Chapter 1486 Top Experts Arrive

Black qi filled the air as the huge saber-image slashed down. The experts of the Bloodkill Hall were all blown away despite launching their own powerful attacks. They all coughed up blood. Even together, they were unable to receive his attack.

“Why does using just the fourth form of Split the Heavens take so much spiritual yuan? Evilmoon, are you messing with me?!” demanded Long Chen.

“Fuck off. The Heavenly Daos reject me, so using my body to unleash Battle Skills will naturally take more energy than with ordinary weapons. Furthermore, you yourself are also not liked by the Heavenly Daos. You’re even more unwelcome than I am. So in this world, it naturally takes you more spiritual yuan to unleash Battle Skills,” answered Evilmoon irritably.

Long Chen could unleash the fourth form of Split the Heavens instantaneously, and the amount of spiritual yuan’s cost was almost negligible. But when he used it with Evilmoon, he found that it took over ten times the amount of energy than when he used it with an Ancestral item.

After all, it wasn’t the fifth form, so Long Chen couldn’t understand why it would take this much energy. So he simply assumed it was something done by Evilmoon. “But in the Spirit World, it didn’t take this much energy.”

“The stronger you grow, the more the world rejects you. I’m very curious just what you did to enrage the heavens for them to reject you even more than me,” said Evilmoon.

Evilmoon’s words made Long Chen’s heart turn cold. If what it was saying was true, then this was going to be difficult to bear.

However, now wasn’t the time to consider this problem. After blowing away the Bloodkill Hall experts, Long Chen took a single step with lightning runes on his feet. He appeared in front of a certain someone and slashed his saber down.

That person was the rank nine Celestial of the Bloodkill Hall, the one at the peak of the Soul Transformation realm. Although his cultivation base was the lowest amongst these assassins, his power was the greatest. Long Chen chose him as his main target.


That rank nine Celestial’s sword blazed with light, but this Ancestral item instantly shattered when Long Chen’s saber struck it. Both his arms broke, and he violently hacked up blood.

“Let me send you to your god.” After breaking his Ancestral item, Long Chen sent a kick to his head. Lightning flashed, and that person was blown into blood mist, his Yuan Spirit killed as well.

“Even rank nine Celestials can be killed.”

“This is my first time seeing a rank nine Celestial get killed. This Long Chen is really vicious.”

Rank nine Celestials were pampered by the heavens and supported by great karmic luck. Although people had heard of rank nine Celestials dying, almost no one here had personally seen a rank nine Celestial die.

Now that they saw Long Chen kill a rank nine Celestial, they were all shocked. Furthermore, he was only at the Jade Core realm, and the rank nine Celestial had been at the peak of the Soul Transformation realm. This was truly heaven-defying.

“Long Chen, just wait-”

One of the remaining Soul Transformation experts of the Bloodkill Hall had just turned to flee when a streak of lightning arrived in front of him. He was killed with a slash of a saber.

“Long Chen, we can no longer exist under the same sky! Just wait, you’ll pay the price for your foolishness-”

A Soul Transformation expert who had already fled into the distance was quickly caught and killed by Long Chen.

After killing two Soul Transformation experts, the other experts of the Bloodkill Hall had all fled, and there was no way for him to chase them.

Long Chen swung his saber, destroying the remnants of the Bloodkill Hall’s stronghold.

He then once more rested Evilmoon on his shoulder. He was slightly out of breath, and his aura was a bit unstable. This was a normal reaction after fighting all-out.

However, his terrifying power had shaken everyone. They were all hiding in the distance, staring at him in horror.

The grand Bloodkill Hall’s stronghold had been destroyed, and all those experts had been slain, with only ten-odd people managing to escape. Just how vicious was that?

Seeing the Bloodkill Hall’s experts flee, Zheng Wenlong suddenly said, “Send people to the Xuantian Dao Sect’s branch sects in the Eastern Wasteland, Western Desert, Southern Sea, and Northern Source. Have them temporarily take asylum within the Huayun Sect.”

“You’re worried that…?”

“Yes. The Bloodkill Hall might have their faith, but that faith has no bottom line. They’re capable of anything. Go and make sure they’re safe. Protecting the family of my clients isn’t against the Business Dao,” said Zheng Wenlong.

Zheng Wenlong understood the Bloodkill Hall even better than Long Chen. These people didn’t care about morality or principles. They had no bottom line. Now that Long Chen had destroyed their Eastern Xuan Region’s stronghold, they were capable of doing anything in their fury.

