Chapter 1473 The Heaven Suppressing Source

Luo Jinnan was startled. The Long Chen in front of him exploded into flame runes. It was a fake.

Then hearing Qi Yunao’s hysterical roar, he immediately turned back to see that at some unknown time, Long Chen had appeared in front of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect’s ancestral statue. The pot in his hand was already raised.

“There is nothing in this world that I, Long Chen, don’t dare to do.”


With a cold smile, Long Chen’s arm muscles bulged, and the pot grew gigantic as it smashed into the statue. The entire statue instantly crumbled.

“No!” Qi Yunao’s expression completely changed. His eyes almost popped out. The instant the statue broke, he seemed to age countless years.

As for Luo Jinnan, when the statue exploded, the divine light around him faded and his runic sword vanished. A wave of weakness washed over him, making him almost collapse to the ground. His body was twitching.

He was shocked to find countless wrinkles appear all over his skin. Looking at his own hands, he found that he was now skin and bones, like an elder on their deathbed. All his essence blood had been sucked away.

“How… could… this happen…?”

Luo Jinnan suddenly felt the world around him start spinning. He fell to the ground and never stood up again. The flames of his soul had been extinguished.

Even as Luo Jinnan died, he didn’t understand why it had happened. The truth was that this divine blessing was a kind of sacrifice. Hence, Luo Jinnan had unknowingly offered his qi, essence, and soul to the statue in exchange for temporary overflowing power. But when the statue broke, his life withered along with it.

“Oh, there’s still a formation?”

Once the statue broke, Long Chen managed to see a cave in the ground below it. Within the cave was a three-hundred-meter divine pool.

This divine pool was filled with flowing runes. It was almost like lava, and it released terrifying fluctuations.

When he saw the divine pool, the FengFu, Alioth, Life Fate, Enlightenment Palace, and Divine Gate Stars began to rapidly revolve, as if they had become excited.

“Is this something they need?” Long Chen was delighted by this find, and he reached out his hand. The divine liquid transformed into a current that directly flowed into his primal chaos space.

“Long Chen, you dare to take the Heaven Suppressing Source?! I will… I will…” Qi Yunao roared furiously, but he was unable to find any words to threaten Long Chen with.

This divine liquid was not an actual liquid. This was the heaven and earth divine spring that the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect had accumulated over tens of thousands of years. It was a strange kind of energy.

It could not be absorbed directly, nor could it be refined into pills. But this spring was something that decided the rise and fall of a sect. It was a condensation of a sect’s karmic luck; hence, it could not be lost no matter what. If it was lost or destroyed, then that sect’s karmic luck would completely disappear, and the sect would disappear from the world sooner or later.

Seeing the Heaven Suppressing Source be taken away, Qi Yunao’s head nearly exploded. He almost fainted.

When Long Chen destroyed the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, when he killed the disciples, those didn’t represent the death of the sect.

If the buildings were destroyed, the sect could be rebuilt. If the disciples were gone, new ones could be recruited and groomed. After all, this was the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, and it had countless businesses in the outside world. Some of their disciples were out there carrying out their duties, so their inheritance hadn’t been completely severed.

As long as they had time, as long as they had resources, the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect could slowly recover. There was still hope.

However, now that Long Chen had taken away the Heaven Suppressing Source, the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect had lost all its karmic luck. Bad luck would plague the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect until it completely vanished from this world. The cultivation world would no longer have a Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect.

Qi Yunao was the current successor of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect. For the sect to be destroyed while it was in his command made him feel worse than if he were killed.

“Long Chen, there’s not much time left!”

Long Chen had just taken away the divine liquid when he heard Evilmoon’s voice in his head. He hastily rushed over.

Taking a deep breath, his 108,000 stars revolved and his four qi seas surged. All his spiritual yuan instantly poured into Evilmoon.

The void trembled as black qi erupted into a huge whirlpool. The divine light from the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff was sucked into the black whirlpool, which diverted into the ground. A bottomless pit appeared.

As for Long Chen and Evilmoon, thanks to the diversion, they slipped away. The black mist slowly faded, and the warm sunlight shone down once more.

Yet, the original beautiful scenery had completely vanished. Everything within tens of thousands of miles had been destroyed, and this land was in complete disarray.


Seeing this ruined scene, Qi Yunao let out a wolf-like howl. He painfully swung his head several times before opening his eyes.

He hoped that this was a nightmare, that it was all an illusion. But when he reopened his eyes, he still saw the same thing.

“Long Chen, I, Qi Yunao, swear that if I don’t kill you, I’m not human!”

