Chapter 1487 Titan Sect

Long Chen smiled coldly. He had long since taken note of those people in the sky, particularly the people within those four carriages.

There was a powerful pressure coming from the carriages, but it didn’t come from the people inside. The formation around the carriages prevented the auras of the ones inside from leaking outside and prevented others from peering inside. This sense of pressure came from his sharp senses.

Now that he heard Sha Guangyan’s voice, he immediately confirmed that the people inside the carriages were all people with terrifying origins.

Other than the four carriages, there were also other beasts flying in the sky, with experts on their backs. They also had yet to take action.

These were his true opponents. He sensed the auras of several rank nine Celestials on those beasts.

Everyone was deathly silent after Long Chen spoke. The ancient family alliance’s Sha Guangyan; he was someone no one present had ever seen. But his name was something they had practically all heard.

He was an Empyrean, one of the future rulers of the world. The entire world would be his stage in the future. No matter how outstanding someone else was, they would only be a secondary character compared to him.

Yet, such a terrifying figure was acquainted with Long Chen, and based on his tone, they had exchanged blows. Furthermore, one of Sha Guangyan’s arms had been cut off.

Leng Yueyan’s name was also resounding in their ears. She had fought against Sha Guangyan, and he had been defeated? That was a huge secret.

“Shut your dog mouth. Even with death at hand, you still dare to spout nonsense!”

A figure appeared in the sky. As soon as he appeared, the sky became dusky. Sand began to flow around him, covering the sky. He was the Empyrean Sha Guangyan.

“No wonder you dare to come out again, so you’ve advanced to Soul Transformation,” said Long Chen. But even now, his footsteps didn’t pause.

The current Sha Guangyan’s aura was raging, and waves of pressure came off of him. That was a sign of not being perfectly adjusted to his new power after advancing.

During the battle in the Spirit World, Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng had been at the peak of Jade core. For Sha Guangyan to have broken through to Soul Transformation wasn’t strange.

“What a joke. Just because you’ve stayed at the Jade Core realm, does that mean others have to wait for you? Long Chen, today you’re definitely dead. I’d advise you to hand over Evilmoon, and I can leave you with an intact corpse,” demanded Sha Guangyan icily. He was staring tightly at Dragonbone Evilmoon on Long Chen’s shoulder. He was extremely irritated that this terrifying blade had ended up in Long Chen’s hands.

“That’s right. Long Chen, hand over Evilmoon, and I’ll leave you with an intact corpse.”

From another carriage, a golden-winged figure flew out, and another powerful aura appeared.

“It’s… the Golden Peng race’s unrivaled genius, Peng Wansheng!”

The arrival of another Empyrean elicited startled cries. Two Empyreans had actually appeared at once.

What had happened in the Spirit World was not common knowledge in the Righteous path. The ancient races, Corrupt path, and ancient family alliance viewed what had happened as a great humiliation and did not bring it up.

As for the experts in the Eastern Xuan City, the majority of them were from the Righteous path, and so they didn’t know what had happened in the Spirit World.

Peng Wansheng was shining as brightly as ever. He had also advanced to Soul Transformation, and just like Sha Guangyan, his aura was still unsteady. Yet, just by standing in the air, they made it so the other experts felt like they were suffocating in their presence.

“Long Chen’s definitely dead.”

The appearance of two Empyreans completely cut off any chances that Long Chen could survive. His path had come to an end. He would never be able to walk out of the Eastern Xuan City.

“He’s the one who sent himself to his own death. He viewed all of us as nothing. If he had simply fled at the start, who could have stopped him? Instead, he kept acting like a badass. It was purely courting death,” sneered someone.

“No matter what, Long Chen is still a genius of the Righteous path. I don’t like him being killed by people from the ancient races and ancient families,” disagreed someone else.

It had been many years since such a terrifying genius had appeared in the Righteous path. He was someone who was able to fight against Empyreans, so he should have been the pride of the Righteous path. But now, Peng Wansheng and Sha Guangyan, two people who were a major realm above Long Chen, and also the representatives of the ancient races and ancient families, wanted to kill him in front of them all. This was a bit hard to accept.

Long Chen was just one step away from the transportation formation. If he had just taken that one last step, he would have been able to escape. But now that one last step was as difficult to traverse as a heavenly chasm.

“Long Chen’s the scum the Righteous path. Naturally, the Righteous path has to be the ones to tidy up their own mess. Don’t you two think using two Soul Transformation experts to handle a Jade Core disciple is a bit inappropriate?”

Just as the atmosphere was tense like a nocked bow, another figure came out of the third carriage. Long Chen’s pupils narrowed slightly.

