Chapter 1488 Long Chen, Go Ahead and Explode

Long Chen stood on top of the city gates with Evilmoon on his shoulder, looking at the three figures in the sky coldly.

“Long Chen, you should be careful. These people that came from the four carriages have brought real experts with them. In particular, that carriage carried by the multi-colored phoenix contains someone extremely powerful,” said Dragonbone Evilmoon.

“How powerful?” asked Long Chen.

“Stronger than that fellow from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect. Furthermore, that person should be holding a half-step divine item,” said Evilmoon.

“Half-step divine item? Is there such a thing?” asked Long Chen in confusion.

Back in the Immemorial Path, Long Chen had tricked Huang Junmo by offering him a half-step divine item from legend. And Huang Junmo had fallen for it.

“You haven’t reached that level yet, so you don’t understand what a real divine item is. The things you’ve seen so far can’t be counted as real divine items. That stupid skull from the Corrupt God is simply a remnant left by an ascender. It only contains a bit of divine essence. Such a thing can only be classified as a quasi divine item. Ones with more divine essence, ones where experts have branded them with their divine blood and divine blessing, they have the ability to think and live on their own. They have reached the level of half-step divine items. That staff from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect has reached that level. However, that fellow’s cultivation base was too low, and he wasn’t able to unleash the true power of the staff. But the person in that carriage is very powerful. If they attack, I won’t be able to stop them,” explained Evilmoon.

Long Chen had no time to consider this new information about quasi and half-step divine items. He asked the only important thing, “If they do attack, can you manage to escape like last time?”

“That would be no problem,” said Evilmoon.

“Then that’s enough. Let’s have a real battle.” Hearing Evilmoon’s promise, Long Chen was much more at ease.

Based on their agreement, as long as there were no divine items, it wouldn’t help even if Long Chen was killed. But if there were divine items, it would have to help him face the battle or escape. The two of them had only come to this agreement because it was mutually beneficial.

Up in the sky, Ye Qingkuang’s arrival was very surprising to everyone, including Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng. They had rushed over here as soon as they had heard that Long Chen had appeared.

Now, before they could kill him, they had encountered this gorilla-like Ye Qingkuang. They didn’t quite know what to do. But the arrogance he was displaying did irritate them.

“The Titan Sect? Never heard of it,” said Sha Guangyan disdainfully. He didn’t care too much about this new fellow. Just like Long Chen, Ye Qingkuang was still at the peak of the Jade Core realm.

Although Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng had only stepped into the Soul Transformation realm recently, and their spiritual yuan had yet to completely transform, they were still much stronger than when they had yet to take a step over the barrier. So they were confident that they would be able to defeat Long Chen.

“Hahaha, it’s fine if you haven’t heard of it. Soon, its name will resound throughout the Central Plains, along with the name of myself, Ye Qingkuang!” Ye Qingkuang laughed heartily, his voice like a wild drum.

As he laughed, endless Heavenly Dao energy gathered behind his back, forming the primal chaos manifestation. In that instant, the world’s Heavenly Dao energy seemed to be sucked dry by him.

Other than Sha Guangyan, Peng Wansheng, and a few others, everyone else became as pale as paper. A few of the weaker ones were shuddering.

“This… this is the absolute Heavenly Dao energy? We can’t even use Heavenly Dao energy like this!” cried a rank five Celestial in terror.

Heavenly Dao energy was what every Celestial depended on. Now that it was taken away, they felt themselves to be fish on dry land. This invoked an innate fear in their souls.

“Hmph, courting death-” Peng Wansheng was just about to attack Ye Qingkuang for his arrogance. However, he was stopped by Sha Guangyan.

“Brother Peng, let it go. Why bother quibbling with a junior? As seniors, we should give our junior a chance to display his power. If you attacked him, it would make others think you were bullying him.”

For Sha Guangyan to call Ye Qingkuang a junior was clearly an insult. Ye Qingkuang raged, “You two are the ones courting death!”

“Qingkuang, power isn’t shown with your mouth but your fists. If you want to win your dignity, then bring out your power instead of wasting words.” At this moment, the voice of an old man came from the carriage Ye Qingkuang had come from.

“Fine. Since that’s the case, I’ll first handle Long Chen before you two. Don’t think that just because you’re at a higher realm that you really stand above me,” said Ye Qingkuang coldly. He didn’t forget to challenge them to a fight.

