Chapter 147 Refining Thunderforce

Tang Wan-er’s pretty face was blushing so hard she felt as if it was on fire. She was a woman! How could she give him mouth-to-mouth?

But Long Chen was almost dead and seemed to have some final words for her. He wanted to speak but was unable to because he couldn’t breathe properly…

“No, I definitely can’t.” Tang Wan-er’s face was redder than an apple. She shook her head, embarrassed.


Long Chen wanted to say something, but he didn’t have enough air. He could only cough out a single word. The rest was just his mouth clacking as he was unable to say it.

Long Chen’s aura was growing weaker and weaker like a candle flickering in the wind. He might die at any moment.

Tang Wan-er looked at him. Looking around, she saw that there was no one else present.

“Fine, since you’re about to die, I’ll let you say your final words.” Tang Wan-er ground her teeth and slowly approached him.

Long Chen’s eyes brightened as he gratefully looked at her. Tang Wan-er’s heart was pounding.

Her cherry lips slowly approached Long Chen's mouth. Long Chen slowly closed his eyes.

Hehe, after being taken advantage of for this long, I’ll finally get everything back plus interest. Long Chen was delighted inside. If others were to learn that Tang Wan-er had taken the initiative to give Long Chen a kiss, who knew how many people would be driven mad by jealousy.

Long Chen was anticipating this when suddenly he felt a sharp pain on his thigh and couldn’t help but let out a yelp.

“Aiya!” Long Chen opened his eyes to see Tang Wan-er smiling at him. One of her hands was viciously pinching Long Chen’s thigh.

“Are you crazy? What are you doing pinching an almost dead man?” raged Long Chen. But then he immediately became expressionless. Ah, I’m exposed.

“Would an almost dead man have the energy to scold others? You really are an interesting ‘almost dead man’.”

“Ah? Right, now that I think about it, I was dying, but then I suddenly realized if I died, you would have to see a dead man and that would be too frightening for you, so I decided not to die,” Long Chen awkwardly laughed.

“Then I think it’d be better if you died instead, you scoundrel!”

Tang Wan-er raised her fist and began pounding him. Long Chen hastily covered his head as she pummelled him.

However, Tang Wan-er’s physical body didn’t have much power. This pounding was basically just an itch, and it was almost even comfortable for Long Chen.

Eventually, the pounding finally stopped. He didn’t know whether she had grown tired or whether she had finally relieved all her anger.

“Get up. Let’s have a proper conversation,” said Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen peeked out from behind his hands and saw that Tang Wan-er had already stood up, her expression much milder. Only then did he put down his hands and laugh, “Sister Wan-er, how did you figure it out?”

Long Chen was incomparably depressed inside. He had just been about to get his spoils when the ending was ruined. He couldn’t help but feel vexed.

Most importantly, he had thought his acting had been completely flawless. His expressions, actions, and even his breathing had all been perfect. How did he fail?

“Hmph, although your acting was not bad, did you think you could trick me?” 

But inside, Tang Wan-er sighed in relief from that close call. She had actually completely fallen for Long Chen’s act in the beginning. It was only when he had closed his eyes that he had made a small, small mistake. 

Not far from Long Chen were some weeds and underbrush. With his lower leg exposed, he had brushed against a sage fruit.

That fruit’s hair contained a bit of toxicity. Although that toxicity wasn’t strong, it was extremely itchy.

Long Chen had been enduring the whole time, but when he had thought he was about to win, he had stealthily used his other foot to scratch his leg.

Of course, the result was that Tang Wan-er had noticed. She had been extremely close and immediately realized he was fooling her. Would an almost dead man go scratch an itch?

At the same time, her Spiritual Strength had stealthily spread out to examine his body. When people died, their Spiritual Strength would become faint and would disappear along with them.

But although he had hidden his Spiritual Strength extremely well, it was like a boundless ocean. How was that like someone who was about to die?

Then seeing him expectantly waiting for her to give him mouth-to-mouth, she had immediately figured everything out. Her guilt became fury and that was why she had pummelled Long Chen.

Seeing that Tang Wan-er refused to tell him, Long Chen could only sigh and drop the subject. It was at this moment that the thunderforce in his body surged once more, causing him to frown.

“Why were you so stupid to send the thunderforce to your meridians? If it was just harming your organs, I could help you. In just a couple of days, you would have been completely fine.

“But now that it has entered your meridians, even if the thunderforce is expelled, your meridians will still be severely damaged. That will require a long time to recover, wasting your precious time.” Tang Wan-er had no idea why he would do such a thing. It was incomprehensible.

Furthermore, she knew Long Chen was extremely crafty. She was completely unable to guess his goal.

“Junior brother has blasphemed against a fairy and knows his sin is deep. This was my punishment…” Long Chen sighed, but just as he said this, another sharp pain came from his thigh and he hastily said, “Stop pinching me! Fine, I’ll tell you the truth!”

