Chapter 1468 Evilmoon vs. Skull

The blood-colored ray of light shot out, and it was like time froze. Long Chen felt a terrifying pressure crash down on him, making him feel like he was locked in an iceberg and unable to move.

This was the pressure of a divine item. Only other divine items could resist it. Long Chen let out a sharp cry, and green scales covered his body.


A sound similar to ice cracking rang out in the space around Long Chen. He forcibly broke free of this lock, about to dodge.

“Don’t dodge! Let me.” Suddenly, Evilmoon, who hadn’t said anything in many days, sent Long Chen a message. At the same time, a black aura condensed, and the void began to surge tumultuously around it.

Long Chen hesitated, but clenching his teeth, he raised Evilmoon and slashed it at the blood-colored light.

Following his movements, the black qi emanating from Evilmoon condensed into a black light that smashed into the attack.


Black mist and blood-colored light intertwined. The two of them were in a stalemate for a moment as they raged against each other.

“You can block divine items?!” Long Chen was given a nice surprise.

“Divine items? Divine, my ass. That stupid skull is nothing more than a mortal husk left behind by someone who ascended. All that ascender left behind was a divine mark on it. It can’t even count as a quasi divine item. However, it still contains the slightest divine element to it. Through this attack, I can absorb that trace of divine essence. It’s good stuff to me and can help me heal-” Evilmoon suddenly shut its mouth.

“There’s no need to be so careful about what you say. Sovereign Yun Shang already told me everything about you. Your secrets aren’t secrets to me. Back then, Sovereign Yun Shang harmed your core, and then you were suppressed by him and never able to heal. Right now, you’re in an extremely weak state and need this divine essence to heal. It’s not embarrassing,” said Long Chen lightly.

In truth, his heart was pounding fervently. He was truly shocked by Evilmoon’s power. Based on its tone, it was much stronger than the Corrupt God Skull.

Long Chen couldn’t express his shock and delight. He had to act like this was simply natural. That would make it easier for Evilmoon to expose even more secrets.

At the same time, Long Chen felt even more worship for Sovereign Yun Shang. Evilmoon was so terrifying, but had been suppressed by him so easily. Just what level were Sovereigns?

“Hmph, being defeated by Yun Shang has always been my greatest humiliation,” snorted Evilmoon. It was clearly extremely displeased by its defeat.

Holding Evilmoon, he could sense that as the black mist blocked the light from the Corrupt God Skull, Evilmoon was absorbing its energy.

Now he understood why divine items could not be blocked without other divine items. It was due to that special energy within them. That energy had surpassed Long Chen’s current understanding, and he hadn’t reached the point of touching that kind of energy.

The Corrupt experts didn’t know what was happening with Long Chen and Evilmoon. In their view, Long Chen was using his own power to block the attack of the Corrupt God Skull, a divine item. Their eyes almost popped out in shock.

“How… is… this… possible?!”

The dwarf was also shocked. He suddenly recalled that the higher-ups of the Corrupt path had mentioned that Long Chen had obtained an extremely terrifying weapon that made all the other powers envious. They were all trying to obtain it.

The higher-ups viewed this matter as top secret and hadn’t told him the exact details. The Corrupt experts that had managed to escape from the Spirit World had all been ordered to keep their mouths shut. Some people even had their memories of Evilmoon sealed. It was just to make sure that fewer people would learn of Evilmoon, and it would increase their own odds of obtaining it.

The dwarf was only in charge of observing this place. There was a formation laid down, but it was only for sensing what was happening here. Other experts would have great difficulty sensing the formation.

Because it wasn’t a killing formation, even Long Chen hadn’t sensed it. As a result, when the dwarf saw Long Chen, he immediately gathered people and used a transportation formation to rush over, laying a heaven-encompassing net to capture Long Chen. He thought he was about to accomplish a great merit. But instead, he realized Long Chen was far stronger than he had thought.

The black mist released by Long Chen was fighting equally with the Corrupt God Skull’s attack. The two of them were deadlocked.

“This brat, what kind of unorthodox method did he use to actually activate a divine item?! This is completely against reason!” the dwarf grumbled inside.

It had to be known that the Corrupt God Skull he was using was not his. It was only because of his post that the Corrupt God Skull had been temporarily loaned to him to use. Furthermore, just possessing it meant that he had to sacrifice a huge amount of energy and resources to nourish it.

It looked mighty, but it was actually a hot potato. Others were envious of him when he had it, but his own heart was dripping blood. Ever since he had been loaned the Corrupt God Skull, his sect had grown poorer and poorer.

