Chapter 1476 Trial of Friendship

Long Chen’s slap sent the Soul Transformation expert about to touch his face flying. He spun through the air, his bloodied teeth flying.

Everyone jumped in fright. The people in the line all retreated, afraid of being drawn in.

“Brat, you’re asking for it!” Long Chen’s unexpected attack enraged the experts carrying out the investigation. One of the Life Star experts immediately stepped forward, slamming a palm towards him.

The terrifying pressure of a Life Star expert crashed down. This pressure made it difficult for Soul Transformation experts to breathe, while others were unable to move, their faces pale as paper.

But shockingly, his wrist was suddenly caught. Long Chen had ignored the Life Star expert’s pressure to capture his hand.

The Life Star expert was shocked. He felt like his hand was caught in an iron pincer. He felt great pain, but when he tried to pull back, he found himself unable to move.


Long Chen kicked the Life Star expert in the armpit as he pulled on his hand, forcibly tearing off his arm.

“AH-!” The Life Star expert only had time for a short cry at having his arm torn off when Long Chen’s hand caught his throat. He was pale with terror and unable to speak. He didn’t even dare to move.

From Long Chen’s hand, he sensed a mountain-toppling energy. It was extremely condensed, and if it was released, he would be blown to bits.

Perhaps others couldn’t sense it, but the Life Star expert could sense that his life and death would be decided by a single whim from Long Chen.

“First comes the left hand.”


“After the left hand’s done, then comes the right.”


Long Chen slapped the Life Star expert twice in the face. His head swelled, but instead of growing smarter, he felt like stars were spinning around his head. He was already completely stunned, and he was powerless to escape even when Long Chen switched hands.

Seeing this site, all the people lined up were dumbfounded.

“Bastard, who do you think you are?! Release him!”

At this time, another Life Star expert roared and unleashed his aura. A violet-gold broadsword pointed at Long Chen, and powerful runes circulated around it. It was an Ancestral item.

This Life Star expert was the leader of this group. There were only two Life Star experts for the corrupt investigation here. He hadn’t expected this youngster to immediately subdue his companion.

Long Chen suddenly tossed out the dizzy Life Star expert in his hands. He coldly said, “Don’t point your stick at me. Otherwise, you won’t have a life anymore.”

Long Chen’s actions only made this Life Star expert even more stunned. Originally he had thought that Long Chen wouldn’t release him easily. But he simply let him go like this. It was like he didn’t even care about him.

As for the Life Star expert whose head was swelled up and now looked like a pig’s he finally regained his wits and roared, “Who are you?!”

Long Chen sneered and took out a golden tablet. He tossed it to him.

The Life Star expert caught it, but his hand shook and almost broke just from catching it. Long Chen had tossed it casually, so he had also casually received it. But this resulted in Long Chen’s power shocking him.

The tablet was heavy, but when he saw the image and the words carved into it, his expression completely changed.

“The Flame Divine Pa-”

“Shut up. Since you know it, don’t you think you should hand it back to me?” shouted Long Chen, interrupting him.

The Life Star expert’s expression changed several times. In the end, he handed the tablet back to Long Chen.

After taking it, Long Chen hung it on his waist and coldly said, “We’ve received orders to come here to hunt down Long Chen. The real experts have already been mobilized and created an inescapable net. You people should reserve yourself. Don’t make things hard on us. After all, now that we’re participating, I don’t want to see anything that could damage our image. Otherwise… hmph, you’ll receive the strictest punishment, understood?”

“Understood, please do as you wish!”

The other Life Star expert hastily apologized, gesturing for Long Chen to continue onwards.

Long Chen nodded and left. The others all stared at his back, all shocked. Just who was this person.

“Brother Zhao, who was that?” asked the Life Star expert who had been beaten badly.

“He’s a golden-plate warrior from the Flame Divine Palace. You… you really were unlucky. We can’t provoke Pill Valley.” The other Life Star expert helplessly sighed.

“Pill Valley actually mobilized the golden warriors of the Flame Divine Palace? Isn’t it said that the golden warriors are all on the level of rank nine Celestials?!”

“That’s why you had no ability to resist. Your defeat is simply natural, so don’t worry about it.”

He thought that the reason the beaten Life Star expert had been captured by Long Chen so easily was because of the suppression of Heavenly Dao pressure.

But in reality, the beaten Life Star expert hadn’t felt any such thing. In his state of confusion, he didn’t even remember sensing any Heavenly Dao energy. All he remembered was that this person had been absolutely terrifying and capable of taking his little life at a whim.