So Zheng Wenlong was helping Long Chen out with the consequences. He understood the Bloodkill Hall and their history of bloody vengeance.

The Bloodkill Hall had done many similar things in the past. At that time, there were many sects that had had their geniuses assassinated by the Bloodkill Hall, and in their fury, those sects had moved out in full force to heavily damage the Bloodkill Hall.

Then after that, the Bloodkill Hall had carried out a bloody vengeance, and all those sects had their young, old, women, and children killed. Even babies still in the crib were killed. They were extremely cruel.

Now on his own, Long Chen had killed this many disciples of the Bloodkill Hall. That might be even greater than the damage the Bloodkill Hall had taken back then. Their vengeance would very likely be greater in scale.

“Yes, I’ll go right now.” One of the Life Star experts immediately left.

“Other than that, have the arrangements for the others been completed?” asked Zheng Wenlong.

“Yes, it’s all done. We have people from all angles, and we haven’t missed anything. All the people who attacked Long Chen have been recorded. We’ll give him the complete list when this is over. Ah, only now do I realize why he wanted us to make such a list. He’s going to settle things with them after this.” One of the Life Star experts sighed and shook his head.

At first, none of them had understood what Long Chen’s goal was right now. But seeing him cut off the Killing God statue’s head and take the heaven and earth divine spring, they thought of a certain possibility that gave them chills.

“Does anyone else want to come and kill me under the banner of justice? Come! Let me see whether your life is harder than my blade.”

Long Chen took a deep breath and forced himself to stop breathing heavily. With a cold snort, he continued walking slowly forward.

Those experts surrounding Long Chen all retreated out of his path, not daring to block him.

Long Chen quickly returned to where the rank nine Celestial from the Bloodkill Hall had attacked him. This was where his path had deviated. Now he returned and continued along the road.

Last time, he had relied on a black pot to reach this point. But now he had a pitch-black saber on his shoulder. That blade was incredibly sinister, and its fang-like tip was especially frightening.

One step.

Two steps.

Three steps.

Long Chen slowly continued forward. Although there were millions of experts around him and the Life Star experts numbered in the thousands, no one dared stop him.

The power he had displayed was just too intimidating. Although he was now a bit out of breath and they knew he might be out of energy, they also knew that a tired lion could still easily kill a group of rabbits. As for Long Chen, he was like an unrivaled lion shocking all other beasts.

Long Chen’s footsteps were as steady as before, and he maintained the same rhythm. That made these experts feel humiliated and infuriated.

Those people who had previously attacked Long Chen were especially enraged. Long Chen had no intention of running. All he was doing was expressing his disdain for them.

Each step he took increased their humiliation. He was walking over their dignity. In front of this many Life Star experts, this Jade Core disciple was still forcing them back step by step, while they couldn’t even muster the bravery to stop him.

Those young disciples were all full of worship as they watched Long Chen force away all these experts without even doing anything. What was domineering? This was domineering. What was arrogance? This was arrogance.

Long Chen quickly saw the city gates. There was a transportation formation there, and once he was on it, he could leave. That would complete the slap in the face of the Eastern Xuan Region’s experts.

“Long Chen, you’re too arrogant! Do you really think no one can subdue you?” At this moment, a voice rang out from the sky, and it came from one of the carriages. The voice was very young yet also powerful. It caused people’s souls to shake.

The most shocking thing about this voice was that it caused heaven and earth to rumble along with it. It was like the world was resonating with his words.

“Is… is this an Empyrean from legend?”

People were gobsmacked. They stared in disbelief at that carriage.

There were a total of four carriages in the sky, and they were all pulled by giant Magical Beasts of the terrifying eleventh rank.

However, after all this time, no movement had come from the four carriages, causing people to almost forget about them. But now, someone from the carriages was speaking, and just by speaking, he caused the world to shake. Heavenly Dao energy followed with his voice. That was clearly something only a legendary Empyrean could do.

“I’ve been arrogant for more than a few days. As for whether or not someone can subdue me, it’s hard to say. However, there’s one thing that we can be sure of: a single Sha Guangyan is definitely not qualified to say such big words. Leng Yueyan could cut off your arm, so what are you thinking now? Are you asking me to cut off your head?” sneered Long Chen.

Long Chen’s words caused everyone to suck in a cold gasp of air. Only now did they realize what level of existence Long Chen was.

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