Chapter 1489 Wild Long Chen

Long Chen’s current power made the space around him rumble. It was like space was about to explode. Having tested his power in their previous exchange, he was now more sure what level his body had reached. He had no qualms about silently summoning the Green Dragon Battle Armor to unleash his full power.

His fist punched forward. This was a punch containing his undefeatable will, a punch that could make gods and devils run.

Ye Qingkuang was shocked and infuriated. He hadn’t expected Long Chen to be so powerful. Having lost the initiative, he had fallen into his current miserable plight.

Because he was still rapidly flying backward from the previous exchange, he was unable to concentrate his power and could only use a weak block. This infuriated him so much that he almost coughed up blood.

When Long Chen’s punch reached him, Ye Qingkuang coughed up a mouthful of blood. He tumbled backward across the ground.

A long scar was cut into the ground before he smashed into a distant mountain. The mountain collapsed and a wave of dust filled the sky.

“Is… is this real life?”

All the experts within the Eastern Xuan City found this hard to believe. Just how domineering had Ye Qingkuang’s display been just a moment ago? He had unleashed practically apocalyptic power. But as soon as he fought Long Chen, he was forced back so hard that he couldn’t even retaliate.

He was blown back with the first punch and injured with the second. Just what level of a monster was Long Chen?

There was no one who wasn’t shocked, including Peng Wansheng. He was unable to accept that Long Chen’s power had greatly advanced.

“Long Chen is still being kind. If he had used his full power from the start, then considering how overconfident Ye Qingkuang was, he’d have been heavily injured in the first exchange. And with how decisive Long Chen is and his fighting experience, he wouldn’t give Ye Qingkuang any breathing room to recover. Most likely, Ye Qingkuang would have been killed right there under his torrent of attacks. The only reason he didn’t was to prevent the shockwaves of their battle from affecting the innocents. Despite there being so few people supporting Long Chen, and the majority being so jealous of him that they want him dead, he gave up this great chance to kill Ye Qingkuang. If his true goal had been to display his power, he wouldn’t have given up that chance. Master, if you were in my position, what would you do?” asked Zi Yan in the carriage.

The beautiful woman looked at the figure down below and couldn’t help but sigh. She didn’t reply to Zi Yan.

Lightning circulated around Long Chen, and with each step, he seemed to teleport, appearing a hundred miles away. With just seven steps, he arrived in front of Ye Qingkuang again.

Ye Qingkuang had stabilized at this time. A cold light shone in his eyes as he wiped away the blood from his mouth. He roared, “Titan Art!”

Divine runes appeared all along Ye Qingkuang’s skin. His body began to shine with light as blinding as the sun.

Ye Qingkuang’s power soared. The ground beneath him cracked into thousands of pieces.

“What terrifying power. How could such a thing exist in this world?” In the Eastern Xuan City, even Life Star experts could only stare from a distance, not daring to get close. Seeing Ye Qingkuang suddenly unleash his power stunned them.

The power of his first punch would have instantly slain an ordinary Life Star expert. And yet Long Chen had easily blown him away, making people unconsciously think that Ye Qingkuang wasn’t as powerful as he seemed. But now even from this great distance, Ye Qingkuang’s aura made them shudder in terror. The current Ye Qingkuang didn’t even look human. He seemed more like an ancient monster.

“Die!” Ye Qingkuang shot forward. The ground beneath him crumbled as he stamped down on the ground. He let out a punch once more.

Long Chen was also rushing toward him. It was like two shooting stars had collided. Blinding light exploded on the sky, and powerful shockwaves spread, shaking the heavens.

Up in the sky, their fists were still connected. Ripples were still spreading from them. Below the ground, everything was exploding and crumbling from their power.

“What kind of power is this?”

“Compared to this, the previous battle was like child’s play.”

These people finally witnessed the power of peak experts. It was apocalyptic.

