Chapter 1469 Destroying a Divine Item

The Corrupt God Skull seemed to have awoken thanks to the dwarf’s energy. A frightening aura filled the world. It was like the true Corrupt God had descended.

Long Chen jumped in fright. After coughing up three mouthfuls of blood, the dwarf withered and looked almost dead.

In exchange, the Corrupt God Skull looked alive now. Blood-colored flames burned in its eyes.

“Can you still handle it?” asked Long Chen to Dragonbone Evilmoon. He had no confidence against this Corrupt God Skull. He didn’t even know if the pot could block it.

“It’s just the husk of an ascender. It’s nothing to fear. All I’m thinking about is how to completely split open its head and suck away all its divine essence. Do you have any ideas?” asked Evilmoon.

“You can’t just directly hack it apart?” asked Long Chen.

“No. My current state is just too weak. If I went all-out, defeating it would be no problem, but it would run away. You usually have a few evil ideas, so think of something,” said Evilmoon.

As Long Chen and Evilmoon conversed, two blood-colored rays of light shot out from the Corrupt God Skull’s eyes and at Long Chen.

“Raging Flames Incinerate the Heavens!”

Golden flames filled the world. All the experts were enveloped by them.


The place where Long Chen was at exploded. There was a hole left in the void, but Long Chen’s figure had vanished.

The dwarf was using his last remaining bit of energy to block the golden flames, and he was just barely able to endure. He stared closely at where Long Chen was.

When he saw that hole in the void, he thought that Long Chen had been turned to dust. But suddenly, a lightning blade appeared behind him and mercilessly slashed down.

The dwarf’s fist was sent flying by the lightning blade. He was flying away when a flame spear pierced his head, causing it to explode.

At the moment that he was slain, the Corrupt God Skull quivered. It had a slight connection with his soul, so it was also affected when the dwarf was killed.

“Right now!”

Just at this moment, Long Chen’s figure bizarrely appeared above the Corrupt God Skull. He stabbed Evilmoon into it. The previous Long Chen was not actually him, but a fake created by Lei Long and Huo Long.

The two dragon images on Dragonbone Evilmoon lit up, and strange runes appeared on its tip. It actually ran through the Corrupt God Skull easily like it was tofu, piercing all the way to the hilt.


Suddenly, the Corrupt God Skull trembled violently. Countless blood-colored runes lit up on it, and the roars of millions of life-reaping fiends stabbed into people’s ears and souls.

At the same time, a terrifying power exploded. The sky crumbled, and Long Chen wasn’t able to keep hold of Evilmoon. He was blown away.

Long Chen coughed up blood repeatedly, and his body was covered in cracks. He was blown into the distance by terrifying astral winds.

Explosive sounds continued to ring out. Long Chen barely managed to stabilize himself from the first wave when more astral winds buffeted him. His flesh was ripped off his body, revealing bone.

Long Chen was horrified and hastily used the primal chaos space’s life energy to heal. Fortunately, the World Trees held vast life energy. As he extracted all this energy, they weren’t damaged at all.

Endless life energy poured throughout his body, giving birth to new flesh. In just a few breaths, Long Chen’s terrifying injuries were completely healed.

At this time, Long Chen had been blown tens of thousands of miles away. He could see that in the distance, the terrifying Corrupt God Skull had exploded in size, becoming a hundred miles wide.

But as it grew, Dragonbone Evilmoon also followed. Its blade was firmly stabbed into its skull, and no matter how the Corrupt God Skull tried to struggle, it was unable to escape.

“This is the true power of divine items? In front of this kind of energy, humans are nothing more than ants.” Long Chen couldn’t help being shocked as he stared at the Corrupt God Skull. The world was constantly quivering, and space was twisting wildly. The stars in the sky were trembling in the face of this apocalyptic power.

In comparison, the power that the dwarf had unleashed with the Corrupt God Skull was nothing more than child’s play. This was its true power.

No matter what the Corrupt God Skull did, it was unable to throw off Dragonbone Evilmoon. Whether it grew larger, whether it shrank, Dragonbone Evilmoon stuck on it.

After an incense stick’s time, its struggling grew weaker. In the end, it stopped moving.

The blood-colored runes on it had all faded. Its entire body was white.

Only then did Long Chen slowly approach it. The Corrupt God Skull had lost its original luster and looked like it had been eroded for tens of thousands of years.

Finally, cracks covered its body and it crumbled, transforming into bone particles that blew away with the wind. A terrifying divine item had been destroyed just like that.

