Chapter 1463 Unrivaled Black Soil

“Long Chen, are… are you serious? We’re still in the process of recovering.” The Spirit Emperor was shocked that Long Chen wanted to attack the Dark Forest.

“I know. But this is the best time to attack the Dark Forest. We can’t miss it. We’re going to pull them up by their roots and completely annihilate them,” said Long Chen.

“But they’re so powerful…”

The Forest of Life’s Spirit race warriors and spirit beasts had taken heavy losses. Only thirty percent of them remained. Even though the Spirit Emperor wasn’t very intelligent, she was clear that they couldn’t launch an attack.

“We don’t need power. I just need some helpers and some wind attribute Magical Beasts.” Long Chen smiled.

“You’re saying, you’ll use…” The Spirit Emperor instantly understood.

“Yes. I have as much black soil as I want. I can completely poison the Dark Forest to death. However, if the master of the Dark Forest takes action, I’ll probably need your help.” The only thing Long Chen was worried about was the master of the Dark Forest.

“Don’t worry, the Dark Master is like the Life God Tree and has no fighting power by itself. It can only use its energy to support the other tree demons. But what’s different is that the Life God Tree views each of the Spirit race warriors it birthed as its child, and their souls are connected to the Life God Tree, while the Dark Forest’s tree demons are viewed as nothing more than tools by the Dark Master. It doesn’t feel the slightest emotion when they die,” said the Spirit Emperor.

“Then that’s good. Arrange some helpers. I’m going to completely remove this scourge called the Dark Forest.” Hearing that, Long Chen felt much more relaxed.

“If you spread the black soil that widely, there will be no more life in the Spirit World. Once the Dark Forest is destroyed, everything will be a land of death.”

“There’s no need for you to worry about that. After I send out the black soil, I have a way of pulling it back. The Spirit World will still be the same Spirit World,” promised Long Chen.

The black soil of the primal chaos space had a definite connection to his soul. As long as he wasn’t too far, he could summon it back at will.

The most marvelous thing was that the black soil in the primal chaos space always maintained a set amount. Whether he shot it out or pulled it back, the amount in the actual primal chaos space wouldn’t change. It was extremely strange.

The Magical Beast corpses, once their essence blood and crystal cores were extracted by Guo Ran, had all been tossed into the black soil. The World Trees had grown explosively to six thousand meters.

They were flourishing and emitted boundless life energy. This was a powerful trump card to Long Chen.

Last time when fighting against the Undying Willow, he had been constantly injured. He had relied entirely on the World Trees’ bountiful life energy to maintain his peak combat power. Otherwise, he’d have long since been defeated.

Hearing that Long Chen could pull back the black soil, the Spirit Emperor’s worries vanished. She began to gather people.

Long Chen didn’t ask for many people. He picked out ten thousand Spirit Generals and hundreds of wind attribute spirit beasts.

These spirit beasts were a mix. Some were large, some were small. The strongest had reached the eleventh rank, while the weakest was only at the seventh rank.

However, he didn’t want them to fight. He was merely borrowing their wind energy.

Just like that, Long Chen led this group of Spirit race warriors and spirit beasts back toward the battlefield. When they flew over it, the desolation was striking. The blood had dried, but its pungent smell still hung in the air.

There were some nameless Magical Beasts fighting against each other for the broken fragments of other Magical Beast corpses. The Spirit race warriors shot them down without Long Chen having to say anything.

Long Chen formed a hand seal, and the endless black soil on the ground rose and rapidly vanished.

The black soil was all tossed into the primal chaos space. When it fell where the circle of black soil was in the primal chaos space, it silently merged with it and vanished.

Long Chen continued forward, summoning back all the black soil from back then.

Once the Dark Forest was destroyed, this battlefield would vanish. Then the Life God Tree could populate this entire world. This place would become a paradise without any fighting.

The black soil on the ground quickly vanished. Long Chen led his group straight toward the Dark Forest.

A pitch-black forest quickly appeared ahead. Long Chen flew into the air, and black soil fell down from him.

The Spirit race warriors formed a line behind him, their bows in their hands. They were focused entirely on protecting him.

As the black soil fell, all the spirit beasts unleashed wind attribute attacks that sent the black soil flying.

Wind blades, wind pillars, hurricanes… All kinds of attacks shot out, bringing the black soil shooting into the distance.

The black soil was like a powerful current sweeping through the Dark Forest.

