Chapter 1474 Shaking the Eastern Xuan Region

This divine liquid from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect was formed of countless tiny runes. They surged like lava.

Those tiny runes were constantly being absorbed by the Divine Gate Star. At the same time, the FengFu, Alioth, Life Fate, and Enlightenment Palace Stars began to undergo huge changes. Mist enveloped the stars, making it impossible to see the changes happening within.

This heaven and earth divine spring that they had called the Heaven Suppressing Source was an existence that symbolized their karmic luck.

Each sect had a similar spring. As it represented their karmic luck, observing it allowed others to determine whether a sect would flourish or decline. The more there was, the more the sect would flourish.

But when it grew sparse, it signified the sect was starting to decline. At that time, the sect would have to raise its alarm.

The divine spring was a way to measure a sect’s rise and fall. This kind of thing sounded mysterious, but it truly existed.

When a sect was established, it would have to establish this divine spring. The first generation founder would send in a trace of their own soul into a formation. That was the primer which condensed heaven and earth’s qi flow.

Following that, the divine spring would be formed. That meant that the sect had received the recognition of heaven and earth, and could flourish on the Martial Heaven Continent.

But there were many experts who had wanted to establish their own sects but hadn’t received the same recognition. Unable to create a divine spring, there was no way for them to establish their sects.

Of course, without the divine spring, they could force it and still create the sect. But all those sects had miserable endings, and they vanished like smoke, their people penniless and dead.

Without condensing the divine spring, there was no way to create a connection with the qi flow of the world. It was like establishing a sect without a foundation. It could be destroyed at any moment. There was no way it would last past three generations.

They were not recognized by heaven and earth. So all sects whose inheritances had lasted had their own divine springs. However, the difference in power between sects was different, so their divine springs were all different.

But in any case, there was an iron law in this world. If a sect’s divine spring was fully sucked dry, that sect would quickly vanish like smoke in the wind. This world would no longer have that sect’s name again.

Even if hundreds of thousands of years passed, it was impossible to create a sect with that name again. The laws of heaven and earth would not permit it. It would be impossible to create a divine spring for that sect.

In other words, having lost their divine spring, the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect had lost their foundation. They would quickly vanish from this world forever.

Destroying the divine spring was destroying the foundation of a sect. On the Martial Heaven Continent, unless the enmity between two sides had reached a peak, no one would dare to do such a thing, as it was just too vicious.

Furthermore, no one would really want to do such a thing. One reason was because a sect’s divine spring would definitely be guarded with their greatest power, while another reason was that it didn’t bring them any benefits. Even now, no one had found any uses for it other than a symbol for a sect’s rise or fall.

No matter what you tried to hold the divine spring in, it would slowly fade away once removed from the source. It would merge back with heaven and earth. In other words, it didn’t have the slightest use.

But when Long Chen took it into the primal chaos space, it actually ran over to his mind-sea on its own and began to be absorbed by the Divine Gate Star.

All five stars resonated. Long Chen could clearly sense them growing stronger at a rapid pace. That speed was over a hundred times greater than when he crazily consumed medicinal pills.

That was why his eyes were now shining. He could clearly feel his body undergoing a transformation. Although he didn’t know what exactly that transformation was, he could feel himself rapidly getting stronger.

The Divine Gate Star was like a gluttonous wolf enjoying a feast. But this feast was so large that it couldn’t devour it in one gulp. It needed to absorb it slowly.

“You destroyed my Xuantian Dao Sect, so I destroyed your Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect. Are you happy now?” A ruthless light appeared in Long Chen’s eyes. Even now, he was unable to expel his hatred.

“It’s too bad I couldn’t get the truth out of Qi Yunao. I don’t know how connected this matter is to me. Even the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art wasn’t able to figure out the truth of this matter.”

Long Chen sunk into thought. While at the Xuantian Dao Sect, he had calmed himself down and used the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art to look back into the past.

But he had still failed. At first he thought that he was too angry and unable to calm himself down, but now he realized he was wrong. Even if he was infuriated, that shouldn’t affect the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s capabilities. That was because the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art was not something to be cultivated calmly in any case.

Long Chen sighed. After seeing the Xuantian Dao Sect destroyed, he had been consumed with his rage. His killing intent had practically taken over. But after destroying the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, he finally regained control of himself.

The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff was so powerful. Even Evilmoon was only able to stall it for an incense stick’s time. Then the equally famous but defensively oriented Xuantian Tower should have been able to protect itself. At the very least, it should have been able to escape while protecting others.

