Chapter 1485 Cutting Off the Head

People had been too shocked to see the statue of the Killing God. They hadn’t expected that the Bloodkill Hall would have a secret stronghold right in the middle of the Eastern Xuan City.

They only noticed Long Chen once he spoke. Compared to the giant statue, he appeared incredibly miniscule. He was like an ant on its shoulder.

At this moment, a cold saber-image hacked toward the Killing God statue’s neck.

“He’s… insane!”

This action of Long Chen’s shocked people more than all the previous fighting. Even Life Star experts felt a chill.

“Long Chen, you dare?!” The Bloodkill Hall experts all roared crazily, but it was too late for them to stop him.

They were correct. Long Chen did dare. He didn’t hesitate at all. A large head flew into the air.

The flow of time seemed to pass slowly as people stared at the head flipping through the air.

The Bloodkill Hall’s experts were all pale. Their faces were twisted with hatred.

“Long Chen, ah, Long Chen. Your skill in provoking disaster is truly unrivaled.” In the distance, Zheng Wenlong was standing on the Huayun auction house’s top floor. He wasn’t too far from the Killing God’s statue, which allowed him to see what Long Chen was doing clearly. He bitterly smiled.

“This Long Chen really is attempting to defy the heavens. That one slash of his saber is going to make the Bloodkill Hall go insane,” said a white-robed elder beside Zheng Wenlong.

There were also a dozen more Life Star experts accompanying Zheng Wenlong. Their auras were reserved, making them look like ordinary people. But a sharp light was hidden in their eyes, like needles hidden in silk. They were all powerful figures.

They were Zheng Wenlong’s guards in charge of his safety. Zheng Wenlong had already been promoted to the highest level supervisor of the Huayun Sect in the Eastern Xuan Region. The Huayun Sect would naturally worry about his safety.

The leader of these people was the white-robed elder. He seemed to not possess any aura at all. It was difficult to even sense his presence. He continued, “I heard that Long Chen once destroyed one of the Bloodkill Hall’s strongholds in the Eastern Wasteland, causing them to send experts to assassinate him over and over. But now it’s different. This is Bloodkill Hall’s main stronghold in the Eastern Xuan Region, and that statue has their concentrated faith energy. Not only has Long Chen blasphemed their god, but he’s also destroyed a portion of their faith energy. Now he’s really provoked a disaster.”

Zheng Wenlong kneaded his temples. He felt a slight headache. “In my years of doing business, I’m able to get a general understanding of what people are thinking inside with just a look. But when it comes to this fellow, I’ve never been able to see through him. I can’t see what he’s thinking.”

“Do we need to secretly help long Chen leave here?” probed the white-robed elder after a moment’s thought.

Zheng Wenlong shook his head. “The sect master will not permit us to interfere in matters beyond our bounds. We’ll have to keep watching quietly.”

At this time, the head that Long Chen had cut off finally thudded to the ground.

Curiously, the statue, which had been incredibly tough before its head was cut off, now suddenly dimmed. The head splintered and crumbled to dust.

Following the head, cracks spread throughout the rest of the statue, and it crumbled. Thanks to its destruction, a divine pool was revealed below it.

“Damn, there’s actually a heaven and earth divine spring here too?” Long Chen’s eyes immediately turned green with greed. Without saying another word, he reached out a hand, and the divine spring surged toward him. He sucked it into the primal chaos space in an instant. There was even more energy in this one than the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect.

The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect had been one of the three great heavenly sects, while this was just the Eastern Xuan branch of the Bloodkill Hall. But it still possessed such an enormous heaven and earth divine spring.

“Long Chen, you’ve blasphemed our god and destroyed our stronghold. The Bloodkill Hall will not rest until you are dead!” roared a Life Star expert from the Bloodkill Hall. He charged at Long Chen with overflowing killing intent.

The rest of the Bloodkill Hall’s experts also attacked. Sword Qi filled the sky, piercing through the void. They sealed all the space around Long Chen.

“Good, it would be best if there was no rest until death. Not only did you attack me from the Eastern Wasteland all the way to the Central Plains, but you almost killed Chu Yao. Today, we’ll add this new enmity on top of our old enmity and settle it all together!”

