Chapter 1483 Finally Here

The pot blocked the Life Star expert’s sword, while a lightning blade suddenly appeared and slashed through his body.

The immense power directly cut him in two. Previously, Long Chen had been using the pot as his weapon. For him to switch to a sudden lightning blade caught this person off-guard, and he was struck.

“Save me!” The Life Star expert cried out in horror. Terrifying thunderforce invaded his body, paralyzing him. He couldn’t even run.

Most terrifying of all, his Heavenly Dao energy was actually unable to suppress this thunderforce. Filled with terror, he begged to be saved.

What saved him was Long Chen’s lightning blade. It clearly cut off his head, saving him from his current predicament.

As he killed this Life Star expert, three other attacks reached him. However, they were too slow to save him.

“Long Chen, who could believe you didn’t destroy the Xuantian Dao Sect when you’re so vicious?!” raged an expert.

“I’ve already explained that whether or not you want to believe me is your own problem. But if you want to kill me, do you expect me to not attack back? Attacking me is simply natural, but me attacking you becomes vicious? Fuck your mother, just die!” Long Chen roared and smashed with the pot, shattering the three attacks. Thunderforce circulated on his feet, and he charged toward the person who had cursed him for being vicious. A lightning blade slashed down.

BOOM! That expert resisted with his full power, and his Ancestral item staff was activated. But he was shocked to find that Long Chen was even more powerful than he had imagined. His lightning blade was not one whit inferior to an Ancestral item. But suddenly, the lightning blade exploded into a sky-full of lightning runes.

“Not good!” That person’s expression completely changed. When the lightning blade exploded into runes, they transformed into a lightning net that trapped him.

He smashed his staff into the lightning net to break free, but at this moment, Long Chen’s pot came smashing at him.


Long Chen’s great physical strength was put on full display. That Life Star expert could only make a hasty block, but the lightning net was also numbing his body and affecting his power. The power of this block was less than eighty percent of his normal power, and as a result, his head was smashed by the pot.

His Yuan Spirit didn’t even have a chance to flee before thunderforce devoured it, killing him. Another Life Star expert was slain, and his Ancestral item was taken by Long Chen.

“That’s… terrifying.”

Whether it was those jealous of Long Chen, those who worshipped him, or whether they were purely experts who had come to watch the fun, they were all shocked.

A total of thirty-eight Life Star experts had attacked at the same time, but in the first clash, Long Chen killed two of them.

Originally, they had thought that Long Chen wouldn’t even be able to last a breath’s time when surrounded by thirty-eight Life Star experts. But now Long Chen had used his thunderforce to kill two of them. That was outside everyone’s predictions.

BOOM! Long Chen received the attack of five Life Star experts at once, and their combination attack ended up blowing Long Chen away.

As he was knocked back, a sharp sword appeared where he was going. It stabbed through his back all the way to the hilt.

The attacker was an extremely experienced expert who had first calculated Long Chen’s path and placed his sword where Long Chen wouldn’t see it, just waiting for Long Chen to be thrown onto it.

That was why Long Chen wouldn’t sense anything, and the moment he was struck, the power accumulated in the sword would burst forth. No matter how fast Long Chen’s reflexes were, there was no way he could do anything.

The majority of the people were about to cheer that Long Chen was definitely dead. There was also a small portion that sighed in regret and some who tightly clenched their fists. They were Long Chen’s worshippers. If he died, the legend in their hearts would be destroyed. They couldn’t accept that reality.

“Long Chen, you’ve finally paid the price for your foolishness and arrogance. Remember, youngsters shouldn’t be too arrogant.” The master of the sword sneered. His body felt a bit numb, but he didn’t pay attention to it.

“If they weren’t arrogant, would they still be youngsters? Are they supposed to be like an old ghost like you, only knowing how to play little tricks?” Long Chen didn’t turn back. He looked at the sword piercing out of his chest with a faint smile.

At this moment, a startled cry rang out from the distance. But everyone was focused on the stabbed Long Chen, so they didn’t care.

“Even before your death, you refuse to repent. Then you can just die!” sneered that person. The power within his sword erupted. But his expression suddenly changed, as he found that the energy in his body had been sucked dry. He couldn’t bring out the slightest bit of power.

“Do you know? When you scheme against others, others also scheme against you. Old ghost, remember, arrogant people have the power to back it up. Those arrogant people without the power to back it up have long since died,” said Long Chen indifferently.

