Chapter 1467 The Shocking Transformation of the Xuantian Dao Sect

Long Chen couldn’t believe his eyes. The old mountain gate he had walked through when he had just joined the sect had vanished. The lofty and majestic mountain range was gone. The countless pavilions and buildings were no more. All he could see was a pile of ruins, as well as some leftover violent fluctuations in the air.

The entire Xuantian Dao Sect had been destroyed. The void here was still twisting with a powerful pressure lingering. The auras continued to clash, and the air was filled with the scent of blood.

“Who did this?!”

Long Chen let out a heaven-shaking roar that contained boundless killing intent. His hair stood on end and his eyes were scarlet.

The Xuantian Dao Sect, an existence with countless years of history, had been destroyed. Long Chen’s heart was full of fury and killing intent.

“This is the aura of divine items.”

Looking at the raging turbulent auras in the air, Long Chen could tell that the Xuantian Dao Sect had encountered an attack of unprecedented scale.

“There’s the aura of the Reincarnation Mirror, the Xuantian Tower, and the Corrupt God Skull. There’s the aura of other divine items as well. Was this a combined plot to destroy the Xuantian Dao Sect?!” Long Chen clenched his teeth furiously. The fluctuations in the air were unique to divine items.

“Based on the marks, it should have happened just one or two days ago. I was one step too late.” Long Chen’s expression sank. Seeing the blood on the ground, his fists clenched tightly.

One of the three great heavenly sects, the one with the most ancient inheritance, had actually been destroyed.

“Let me see who did this.” Long Chen began to circulate the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, calming himself down to return to the source of these events just like what he had done in the Spirit World’s Ancient Battlefield.

However, this time, he was unable to see anything. He could only hear some muffled screaming, angry roars, startled cries, and wailing. It was all muddled. He knew this was because he wasn’t able to calm himself down.

The more he tried to do that, the less calm he became. In the end, he couldn’t even hear the voices.

“How are the Xuan Master and the others? What about Wilde?” A sharp light began to shine in Long Chen’s eyes. He was extremely anxious.

It was obvious that the Xuantian Dao Sect had been subject to a sudden attack. They hadn’t been able to retaliate at all and had to have taken heavy losses.

Suddenly, the sky trembled and countless fluctuations spread, sealing the world.

“The Bloodmoon Devouring Sun Formation? So it’s the Corrupt path.” The grand formation completely covered the sky. Long Chen didn’t panic, nor did he have any intention of running. He just coldly watched as the formation was set up.

Hundreds of Corrupt experts slowly descended from the sky. One of them was one that Long Chen recognized. He was that dwarf he had encountered on Devil Spirit Mountain.

“Hahaha, I didn’t think that after destroying the Xuantian Dao Sect, even you, Long Chen, would quickly come over. How excellent!” The dwarf laughed sinisterly, looking down at Long Chen from above.

“Where is the Xuan Master?” demanded Long Chen.

“Dead. They’re all dead. Their muscles were torn out one by one, their bones were turned to dust, and their souls refined. Hahaha!” laughed the dwarf.

“Then you can die with them!” Long Chen roared furiously and jumped into the air. His divine ring as well as the five stars in his eyes appeared. Dragonbone Evilmoon swung out furiously.

As soon as Dragonbone Evilmoon appeared, the void trembled. A boundless air of death enveloped everyone.

The dwarf was shocked by this. A blood-colored pagoda with nine levels appeared in the air. It looked like it was dripping in blood.

It rapidly grew larger. Countless blood-colored skulls flew out from the tower, attacking Long Chen.

These skulls were all different. Some were human skulls, and some were Magical Beast skulls. Some were small, some were large. But they all contained blood marks on them and emitted powerful pressures.

This pagoda was a powerful Ancestral item of the Corrupt path, and countless resentful spirits were locked within it. Skulls from powerful existences had been refined into corrupt weapons and nourished by the tower, increasing their power.

This was a powerful Ancestral item the dwarf had been bestowed after the battle of Devil Spirit mountain.

Speaking of which, this Ancestral item was also closely related to Gui Yan. It was because of Gui Yan’s usage of the Underworld Soul Ghost Curse that this dwarf’s sect took extremely miserable losses. As a result, the higher-ups sent him this Ancestral item as compensation. Now he was taking it out to handle Long Chen.

In the face of the endless skulls, Long Chen simply swung out Evilmoon. A huge saber-image struck like a black bolt of lightning. A powerful qi wave blew apart all those skulls.

In front of Dragonbone Evilmoon, the skulls of Life Star experts were as weak as tofu. At the same time as those skulls were broken, sharp cries rang out in the air. The souls inside the skulls were killed as well.

