Chapter 1480 One Man, Alone

The terrifying spear crashed down, and countless experts peeped over their cover in order to personally witness Long Chen be killed.


A huge pot appeared in front of Long Chen. The spear-image crumbled into broken runes, and berserk qi waves surged out.

The ground trembled intensely, and barriers appeared around the buildings. The barriers rippled as they were struck by the qi waves.

However, this attack was too terrifying. The few buildings closest to the epicenter had their barriers broken, and the buildings were blown away. The experts hiding behind them were also sent flying, coughing up blood. The weaker ones were simply killed.

“Long Chen, how dare you kill the innocent?! Don’t blame me for being vicious to remove a scourge from the continent!” The spear-wielding Life Star expert was shocked that Long Chen could block his attack. He immediately followed up with another.

His goal was to crush Long Chen before he could run. That was because no one believed that Long Chen could have destroyed the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect with his power. He had to have used some kind of external power.

In other words, he had to have some shocking treasure. Once he was killed, that treasure would have a new master.

Although Long Chen was terrifying, they knew he was just a Jade Core disciple. A treasure capable of destroying the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect was definitely a one-time-use treasure.

There were stories of peerless treasures that could unleash apocalyptic power regardless of the user’s cultivation base. However, all those treasures required a long time to charge their energy after use. Due to Long Chen’s weak cultivation base, there was no way he was qualified to use a divine item, so the chances of this hypothesis being correct were very high.

So even though Long Chen had destroyed the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, the true experts didn’t feel much fear of him.

Well, most importantly, opportunity lay in danger. Whoever could kill Long Chen would be able to take his treasures, so this powerful Life Star expert had come out first. He was now an experiment for other experts watching.

After one shocking attack, another even more powerful attack came. He pushed his Ancestral item to its full power.

“I look down on garbage like you the most. Even if you want to push it, those people who were killed died to both our attacks. The blame is equally split. But you want to push all the blame onto me? It’s annoying that you still need to make up a pompous excuse when you want to kill me for my treasures,” sneered Long Chen, once more smashing his pot.

“Hmph, quibbling is meaningless. You despicable fiend, if you had simply allowed yourself to be captured, how could those people have died? Just face your death!” shouted the Life Star expert, a whistling sound ringing out as his spear reached Long Chen.

“If garbage like you is still alive in this world, then why would I die? You can die in my place!”

Suddenly, Long Chen’s divine ring appeared. Five colors filled the sky, blowing away the clouds.

BOOM! A heaven-shaking explosion was unleashed as Long Chen’s pot met the Life Star expert’s spear. The Life Star expert was smashed away.

As for his Ancestral item, it actually shattered. Half the Life star expert’s body was also gone with it, including the hand that had held the spear.

An undefeatable will appeared, one that could even suppress the will of the Heavenly Daos.

“This… is this real?”

The experts hiding in the distance were all shocked. That was an Ancestral item! But it had been destroyed by this seemingly ordinary pot?

The Life Star expert’s expression completely changed. His arrogant appearance vanished, and he turned to flee.

“Don’t be in such a rush. I’ll send you off!”

The Life Star expert had just turned when a lightning arrow pierced through his broken body. He died, with even his Yuan Spirit exterminated.

“I, Long Chen, am right here. If anyone wants to kill me, then come! But remember, my temper’s not very good. Anyone who attacks should be prepared to be killed.” Long Chen put away his pot and continued walking along the path.

In truth, Long Chen had long since noticed several extremely powerful auras amongst the crowd. They were Life Star experts.

However, they were comparatively smarter and not in a big rush like the spear-wielding Life Star expert who had just died.

Because of the disturbance caused by this battle, all of the Eastern Xuan City was thrown into chaos. Countless experts rushed over, but they didn’t dare to get too close to Long Chen. They maintained a distance that could allow them to run at any time and not be affected by any shockwaves from a battle.

“Long Chen, you traitorous demon, so what if you’re powerful? Do you think you can fight the entire Righteous path on your own?!” shouted someone from the crowd provokingly, but he refused to show himself.

“I never take the initiative to be enemies with others. It’s always others who want to be enemies with me. As for your suspicions of my capabilities, you can absolutely come over and test it instead of shouting like a wild shrew in the crowd,” sneered Long Chen.