Before this, Long Chen’s battle against the Life Star experts and the Bloodkill Hall could already count as a world-shaking battle.But when they looked at what was before them now, they realized just how shortsighted they had been.

“Long Chen really is an unrivaled genius. He’s not a Celestial, nor an Empyrean, but he can contend against peerless heavenly geniuses. Who else can do such a thing?” praised a young woman from the crowd.

There were quite a few young disciples now. When Long Chen had been walking on the street alone, the huge crowd had blocked their sight. But now anyone in the Eastern Xuan City could see the sight of this immense battle. The sight of Long Chen shook the hearts of quite a few young disciples.

In this world, everyone worshipped heroes, and Long Chen was like a legend, making countless young disciples view him as an idol. He gave them the motivation to cultivate harder, like the light guiding their cultivation path.

Long Chen’s own actions told others that as long as they still had a dream for themselves, then a lack of talent, background, and resources wouldn’t stop them from growing. Each person had a chance to become a genius.

Only those people who were over a hundred years old and had failed to break through bottlenecks too many times would resent other people’s accomplishments. They wanted to see Long Chen die in front of them.

People with shadows in their hearts could only use such a method to vent their hatred. Feeling hopeless for their own cultivation, they felt the greatest delight at seeing others fail.

That was why most of the people who supported Long Chen were young and had their own dreams. There was still sunlight in their hearts. They refused to believe that Long Chen would do something like destroy his own sect.

“It seems Long Chen’s being suppressed by Ye Qingkuang!” Suddenly, someone cried out in shock. At this moment, everyone saw Long Chen’s fist seemed to have been pushed back by Ye Qingkuang.

“Hmph, so what if Long Chen is powerful? Empyreans are the favorites of heaven and earth, and the true main characters of the cultivation world. As for Long Chen? He’s nothing, a dancing clown. Being killed by an Empyrean is his fate,” sneered a Soul Transformation expert. He was already middle-aged and looked to be a narrow-hearted person with just a glance.

“If Long Chen is a dancing clown, what are you? Before you criticize others, you should look at yourself and consider whether you’re qualified to say such big words or not. All you know how to do is insult others behind their backs. If you really have any guts, then why didn’t you do anything when Long Chen was walking along the road just now?” A young man with a sword on his back directly spoke back against the middle-aged cultivator.

“You-” That person pointed his finger at the young disciple and was about to curse him.

However, before he could say any curses, a cold light flashed. That person’s arm was severed.

“If you point at me again, I’ll cut off your head instead,” said the sword-wielding expert coldly. He slowly sheathed his sword behind his back again.

“Stop fighting and focus on the battle. Most people will never get to witness a battle on this level in their entire lives! Don’t miss this chance,” advised a Life Star elder.

Practically, everyone had activated a photographic jade to record the battle so that they could study it in detail in the future.

“It seems Long Chen’s power is really inferior to Ye Qingkuang’s,” said someone. Long Chen’s arm had been forced back now, seeming like he didn’t have enough power.

“Qingkuang, watch out! He-” Just at this moment, the old voice from Ye Qingkuang’s carriage spoke once more.


The warning came too late. Long Chen’s right fist was still blocking Ye Qingkuang, while his left hand swung through a beautiful arc and slapped Ye Qingkuang’s face.


Everyone was shocked. How was this possible? How could Long Chen have enough energy to use his other hand? That made no sense. When two people were fighting like this, all their power would be concentrated in their fist. The other places should have no energy to be used unless they gave up the energy on their fists.

“Is this to say that Long Chen isn’t using his full power, so he still has energy left over?” guessed someone.


Ye Qingkuang smashed into the ground, creating a large hole. A wave of dust rose into the sky.

“Now’s my chance.” Lightning wings appeared on Long Chen’s back, and he charged into the hole.

Ye Qingkuang’s head was still buzzing from being slapped. Before he could recover, his needle-like hair was caught by Long Chen, and a hard knee slammed into his nose.

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