Chapter 1481 Book of Death

Long Chen was extremely surprised to see people supporting him. He wasn’t friends with them, so he found it almost inconceivable.

“Long Chen, I trust you. From the Eastern Wasteland to the Central Plains, you fought countless bloody battles, putting your life on the line to protect your brothers and sisters without even frowning. You’re the pride of us backgroundless people. How could someone who cares so much about relationships destroy their own sect? You’re definitely falsely accused!” protested someone.

In just his few years since arriving in the Central Plains, Long Chen had fought consecutive large battles that had shaken the entire Eastern Xuan Region. In particular, the battles of the eastern sea, the Grand Xia Ancient Nation, and Devil Spirit mountain. Now, his name was known throughout the Eastern Xuan Region.

Long Chen had long since become an idol for disciples who came from ordinary backgrounds. Through his hard work, he had gone from an ordinary mortal to his current height. He had grown into a legend.

Compared to those geniuses who relied on the power of their sect or the connections of their family, they felt more in touch with Long Chen and felt more admiration for him.

It was just that compared to the experts who were jealous and thus resentful of him, they numbered far too few.

“Bastards, you’ve all gone insane! Do you want to support a murderous devil? Do you want to die along with Long Chen?!” roared someone at the people supporting Long Chen.

“Thank you for your kindness. I’d ask that you no longer speak and back up a bit. It’d be best if you weren’t splashed with blood.” Long Chen cupped his fists to them.

He didn’t need their help. If they became too impassioned, they might draw the ire of others. If they were suddenly attacked by the crowd, in a chaotic scene like this, he wouldn’t be able to protect them.

He’d feel guilty to kill the people who supported him, so he just needed them to back up. He didn’t want their help.

However, their cries did comfort his heart slightly. This slight feeling of warmth was especially touching in this particular situation.

“Arrogant! Stop right there! It’s time for you to face your trial!” The middle-aged man with the gourd suddenly vanished, appearing in front of Long Chen.

“Your first sentence was right, so I won’t retort it. Your second one will be decided by your power. As for your third sentence, someone who can put me on trial hasn’t been born yet.” Long Chen smiled coldly and continued advancing, going straight toward the middle-aged man.

Long Chen’s voice was full of confidence, and he was determined to advance regardless of any obstacles. That confidence made his words undoubtable.

“Arrogant brat, since you refuse to change your ways, don’t blame me for being vicious.” The middle-aged man smacked his gourd, and its runes lit up. Rays of light shot out, transforming into millions of sharp blades.

Each of these blades tore through space with an unpleasant screeching sound. The people spectating all felt a chill. The sharp aura coming from these blades made their skins turn cold.

“What a hypocrite. Whether or not I changed my ways, you would still attack, and as viciously as you could at that. If you want to attack, then just attack. Do you have to make up an excuse?” sneered Long Chen. He stamped down on the ground, flying into the air and smashing the pot down.

The countless sharp blades were smashed apart by the pot. Those incredibly sharp swords were unable to damage this seemingly ordinary pot.

“That pot’s definitely a priceless treasure!” People stared at that pot with greed.

“Hmph, so what if you have a priceless treasure? How much spiritual yuan could you possibly have to use it with? Let me see how you plan to block my endless flying swords!” The middle-aged man sneered, and an unending torrent of flying swords flew out of his gourd. He was actually fighting a battle of attrition with Long Chen.

“How shameless. The grand Gourd Island master is playing a game of attrition against a Jade Core disciple? If I were you, I would just kill myself out of shame!” cried someone from the crowd.

The middle-aged man’s expression became extremely unsightly, but he acted like he didn’t hear as he couldn’t get distracted.

In truth, the person shouting was not on Long Chen’s side. Instead, it was simply a matter of a spectator wanting to see more excitement. He intentionally provoked the middle-aged man to make him fight at full power.

If a Life Star expert planned on slowly exhausting a Jade Core disciple to death, the battle would be boring. They wanted to watch an intense clash.

To these people, whether it was the middle-aged man or Long Chen who died, it didn’t matter. All they wanted was a fun fight to watch. That was because even if Long Chen was killed, the good stuff he was carrying wouldn’t be theirs anyway. So their attitude was quite normal. They didn’t dare to provoke Long Chen anymore, but they didn’t mind provoking this middle-aged man.