And with Li Tianxuan’s intelligence and decisiveness, he definitely wouldn’t foolishly fight head-on like Long Chen. He would definitely think of a way to escape.

But even if the Xuantian Dao Sect had managed to escape, it had to have taken miserable casualties. He had sensed boundless resentment where the sect had been. That was left over from people who had died.

All lifeforms longed for life. When their life was forcibly ended, they would naturally feel resentment and unwillingness.

As for the enemies that had attacked, they had clearly been prepared for a long time and planned a thunderous strike. They had definitely been terrifying experts.

And so following that logic, the ones who had died at the Xuantian Dao Sect had to be the Xuantian Dao Sect’s people. No matter how amazing Li Tianxuan was, there was no way he could protect everyone.

It would be amazing if he could even protect a portion of the elite disciples. Those outer sect disciples and workers had probably been mercilessly slaughtered.

It was because he had sensed that boundless resentment that Long Chen’s killing intent had soared out of control. Without even thinking about it, he had charged into the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect.

Clearly, only Qi Yunao and that vice alliance master of the Martial Heaven Alliance’s eastern branch had known about this matter. Regretfully, Luo Jinnan’s soul had extinguished, and Long Chen hadn’t even had a chance to soulsearch him.

He felt a bit of regret. If he had brought Meng Qi with him this time, then with her help, he would have been able to learn the truth much faster.

But the Dragonblood Legion was in the midst of rapidly getting stronger. He didn’t want to go through the pain of the Spirit World battle again, so he didn’t want to disturb their advancements. Just one painful experience was enough.

After recovering about twenty percent of his spiritual yuan, Long Chen took out a map and determined his position. He began going towards the Eastern Xuan City.

But before going, he had no choice but to change his appearance. At first, he also planned to change his robes. Black was too conspicuous. But then he decided against it. Black was his favorite color.

The Xuantian Dao Sect and the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect had been destroyed. This news would shake the Eastern Xuan City, and perhaps the entire Central Plains. Long Chen was preparing to secretly investigate this matter.

This matter had come too suddenly. He guessed that the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect had no idea about this matter. Otherwise, they would have been the first to leap out for the Xuantian Dao Sect’s vengeance.

This was too bizarre. But now that he had calmed down, he thought of his best option: the Huayun Sect.

He had to find Zheng Wenlong. Zheng Wenlong was the only one who could help him now. With the Huayun Sect’s vast network, not even a blade of grass could escape their eyes. They should be able to provide him with quite a bit of information.

Having decided upon that, Long Chen quickened his footsteps. Starting today, his path had become even more difficult. But he had no fear.

The news of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s destruction had originally been sealed thanks to the Corrupt path. The outside world hadn’t learned about it.

But the news that the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect had been destroyed spread like wildfire. In just a few hours, the entire Eastern Xuan Region learned of it. It was at that time that the news of the Xuantian Dao Sect’s destruction also spread.

As expected, the Eastern Xuan Region was greatly shaken. People didn’t even dare to believe this news.

Countless sects sent people to investigate the matter. They went to the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect and saw the land was completely destroyed. When they saw the ancestral statue broken, the divine spring broken apart, they all gasped. This was too vicious. Whoever had done this had completely destroyed the foundation of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect. There would never be a Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect in this world again.

“I heard it was done by Long Chen. During the battle, there was someone in the distance who recorded it with a photographic jade. Although they were too far and the image is blurry, you can hear them talking. There’s also Long Chen’s unique divine ring. It should be accurate.”

“How is that possible? Long Chen destroyed the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect on his own? Are you joking?”

No one dared to believe that a single Jade Core disciple had used their own power to kill a sect that had descended from the ancient era.

The Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect was an existence that had even survived the dark era. For it to be destroyed by a Jade Core disciple, it was naturally unbelievable.

But that blurry recording quickly spread through countless photographic jades. A chaotic uproar spread throughout the entire Eastern Xuan Region.

“Long Chen actually destroyed the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect on his own?! Could it be that the destruction of the Xuantian Dao Sect was done by the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect? Otherwise, why would Long Chen repeatedly say that this was for revenge?”

Countless people began to make guesses as to what twists were behind this story.

For two huge sects to have been successively destroyed was hard to accept. For a time, many sects began to shiver in apprehension, especially those sects who had once been enemies with the Xuantian Dao Sect.

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