Chapter 1482 Let the Festival of Carnage Begin

Four Life Star experts were attacking Long Chen at the same time, along with four Ancestral items. Blinding light and powerful pressure filled the world.

“Long Chen, you are too arrogant! Are you looking down on all the heroes of the world? Today, you’ll pay the price for your arrogance!” A saber-wielding Life Star expert was the first to reach Long Chen.

“You think you’re the heroes of the world?” sneered Long Chen. As the pot blocked the attacks from the front, he turned around, sending out a single punch.

BOOM! A scale-covered fist smashed into the saber. Blinding light erupted.

“What?! He blocked an Ancestral item with his bare hands?!” Everyone was shocked, almost unable to believe their eyes.

Ancestral items were immensely powerful. Only first-rate sects could possess them, and they would belong to the sect masters. But despite that, Long Chen had blocked an attack from an Ancestral item with his bare hands. 

“In my eyes, you’re all just garbage. The only difference between you is size.” Long Chen suddenly sent out a kick at the saber-wielding expert’s stomach.

Horrified, the saber-wielding expert hastily pulled back his stomach. But by retreating like this, the power from his saber sharply dropped.

“Not good!” He had only just reacted when the power behind Long Chen’s fist suddenly exploded like a volcano.

BOOM! The Life Star expert almost lost his hold on his saber. The immense power sent him flying, and he hacked up a mouthful of blood.

“How… how is that possible?!”

“He beat him in one move?!”

“That’s the sect leader of a first-rate sect! Is Long Chen really defying the heavens?”

Long Chen didn’t know who that saber-wielding expert was, but there were quite a few who recognized him in the crowd. And because of that, they were so shocked.

After sending him flying, Long Chen grabbed the pot. It explosively grew, and the sky suddenly turned dark.


Two Ancestral items struck the pot, but the two attacking Life Star experts were blown back instead. Although they didn’t cough up blood, their faces were pale from Long Chen’s power. 

They had seen Long Chen fighting before they had joined in. But although they had been prepared, only once they personally attacked did they realize how terrifying Long Chen was.

“That pot’s definitely a priceless treasure! If he didn’t have it, he’d be dead!” grumbled someone in the crowd.

At this moment, the pot became three thousand meters wide and smashed toward the gourd-carrying Life Star expert like a shooting star.

This attack was a complete shock for that expert. Long Chen had spun through the air just to store up energy for this attack. As the pot fell, space twisted wildly, and intense rumbling rang out.

The gourd-carrying Life Star expert’s expression changed. In that instant, he felt himself being locked down and unable to dodge.

“Heaven and Earth Shaking Gourd!” He smacked the violet-gold gourd on his back. It rapidly grew larger, and a vague aura of primal chaos appeared. It stood in front of him like a large mountain.


Violet light exploded, covering the sky in violet mist.

“Heavens, the Ancestral item was destroyed!” Startled cries began to ring out from the Life Star experts. Their vision was the sharpest, and they instantly realized that the violet mist was the broken powder of the violet-gold gourd.

That gourd was the core weapon of Gourd Island. It possessed an extremely ancient history. Countless generations of Island Masters had nourished it, and ordinary Ancestral items could not be compared to it.

“Even Life Star experts, as long as they don’t have the Heavenly Dao energy of Empyreans, can only release a limited amount of power from an Ancestral item,” thought Long Chen to himself. In the Spirit World, when he had fought against Peng Wansheng, the latter had managed to unleash the full power of his Ancestral item, causing the pot to crack. It had taken quite some time for it to recover.

As for the enemies he was currently fighting, although they were Life Star experts and powerful Celestials, they were not Empyreans. There was a large difference in the power that they could unleash from their Ancestral items when compared to Peng Wansheng.

Now Long Chen realized that the greater a person’s Heavenly Dao energy, the more power they could unleash from an Ancestral item. As for cultivation base, it was a basic requirement for using an Ancestral item. But Heavenly Dao energy could cause a fundamental change in the Ancestral item.

“Don’t be in such a rush to leave. Let me send you off,” said Long Chen.

The Life Star expert whose gourd had just exploded felt like his head was splitting apart. He let out a mournful wail as he retreated. Perhaps it was due to the implications of having his Ancestral item that was intricately linked to his soul destroyed, but he had lost his sense of direction. Instead of retreating in the opposite direction of Long Chen, he ended up going to Long Chen’s left.

Long Chen swung his pot once more, and the Life Star expert was struck squarely in the center of his body, exploding.

At the same time as his body exploded, his Yuan Spirit attempted to flee. But before it could get far, Long Chen raised his left hand and pointed a single finger. Thunder crackled. “Lightning Finger.”

