Chapter 1478 Bad News and Good News

“The chaotic flow of space?”

Long Chen’s heart immediately sank. The chaotic flow of space was the space between two worlds, and it was filled with countless spatial blades. Even Life Star experts would be instantly torn to bits.

Even if the Xuantian Tower was present to protect them, once they were lost in the chaotic flow, they might never return.

This was the worst possibility, but Long Chen had to accept reality. Facing the attacks of five divine items that came out of nowhere, there was little that the Xuantian Tower could do.

That kind of power could destroy the world. There was no way it could escape, especially considering that this was something their enemies had been plotting for a long time.

If the Xuantian Tower had really been forced into the chaotic flow of space, then even if it could resist the spatial blades, it would run out of energy eventually.

Killing intent raged within Long Chen. No matter how carefully he acted, he had still ended up implicating the Xuantian Dao Sect.

In the Spirit World, to protect the Forest of Life, he had become mortal enemies with the ancient races, Corrupt path, and ancient family alliance. With his opponents having to pull out after a miserable loss, they had decided to destroy his home.

Without the Xuantian Dao Sect, he was alone, facing a world full of enemies. Like this, they could find a million excuses to kill him. No one would speak up for him.

Long Chen felt himself to be a star of disaster. Wherever he went, disaster would follow. Thinking of Li Tianxuan, Wilde, and the others lost in the chaotic flow of space, his killing intent raged.

“Brother Wenlong, is there any way to find them? I don’t mind paying the price,” asked Long Chen.

Zheng Wenlong shook his head, sighing, “This isn’t something you even needed to ask. You already know the answer.”

The chaotic flow of space was too powerful. Anything that was lost in there would have difficulty ever getting out. Sometimes, you might even accidentally enter a foreign world, never to return.

If the Xuantian Tower had entered on its own, then perhaps there would be some chance of it returning. But at that time, it had been forced in under the sneak attack of five divine items. Even if it was claimed to be number one in defense, it must have been heavily injured by that sneak attack.

In that kind of situation, the best it could do was bitterly endure within the chaotic flow of space. It was powerless to break through into the world, so things did not bode well for the Xuantian Tower.

Long Chen unconsciously clenched his fists so hard that they creaked. He felt powerless. He had no way to find the Xuantian Tower, let alone save them.

He felt like he was going insane. It was his first time feeling like brains were absolutely useless. Brains, intelligence? They didn’t have the slightest use here.

“Long Chen, don’t worry too much. At the very least, according to what I know, the Xuantian Dao Sect’s heaven and earth divine pool has yet to dry up. That means the Xuantian Dao Sect still exists,” comforted Zheng Wenlong.

“How do you know that?” Long Chen was surprised.

“This is actually a very simple law. People have tested it. After condensing a divine pool, when people carve the name of the Xuantian Dao Sect within it, they will find that it’s still possible to carve it down. The name will then slowly fade away, signifying that the Xuantian Dao Sect still exists. If the Xuantian Dao Sect was completely dead, it would be impossible to carve the name. The divine pool simply wouldn’t be acknowledged by heaven and earth. Many sects have used this method to determine the Xuantian Dao Sect still exists,” said Zheng Wenlong.

“It still exists? Good, this is the best possible news for me. I actually didn’t think of such a method.” Long Chen instantly relaxed a great deal.

It had been a week since the Xuantian Dao Sect’s destruction. If the Xuantian Tower was still enduring at this time, it meant there was a good chance it could survive until Long Chen could find some way to save them. This was truly just the news he needed to raise his spirits.

“Brother Long, what are your plans now? If you need any help, just ask. I’m prepared to put a large investment in you,” promised Zheng Wenlong solemnly.

“Hahaha, just the fact that you can see me without worrying about offending all those powers is enough to make me endlessly grateful. I rarely admire anyone, but I admire the way you conduct your business. Hopefully, our business can last a lifetime.” Long Chen smiled. He had obtained a pleasant surprise here. He had been right to come.

“In the eyes of the outside world, businessmen only invest money. But an investment in friendship is actually the most important investment. I’ve already gotten huge returns from my investment in you, which further proves that such an investment is the greatest. The profits only continue to soar thousands and millions of times.” Zheng Wenlong smiled.

Zheng Wenlong was truly a generation’s marvel. He had the courage to invest in someone like Long Chen. He was even willing to leave the Huayun Sect for the investment he had made. That wasn’t something just anyone was capable of.

However, Zheng Wenlong didn’t mention that. This kind of investment didn’t require him to emphasize what he had done. That would simply make it appear fake.

“I’ll remember this. I came here mostly for news, and now I’ve obtained that. If you could help me out to keep track of any movements in the Eastern Xuan Region, that would be helpful. I can see my goal clearly now. Since they want my life, I won’t let them have it so easily.