“Another Empyrean. Heavens, has the world gone insane?!” When they saw that figure, everyone was shocked. They felt like all the shock of their lifetimes had been used up today.

That figure was extremely muscular and large. His arms had to be thicker than a normal person’s waist. He wore a pair of tiger hide boots, leather shorts, and a scaled vest armor. His hair stuck up straight like needles.

The muscles of his shoulders were practically at the same level as his head. His arms were exposed, and it looked like countless snakes were wriggling under his skin. His Blood Qi was so powerful that it looked like he might explode.

Just by standing there, he gave off the impression of an immovable iron tower. The space around him shuddered, as if his power could threaten the world.

As for when he spoke, it was like wild thunder yet also like the roars of ten thousand beasts, causing heaven and earth to quiver. His Heavenly Daos fluctuations were also intense, making it so no one doubted that he was an Empyrean.

This monstrous muscular man caused an uproar because no one knew this figure. They hadn’t even heard of him. How was it possible that someone like an Empyrean was still unknown?

“My name is Yi Qingkuang, a disciple of the Titan Sect. Long Chen, I won’t waste words with you. Under the name of cleaning up the Righteous path, I’ll be taking your life and making a name for myself and the Titan Sect!” The large man introduced himself, his voice piercing people’s ears.

“The Titan Sect…? Didn’t they decline and then completely disappear from this world? They’ve been gone for over eight thousand years!” cried out a sect master.

The Titan Sect had truly appeared in history, and it had been a very powerful sect with a long history. It had also survived the dark era.

Unfortunately it had taken such a huge loss in the dark era that although they had managed to bitterly hang on for a long time, they still hadn’t been able to restore their old glory. Instead, they were surpassed by many sects that were founded later.

Under the pressure of so many new sects, the Titan Sect had mysteriously vanished in the end. At that time, people guessed that one of their enemies had killed them in secret.

The disappearance of a declined sect didn’t cause many waves. Only people well-versed in history knew about it. The majority of youngsters had never heard of this existence.

“They lay in wait for eight thousand years, secretly healing and accumulating power for the best moment to come back and awe the world. That kind of endurance is truly admirable.”

Up in the sky, in the carriage that had yet to move, a beautiful woman in a long dress with a violet-gold phoenix hairpin in her hair said, “How regretful. They don’t realize that the great era has already come and that the ones awakening aren’t just them. After enduring for so long, they still couldn’t endure it until the end. There aren’t many people capable of understanding their own hearts.”

That beautiful woman looked to be in her thirties. She was extremely refined, and her voice was extremely moving. Each word she spoke contained a rhythm to it that made it sound like music.

“Yes. Master, you’ve always taught me that playing a thousand divine songs isn’t as effective as tasting the flavors of life when it comes to comprehending the mysteries of humanity. Unfortunately, I, your disciple, have been too foolish to live up to your training.”

There was a younger woman in the carriage. Her voice was like birdsong, and her jade-like face was filled with shame.

If Long Chen heard this voice, he would instantly recognize it. She had had several interactions with him in the past and had even spoken the true feelings of her heart to him. The two of them had a hopelessly muddled relationship. She was the Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s disciple, Fairy Zi Yan.

Zi Yan stared outside the carriage, looking at the figure surrounded by millions of experts, with a black saber on his shoulder. A touch of pain appeared in her eyes.

“Do you feel a bit of regret that you didn’t kill him in the Eastern Wasteland? If you had, you wouldn’t be feeling such pain,” said the beautiful woman to Zi Yan.

Zi Yan shook her head. “I don’t regret it. Even if I had to choose again, I still wouldn’t kill him. I know I wouldn’t be able to do it. He isn’t a bad person. I will never forget how despite knowing it was a trap from the Bloodkill Hall, he still allowed himself to be struck by a poison needle rather than killing that little girl. I remember the look in his eyes very clearly. There was heartache, pity, warmth, and the only thing missing was hatred. He is kind, and even if he is my fated devil star, I can’t kill him.”

The beautiful woman rubbed Zi Yan’s cheek gently. She softly said, “You have your own missions in this world, and Long Chen is one of them. If he really was an irredeemable devil and you could kill him without any misgivings, he wouldn’t be called a devil star. But have you never thought about this possibility? Long Chen might be a good person, but he is walking into the abyss step by step. Whether or not it’s because he’s forced to by others or himself, he is still undergoing a transformation. Once he transforms, he will become a peerless killer. Your mission is to end his sins. Sometimes, plucking the seed of evil when it has only just sprouted is true kindness.”

“Master, I understand. Can you let me think about it for a bit longer?” Zi Yan stared at Long Chen, a conflicted look in her eyes.

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