Chapter 1484 Blasphemer of the Killing God?

Long Chen smiled coldly as flames exploded out of him. A figure materialized within the flames.

“Shameful thing, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!” As soon as that figure appeared, the sword that was mysteriously hanging in mid-air turned, abandoning its attack and suddenly stabbing into the air.

The sword pierced out right as Long Chen’s pot smashed down at it. Neither of their attacks was aimed at the other. Instead, they were simply aimed at the air. It was like they were randomly striking.

The figure holding the sword solidified. The sword strangely bent and then sprung back, allowing him to retreat.

Just as he retreated, the seemingly random swing of Long Chen’s pot blocked off his path. It seemed to be coincidentally smashing right where he was going.

The figure twisted in midair, using some unknown secret art to summon a barrier. Long Chen’s pot smashed into the barrier, causing it to quiver. In the end, the barrier exploded, but the pot’s power had been reduced to the point where the figure merely coughed up a mouthful of blood.

As he was exposed, his manifestation appeared along with him.

People cried out in shock, “Nine Flowers Manifest the Heavenly Daos. It’s a rank nine Celestial!” 

"It’s an assassin from the Bloodkill Hall! Long Chen actually managed to find his tracks and stop his assassination?”

“Aren’t their rank nine Celestials violet-gold rank assassins? Isn’t it said that they never fail? But now he just did!”

“It seems Long Chen was long since prepared for him. Could it be that he has yet to release his full power?”

“You think you can leave after trying to assassinate me? It’s still daylight, so stop dreaming!” The assassin turned to leave, but at this moment, Long Chen’s lightning blade, which had long since been raised toward the sky, mercilessly slashed down. “Split the Heavens 4!”

With Long Chen’s current power, the fourth form of Split the Heavens could be unleashed instantaneously by him. And after fighting with the Bloodkill Hall assassins for so long, he had a certain level of understanding in their movement techniques. He had completely cut off his path of retreat.

The Bloodkill Hall assassin’s sword suddenly blossomed with light. It was an Ancestral item, and an extremely powerful one at that. Divine light appeared around it, blocking Long Chen’s attack.

“Die!” The Bloodkill Hall assassin’s sword shattered Long Chen’s lightning blade and then curved, striking at him like a venomous snake from a bizarre angle.

“A rank nine Soul Transformation Celestial is truly powerful. But if you want to kill me, then it’s still the same thing: stop dreaming.”

Long Chen’s pot grew, protecting him. With an explosive sound, the assassin’s sword left a long scar on the pot, and Long Chen was sent flying. The power a rank nine Celestial could unleash from an Ancestral item was even greater than these powerful Life Star experts.

“Attack, kill Long Chen!” For an assassin of the Bloodkill Hall to appear out of nowhere was surprising, but the Life Star experts didn’t let that stop them. Considering the Bloodkill Hall’s enmity with Long Chen, it wasn’t strange.

They attacked once more. They had been forcing Long Chen into desperate straits, and now that the assassin had joined in, killing Long Chen would be simple.

“His pot can’t last any longer! Quick!” A sharp-eyed expert saw the scar on the pot. All their previous efforts hadn’t managed to damage the pot at all, but the assassin damaged it instantly. If he continued attacking, the pot wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

“Hmph, idiots, you’ll pay the price for your idiocy! If you want my life, then come!” Long Chen shouted fearlessly, and he swung his pot even fiercer than before, his power exploding.

“He’s afraid! Everyone, kill this fiend together!”


Long Chen just sent a group of Life Star experts flying when the Bloodkill Hall’s assassin once more attacked. He timed it perfectly before Long Chen could summon any more power. As a result, Long Chen could only move the pot to block, and he was sent flying, another deep cut appearing on the pot.

“He’s running! Stop him!” cried an expert. Long Chen had summoned lightning wings and was starting to fly toward the center of the city.

“Long Chen, weren’t you so courageous just now? Weren’t you very domineering? But now you’re running like a stray dog! You’re just a piece of garbage!” roared a Life Star expert as he energetically chased.

For Long Chen to suddenly start running was surprising, but then they felt that it was simply natural. His display was already shocking enough. A Jade Core disciple was actually able to fight against powerful Life Star experts with Ancestral items for so long, and even managed to kill several of them. That was admirable.