That Life Star expert looked down in horror. At some unknown time, a lightning spear had appeared in Long Chen’s hand.

This lightning spear had stabbed through the expert’s stomach without him even realizing it. There was no pain, only a slightly numb feeling. Even if he wasn’t staring right at it, he wouldn’t even notice.


Only at this moment did he suddenly recall that he had felt the tiniest twitch in his abdomen when his sword had stabbed through Long Chen. It had to have been at that time that he had been struck.

This lightning spear wasn’t very long, and it hadn’t pierced through his body. However, it had pierced his Dantian, which was the source of his energy. Although he had stabbed Long Chen, he was unable to unleash his power.

“Old ghost, we’re all busy, so I won’t say too many words of goodbye. I’ll just send you off.”


The lightning spear suddenly grew, and the Life Star expert exploded. Now everyone else finally saw the lightning spear in Long Chen’s hand.

Long Chen forced the sword out of his chest and threw it into the primal chaos space. With the pot present, once the master of an Ancestral item was slain, the Ancestral item wouldn’t even dare to resist.

“A… another one…”

The spectators gulped. At first, they had felt that Long Chen was doomed. They hadn’t thought that he had intentionally taken this sword in order to kill that Life Star expert. What a terrifying scheme!

“His body was pierced by an Ancestral item! There’s no way he can heal quickly! Attack together; he won’t be able to last much longer!”

Following one expert’s cry, the others attacked once more. They had noticed that Long Chen’s injury had yet to recover. Clearly, taking that attack hadn’t been so simple. He was very likely heavily injured.

The experts once more attacked, and the power of Ancestral items raged through the air. Long Chen held the pot in his left hand and a lightning blade in his right, fighting against them all alone.

His power was extremely terrifying, and each smash of his pot required several people to work together to receive it. As for his lightning blade, its thunderforce meant that anyone who tried to receive it alone would be paralyzed and fall into an extremely dangerous position.

So all these experts had to work together for both offense and defense. But as people on the level of first-rate sect masters, they were used to fighting alone. They rarely worked together with anyone, resulting in them being thrown into chaos as Long Chen swept through them.

Another Life Star expert was slain by Long Chen’s lightning blade, but that revealed an opening that allowed someone else to stab a spear through Long Chen’s ribs. Fresh blood flowed out.

“This Long Chen, why isn’t he healing?” Seeing Long Chen be repeatedly injured but not heal made people feel curious.

“Do you not remember? Long Chen isn’t a Celestial and can’t use Heavenly Dao energy to heal,” said someone else.

As soon as someone said this, everyone recalled that Long Chen wasn’t a Celestial. He was some sort of cultivation oddity. Back then, Pill Valley had accused him of being a Heaven-Seizer, but that was later proven to be false. So in the end, he was simply known as a freak of the cultivation world.

His divine ring was out, but there wasn’t the slightest bit of Heavenly Dao energy circulating within it. They quickly concluded that without Heavenly Dao energy, he wouldn’t be able to heal the injuries left by Ancestral items, and so he would be quickly defeated.

“Everyone, don’t panic! As long as we exhaust him, he’ll definitely die! He-” reminded a thin elder.

“Watch out!” Just at this moment, Long Chen borrowed his momentum from someone else’s attack to spin toward the thin elder, his lightning blade mercilessly slashing down.

Due to the distraction of speaking, the elder could only receive it head-on. As long as he blocked this one attack, the others would come to assist him.

Regretfully, Long Chen’s lightning blade immediately transformed into lightning runes on contact with the thin elder’s weapon, forming a net that bound him.

“It’s over for him.”

The spectators couldn’t help sighing. Long Chen had previously used this move to kill another Life Star expert. This was a scoundrel move with practically no solution.

As expected, no matter how that person struggled, he was still killed by the pot. However, the others were prepared this time. Just as that person was killed, several of them unleashed fierce attacks on Long Chen.

However, their goal of stopping Long Chen from killing the thin expert hadn’t worked out. Long Chen had struck first, killing him and then turning to block their attacks. But of course, that meant he was late to block, and so he was sent flying, coughing up a mouthful of blood.

“Quick, now! Kill him!” Seeing Long Chen coughing up blood and being covered in injuries, more and more experts joined in. Long Chen fell into a desperate situation in an instant.

Just as Long Chen was going all-out blocking their attacks, a sword appeared in his blind spot. At that moment, space froze.

“Hahaha, you’ve finally come!”

Long Chen laughed thunderously. Golden flames exploded out of his body.

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