Long Chen enlarged the pot, forming a thirty-meter shield in front of him. No matter how those flying swords attacked the pot, the pot wasn’t harmed in the slightest. Instead, the flying swords exploded one by one.

Just like that, Long Chen continued walking forward. The middle-aged man rained down the flying swords, but he began to retreat. The sky-full of flying lights was impressive-looking, but he was unable to do anything to Long Chen.

“You Dogshit Island master, is the only thing in your gourd shit?! Do you only have this much ability? If you keep retreating, won’t you retreat all the way out of the Eastern Xuan City?” mocked someone impatiently.

By this time, news that Long Chen was here had spread out of the Eastern Xuan City, and its four transportation formations were constantly being activated as countless powers began to send people here.

More and more Life Star experts were arriving, and Soul Transformation experts were no longer even qualified to get close. They could only retreat into the distance.

“Shut up! I’m simply trying to capture Long Chen alive. Li Qingshan, don’t act so pompous!” roared the middle-aged man angrily.

“Even the Divine Wind Gate’s master, Li Qingshan, has come. But why would he start arguing with that fellow as soon as he arrived?” wondered someone.

“It’s nothing to be curious about. The two of them are rivals. Due to a mine, they’ve been going against each other for many years. Considering their enmity, insulting each other is simply natural,” said an elder indifferently. 

This elder was also a Life Star expert. Although he was on the verge of dying from old age, his eyes were still bright.

“This Long Chen really is a generation’s genius. How could he possibly do something like destroying his own sect? It is really incomprehensible.” Someone beside the elder shook his head.

“There are always two layers to a person’s words. Even if a person believes what they’re saying, is it really the truth? Who knows?” The elder smiled slightly, but it was a bit contemptuous.

“The main issue is that Long Chen suddenly appeared here in the Eastern Xuan City, and it seems that he has no intention of fleeing. All the large powers will quickly arrive. Isn’t he just asking to be killed?” Someone else shook their head, unable to comprehend Long Chen.

“According to reason, a small disciple who grew up in the secular world and managed to reach such a height must be both smart and decisive, so this is really foolish. Or perhaps he has some other goal?” wondered someone else.

More and more experts were arriving, and flying boats were rushing over from every direction. Huge carriages appeared along with giant flying Magical Beasts, circling the sky. Experts had surrounded the Eastern Xuan City so that there was no way for Long Chen to escape.

Long Chen continued advancing with the pot in front of him, while the gourd-carrying middle-aged man continued to retreat as he attacked Long Chen.

He had no idea that Long Chen wasn’t wasting any energy at all defending against him. The pot’s innate defenses were more than enough to block his flying swords.

However, just as he was advancing, he received a spiritual transmission: “Do you need help?”

Long Chen smiled when he received it. A certain face that he recognized surfaced in his mind. He had only seen this person once before, and it had been in the Grand Xia Ancient Nation.

This person’s name was Yue Mingshan. Long Chen called him the Seventh Elder. Back when Long Chen had seen him then, the Seventh Elder had only been at the Soul Transformation realm. But now he was at the Life Star realm.

“Seventh Elder, it’s been a long time. Is Xiaoqian still well? Has she come out of seclusion?” Long Chen sent back a spiritual message.

“Xiaoqian has already come out of seclusion, and she has managed to awaken the original devil sacred blood, giving her immense power. If you’re in trouble now, then just say the word. My entire original devil race will come out in full force to fight for you,” said the Seventh Elder as he hid in the crowd, using a secret art to communicate with Long Chen.

“I don’t need that yet. I’m intentionally drawing my enemies here. This time, I want all my enemies here in order to create the book of death,” said Long Chen.

“But… will you be alright?” asked the Seventh Elder. Although he was in the Life Star realm now, seeing all these powerful experts gathered here still gave him a chill.

“I’m fine. Everything’s going as expected. It’s not good for you to be exposed yet, so continue developing in the dark. If there comes a day that I do need your help, I won’t stand on courtesy,” said Long Chen.

“Alright then.” The Seventh Elder stealthily left. In just the short time that they had communicated, several nearby experts had sensed their spiritual fluctuations.

“Qiu Yang, you’re too useless. You can’t even stop a Jade Core disciple. But don’t worry, we’ll come to help you out!”

Suddenly, three figures charged toward Long Chen, all of them Life Star experts. Everyone instantly held their breath.

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