“For now, I’ll let the ancient races and ancient family alliance act arrogant. The power structure within them is too complicated. They are both large alliances, and I don’t know which particular members within them are the ones who targeted the Xuantian Dao Sect. So, I’m going to start with the Corrupt path. I’ll slowly investigate who directly participated in the attack, and once I’m sure, I’ll start my revenge,” said Long Chen.

The ancient races and the ancient families were both composed of tens of thousands of individual powers. Their internal structure was extremely complicated, and not every power within them was bad. Long Chen wasn’t a slaughterer, and he couldn’t treat them all as one for his vengeance.

Leaving that matter for Zheng Wenlong to determine would be the best, but Long Chen couldn’t wait. He was going to use the bloodiest method to shake the Eastern Xuan region. Anyone who participated in the attack against the Xuantian Dao Sect would have to pay the price in blood.

While Zheng Wenlong investigated this matter, Long Chen couldn’t simply lay there idly. He was preparing to raise his blade toward the Corrupt path. He didn’t need to have any misgivings even if he destroyed the entire Corrupt path.

“Brother Long, I…” Zheng Wenlong hesitated.

Long Chen laughed and patted him on the shoulder. “I know. I won’t make things hard on you.”

He knew what Zheng Wenlong’s issue was. Zheng Wenlong couldn’t provide him with confidential information about the powers the Huayun Sect conducted business with. Therefore, he couldn’t provide Long Chen with confidential information about the Corrupt path, as they had business with them. Telling Long Chen such secrets would be against the rules.

However, Long Chen didn’t need this information from Zheng Wenlong. The Xuantian Dao Sect had some secret information of their own regarding the Corrupt path. At the very least, they knew where some strongholds were located. From the start, Long Chen hadn’t expected to force Zheng Wenlong to tell him these things.

He understood Zheng Wenlong. Although he cared a great deal about their friendship, he was someone with principles. He followed the Wealth God, and he couldn’t do anything that betrayed his faith.

What Long Chen wanted to know wasn’t business secrets. Such things couldn’t be told to him by Zheng Wenlong, or it would offend many people. Furthermore, this matter also involved Pill Valley, and it might provoke the endless battle between the two of them. Zheng Wenlong didn’t want to implicate the entire Huayun Sect just for his friendship.

If Zheng Wenlong left the Huayun Sect before telling Long Chen these secrets, that would be a different story. Even if others learned about it, it would be the conduct of one person, not the Huayun Sect.

However, after Hua Mingxiong’s advice, Zheng Wenlong had retained his status as a disciple of the Huayun Sect. He helped to answer some of Long Chen’s questions and provided some resources for him, but Zheng Wenlong couldn’t betray his sect. 

“Do you need any other help?” asked Zheng Wenlong a bit apologetically. It seemed just information-wise, he wasn’t able to help Long Chen that much.

“For now, I don’t need anything. But don’t worry, when I do, I won’t stand on courtesy. Ah, speaking of which, I have some large business that I wonder if you dare to receive?”

“What business?”

“Just some pills that came from Pill Valley. Well, more accurately, it’s the entire private stock of Pill Valley. Do you dare to take this business?” asked Long Chen.

“You… Damn, so… it was you.” Zheng Wenlong stared at Long Chen with shock. He instantly connected him to Long San.

“Some of these medicinal pills have Pill Valley’s marking on them. I trust you have a way to remove them. However, this matter is very big, so I have to ask if you have the courage to swallow this big piece of meat.”

Zheng Wenlong smiled bitterly. “This isn’t meat, this is a giant dragon. I need to ask the higher-ups. This… this is too big.”

This was truly too big. If Pill Valley learned of this matter, they would definitely think that Long San was someone the Huayun Sect had sent to Pill Valley. Then Pill Valley wouldn’t hesitate to launch a decisive war against them. That wasn’t something Zheng Wenlong wanted to see.

Zheng Wenlong left for a bit before quickly running back in excitedly. “I’ve asked. You can leave the medicinal pills behind, and the Huayun Sect will help you get rid of them. However, due to the high danger, we will be taking an extra thirty percent cut of the profits. Is that alright?”

That was naturally fine. There were many medicinal pills that Long Chen couldn’t even use. If he kept them, they would just rot in his hands. For the Huayun Sect to only take an extra thirty percent cut made him feel that they truly had a conscience.

Long Chen handed Zheng Wenlong all the medicinal pills. Zheng Wenlong offered to show Long Chen the historical sales of these pills to make him understand how much money he might earn, but Long Chen declined. He didn’t have the time.

Leaving the Huayun Sect, Long Chen found a concealed place to remove his disguise. With his real appearance, he appeared in the middle of the Eastern Xuan City.

“Aren’t you all looking for Long Chen? Well, I’ve come!”

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