Chapter 1464 Tenth Heavenstage of Jade Core

The huge flame sphere exploded like a star. A wave of golden flames devoured the army of Magical Beasts.

Magical Beasts below the eleventh rank were instantly killed and turned to ash. Only eleventh rank Magical Beasts with great defense were able to survive. But after struggling for a moment in the sea of flames, they also burned to a crisp.

This was the terror of Star Fall. Even though it was a huge area attack, that didn’t diminish its destructive power. All the Magical Beasts were killed in one blow.

All the Spirit race warriors stared in shock at the sea of flames. This attack was too terrifying.

The flame energy roaring throughout the world suddenly vanished. The air still twisted from the heat, making it seem like they were in the water. Their vision was turbid.

“Life Master, and you human race bastard, just wait! We’ll regroup and come back even stronger!”

The furious roar of the Dark Master rang out from the distance. The void began to twist crazily, forming a huge portal. Countless tree demons rushed into it like a flood.

“They actually fled?”

Although Long Chen had expected that the Dark Forest would flee, he hadn’t expected them to run so quickly.

After all, now that they had left the Spirit World, it would be difficult for them to come back in. Leaving might be easy, but coming back in was difficult. The world’s natural protective barriers would prevent them from forming a new channel. Opening it would definitely not be a simple matter of using some brute force like they were doing now.

The stronger tree demons quickly vanished. As for the weaker tree demons, they were abandoned and died to the black soil.

To be safe, Long Chen spent three days searching for any traces of the Dark Forest’s lifeforms. He mobilized all the warriors of the Forest of Life, having them go over every inch of the Spirit World.

They pulled up quite a few hidden roots. They were all excavated and destroyed. After three days, the Spirit World was completely cleaned up.

Only then did Long Chen pull back all his black soil. Once he had done that, he saw the Spirit Emperor floating in the air, singing. She seemed to be performing some kind of ceremony. All the lifeforms of the Forest of Life were also participating in this ceremony.

They seemed to be devoutly worshipping something yet also seemed to be in the midst of spreading a kind of blessing. That blessing was a kind of hope.

When their ceremony concluded, countless lifeforms of the Forest of Life flew out. Wherever they passed, the ground began to thrive with vitality once more. New vegetation sprouted out all over. There was no more barren land.

“They are sowing the seeds of life. Wherever they go, they spread the blessings of the Life God Tree. In just a few centuries, all of this will be a thriving forest once more. Long Chen, I really don’t know how to thank you. The Spirit World that was on the verge of death has now begun to thrive once more. You are the savior of the entire Spirit World,” thanked the Spirit Emperor.

“Saying words that are too courteous between us would make us feel like strangers.” Long Chen smiled.

He could understand the Spirit Emperor’s emotions. The feeling of returning to one’s home after driving off invaders was definitely indescribable.

The Dark Forest had retreated, and all the spatial channels into this world were closed. The Spirit World finally won some precious breathing room. There was no longer any danger to their safety for now.

If the outside world tried to establish new spatial channels here, it would cause violent fluctuations. The Forest of Life would only have to defend those points and ruin any of their attempts of forming a channel. It would be difficult for their opponents to succeed.

“Long Chen, the Martial Heaven Continent is filled with countless dangers. Why don’t you stay behind in the Spirit World?” The Spirit Emperor once more offered him this invitation.

Long Chen shook his head, tactfully declining. The Spirit Emperor might be the leader of the Spirit World, but her way of thinking was different from the human race’s.

The word hatred didn’t exist in their minds. Whether it was the human race’s betrayal or the Dark Forest’s invasion, they simply passively defended. They didn’t once think about revenge.

Perhaps Long Chen envied them a bit. Perhaps not keeping hatred and resentment in their hearts was what allowed them to live so freely and without pain.

However, he couldn’t do the same. He had always followed the principle of blood for blood, an eye for an eye. He didn’t like owing others anything, but he definitely wouldn’t let his opponents owe him anything. Since they owed him, he would be getting back their debts. Since they gave him pain, he would make them know what pain was.

Although he wasn’t petty with his vengeance, he was never merciful to his enemies, no matter who they were.

After resolving the Dark Forest quickly, Long Chen also went into seclusion. But the place he went into seclusion was a remote valley.


BOOM! The ground around him crumbled and dust rose. Long Chen coughed up a mouthful of blood, shocked.

“As expected of Pill Valley’s private treasures. Top grade tenth tier medicinal pills that have been nourished for who knows how many years truly have terrifying medicinal energy.”

Right now, Long Chen’s cultivation base was too low. He was at the bottom of the entire Dragonblood Legion, so he had to quicken his cultivation speed.

However, his stomach had a limit, and he not only had to eat medicinal pills that increased his cultivation base, but he also had to eat pills to condense the Divine Gate Star.

Thus, he was raising his cultivation base and condensing the Divine Gate Star at the same time. Both were both very important to Long Chen.

In the end, Long Chen decided to focus on raising his cultivation base right now. And to do so, he took out the precious medicinal pills he had stolen from Pill Valley. He had just swallowed a top grade tenth tier giant pill.

