Chapter 149 The Finch Follows from Behind

After Long Chen separated with Tang Wan-er, he used the tablet’s map to figure out his location and pick out a new goal location.

Currently, he was still at the fringes of the trial region. According to the map, he needed to cross over a large river and pass by a large mountain before reaching the final destination of the trial.

But less than a week had passed into the trial so far, so he still had more than ample time. So first, he found an isolated cave and took out a Wonder Carp essence.

The Wonder Carp essence was around the size of a soybean. It looked like nothing more than a round, unremarkable bone. Even if it was crushed, there weren’t any clues as to what it really was.

He took out a black medicinal pill from his spatial ring. Crushing it into a small bowl of water, the water immediately became black as ink. 

Placing the Wonder Carp essence into the bowl, that black medicinal liquid immediately began to boil over. Countless bubbles popped up, and a faint energy slowly spread.

Long Chen smiled. Only this method was capable of drawing out the Wonder Carp’s essence energy.

Touching his forehead, his Spiritual Strength circulated. A faint vortex appeared between his eyebrows, absorbing the fluctuations being emitted from the Wonder Carp essence, not leaving even the slightest bit.

In just a single breath’s time, all the Wonder Carp essence’s energy was completely absorbed. Taking out the Wonder Carp essence from the bowl, he saw that it had already become much dimmer, in the end falling apart like a ball of mud.

That showed that all the energy within the essence had been completely drawn out. Long Chen closed his eyes and sensed his current state. His Spiritual Strength had advanced slightly from absorbing this Wonder Carp essence, but he couldn’t be too sure about that because it really was just a slight, minor advancement.

Over twenty Wonder Carp essences now appeared in his hand. These were the result of his two meals of Wonder Carp.


He placed them all into the bowl, causing the black liquid to once more boil. Powerful fluctuations began to surge.

Long Chen didn’t dare be negligent, and the vortex over his forehead once more appeared, beginning to absorb this energy.

This kind of energy was invisible to the naked eye. It could only be sensed with the soul. As he absorbed more and more energy, a pleased smile appeared on Long Chen’s face.

With this many essences, Long Chen could clearly sense the powerful energy nourishing his soul. His Spiritual Strength became much livelier.

The Wonder Carp essences’ energy didn’t contain Spiritual Strength, but a kind of marvelous energy that could nourish the soul.

If the Spiritual Strength was a tree, then the Wonder Carp essences’ energy was like its fertilizer.

Under the nourishment of this many Wonder Carp essences’ energy, Long Chen could clearly sense his  Spiritual Strength slowly growing. Although this growth was slight, it still made him go wild with joy.

Spiritual Strength was something that was set once you were born. It would only ever advance when you broke through realms.

Treasures that could nourish Spiritual Strength were exceedingly few. And treasures like the Wonder Carp essences were essentially unknown by others. They knew about its flavor, but they thought the Wonder Carp essence was just trash.

“Unfortunately, this life ring is too low in quality. Otherwise, I could grab a couple extra fish and breed them over and over.”

Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh regretfully. The Wonder Carp’s reproductive ability had always been low, and they were extremely picky about their surroundings. They required a clean and natural environment. Therefore, It was extremely difficult to breed them.

And as for his current life ring, it could only manage to keep them alive. It wasn’t capable of letting them grow more, and so he was a bit disappointed.

Although the Wonder Carp essence only offered a weak energy, it was extremely pure without any side effects. As long as he had enough numbers, he would be able to continuously nourish his soul.

Grains of sand could eventually accumulate to make a tower; if he had enough time and enough Wonder Carps, his Spiritual Strength could continue growing stronger. To a pill cultivator, powerful Spiritual Strength was everything.

The pool he had found the Wonder Carps in hadn’t been very large. If Long Chen had continued using his method of catching them, it wouldn’t have been long before they were all gone.

Perhaps if Long Chen had really been planning on doing that, even the Xuantian Monastery wouldn’t have permitted it. So he could only take things one step at a time.

After absorbing the Wonder Carp essences, Long Chen felt refreshed and much livelier, taking a long stretch.

He had also consumed a few healing pills. Thus, the damage the thunderforce had done to his body was mostly healed at this time.

“I should go take a stroll around. I can’t waste the Xuantian Monastery’s treasures.”

Long Chen left his cave and began to walk according to the map. On the way, he saw quite a few registrants that were also searching around constantly like him.

Obviously, everyone had already begun to gather at the final location on the map. Most likely, they were preparing to cross the first barrier, the huge river. When many people saw Long Chen, they couldn’t help but feel nervous. But then seeing Long Chen didn’t bother with them, they relaxed.

“Didn’t you hear? That guy killed one of Lei Qianshang’s subordinates yesterday,” whispered one.

“I heard Zhao Wu was an extremely powerful figure and considered Lei Qianshang’s right-hand man. Who would have thought such a person would die under Long Chen’s hands?”

