Chapter 1463 Unrivaled Black Soil (Teaser)

“Long Chen, are… are you serious? We’re still in the process of recovering.” The Spirit Emperor was shocked that Long Chen wanted to attack the Dark Forest.

“I know. But this is the best time to attack the Dark Forest. We can’t miss it. We’re going to pull them up by their roots and completely annihilate them,” said Long Chen.

“But they’re so powerful…”

The Forest of Life’s Spirit race warriors and spirit beasts had taken heavy losses. Only thirty percent of them remained. Even though the Spirit Emperor wasn’t very intelligent, she was clear that they couldn’t launch an attack.

“We don’t need power. I just need some helpers and some wind attribute Magical Beasts.” Long Chen smiled.

“You’re saying, you’ll use…” The Spirit Emperor instantly understood.

“Yes. I have as much black soil as I want. I can completely poison the Dark Forest to death. However, if the master of the Dark Forest takes action, I’ll probably need your help.” The only thing Long Chen was worried about was the master...

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