoulders that he wasn’t even qualified to have the arrogance of youth. Perhaps he would never have a chance to experience this arrogance in his life.

“Hmph, young people shouldn’t be too arrogant. If you are, you won’t be too far from death.”

Suddenly, an elder walked out from the carriage Ye Qingkuang had come from. The elder was also a tall and large man. He still seemed to possess the energy of youth, and his voice was like a loud drum.

He had a fiery-red staff in his hand. When he appeared, everyone felt like a boulder had landed on their hearts. He was also a Life Star expert, but he was completely different from ordinary Life Star experts.

“The peak of Life Star.”

Many Life Star experts managed to see through this old man’s cultivation base. By the Life Star realm, each minor realm was incredibly difficult to advance. Not only did it require a huge amount of resources, but it also required comprehension of heaven and earth. The third, sixth, and ninth Heavenstages were especially difficult to reach.

Ninety percent of the Life Star experts present were in the early Life Star realm. They might never cross the barrier to reach the mid stage in all their lives. There were also a few people at the mid Life Star realm.

Not one of them was in the late Life Star realm, but this elder in front of them possessed an aura that crushed all of theirs. Clearly, he had reached the ninth Heavenstage of the Life Star realm. He was a terrifying existence.

As soon as he spoke, he drew everyone’s attention. This terrifying elder was clearly Ye Qingkuang’s master, or perhaps his Elder. What was he doing now?

“If youngsters weren’t arrogant, would they still be youngsters? You’re right when you say that being too arrogant means you won’t be too far from death. But some people who are already old won’t have many good days left to live even if they aren’t arrogant, don’t you think?” said Long Chen. In any case, with Evilmoon’s promise, he wasn’t afraid. He directly mocked this elder for not having much longevity left.

“Master, don’t waste words with him. Give me the Coiling Dragon Staff! I’ll kill this arrogant brat!”

The arrival of the elder gave Ye Qingkuang breathing room, and his broken arm was healed along with his other injuries.

“The Titan Sect’s divine item, the Steel Coiling Dragon Staff. Legend says it’s a divine item crafted from the finest divine steel ore from the depths of the eastern sea. A fist-sized chunk of that ore is as heavy as a mountain. The Steel Coiling Dragon Staff’s weight is definitely terrifying.” Quiet gossip began to spread through the crowd. Amongst them, there were quite a few erudite people who knew some of the history of the Titan Sect.

“Doesn’t this elder’s arrival already prove that Ye Qingkuang has lost? At the very least, the power of his fists is inferior to Long Chen.”

“I suppose. Now Ye Qingkuang wants to rely on a weapon advantage to beat Long Chen and regain his honor.”

In their previous fight, victory and defeat had been clear. Ye Qingkuang hadn’t even been able to retaliate.

The staff in the elder’s hand suddenly vanished and appeared in Ye Qingkuang’s hands. When he grasped it, the Steel Coiling Dragon Staff suddenly lit up. Ye Qingkuang’s aura changed once more.

“Long Chen, I suppose you might not know this, but my Titan Sect’s Titan Art is inherited through the Steel Coiling Dragon Staff!” Ye Qingkuang laughed crazily, pointing the staff at Long Chen. “In other words, the majority of my combat power depends on the Steel Coiling Dragon Staff. Now that I have it along with the Titan Art, my power is unstoppable. With it, I can split mountains and seas, destroy heaven and earth, and shake the cosmos. Long Chen, you can die at peace knowing you forced me to this point!”

Ye Qingkuang raised the staff. Divine light exploded as it whistled toward Long Chen.

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