As Qi Yunao roared, the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff unleashed blinding light, and terrifying divine pressure shook the void.

Space twisted, and Long Chen fell from the sky. This place was a desert, far from the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect.

All of his energy had been sent into Evilmoon, which had allowed for a one-time long-distance transportation.

Long Chen collapsed on the ground, feeling like there wasn’t the slightest bit of energy anywhere in his body.

“You got benefits too. Why did you have to take all my energy when we ran?” asked Long Chen.

Dragonbone Evilmoon had definitely benefited greatly from the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff. But when it ran, it used all of Long Chen’s energy, sucking his spiritual yuan dry. That was very unfair.

“Considering how weak you are, just cooperate. You’re already at a great advantage, so you have to pay a price for that advantage. That’s the only real way to be fair,” said Evilmoon.

Long Chen was silent and didn’t retort. When he asked himself if that was true, he found that he truly did have a great advantage. If it hadn’t been for Evilmoon, he wouldn’t have been able to charge into the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect on his own.

This time, he had relied on external power to take revenge. Although it was very satisfying, he didn’t like that feeling. Evilmoon’s power wasn’t his power, and it was very dangerous.

If there was one day he grew dependent on it and Evilmoon ended their cooperation, both his combat power and will would weaken greatly.

“Evilmoon, how strong is the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff?” asked Long Chen.

“How strong? Stronger than you could possibly imagine. In truth, this was very dangerous. That little fellow called Qi Yunao, he was too careless. If he had sensed the danger from the start and directly summoned the blessing of the ancestral statue, using the power of his sect’s karmic luck, you’d have died today,” said Evilmoon.

On the other hand, that was also thanks to Long Chen. Before entering, he had told Evilmoon not to release its aura. That was to lower his opponents’ guard.

That was why Qi Yunao had felt that the black saber on Long Chen’s shoulder was at most an Ancestral item. That was the mistake that caused him to suffer such a miserable loss.

Evilmoon might not say it, but it truly did admire Long Chen’s intelligence.

If it hadn’t been for the flame clone and Long Chen’s ability to misdirect his opponent’s direction, he wouldn’t have been able to trick the Corrupt dwarf. Then he wouldn’t have been able to stab Evilmoon into the Corrupt God Skull.

This time, he had once more used his wits to escape a fatal tribulation. That was no coincidence. 

“How were your gains this time?” asked Long Chen.

“Decent. Last time I got an ant, and this time I finally got a piece of meat,” said Evilmoon. It was pleased with its harvest this time.

Long Chen finally understood why the difference between divine items could be so great. The Corrupt God Skull was on the same level as the Reincarnation Mirror, but when they were compared to the Xuantian Tower or the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff, the difference was immense.

“Long Chen, are you afraid of me killing you once I get stronger?” asked Evilmoon suddenly.

“You don’t have that ability.”

Long Chen slowly sat up and brushed off some sand. After resting for a bit, he felt much better.

“Hmph, you’re so confident?” snorted Evilmoon.

“My confidence doesn’t just come from Sovereign Yun Shang’s seal. I have my own power. In truth, I’ve wanted to test whether the primal chaos bead could kill you multiple times now.” Long Chen’s lips curled into a smile.

As his cultivation base increased, his control over the primal chaos bead strengthened as well. He was the ruler within the primal chaos space, and nothing could resist him. This idea was something he had been thinking about since he had gone out to subdue Evilmoon.

However, Sovereign Yun Shang had made things simple, so Long Chen never had a chance to use the primal chaos bead to handle it.

“Hmph.” Evilmoon snorted and began ignoring Long Chen.

After resting for a bit, spiritual yuan finally began to circulate through his body once more. Only at this time did his mind enter the primal chaos space. He looked around for the divine liquid he had obtained, but he was shocked to find that it was gone.

“How… how is this possible?!”

Long Chen jumped in shock. How could something be lost in the primal chaos space?

There were no signs of it entering the ground, but it had truly vanished. He went through every corner of the primal chaos space, even going through the black soil, but didn't find the slightest trace of it.


Suddenly, his mind-sea fiercely shook. He hastily looked within it.

When he saw the scene inside his mind-sea, he jumped in shock again. He saw a large mass of divine liquid floating in front of the Divine Gate Star.

Countless runes within the divine liquid had formed tiny streams that were flowing into the Divine Gate Star.

The fist-sized Divine Gate Star had now grown to three meters, and it was only growing gradually. As it circulated, his spiritual space rumbled. A powerful pressure was growing.

“It seems… that I… I’ve found the correct way to condense the Divine Gate Star!”

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