Only then did Tang Wan-er let go, disdainfully look at him. “If you had told the truth earlier, you could have avoided that. Why must you mess around so much?”

Long Chen rubbed his thigh and suspiciously asked, “Guo Ran told me that you were the easiest to get along with amongst the top five. Now I doubt his words.”

Tang Wan-er smiled sweetly for him. Her dimples and cherry lips truly did cause people to feel close to her.

“Now you should feel much better, right?” Tang Wan-er’s voice was intoxicating.

“Yup.” Long Chen couldn’t stop himself from nodding. This version of Tang Wan-er was definitely the most alluring.

“Hmph, what do you mean, ‘yup’? If you don’t want to suffer, hurry up and tell me why you did this!” Her face completely changed. That warmth disappeared to become anger.

Long Chen sighed. Tang Wan-er had her warm, amicable side. She also had a violent, powerful side. Unfortunately, his luck was bad, and he only ever got to see one of those sides.

He knew he couldn’t trick her anymore. Putting away his mischievous smile, he began to speak seriously. “I can tell you, but you must promise me you won’t tell anyone.”

Seeing Long Chen suddenly become so serious, Tang Wan-er was startled. She actually didn’t want to promise such a thing to him, but she still nodded. “Don’t worry, I’m not a blabbermouth.”

Only then did Long Chen explain, “I want to borrow Lei Qianshang’s thunderseed to refine my own thunderforce.”

Tang Wan-er was completely appalled. “Are you crazy? How could that be possible?”

“Why not?” Long Chen didn’t understand.

“Are you joking? Lei Qianshang has a bloodline inheritance that can use thunderforce. Without that bloodline inheritance, the thunderforce will only wreck your body. You can’t possibly use it. That kind of thinking is completely crazy.”

“Is it really impossible?” asked Long Chen.

“Of course! The violent thunderforce will destroy your Dantian. I’d advise you not to try. Although you are a dislikable man, your strength isn’t bad. Dying would be too regretful.” Tang Wan-er shook her head.

Long Chen smiled, “I’m very moved you care so much about me, but I’ve decided to refine it.”

“Do you not care about your life?” Tang Wan-er became somewhat angry.

“Didn’t you say I was a bad person? A bad person won’t die so easily.” Long Chen smiled. Hearing Tang Wan-er’s explanation had actually given him even greater confidence.

Others might die, but he wouldn’t. He didn’t even have a Dantian, so how could it be destroyed? If something would be destroyed, it would be his FengFu Star.

But to destroy the FengFu Star? Long Chen didn’t underestimate the thunderseed, but even if there were ten thousand of them, it would be impossible for them to destroy his FengFu Star.

“Sister Wan-er, you should hurry along. I’ll prepare to refine it.”

“Just refine it here. I’ll stick around. If you fail and are near death, I might be able to save you.” Tang Wan-er shook her head. She found a place dozens of meters away to sit.

Long Chen smiled slightly. Although Tang Wan-er had her savage side, she had a good heart. Slowly closing his eyes, he began to circulate his spiritual qi to refine the thunderforce.

Those strands of thunderforce were wreaking havoc throughout his meridians as they wildly barged around his body.

If his meridians were an ordinary Blood Condensation cultivator’s meridians, they would have long since been destroyed, causing them to become a cripple.

But Long Chen’s meridians had been changed by the Spirit World expert. They were much wider and also much more tenacious. That thunderforce was unable to cause much damage.

That was also why Long Chen dared to do such a thing. Now the thunderforce that was in his meridians had become his prey.

“Be refined for me!”

Long Chen snorted. His FengFu Star swiveled. Enormous amounts of spiritual qi began to wildly pour into his meridians, squeezing the thunderforce.

Those strands of thunderforce began to resist with all their might when they were squeezed by the spiritual qi.

Within his meridians, those two began to crazily struggle. The thunderforce became exceptionally violent as it resisted, wanting to break out of his meridians.

But Long Chen’s meridians were like tough tubing. No matter how the thunderforce struggled, it wasn’t the slightest bit effective.

Under the steady flow of Long Chen’s spiritual qi, the thunderforce began to compress together. But the thunderforce was still doing its best to struggle, refusing to give up.

“Then let me add some more!”

The Pill Flame that was hidden within his meridians suddenly began to rage. With its addition, the thunderforce was completely suppressed.

At this time, the thunderforce no longer had a source of energy. It was completely alone. Its violent nature gradually faded and it began to resist less and less.

But this still wasn’t enough. Long Chen increased his spiritual qi and Pill Flame, using them to scour his meridians, completely condensing all the thunderforce in his body.

This thunderforce had been Lei Qianshang’s. Now Long Chen completely eradicated his spiritual imprint on it, causing the thunderforce to become ownerless. Then he placed his own imprint on it, making it his.

To Long Chen who had already refined a beast flame before, this wasn’t difficult at all. The process was just somewhat troublesome.

Six hours later, Long Chen opened his eyes. Although he was clearly exhausted, he was also extremely excited.

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