Chapter 1475 Treacherous Scheme

The Eastern Xuan City was flourishing just as it had before. Waves of pedestrians flowed through the streets. Just the transportation formations had thousands of people lining up.

Long Chen had just reached the Eastern Xuan City when he saw hundreds of experts in front of the transportation formation he was on, investigating everyone who was entering the city.

There was a huge sign at the front, and the image of a person had been drawn on top of it.

“What uniform lines, what bright colors! Even this person’s expression, bearing, and emotion is captured so vividly! I daresay that this painter was an absolute master.” Seeing the painting, Long Chen couldn’t help saying some words of praise.

The person depicted on the sign was himself. The color, the details, they were all captured perfectly. Even Long Chen felt praise for the artist. It truly looked just like him.

“Hey, do you not want your life anymore? That person’s a devil who kills without batting an eye. If you want to die, then don’t bring me down with you.” The man in front of Long Chen in the line turned back to glare at him.

“I was just commenting on the art. Based on your words, this handsome, heroic person has quite the story?” Long Chen couldn’t help feeling that this was funny.

That person’s expression changed, and he glared at Long Chen before actually going out of the line and getting back to the end, looking like he was avoiding a plague, as if just being near Long Chen would infect him.

“What, seriously?” Long Chen startled. How had his words provoked such terror?

“Little brother, you should be quieter. Don’t find trouble for yourself. Let me tell you, those people up ahead are all bastards. Even if there’s nothing wrong, they’ll find something wrong. If you say anything regarding that person, they’ll immediately investigate you,” whispered the man behind him.

“It’s not like I know the person in the picture. Why would I be afraid?” asked Long Chen.

The person looked up ahead, and seeing they were still several miles from the front of the line, he seemed to feel that this distance was safe enough for him to say, “Little brother, I can tell you have no experience with the world. What matters isn’t whether or not you know that person. What matters is how much you have in your pocket, understood?”

“I really don’t understand.”

“Ah, youngsters, you just haven’t suffered enough. Do you know who that person in the drawing is?”

“Please tell me. This person’s so handsome and carefree, a clearly remarkable hero, someone who can hold up the heavens and the earth-”

“Stop, stop! If you start talking like this, I’ll also join the line at the back,” said that person helplessly. He was also afraid of being implicated.

At this time, there were already several people near them in the line that had run to the back again, clearly wanting to distance themselves from Long Chen.

On his way here, Long Chen had thought through many things, and he felt like Li Tianxuan and Wilde should still be safe. Furthermore, having taken a bite out of the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff, he felt much better. He was more relaxed, which allowed him to joke around with this person.

“Alright, fine, I won’t say anything. Big brother, tell me, what’s the story behind this?” Long Chen directly gave this person a small jade bottle.

The person was startled. He took the bottle, and sweeping it with his divine sense, he found a top grade ninth tier medicinal pill.

He was ecstatic, but he was smart, and that delight only flashed for a moment on his face before being suppressed.

Now he felt that this inexperienced rookie was someone who had to come from an extremely shocking background.

Most likely, he was someone with high status from a supreme power who had come out for experience. That was why he didn’t understand the way the world worked. However, the way he spent his many was shocking. This one medicinal pill was worth over half his total wealth.

“Don’t get any ideas. Although I don’t know much, someone like you is unable to swindle me,” said Long Chen, a touch of disdain appearing on his face.

From that person’s gaze, he had seen greed and craftiness. This person had actually started to view him as a fat sheep. Did his fake appearance really look like a spoiled young master?

Long Chen made his gaze sharp. This person now felt like two sharp blades were piercing his heart and seeing through his thoughts.

“No, no, it was a misunderstanding! I wouldn’t dare to have such thoughts!” The person hastily shook his head. Sweat dripped down his forehead.

He felt like a death god was staring at him. As long as Long Chen wished it, he could kill him.

“Speak. What exactly is going on? I only just came out for experience, so I don’t know what’s happening in this secular world. If you explain it properly, there might be a reward,” said Long Chen, boasting shamelessly.

Since this person thought he was a young master, he could just act like a young master, someone who knew nothing about the world but was actually an extremely powerful existence. At least then an idiot wouldn’t try to scam him.

“Yes, of course! It seems you’re not someone from the Eastern Xuan Region, or you’d definitely know who this terrifying existence is.” That person hastily began to act sincerely.

“Don’t try to guess my background. If you refuse to say, I’ll just find someone else,” said Long Chen impatiently. This person really viewed him as an idiot. He actually wanted to bait out information from him.

“Yes, yes, I’ll speak!” Seeing his impatience, this person hastily put away those thoughts and pointed to the painting. “That person is a terrifying Yama King who has killed countless people. I suppose you know of the three great heavenly sects? Two of them were recently destroyed by him.”


This time it was Long Chen’s turn to be shocked.