Long Chen was just as infuriated as them. He thought of how Chu Yao would have died to the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins if it hadn’t been for Leng Yueyan.

Now they wanted to say that they wouldn’t rest until he was dead? He had long since felt that way toward them. Black light suddenly blossomed from Evilmoon, and he slashed it forward.

Evilmoon now looked like a blade of slaughter that had come from hell. This one slash caused heaven and earth to tremble. A three-thousand-meter saber-image shot out, and black light covered the sky. It revealed all the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins that were trying to sneak up on him.

“What terrifying killing intent!” People cried out. Because in that instant, their souls quivered with pain. That killing intent was enough to make them feel fear.

A black ripple spread through the air, killing many of the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins. They were unable to endure this attack.

The black saber-image killed hundreds of the Bloodkill Hall’s experts, leaving less than twenty behind. They had relied on their Ancestral items to survive, but that powerful attack was like an ice-cold bucket of water over their heads. Their anger and hatred were suppressed by fear.

Long Chen didn’t press the attack. Instead, he swung Evilmoon so that it rested on his shoulder.

One man and one saber, both overflowing with killing intent, both decked in black. The current Long Chen looked like a reaper of lives come from hell.

Everyone quivered as they stared at him. The experts who had previously attacked him all felt terrified.

Only now did they realize that Long Chen hadn’t used his real power against them. He had led them all around in order to search for the Bloodkill Hall’s stronghold.

As soon as this Bloodkill Hall assassin had appeared, Long Chen had felt something was wrong. His power was extremely strange, and it didn’t feel like his own power. It was more like he was borrowing some other kind of power. That was what had allowed him to injure the pot.

That was when Long Chen had grown suspicious. The second time that assassin had damaged the pot, Long Chen was sure that he was borrowing some kind of energy and that it was coming from nearby. The tiniest traces were captured by the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art as he had flown throughout the city. He had baited the assassin to attack him to confirm which direction the energy was coming from. And in the end, he had found the Killing God statue.

That rank nine Celestial had managed to borrow the slightest bit of the faith energy to increase his attack power. He had never expected that this was simply inviting trouble for himself.

The sight of the current Long Chen made people quiver. But there was also a portion of people that felt their hot blood surging. The stronger and more valiant Long Chen appeared, the more they worshiped him.

Some maidens in the springtime of their youth were staring at him with adoration. The current sight of Long Chen being unrivaled was a powerful visual impact. It possessed a fatal attraction to these young women.

Some young disciples were still filled with hope for their dreams, and they viewed Long Chen as their goal. They longed to also be like Long Chen and one day look down on all other powerful geniuses as nothing.

Everyone’s gazes were concentrated on Long Chen. Some gazes were worshipful and admiring, while some were jealous and frightened. There was a wide range of emotions.

The black ripples coming from Evilmoon increased the visual effect. Staring at the remaining Bloodkill Hall experts, Long Chen sneered, “Don’t you say that anyone that’s been born is a sinner, so that makes it alright for you to kill them? When they die, they simply return to the Killing God’s embrace. Then why do you look so shocked and frightened now? Could it be that your belief isn’t devout enough? Or is that inside, you still fear death? Or perhaps you’ve had doubts in the principles of the Killing God from the start, so you’re greedy for life? Or have you done so many evil things that you’re finally feeling guilt and fear? Is that why you want to live so badly?”

“Sinner, don’t bother trying to delude others! Today, you’ll definitely die! No one can blaspheme the Killing God!”

The leader of this group of Bloodkill Hall assassins charged at Long Chen once more, and the survivors followed. Over ten Ancestral items lit up and attacked.

“A group of brainwashed idiots. You’re just killing tools being used by someone else. You’ll never understand the true meaning of life. Since you have no gratitude for life and no respect for death, you’re just a pack of idiots.”

Long Chen raised Evilmoon, and a black saber-image tore into the sky. “Split the Heavens 4!”

This time, Long Chen wasn’t using the lightning blade, but Evilmoon’s body. That black saber-image somehow gave off the impression of a bloodthirsty fiend with a cold smile as it slashed down.

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