“What?!” The dwarf was shocked. Was Long Chen actually this powerful? He had already arrived right in front of the other Corrupt experts.

All of these experts were at the Life Star realm, but they were all stunned by Long Chen’s terrifying power.

They all launched attacks on him. The dwarf in particular sent the blood-colored pagoda crashing toward Long Chen. It was three thousand meters tall now, and it rumbled through the air.

“Die!” Long Chen’s furious roar was like exploding thunder. Wielding Evilmoon with both hands, he slashed it right on the pagoda.


Terrifying energy erupted and the powerful tower instantly exploded. As it did, countless crushed skulls flew out like exploding shooting stars in every direction.

The exploding skulls weren’t something the Corrupt experts could handle. Many of them were blown apart by the resultant explosions.

It had to be known that this pagoda was an Ancestral item, so their weapons were fundamentally unable to block it. They were instantly killed.

The explosion of the pagoda killed half the Corrupt experts present. Due to the close distance and suddenness, there had been no chance for them to dodge.

However, Long Chen also suffered. This was Long Chen’s full-strength attack. He had used Dragonbone Evilmoon’s innate hardness, not a technique. As a result, his arms were broken, and his hands were bleeding profusely.

As for the explosion of the Ancestral item, Long Chen used the pot to block it. To compare the pot to Evilmoon, when he had used the pot to defend against Peng Wansheng’s Ancestral item spear, several fine cracks had appeared on the pot, but Evilmoon had been completely fine after crushing the spear. 

The resulting backlash almost caused Long Chen’s arms to explode.

However, he didn’t care about that, as he was overflowing with killing intent. After smashing apart the pagoda, he used the life energy of the primal chaos space to instantly heal. He didn’t give his opponents any chance to retaliate, and he attacked once more.

The dwarf coughed out a large mouthful of blood when his Ancestral item exploded. He held his head in pain as he flew back.

As the master of the pagoda, his soul was linked to its item-spirit. Its death made his head feel like it was about to explode. He could only retreat.

He had only just fallen back when Long Chen came rushing in. The surviving Corrupt experts were horrified. With just one slash of his saber, Long Chen had sealed heaven and earth.

A huge saber-image came slashing toward them. The Life Star experts summoned their manifestations and released their full power, but they were like cabbages in front of Evilmoon and were slain rapidly.

After this attack, Long Chen reached out and grabbed one of the Corrupt experts that only had half his body left. He grabbed his head.

Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength poured in. It was like a blade, piercing into the Corrupt expert’s soul in the most tyrannical manner.

Long Chen’s soul had only just entered the mind-sea when the expert’s head exploded. His soul was locked with restrictions that caused him to explode.

“There were also people from the ancient races and ancient family alliance!” raged Long Chen.

Although that person’s soul had detonated, Long Chen had managed to see a fragment. That fragment contained the figures of the ancient races and ancient family alliance.

In other words, the ones who had attacked the Xuantian Dao Sect weren’t just the Corrupt path. They included the ancient family alliance and ancient races.

Long Chen instantly understood that those three powers had decided to join hands to attack the Xuantian Dao Sect since they were unable to get revenge on him personally after all the heavy losses he had inflicted on them.

The Xuantian Dao Sect might be one of the three great heavenly sects, but it had already declined. Under the combined attack of these three powers, it couldn’t fight back.

“Corrupt path, ancient races, and ancient family alliance, you should all die!”

Long Chen roared and started a slaughter of the surviving Corrupt experts. They were horrified. Although they had heard that Long Chen was extremely powerful, they hadn’t expected him to be such a monster.

He wasn’t an Empyrean and had no Heavenly Dao suppression on them, relying entirely on brute power. Yet, this brute power was so strong that they couldn’t even block one of his attacks.

The black saber in his hands was like a life-reaping fiend, continuously harvesting their lives. They didn’t even have the courage to fight Long Chen any longer.

Wherever his saber went, no one could block it. Although Evilmoon refused to lend Long Chen its power, just its weight with Long Chen’s power was unstoppable.

Long Chen didn’t need Heavenly Dao suppression. He would suppress them with brute power and didn’t need technique. He released all the fury in his heart.

“Quick, use the divine item to suppress him!” roared a Corrupt expert.

Long Chen was continuously reaping the Corrupt experts’ lives. There was no way for them to stop him.

Just at this moment, the Corrupt dwarf managed to suppress the pain in his head. He waved his hand, and a giant skull appeared, filling the air with an evil aura. It was the Corrupt path’s divine item, the Corrupt God Skull.

As soon as it appeared, a blood-colored light launched out of it, shooting at Long Chen like a sharp sword.

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