The peaceful Dark Forest was instantly thrown into chaos. Countless startled cries rang out. Any trees touched by the black soil withered and turned to dust.

Some of them tried to run, but it was useless. Once they were touched, they wouldn’t last long before dying.

The black current rapidly spread thanks to the efforts of the Magical Beasts. The Dark Forest was quickly vanishing.

Some of the Dark Forest’s Magical Beasts appeared, but before they could attack, they were killed by the Spirit race warriors. These Magical Beasts were only at the eighth rank. They were no different than rabbits when compared to the Spirit Generals.

“Forest of Life, don’t go too far!”

Very quickly, a furious roar came from the depths of the Dark Forest. A huge tree image appeared in the sky. It was the Dark Master.

It didn’t come with its true body, instead sending only a projection. But that terrifying pressure could make a person’s soul explode.

It was a terrifying existence, but Long Chen ignored it. He continued unleashing the black soil.

“You’d best stop right there! Otherwise, the Dark Forest will fight to the death and bring you down with us!” roared the Dark Master.

“What did you say?” Long Chen tilted his head, acting like he hadn’t heard.

“I said that you’d best stop right there! The Dark Forest will fight to the death and bring you down with us!” The Dark Master obediently repeated what it had just said.

“What did you say?”

“I said, you’d best stop right there! Otherwise, the Dark Forest will fight to the death and bring you down with us! Do you understand?!”

“Oh, I understand.”

“Then why haven’t you stopped?!”

The black soil was still spreading rapidly. All the tree demons were fleeing into the distance, but some of the younger ones couldn’t transform and couldn’t move. They could only wait for their death.

“Why would I have to stop?” asked Long Chen.

“You want to die with us?”


“Then hurry up and stop!”

“Why would I?”


Long Chen continued to act stupid, infuriating the Dark Master. But it truly was wooden-brained. It was still discussing whether or not it should fight to the death.

Long Chen wanted to see how long the Dark Master would continue discussing this matter with him.

As a result, for two hours, the Dark Master had used the threat of bringing Long Chen down with him the entire time. Long Chen had no choice but to admit defeat and stop talking. The power of a wooden brain was truly great.

“Life Master, what do you think you’re doing?! Do you really want to get the entire Spirit World destroyed?!”

The Dark Master was shocked and infuriated to see that the black soil was still spreading rapidly. Without any other solution, the Dark Master directly threatened the Life Master.

“Oh, not bad, you’ve finally added something new to your repertoire,” appraised Long Chen indifferently. Finally, the Dark Master had used a new threat.

The Life Master was the Life God Tree. But the Life God Tree didn’t speak on its own. The Spirit Emperor was its representative.

Yet, the Spirit Emperor also ignored the Dark Master. Long Chen began to push forward as he unleashed the black soil.

Through the Dark Master’s actions, Long Chen could tell that the Dark Master was powerless to do anything against his attacks. That was why it was trying to scare him into stopping.

To Long Chen who often had to deal with sinister scheming fellows, the Dark Master’s thoughts were easy to read.

“Bastard, then we’ll just bring you down with us!” On the verge of despair, the Dark Master suddenly let out a furious roar. Its figure vanished.

Roaring came from the depths of the Dark Forest. Countless Magical Beasts began rushing out.

“So it really did have a trump card?” Long Chen was startled.

The sea of beasts appeared once more. At the front were thousands of eleventh rank Magical Beasts. That truly gave Long Chen a start.

Just as he thought the Dark Forest was really using up everything it had to bring him down with them, Long Chen became speechless.

Other than the thousands of eleventh rank Magical Beasts at the front, the rest were all weak. Some were even still at the Xiantian level. This was just a bluff.

The Spirit race warriors prepared to attack. They were only ten thousand people, so this would be a fierce battle.

But before they could attack, Long Chen raised a hand high into the air. A huge flame sphere rapidly grew. Sacred chanting began to fill the air.

In the battle last time, Long Chen had wanted to use Star Fall to destroy the Undying Willow, but the Undying Willow’s attacks came too quickly for him to have a chance to unleash it.

When it came to destructive power, Star Fall was even more terrifying than Split the Heavens. But the casting time was too long. Under the Undying Willow’s concentrated attacks, there had been no way to unleash it.


The huge flame sphere in Long Chen’s hands finally shot out and exploded amongst the sea of beasts.

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