After being bestowed the pagoda, he had been planning on handing the Corrupt God Skull to someone else. He couldn’t handle it any longer.

Yet, the tower had been destroyed by Long Chen. And now even the Corrupt God Skull was in a bind against him. The dwarf could only pour in the energy of his Spirit Blood and spiritual yuan. That was because even Life Star experts weren’t qualified to use divine items.

However, the Corrupt path’s divine items could be used by Corrupt experts who offered up their own Spirit Blood and spiritual yuan to it as an offering.

The Corrupt path’s divine items didn’t accept masters. They only accepted benefits. If someone gave them benefits, they would help them out. It was very simple.

As the dwarf poured in his energy, not all of it was used to attack. The Corrupt path’s divine items were truly interesting. Either someone had to have the absolute power required to suppress it and make it so it didn’t dare to resist, or they had to offer their energy to it. But just like the people in the Corrupt path, their divine items were cruel and greedy.

The dwarf was pouring in so much energy, but in reality, only thirty percent of his energy was being used to attack. Seventy percent of it was taken by the Corrupt God Skull as a reward for itself.

The Corrupt path’s weapons, whether they were Ancestral items or divine items, relied on the nourishment of powerful souls or Spirit blood. Even divine items wouldn’t help out for nothing.

That was why the Corrupt path’s Life Star experts could not possibly subdue divine items. They could only offer up their own energy to make them attack.

Now, the two of them were in a deadlock. The dwarf was pouring in more and more of his energy.

At first, he thought that the amount of energy he had would allow him to crush Long Chen. He thought that Long Chen wouldn’t even last a breath’s time.

In fact, all the Corrupt experts were of the same view. But they were disappointed to see that even after several breaths’ time, Long Chen’s expression was still calm. He didn’t seem to find it the slightest bit taxing. On the other hand, the dwarf was already starting to sweat and turn pale.

“What are you all foolishly standing there for? Kill him!” roared the dwarf at the stunned experts.

Only then did they react and attack Long Chen. The first one had only just gotten close to Long Chen when a giant pot smashed into him. That Life Star expert exploded along with his spear.

Long Chen held his saber in his right hand and a pot in his left hand. The Life Star experts that rushed toward him were all sent flying by the pot, and the unlucky ones were directly killed.

Having advanced to the tenth Heavenstage of Jade Core, Long Chen’s power was limitless. Furthermore, the pot’s item-spirit was gradually awakening. When Long Chen attacked, it was starting to use its own power as well.

When Long Chen used it, it would increase his power. This pot smash was incredibly powerful now. Furthermore, the pot could transform its size in accordance with how far away the enemies were.

With Long Chen’s current power, let alone a body of flesh and blood, even a giant mountain would crumble from his attack.

As for the pot itself, its rust was capable of canceling out its opponents’ defensive runes. It managed to pass through any protective lights to directly strike the body behind.

After over ten unlucky fellows were killed, the others retreated in fright. They hid at a distance and began launching long-range magical arts.

The pot grew larger and acted as a shield, protecting Long Chen. Those attacks caused the void to tremble, but only caused some rust to fall from the pot. They were unable to pose any threat to Long Chen.

“How can he have this many treasures?!” The Corrupt experts roared furiously. How could a Jade Core disciple possess two such priceless treasures? Whether it was the pot or the saber, they were both stronger than Ancestral items.

The Corrupt experts attacked for a long time without any success, while the dwarf was starting to quiver. He suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. The blood transformed into an arrow that shot into the Corrupt God Skull.

“Die!” roared the dwarf, his expression twisted. That blood was his purest essence blood. It was a huge price for him, but he had no choice now.

The Corrupt God Skull’s runes lit up, and the ray of light that was originally three meters thick instantly became almost ten times in size.

Its power had also increased by ten times. That terrifying pressure shocked Long Chen, but very quickly, the black mist from Evilmoon increased in density.

The two powers shook the sky. It felt like the world was about to explode, but they were still deadlocked. The dwarf’s expression turned as pale as paper. Now he was stuck.

If he canceled his power, Long Chen’s attack would instantly erupt and kill him. The Corrupt God Skull wouldn’t save him.

A crazy light suddenly shone in the dwarf’s eyes. He spat out three mouthfuls of blood onto the Corrupt God Skull. The Corrupt God Skull began to rumble, and light began to shine where its eyes would be. It was like a sleeping fiend had suddenly woken.

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