Chapter 1464 Tenth Heavenstage of Jade Core (Teaser)

The huge flame sphere exploded like a star. A wave of golden flames devoured the army of Magical Beasts.

Magical Beasts below the eleventh rank were instantly killed and turned to ash. Only eleventh rank Magical Beasts with great defense were able to survive. But after struggling for a moment in the sea of flames, they also burned to a crisp.

This was the terror of Star Fall. Even though it was a huge area attack, that didn’t diminish its destructive power. All the Magical Beasts were killed in one blow.

All the Spirit race warriors stared in shock at the sea of flames. This attack was too terrifying.

The flame energy roaring throughout the world suddenly vanished. The air still twisted from the heat, making it seem like they were in the water. Their vision was turbid.

“Life Master, and you human race bastard, just wait! We’ll regroup and come back even stronger!”

The furious roar of the Dark Master rang out from the distance. The void began to twist crazily, forming a huge portal. Countless tree demons rushed into it like a flood.

“They actually fled?”

Although Long Chen had expected that the Dark Forest would flee, he hadn’t expected them to run so quickly.

After all, now that they had left the...

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