Chapter 1481 Book of Death (Teaser)

Long Chen was extremely surprised to see people supporting him. He wasn’t friends with them, so he found it almost inconceivable.

“Long Chen, I trust you. From the Eastern Wasteland to the Central Plains, you fought countless bloody battles, putting your life on the line to protect your brothers and sisters without even frowning. You’re the pride of us backgroundless people. How could someone who cares so much about relationships destroy their own sect? You’re definitely falsely accused!” protested someone.

In just his few years since arriving in the Central Plains, Long Chen had fought consecutive large battles that had shaken the entire Eastern Xuan Region. In particular, the battles of the eastern sea, the Grand Xia Ancient Nation, and Devil Spirit mountain. Now, his name was known throughout the Eastern Xuan Region.

Long Chen had long since become an idol for disciples who came from ordinary backgrounds. Through his hard work, he had gone from an ordinary mortal to his current height....

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