“I heard that after Long Chen killed Zhao Wu, he didn’t receive any punishment and was still allowed to continue the trial.”

People couldn’t help but sigh. Back before the trial, Long Chen had been riding his powerful mount and fought fiercely with Qi Xin. They had all thought he was just some spoiled brat relying on his family’s power. His third rank Magical Beast didn’t represent that he truly had any power.

That was because true experts didn’t need to bring powerful Magical Beasts to guard them. So they had never viewed Long Chen as being important.

“Long Chen is definitely a dark horse. I wonder if he can stand on par with the monster-class experts,” sighed one person.

“Tch, just him? Who do you think he is to dare compare himself to monster-class experts? Didn’t you hear he immediately coughed up blood after just one of Lei Qianshang’s attacks?

“He’s just bullying weaker people. In front of a monster-class expert, he is unable to receive even a single blow,” one person coldly snorted, obviously disdainful of Long Chen.

Of course, Long Chen had no idea that the news of him killing Zhao Wu had already spread explosively. At this time, people already considered him to be the number one figure below the monster-class level.

Walking over a mountain, he arrived at a flat plain. The huge trees had already disappeared from this region. Taking their place were endless shrubs.

These shrubs were all several meters high. After walking in, it was incredibly easy to get lost. Long Chen looked around, determining his direction, and walked in.

It was extremely difficult to walk through this place. There were many thorny thistles, and the majority were poisonous. Although they couldn’t break through Long Chen’s defense, it was still uncomfortable and tore through his clothes. A slight mistake caused a huge hole to tear in his clothes. If he didn’t think of a method, perhaps just halfway through he would be streaking naked.

Suddenly, a figure rushed by Long Chen’s side, causing him some surprise. Was this person so strong he didn’t need to bother with the thorns?

But then he immediately laughed when he saw that person. He was wearing a set of golden armor over his entire body.

No wonder he wasn’t afraid of the thorns. Long Chen shook his head. Searching his spatial ring, he found he really did have a couple sets of armor.

Long Chen thanked that fellow who had thought of robbing him back then. These sets all came from him.

He found a bronze set that fit him. Now with this bronze armor covering him, he wouldn’t have to worry about these thorns.

After thinking for a moment, he continued looking through his spatial ring and found a helmet for himself as well.

“Haha, excellent.” This helmet was a full helmet that completely covered his head, leaving only two holes for his eyes. Even someone who knew him wouldn’t be able to recognize him.

“Ah, if I want to commit some sins, having good tools is definitely a must!” Long Chen was delighted. Putting on the helmet, he found that although his line of sight was somewhat restricted and it was a bit uncomfortable, it wasn’t that difficult to get used to. He sent his divine sense to see things for him.

He continued forward again. With this armor protecting him, he no longer worried about these thorns.

This set of armor should weigh more than one hundred and fifty kilograms. By relying on inertia, Long Chen could shoot forward like a cannonball. During that wild rush, even if he ran into some huge tree, he wouldn’t have to dodge and could directly charge through it.

“Haha, how refreshing!” That was the first time Long Chen had experienced such a feeling. He felt as if his heart and spirit had been released and were flying. He enjoyed the thrill of this high-speed travel.

“Ah, crap!”

While he was enjoying this refreshing feeling, he hadn’t expected to run into two others. They were also wearing armor and charging forward. However, in his eyes, their speed was no different from a snail’s.

“Get out of the way! I can’t stop!”


Long Chen had only just shouted when he slammed into the two of them. Those two were immediately sent flying into the air, shouting in panic.

With two loud bangs, those two crashed to the ground. Aching groans came from them as they rolled around completely battered.

“Ah sorry! This crash was definitely my fault!” Long Chen was alarmed.

“Bastard, hand over your tile!”

Those two crawled up and angrily pointed at Long Chen.

Taking off their helmets, he saw their hair was a complete mess and blood was flowing from their noses. There were even some bruises on their faces. He had definitely crashed into them too hard.

“Damn, it hurts. I can’t even feel my nose. What are you just staring for?! Hand over your tile!” One person angrily shouted in between the pained moans.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Junior only just began to practice this method and isn’t too familiar. This tile will be my apology to you two.”

Long Chen definitely felt in the wrong and handed over his Tian tile to them. In any case, he already had a full set, and he no longer had any use for it.

The two of them continued cursing as they received the tile. “Brat, this time your luck is good. Next time pay attention.”

“Yes, next time I’ll definitely pay more attention,” laughed Long Chen.

“Ok, let’s go. Boss Qi wants us to quickly gather. Don’t delay Boss Qi’s major affair. We’ll just let this kid off this time,” said one to the other, pulling on the other to quickly leave.

After the two of them left, Long Chen was left wondering: boss Qi? To be called boss, didn’t that mean it was most likely a monster-class figure, Qi Xin?

Long Chen turned to look in the direction they were going. Hehe, Qi Xin, let me see just what you are planning.

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