On the entire battlefield, only Long Chen was alive. The other Corrupt experts had been busy handling the golden flames and hadn’t realized that death had already come for them. When the Corrupt God Skull unleashed its full power, they had all been slain by it.

“Why don’t you run away?” Long Chen stood in the air, looking at Dragonbone Evilmoon that had transformed into thirty thousand meters long.

“Run? Are you insulting my evil dragon race? I didn’t even think about running in front of a Sovereign. Do you think a little human like you can make me run?” sneered Evilmoon.

“If you left, you’d be free,” said Long Chen.

“Do you think I’m stupid? You have Yun Shang’s seal. How could I be free? Although you’re insignificantly weak and not fit to hold me, I suppose your brain can just barely count as not bad. At the very least, your guts aren’t small. I can consider cooperating with you,” said Dragonbone Evilmoon.

“Cooperate? Cooperate how?”

“In the future, when you run into existences on this level, I can help you handle them. But you have to give me enough benefits. Remember, this is not submission. Your power simply isn’t fit for that. We are just cooperating. If it’s not a battle involving divine items, I won’t help you. Even if you’re dying, I’ll just watch,” said Evilmoon obstinately.

Long Chen smiled. He suddenly felt extremely grateful for Sovereign Yun Shang. Now he knew why Sovereign Yun Shang had left Evilmoon to him.

Although Evilmoon was an evil weapon with a brutal and tyrannical item-spirit, it was also extremely prideful.

Although it had tried to seduce and threaten him, it had never tried to trick him. Perhaps it didn’t know how, but Long Chen felt that it was mostly because it disdained doing such a thing.

However, it was true that with his current power, there was no way for him to subdue Evilmoon. The power difference between them was too immense. The difference was like an ant and a dragon.

Sovereign Yun Shang had left this dragon in his hands. As for the best way to use Evilmoon, Long Chen would have to figure it out himself.

“I accept.” Long Chen naturally wouldn’t refuse such a thing. If he didn’t meet with a divine item, then the pot should be enough. He wouldn’t need Evilmoon.

Furthermore, he could rely simply on Evilmoon’s weight to blow away his enemies.

“How much did the Corrupt God Skull’s energy help you recover? Ten percent?” asked Long Chen.

“Ten percent? Hahaha, how much divine essence could be contained in an ascender’s husk? I can’t believe you even call such trash treasures. Calling them divine is a joke. In my peak, the master of that skull wouldn’t even be worth shit,” sneered Evilmoon. Although it didn’t reply directly, its meaning was clear. That Corrupt God Skull’s energy was far from satisfying it.

“Don’t be in such a rush. By coming with me, I guarantee there will be countless powerful enemies. You don’t need to worry about that point at all.” Long Chen smiled. That smile was very sinister. With Dragonbone Evilmoon cooperating with him, he was thinking of some possible big business.

“I hope so. That husk’s divine essence was lacking. The main thing is that it lacked any innate divine essence. Anything without innate divine essence is garbage. Hence, this skull shows how stingy the ascender was; they didn’t want to leave much behind for their descendants after ascending. But even a bug has some meat that can let me recover a bit. I see you have many enemies. That’s good for me,” said Evilmoon.

Long Chen nodded and returned Evilmoon to the primal chaos space. He took out a map and quickly found a marking - the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect.

When killing the dwarf, he had managed to gather a single fragment of his soul. It was extremely muddled and chaotic, but within that chaos, he had seen a divine item.

It was a violet-gold magical staff. Although Long Chen didn’t have much of an understanding of the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect, he was well aware of their divine item, the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff. It was famous, and he had even seen it before.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect had the Heaven Splitting Blade, which was claimed to be number one in offensive power. As for the Xuantian Dao Sect’s Xuantian Tower, it was believed to be unparalleled in defense. Lastly, the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff was said to possess the greatest destructive power.

When put like this, the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff seemed a bit contradictory with the Heaven Splitting Blade. In truth, there was no contradiction. It was true that the Heaven Splitting Blade possessed the greatest offensive power.

The Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff was used to unleash terrifying area attacks. There was once a saying that wherever the Violet Gold Soul Devouring Staff went, all life vanished within ten thousand miles. It could create a terrifying domain where no life could exist.

Seeing this staff in that fragment of the dwarf’s memories, Long Chen’s killing intent soared. He hadn’t expected that even the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect had participated in this.

Determining the direction, Long Chen rushed off toward the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect. The Xuantian Dao Sect was gone, and he had no idea whether Li Tianxuan, Wilde, and the others were still alive. He would start his investigation with the Heaven Suppressing Magic Sect.

Of course, Long Chen’s investigation style was different from others. It might be a bit bloody.

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