A lightning arrow shot from Long Chen’s finger, piercing the Life Star expert’s Yuan Spirit. A miserable cry came from him as his Yuan Spirit exploded to dust.

Long Chen bound the pot on his back and began to set off again, continuing his slow pace down the street. He acted like he didn’t even see the three shocked Life Star experts behind him.

“This… is… too arrogant!”

All three Life Star experts had unsightly expressions. They were trembling from rage at being looked down on like this. They were all people with great statuses, but Long Chen was completely ignoring them.

The young disciples in support of Long Chen were all clenching their fists, filled with worship and zealotry.

They were people with ordinary backgrounds and ordinary cultivation bases. But these people all had dreams. They had dreamed of becoming someone like Long Chen countless times, becoming someone who could reach the peak of the cultivation world without relying on any background.

They were still young. They still had hope for their lives. Long Chen was their goal, and their idol.

Now, even with practically all the Eastern Xuan Region’s experts gathered, Long Chen was still walking calmly, treating all those experts as nothing more than thin air. Just how domineering was that?

Three experts on the level of sect masters were holding their weapons, trembling with fury. But they were still hesitating, not daring to attack Long Chen. They were a stark contrast from the fearless Long Chen. Long Chen truly appeared to be an undefeatable battle god who had come to walk the streets of the mortal world. No one could stop his footsteps.

An incense stick’s worth of time quickly passed. Long Chen had already passed the center of the Eastern Xuan City. He was now heading toward a transportation formation near the city gates.

The streets, the buildings, the air, they were all filled with countless experts silently watching him progress. But no one came to stop him.

“Fuck, what are you all waiting for?! Long Chen is intentionally trampling on the dignity of all the experts of the Eastern Xuan Region! If we just let him leave, he’ll create another legend: all the Eastern Xuan Region’s experts are unable to block him. Are you willing to accept such humiliation? He’s just a traitor who destroyed his own sect, a devil who slaughters friend and foe! As for you all, aren’t you envoys of justice? Don’t you even have the courage to stop him? If you let Long Chen peacefully walk out of the Eastern Xuan Region, it’ll become the greatest humiliation of your lives!” roared a Life Star expert.

This Life Star expert’s roar ended up startling awake quite a few people. This was true. Long Chen was doing this to intimidate all the Eastern Xuan Region’s experts. If they let him do as he pleased, none of them would ever be able to walk with their heads raised again.

To be frightened to the point of not even being able to muster the courage to block a Jade Core disciple, the Eastern Xuan Region would become the laughingstock of the Central Plains.

“He’s right! Don’t have any misgivings! We’re all warriors of the Righteous path, and our mission is to eliminate devils! For righteousness, for justice, for the Eastern Xuan Region’s peace and unity, we definitely can’t allow Long Chen to walk out alive!” A Life Star expert, who seemed to be from the Righteous path, wearing sapphire-blue robes and a scholar’s band, suddenly walked out and shouted, his voice full of bewitching power.

“We can’t let Long Chen leave alive!”

“Long Chen must die! Otherwise, what would happen to justice? Righteousness?”

“All sect master-level experts, attack together! Slay this devil for the Eastern Xuan Region!”

Countless experts began to roar, and a terrifying pressure filled the air.

In the distance, there were several large war chariots with Magical Beasts pulling them. They were all terrifying eleventh rank Magical Beasts.

Yet, they simply stopped in the air, silently watching what was happening here. The war chariots had formations present that blocked people from seeing who was inside.

The people in the city were all waiting for them to attack, but the people inside the war chariots never made a move. The people in the city could no longer wait.

“Long Chen, you heinous fiend, today will be the day of your death!”

Over ten Life Star experts attacked. At the same time, more Life Star experts behind them rushed over.

All the experts with weaker cultivation bases retreated, afraid of being caught up in it. At this moment, dozens of Life Star experts surrounded Long Chen, blocking off all his paths of retreat.

“You should think this through. I’ll warn you one last time. Those who attack me will have to pay a terrifying price!” Long Chen slowly stopped, looking coldly at the experts attacking him.

“Arrogant brat, why don’t you say those words to the dead people of the Xuantian Dao Sect!”

A sword-wielding Life Star expert sneered and attacked Long Chen. He was an enemy of the Xuantian Dao Sect, and Long Chen recognized him. He had once come with Pill Valley to threaten the Xuantian Dao Sect.

“I’ve already said what I had to say. Now, it’s time to do what I have to do.”

Long Chen stamped down on the ground. Lightning wings appeared on his back, and his speed suddenly skyrocketed as he went to greet that expert.

“Let the festival of carnage begin!”

Blood splashed.

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