“Yes. This person’s name is Long Chen. He is a genius amongst geniuses, the most terrifying genius of the Eastern Xuan Region. However, after going to the Spirit World, an evil weapon took control of his mind, turning him into a devil. He kills anyone he sees, whether they are friend or foe. As soon as he returned to the Xuantian Dao Sect, he destroyed his sect, killing his masters and fellow disciples. Even the sect itself was turned into barren land.

“At first, most people didn’t believe it. But yesterday, Pill Valley, the ancient races, Corrupt path, the ancient family alliance, the Bloodkill Hall, and countless other large powers came forward to confirm that Long Chen is under the control of an evil weapon. He’s no longer the old Long Chen. He’s a fiend who kills without batting an eye, and all of them have sent out a death warrant for him. Even the Martial Heaven Alliance participated in the death warrant, and they’ve summoned all the large sects to hunt him down for the Eastern Xuan Region’s safety. And so, since everyone is hunting him down, the large transportation formations all have people screening them to make sure Long Chen doesn’t come,” said that person.

Without even realizing it, Long Chen was clenching his fists tightly. Although he did his best to control himself, he couldn’t hold back his fury.

This was clearly a despicable and shameless attempt at framing him. It was a scheme the ancient races, Corrupt path, and ancient family alliance had colluded to create. They were using Dragonbone Evilmoon to frame him for these criminal charges.

Now the destruction of the Xuantian Dao Sect had become something despicable that he had done. For them to say that he would do something like destroy his own sect and kill his elders, how could Long Chen not be enraged?

It wasn’t just the ancient races, Corrupt path, and ancient family alliance. There was also Pill Valley which had been silent for so long. They had also participated in this, coming forward with their special status to confirm he was a fiend.

This was a huge scheme, and one without any solution. Right now, the Xuantian Dao Sect was gone, and the Martial Heaven Alliance was also against him. That was what infuriated him the most.

Furthermore, considering that the Eastern Xuan Region’s vice alliance master of the Martial Heaven Alliance had been at the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, Long Chen smelled a scheme. Now, he finally realized that the Martial Heaven Alliance had completely changed. It was no longer the fair and just Martial Heaven Alliance it had been in the past.

It had taken him two days to arrive here. He could have come earlier, but he had waited to fully recover. Now his just-suppressed rage soared once more.

The entire world was now full of his enemies. Now that he learned this, his original confidence grew shaky.

He was friends with Zheng Wenlong, and they had collaborated for a long time. They had a deep friendship, but could this friendship endure such a trial? That was difficult to say. Businessmen cared about profit. When the profits didn’t match up to the danger, would he still collaborate with him?

Zheng Wenlong was different from the Dragonblood Legion that had fought their way out of death together. Businessmen had to look at things from the viewpoint of a businessman. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be worthy of being called businessmen.

Long Chen now didn’t know if he had made the right decision to come to the Eastern Xuan Region. If he made the wrong choice, he wouldn’t just lose a friend, he might have consigned himself to eternal damnation.

Just as he was lost in thought, that person continued, “In truth, this is all nonsense. Searching for Long Chen is just an excuse. This excuse has become a way to take other people’s wealth.”

“Oh? Why is that-”

Just as Long Chen was asking this question, an uproar came from the front.

“Release me! I don’t even know Long Chen! You’re framing me! This isn’t fair!”

The person shouting was a young man wearing luxurious robes. He looked to be a Jade Core expert with a certain status. But now his voice was full of terror.

“What a joke, everyone in the Eastern Xuan Region knows who Long Chen is! Your lying only makes it worse. Bring him away for a detailed interrogation. But you don’t need to worry, we won’t wrongly treat a good person. However, he also won’t let off a bad person. You’d best cooperate!” shouted a Life Star expert. It seemed he was the leader in charge of overseeing this region.

“Do you see? This is all just a play. Long Chen wouldn’tbe so stupid as to actually come out after having done such a thing. He’s definitely in hiding. They’re goal in doing this isn’t to capture Long Chen, but to simply target some people with decent wealth but not much of a background. If this fellow’s lucky, he’ll only lose all of his money. But if he’s unlucky, he’ll lose his life,” said that person indifferently. It seemed he was used to seeing such a sight.

So that’s what it was. Now Long Chen understood that this was truly a way to rake in money. Without saying anything else, Long Chen tossed this person a bottle. Inside were three ninth tier pills, causing that person to repeatedly thank him.

The information he had provided had been very useful. At the very least, Long Chen now knew how dangerous his current situation was.

After taking this gift, that person ran to the back of the line, afraid of being implicated by Long Chen.

Long Chen advanced with the line. He quickly reached the end, where a Soul Transformation expert reached out to touch his face to see if he had changed his appearance.


Long Chen slapped that person across the face. “Fuck your mother, do you think you can touch my face?”

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