A normal tenth tier pill was for Soul Transformation experts. But Long Chen was using a top grade tenth tier giant pill that had been nourished for thousands of years. The medicinal effect had completely transformed from its original state.

The medicinal pill had spirituality, and it could transform to unleash battle prowess equivalent to ordinary Life Star experts.

Even for powerful Life Star experts, devouring this giant pill would spell instant death.

Right now, endless energy was raging in Long Chen’s body. It was like a rampaging bull trying to break his body.

Long Chen also hadn’t expected a single pill to possess such violent power. He was injured just after swallowing it.

“It seems I underestimated Pill Valley’s formations.”

Long Chen circulated his spiritual yuan to cancel out the impact of the medicinal pill as he observed it. This pill had been nourished by Pill Valley’s formations for a much longer time than he had estimated. He almost ended up screwing himself over.

Explosive sounds continued to ring out in Long Chen’s body, but now that he was prepared, his spiritual yuan was defending.

No matter how the energy rampaged in his body, it was no longer able to injure him. However, a giant pill’s power was violent. It refused to submit. Long Chen had to suppress it continuously for an hour before finally being able to absorb its energy.

This pill was used to raise the cultivation base of Soul Transformation experts. But Long Chen had forcibly absorbed its energy in the Jade Core realm. Due to the difference between the two realms, seventy percent of the medicinal energy was wasted. And yet, the thirty percent remaining energy allowed him to advance directly.

Long Chen had advanced from one pill. It had to be known that even after eating pills like his life had depended on it, he had only managed to break through to the fourth Heavenstage recently.

This one pill had brought him all the way to the fifth Heavenstage, delighting Long Chen. This medicinal pill was amazing. 

Although he felt that continuing to eat top grade tenth tier giant pills was a waste of such treasures, he had no choice. Raising his power was of the utmost importance, especially at this time.

Once the first pill was fully absorbed, Long Chen took out another and popped it into his mouth.

In the blink of an eye, a month passed. Long Chen had consumed over eighty giant pills, raising his cultivation base to the tenth Heavenstage of Jade Core.

As his cultivation base increased, his four seas and 108,000 stars underwent huge changes. The amount of spiritual yuan within them was several times greater than before. The change when he advanced to the tenth Heavenstage was exceptionally great.

Holding Evilmoon, Long Chen let out a single slash. A great spatial pressure caused the void to explode.

“My power has at least doubled. I can finally use it with one hand.”

In one month, he had gone from the fourth Heavenstage to the tenth Heavenstage. This was his fastest advancement in all of history.

After continuous advancements, his power had risen to the point where he no longer needed to use Evilmoon with both hands.

The only regretful thing was that the remaining giant pills were not used for cultivation. Otherwise, he might be able to reach the twelfth Heavenstage in one go.

On the other hand, having advanced so much, he needed some time to stabilize his realm and get used to his new power.

Despite his power increasing, Long Chen felt that Dragonbone Evilmoon was too conspicuous. Its evil aura was too strong. Otherwise, if he fiercely swung it and then placed it on his back, it would definitely be flashy.

Ever since he had warned Evilmoon, it had stopped trying to entice him. However, Long Chen always kept it in the primal chaos space. He didn’t place it in his spiritual space like the black pot, Blazing Dragon Cauldron, and Heaven Flipping Seal. In his spiritual space, he could nourish them with his soul.

This blade was too evil. If he placed it in his spiritual space, the slightest carelessness would cause it to infect him with its evil aura.

Long Chen looked at the Heaven Flipping Seal that was still in slumber. However, it was no longer a dead brick as some faint runes were shining on it now. It was undergoing a kind of rebirth.

Thanks to the nourishment of his soul, Long Chen could clearly sense that the Heaven Flipping Seal’s item-spirit was growing stronger with each passing day. He also knew it had formed a kind of dependence on his soul.

Although its item-spirit had been created with the Alldevil monster’s soul, Pill Valley’s master had already wiped away its consciousness. When Long Chen injected its soul essence into the Heaven Flipping Seal, it was like a newborn baby, and its soul was pure. There was no evil element to it.

Once it awoke, it would be completely loyal to Long Chen, and he would have obtained another powerful weapon.

As for the pot, it had been injured when it broke Peng Wansheng’s Ancestral item spear. However, it had completely recovered. Its self-repair ability was shocking.

Putting away Evilmoon, Long Chen tidied himself up and returned to the Forest of Life. When he arrived in front of the Life God Tree, he saw that everyone was still in seclusion. Only Chu Yao had gone out a few days ago to one of the floating islands.

Long Chen didn’t disturb the others, and he went over to Chu Yao’s floating island. This was the floating island they had rested on before. From a distance, he could already see a barrier of trees around Chu Yao.

He found this very curious. Why would Chu Yao leave seclusion alone? But it just so happened he had a few things he wanted to talk with her about.

He had only just approached this wooden barrier when a root beneath his feet suddenly snaked out and wrapped around his foot.

Startled, Long Chen pulled, wanting to break the root. But he was shocked that the root didn’t break. Instead, it tugged on him, causing him to fall.

At the same time, countless willow branches appeared in the air. Their sharpness cleanly cut through the void. An intense feeling of death enveloped Long Chen.

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