That person’s dislikable voice continued, “Long Chen, you’re too arrogant! A traitor like you actually has the face to live in this world? Your face must be incredibly thick! Your father and mother-”

As he spoke, his voice floated out strangely from different locations.

“Die!” When he mentioned Long Chen’s parents, Long Chen roared furiously. It was like the roar of a god shaking the land.

Following his roar, over a hundred miles away, behind a certain building, a thin and monkey-like man’s head exploded. His corpse fell from the sky.

He was the one shouting just now. He hadn’t expected that Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was boundless like an ocean. By the second time he had opened his mouth, Long Chen had pinpointed his location and directly killed him with Spiritual Strength transmitted through his voice.

The monkey-like man was a Soul Transformation expert and wasn’t particularly powerful. But for Long Chen to have killed him while he was concealing himself so well, everyone else’s expressions changed.

All the people wildly shouting from the crowd turned pale and shut their mouths.

“After doing evil things, you don’t even permit others to criticize you? Long Chen, you’re clearly just feeling guilty.”

Everyone was shocked that someone would still speak, and they hastily looked for the source of the voice, only to see a middle-aged man with a large gourd on his back. He had a long beard and looked to possess some immortal air.

“It’s the master of Gourd Island! He actually came here!”

This person was the master of his own power which was equal to a sect. He was a Life Star expert with great fame. The violet-gold gourd on his back was his power’s core Ancestral item, and it was extremely powerful. His arrival caused an uproar.

“I never care if others want to falsely accuse me of things. Your insults are nothing more than the farts of dogs. I can’t be bothered to care. But if someone insults my family, then they shouldn’t blame me for being vicious. As for whether or not I have a guilty heart, it’s not your concern. You want to kill me for my treasures? Then come. You want to uphold justice? Then come. You want to raise your fame? Then come. Today, I’m walking to the end of this ten thousand mile road. I want to see if there’s anyone capable of blocking my path,” said Long Chen indifferently.

As he spoke, Long Chen continued walking. The people in front of him all retreated, not daring to block him.

“You’re too arrogant! No wonder you’d destroy your own sect without giving an explanation to anyone!” shouted the middle-aged man.

“First, my arrogance is well known by the entire Eastern Xuan Region. Second, why would I give any of you an explanation? You’re already sure I destroyed my own sect, so what’s the point of explaining? Rather than playing such senseless games, let’s talk openly. What happened to my Xuantian Dao Sect is beyond your understanding. Whether you’re greedy for my treasures or simply want to uphold justice, I don’t care. But I’ll just say this: I happen to have a belly full of anger right now with nowhere to release it. If anyone attacks me, they’d better be prepared to be killed,” said Long Chen coldly.

Long Chen had already walked several miles by now. The experts were parting around him wherever he went.

“Long Chen, tell me, did you destroy the Xuantian Dao Sect? Are those rumors real or false?” Suddenly, a woman’s cry rang out above the crowd.

“Idiot, how could he admit to such a thing? He’ll definitely say that he didn’t. Who would believe him?” Before Long Chen could even reply, a man from the crowd sneered.

Long Chen smiled. “You’re right. Since you know they’re rumors, you have the authority over whether you believe it or not. As for when you can’t tell if a rumor is true or false, you should use your brain to think about it. What you hear is not necessarily true, and what you see isn’t necessarily true either. So at that time, it will become apparent just how good a brain is to have. Unfortunately, many people don’t have such a thing.”

The woman was startled. Long Chen hadn’t directly answered her question, but the mocking in his eyes expressed everything.

“I believe you wouldn’t do something like that. Those rumors are definitely false!” she shouted suddenly.

“What nonsense!”

“This woman’s definitely Long Chen’s companion!”

“She was bought by Long Chen!”

Immediately, countless experts turned toward her furiously, cursing her. But her expression was still firm.

Long Chen was also startled, and he halted. “Oh? How are you so sure?”

“Because you are Long Chen, the top genius of our generation! I believe you were wrongly accused!” she said confidently.

“Long Chen, I support you. You definitely wouldn’t do such a thing!”

Just at this time, another person shouted from a distance. Following that, quite a few people shouted along, agreeing with them. There were actually quite a few people supporting Long Chen, completely startling him.

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