“Long Chen, you traitor of your own sect, you irredeemable fiend, you won’t be able to get away!” The Life Star experts quickly caught up to him.

Long Chen was flying strangely, sometimes going left and then suddenly going right. Occasionally, he would fight a brief bout before flying away again.

Some people were startled to notice that as Long Chen rushed away, he had his eyes closed. They didn’t know what he was doing.

Long Chen flitted around the Eastern Xuan City, seeming like he was playing an energetic game of manhunt, and he was too fast for them to surround him again. Some of them directly gave up on chasing and instead formed a large formation around him to limit his area of movement.

“Hehe, I’ve found it.” Long Chen’s eyes suddenly shot open. They shone brightly as he stared at a large building ahead of him.

It was a large and tall building decorated in gold and jade. It was very grand, but when it was placed in a place of soaring skyscrapers like the Eastern Xuan City, it wasn’t eye-catching at all.

The experts chasing Long Chen saw him suddenly stop in front of this large building. They immediately launched a barrage of attacks. “Long Chen, face your death!”

Over ten Life Star experts had launched attacks with their Ancestral items. This kind of power was practically world-shaking, and it was all concentrated on Long Chen.

“Fuck, stop!” The Bloodkill Hall assassin suddenly let out a panicked cry.

It was too late. The Life Star experts’ attacks shot out. There were giant swords, flying spears, divine light, and rainbow strikes. They all combined together to form a domain of absolute death.


Their combined attack devoured Long Chen. At the same time, it also struck the giant building behind him.

“NO!” The Bloodkill Hall assassin let out a furious roar. The giant building exploded, filling the sky with broken bits.


“This is…”

“This statue is…”

When the dust settled, Long Chen had vanished. Instead, what they saw was a giant statue three thousand meters tall. It depicted a man wearing black robes and long hair falling naturally. He held two daggers in his hands.

His body was slightly bent, and his daggers were striking out in front of him. They flickered with a sharp light, looking like they might reap a person’s life at any time. He was the reaper of lives. Just looking at him made others feel pain in their souls. The air felt chilly, with an aura of death present.

“This is… the Killing God’s statue.” The spectators covered their mouths, staring in shock.

“Could this be the Bloodkill Hall’s stronghold in the Eastern Xuan City? It… was actually exposed.”

The Bloodkill Hall was a secret organization that didn’t accept outsiders. Even the missions for assassinations had to pass through their secret strongholds. All this time, no one had heard of them having a stronghold here.

It had to be known that the Bloodkill Hall only cared about money, not relations. Countless powers were filled with hatred for them, but the Bloodkill Hall was too mysterious, and no one knew where their lairs were. Most importantly, they were so powerful that no one was willing to provoke them.

If a stronghold of theirs were to be exposed, that stronghold would be doomed. The Bloodkill Hall had offended practically every sect in some way, and now that people knew there was a stronghold in the Eastern Xuan City, it was doomed.

The combination attack had destroyed the building, but the statue was still standing, not harmed at all. It was unknown how it had been built, especially in the middle of the Eastern Xuan City. It had to have taken an extremely long time to build in this location, so this had to be their stronghold in the Eastern Xuan City. There was no other reason to have something of this scale here otherwise.

Countless experts flew out of the building once it exploded. They all wore tight black robes. Cold killing intent burned in their eyes as they glared at the experts outside. They were all tightly clenching the swords on their backs, looking like they might slaughter all of them at any moment.

There were actually hundreds of people from the Bloodkill Hall, and all of them were extremely terrifying. The majority were Life Star experts, with a few Soul Transformation experts in between.

As for those with weaker cultivation bases, there wasn’t a single one. Some people stealthily looked at the ruins below and saw a mass of corpses. Clearly, the weaker ones had already died.

Now a mass of terrifying assassins had appeared, and the experts that had just attacked all retreated, terrified. They saw the killing intent in these assassins’ eyes. They looked like they might go insane.

“Blasphemers of the Killing God will die!” One of the Bloodkill Hall’s Life Star experts, who seemed to be the overseer of this place, glared at these experts that had brought calamity upon themselves.

“Will we really die? I want to try it out.”

Just at this moment, a lazy voice rang out, causing everyone to look up in shock.

Up on the shoulder of the Killing God’s statue was a man with a black saber on his shoulder and a mocking smile. He slashed that saber at the Killing God’s neck.

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