The spectators were all shaken by Ye Qingkuang’s arrogance. He actually wanted to fight two Empyreans that were at a higher realm than him? The atmosphere was so tense that it was hard for them to breathe. And yet, when they turned back to look at Long Chen, they saw him standing there calmly. He wasn’t making any movements

“Ye Qingkuang’s arrogance is an outer appearance, while Long Chen’s arrogance comes from inside. That’s true arrogance,” said a young disciple who worshipped Long Chen. He couldn’t help clenching his fists tightly.

Quite a few people nodded inside. Long Chen didn’t put on such arrogant airs. Instead, it was his actions that were so arrogant that they shook heaven and earth.

This arrogance was much more shocking. Some of the people that were originally jealous of him now felt a bit of respect for him. Even if he died today, his name would be forever recorded in the legends of the Martial Heaven Continent. 

“Long Chen, sorry, but I’ll be using your blood as a display of my power. Have you prepared yourself for your death?” The primal chaos behind Ye Qingkuang revolved, causing the world to shudder. He had already begun to accumulate energy.

Although he was just accumulating energy, the void was twisting wildly around him.

“How terrifying.” Countless experts felt their hearts leaping in their chests. Even Life Star experts were suffocated and had to retreat.

“You don’t need to feel sorry. You want to show your power, but the truth is that I’m also here to show my power. You don’t need to feel guilt over killing me, because I won’t feel any guilt when I kill you. Humans are simply foolish. They have no respect or gratitude for life. As long as they get power, they look down on everyone else and have no qualms about stripping them of everything they possess, including their lives. Trying to explain or teach anything to such people is like playing music for a bull. The only way for them to really learn their lesson is to slaughter until they learn what respect is. Since you want my life, then come. Let’s see just who takes whose life.”

Long Chen put away Evilmoon and stood with his hands clasped behind his back as he faced Ye Qingkuang. He was actually fighting him with his bare hands.

In the carriage, Zi Yan’s emotions became even more complicated as she listened.

The beautiful woman sighed, “If it weren’t for my absolute confidence in the formation protecting the carriage, I’d suspect he was saying these words just for you to hear and make it harder for you to kill him.”

Zi Yan shook her head. “He isn’t that kind of person. He has his pride. Even if he had to die, he would definitely disdain using such methods. I understand him very well.”

“It’s because you understand that you’re in so much pain. ZiYan, you have to remember your mission,” said the woman.

Zi Yan was about to reply when space suddenly shook intensely. Following that, Ye Qingkuang let out a fierce cry and shot toward Long Chen, throwing out a punch.

Even before the punch arrived, the city gates below Long Chen shattered.

“Heavens, the grand formation was broken!”

It had to be known that the city gates were connected with the Eastern Xuan City’s buildings. All their formations were connected. And yet, even before this punch arrived, it crumbled. That was gobsmacking.

“It’s nothing strange. The Eastern Xuan City’s grand formation draws out Heavenly Dao energy for its operation. As for Ye Qingkuang, he’s an Empyrean, and he has sucked all the Heavenly Dao energy away, weakening the formation,” explained an elder.

“Long Chen, die!” Ye Qingkuang’s fist reached Long Chen.


A huge ripple spread through the air. A figure was sent flying.


People were shocked to find that this figure was the large, monstrous Ye Qingkuang.

“How… how is that possible?!”

Ye Qingkuang’s attack was practically unstoppable. People had thought that Long Chen would be heavily injured at the very least, if not dead.

They had all seen that Ye Qingkuang had come to show his power. And the best way to do that was to kill Long Chen in one blow. That was why his first punch was already so terrifying, but this result made them all dumbstruck.

Long Chen stood in the air. His robes fluttered and five stars revolved in his eyes. The star corresponding to the Divine Gate Star had originally been dim, but now there was a trace of light within it.

“Are you prepared? I’m about to show you my power.”

Long Chen shot toward Ye Qingkuang like a bolt of lightning, unleashing his own punch.


Ye Qingkuang had yet to fully recover from their first exchange, and his arm was tingling. His hasty block resulted in him being blown away once more by Long Chen.

“Good! As the Divine Gate Star gets stronger, the Five Star Battle Armor gets stronger as well. Then let me just explode with all my power!”

Suddenly, Long Chen’s body became covered in green dragon scales, and the 108,000 stars within him revolved. Once more transforming into a bolt of lightning, he shot after Ye Qingkuang.

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