Chapter 1479 Disdainfully Looking Down On Others

When Long Chen first walked out of a small alley, no one noticed. But very quickly, startled cries began to ring out.

They couldn’t quite believe their eyes. But then they confirmed that they weren’t just seeing things. The wanted criminal of the entire Eastern Xuan Region was actually in the Eastern Xuan City.

“Long Chen… he actually appeared.”

“What’s he doing? Is he provoking all the powers in the Eastern Xuan City?”

“That’s way too arrogant, right? Is he trying to defy the heavens?”

An uproar exploded, spreading throughout the city. And yet, Long Chen ignored it all. He started walking straight down the main central street.

This was the most bustling road in the city. It went from one end of the city all the way to the other, and it was where people were the most concentrated.

Following Long Chen’s arrival, more and more experts flocked over to confirm that the reports were true.

When they saw that black-robed man arrogantly walking down the road, they were incomparably shocked.

In the entire Eastern Xuan Region, the most famous person was Long Chen. Even the light of Empyreans was drowned out by him.

Seeing him, these experts all felt their hearts pounding with fear. That was because the rumors were that Long Chen had destroyed the Xuantian Dao Sect and the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect.

Although no one had witnessed the Xuantian Dao Sect’s destruction, someone had been recording the destruction of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, and his divine ring had been visible.

Now that he appeared in the Eastern Xuan City and they saw he was only at the peak of the Jade Core realm, they didn’t know whether or not they could believe that.

A Jade Core disciple could destroy two grand sects? Whoever had come up with that was trying to test the limits of human’s imagination.

The huge road was packed with experts. But wherever Long Chen went, they parted like he was a demon.

“Long Chen, you traitor. Do you still have the face to come out after destroying your sect and killing your masters? If you have the slightest conscience, you’d kill yourself right here to wipe away your sins!” shouted a Soul Transformation expert from the crowd.

Seeing that this wanted criminal was only at the Jade Core realm, several people began to add in their insults.

This was only encouraged when Long Chen acted like he didn’t even hear that person. He simply continued to walk forward.

“This person is the devil of the Eastern Xuan Region! He’s wanted by everyone. Don’t be afraid. If you kill him, all the various large powers will reward you with an Ancestral item! Attack together!” A Soul Transformation expert suddenly raised his saber and left the crowd to attack.

He was a rogue cultivator with decent power, but his head wasn’t very good. He thought that a single shout would make the crowd follow his lead.

He hadn’t expected that not a single person would respond to him. Instead, everyone else retreated.

He quickly reached Long Chen before putting on his emergency brakes. Only now did he realize he was alone with Long Chen. His soul almost fled out of terror.

He was right in front of Long Chen. In that instant, he felt like he was facing a merciless devil, and he was struck dumb. His saber was simply raised in the air, but he didn’t dare to slash it down.

Only once he approached Long Chen did he realize that this seemingly ordinary youth was giving off an extremely strong air of death.

It was like Long Chen wouldn’t even need to move to kill him, like a single thought could end his life. He had never encountered such a terrifying person.

He stood there in terror, paralyzed with fear. He quivered, wanting to leave but also not daring to move. And Long Chen walked past him just like that.

His saber was just a few inches from Long Chen’s face, but Long Chen didn’t even seem to see it. He continued walking forward just like he had been the whole time.

“What a coward.” Mocking voices could be heard from amongst the crowd.

Now facing Long Chen’s back, this person was provoked by their insults, and his saber suddenly stabbed toward Long Chen’s back.

Just as his saber was about to pierce Long Chen’s back, a hand caught the tip. Long Chen pushed back ever so slightly.

That Soul Transformation expert instantly blew to bits. As for his saber, it transformed into countless metal fragments that spun through the air.

A Soul Transformation expert was killed without Long Chen turning around. Not even the rhythm of his steps had changed. He looked like he had just swatted a fly.

“How vicious! Long Chen, aren’t you worried about your retribution for such viciousness?!” shouted a distant someone in the crowd.

Not only was this person hiding in the crowd, but he also made sure to stay a great distance away, so no one could tell who was shouting.

“Exactly! Long Chen, you’re no longer a disciple of the Righteous path! You are purely a fiend who slaughtered your own sect. We will kill you!”