“Isn’t Pill Valley supporting us? Why would they send out their golden warriors?”

“Who knows? We’re unlucky to run into him. Whatever, we’ll just have to reserve ourselves. There’s only half a day until we hand over our duties. Yesterday, the Qilin Sect got so many fat sheep, but we only got a few thin sheep before encountering this person. How unlucky.”

“But… we had to pull in so many favors to get our authority today!” The pig-headed Life Star expert was a bit unwilling to do this. Most likely, those favors included large bribes. They still hadn’t made back that initial investment.

“There’s no way around it. Who would have thought that the Pill Valley that initially only verbally supported us would send out their golden warriors/ This means Pill Valley is very likely trying to use this opportunity to kill Long Chen and shake the Martial Heaven Continent with a show of their power. After all, it was because of Long Chen that Pill Valley was disgraced, and then that Long San caused complete chaos within Pill Valley. It should be about time for them to show the continent that they’re not weaklings. We’ll just have to count ourselves unlucky. If Pill Valley’s mobilizing their power, they’ll definitely take the main stage. Little people like us will have to endure.”

The other Life Star expert sighed again. Ordering his subordinates to continue investigating, he made special attention to tell them not to touch the ‘fat sheep’.

Long Chen passed through the checkpoint forcibly with the golden tablet. But he didn’t feel the slightest joy.

This golden tablet was something from Pill Valley’s Heaven Dragon Flame Region. It had come from the dead Qu Dajiang. 

Back then, Long Chen had thought it was some kind of treasure, and so he had taken it while running from the Alldevil monster. But in the end, it had just been a status tablet, and so he had randomly tossed it into the primal chaos space without thinking about it.

He didn’t even know what the golden warriors were. All he knew was that this matter had Pill Valley’s shadow behind him, and so this was a test. And this test showed Pill Valley had truly participated in it.

In other words, Pill Valley had already recovered from the blow that Master Long San had given them.

Did that mean the radical faction had recovered from the verge of death?

But that didn’t seem too lightly. The radical faction had lost all its power. It should be next to impossible for them to regain power.

He couldn’t figure it out. This was one point that he was uneasy about. Just how deeply was Pill Valley involved in this?

If they were just participating in name, if they were only saying that he was a devil without actually doing anything, then it would be fine.

But suppose that Pill Valley wanted to pull one over the ancient races, Corrupt path, and ancient family alliance by killing him before they could? This would show off their power for everyone and protect their status as the overlord of the continent. 

When he had first heard that Pill Valley was involved, he hadn’t thought too much about it.  But after seeing this golden tablet intimidate those people, he looked at things at a deeper level, and saw a bigger problem.

Pill Valley had always been the overlord of this world. They definitely wouldn’t allow anyone else to stand above them. In fact, they wouldn’t allow someone else to stand on the same level as them.

But now Long Chen’s matter had shaken the Eastern Xuan Region. If Pill Valley didn’t take a leading position in this manner, it would make their prestige fall.

So whether they were being active or passive, they would have to show up sooner or later. And once they did, they would definitely be coming in the most domineering and tyrannical manner possible!

“Fine, I admit I didn’t think this through thoroughly before. Hmph, this is quite a bit of pressure.”

Long Chen took a deep breath. Now he had done it. The ancient races, the Corrupt path, the ancient family alliance, the Martial Heaven Alliance, Pill Valley, they were all targeting him with their full power.

“Surrounded by enemies? Interesting. Whoever wants to go against me can come. Time to see if the Huayun Sect wants to join them or join me.”

Long Chen calmed himself down. Since he was surrounded by enemies already, there was no need to think that much about it. Just thinking about it wasn’t going to get him out of this. It would just rattle his heart.

It was still the same thing: in front of absolute power, all schemes were useless. This was the case right now. There was no way his intelligence could get him out of this. He could only put his life on the line.

But before doing that, he wanted to know who was his enemy and who was his friend to prepare himself.

“Hello, may I ask who…?”

Long Chen entered the largest auction house belonging to the Huayun Sect in the Eastern Xuan City. As soon as he entered, a pretty attendant came to greet him.

“Tell Zheng Wenlong that an old friend from the Eastern Wasteland urgently wishes to see him.” Long Chen put emphasis on urgently.

Long Chen was brought to a private room. Inside it, he simply sat with his eyes closed, not moving. It was like he was meditating.

In another place in the building, Zheng Wenlong was looking at a wall, his eyes unfocused. Behind him was the attendant who Long Chen had given his message to.

“Do I see him? Do I not?” Zheng Wenlong clenched his fists, caught in a struggle.

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