“Everyone, attack together! Stop this fiend! The news that Long Chen is here will quickly spread, and powerful experts will be coming to put him in his place!” Another person wanted to make everyone else attack. But this person hid in the dark without daring to move, unlike the first person.

Long Chen’s lips curled into a cold smile. These people were nothing more than a mob. They only knew how to shout obscenities and put on false bravado.

“Long Chen, you really are brazen to act like this in the Eastern Xuan City! Do you think there’s no one in the Eastern Xuan Region who can handle you?”

Just at this moment, a Life Star expert appeared. He was tall, with an even taller spear in his hand and a manifestation circulating behind him. He was a rank seven Celestial.

“Senior, quickly kill Long Chen to clean up the Righteous path!”

“Don’t kill him, capture him alive! Then make sure to make him feel the pain of all his victims!”

“Pull out his soul and burn it for a thousand years! Someone who would destroy their own sect should never be allowed to enter the cycle of reincarnation again!”

This rank seven Celestial was giving off great pressure. As for the spear in his hand, it emanated the powerful aura of an Ancestral item. Ancestral items could only unleash their full power in the hands of Life Star experts.

His arrival caused the crowd to start screaming for Long Chen’s death. Their righteous indignation was like Long Chen had destroyed their sects too.

In truth, they had no enmity with Long Chen. But they were jealous of him, and so they resented him. None of them was a world-shaking genius like he was. They were simply ordinary.

Unable to become a world-shaking genius, unable to become the brightest star in the sky, they decided that being able to get another genius killed through their righteous indignation was also quite good. Personally witnessing a genius be killed gave them a sense of accomplishment.

In the secular world, that was called hating the rich. Whenever such people saw someone else with more money or living better off than them, they would cry out injustice and be filled with envy and resentment.

They didn’t know and didn’t care about how some of these rich people had been poor people who had worked for their money. They didn’t care about how much pain and suffering these people had gone through. All they saw was their wealth.

Instead of working to change their own lives, they just felt meaningless hatred and envy for those stronger than them. The secular world had such people, and the cultivation world had them as well. The higher your position, the more people that would be jealous of you. You would end up with personal enemies everywhere.

Just because you stood in a slightly higher position, they were irritated and wanted to tear you down.

This world was full of garbage people who never thought about working hard to increase their own height. Instead, they always felt that anyone who was in front of them should die. They never thought about how even if there was no one in front of them, if they didn’t work hard, they would still be stuck standing in their original location.

However, rather than advancing, they prefered that others couldn’t advance. They didn’t work hard, and they also didn’t like seeing other people working hard. Even worse would be seeing other people reap the rewards of their hard work.

These people shouting crazily had no enmity with Long Chen, but they were acting like he had personally killed their parents. Just because Long Chen’s position was higher than theirs, just because his light was too dazzling, they were excited to urge on his death.

“People with shadowed hearts always hide in the dark. In the darkness, they curse the world for not giving them what they want, as if the world owed them anything. It’s not that the sunlight doesn’t shine on them, but that they ignore the sunshine so that their hearts are preoccupied with darkness. Perhaps for them, hurting others is the only way for them to feel a sense of meaning in their lives.” Long Chen’s lips curled as he looked at the experts crazily shouting. His expression was one of apathy and disdain.

“Long Chen, if you have any conscience at all, you’ll immediately kneel and let yourself be captured. Don’t force me to kill you!” said the Life Star expert. His spear was raised in the air, and a huge spear-image had appeared in the sky. A terrifying aura had locked onto Long Chen.

This Life Star expert was very powerful and was on the level of a sect master. Furthermore, he was using a terrifying Ancestral item. With his full aura released, the crowd hastily fled further away.

They all hid behind buildings that were protected by powerful formations. Furthermore, these formations were all linked together into a grand formation that covered the entire Eastern Xuan City. Even an Ancestral item’s attack could be blocked by the grand formation.

“There is yet to be someone qualified to make me lower my head, not even the heavens. As for you? Who do you think you are?” Long Chen sneered and continued walking forward. He had no intention of stopping.

The reason he had revealed his true appearance was to announce his declaration of war to the Eastern Xuan Region. If anyone wanted to kill him, they could come!

“Bastard, since you want to act so arrogant, you can just die!” The Life Star expert shouted, and his spear smashed down.

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