Chapter 1458 Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Killing Formation

The black saber-image looked like a manifestation of evil. It was like the blade of a fiend that wanted to extinguish all life in this world.


The Undying Willow was cut in two, and the saber-image continued onward to the distant Peng Wansheng.

Peng Wansheng was shocked, not being able to comprehend how Long Chen had unleashed such a terrifying attack. He stabbed himself in the forehead with his finger. Blood spurted out, flowing with golden runes.

Two huge wings appeared on his back. Those thirty-thousand-meter wings released a blinding light and powerful pressure. Folding in, they protected Peng Wansheng like two large hands.

The black saber-image struck the golden wings. They exploded, and Peng Wansheng shot out like a shooting star, going so far that he vanished over the horizon.

“Boss won!”

Li Qi and Song Mingyuan arrived just in time to see Long Chen pull off this incredible victory. The huge tree was cut in two and Peng Wansheng was sent flying.

Just as they thought the battle was over, the Undying Willow’s two halves began to shine, and its scale-like bark began to ripple. Countless branches grew out of its crown to reconnect its two halves. It instantly healed.


Li Qi and Song Mingyuan were shocked. It was able to heal so easily after such a terrifying attack? The Undying Willow’s life energy far surpassed their imagination.

“Li Qi, Mingyuan, quick… help me out.”

Long Chen was panting slightly. He suddenly formed a hand seal, and the sky darkened.

A mass of black soil was falling out of the sky. This huge amount of soil was many miles thick.

“Earth Covered Star!”

Li Qi and Song Mingyuan were prepared, and the black soil swelled up, wrapping around the just-recovered Undying Willow.

It condensed into a huge sphere on the ground. It shook intensely, looking like it might explode at any moment.


Li Qi and Song Mingyuan slammed the ground with their palms, and countless dark gold runes appeared, surging toward the earthen sphere.

The runes were like millions of fish swimming on top of the earthen sphere. They began to form rows, forming runic chains.

The sphere shook. Clearly, the Undying Willow was launching a crazy attack to escape.

Each time it shook, the world shook along with it. Everyone’s hearts clenched.

More and more runes streamed over from every direction on the ground. They crawled up the sphere. But each time the sphere fiercely shook, a portion of the runes were broken.

Fortunately, there were enough runes to make up for the shattered ones. Li Qi and Song Mingyuan both spat a mouthful of their blood on the ground.

As their essence blood entered the ground, the earthen runes grew more excited and crazily charged forward.

However, the sphere was still shaking intensely, breaking apart their runes.

Li Qi and Song Mingyuan were both tense. As long as these runic chains managed to reach the top, it would form a complete runic prison, and their Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Formation would be complete. Then they wouldn’t need to fear the Undying Willow any longer.

However, the Undying Willow seemed to be aware of this danger and was crazily struggling, refusing to allow the formation to be completed.

“Fuck, we’ll go all-out!”

Li Qi and Song Mingyuan spat out nine consecutive mouthfuls of blood. Their faces turned white as paper.

With this boost, the first runic chain finally reached the top of the sphere. Once it did, the chain brightened, and no matter how the sphere trembled, no more runes were broken.

Then more and more chains managed to reach the top. Any chains that managed to reach the top no longer broke. As more and more of the chains became complete, the trembling of the sphere lessened until it was still.

Ten thousand chains had tightly wrapped the sphere. Li Qi and Song Mingyuan shouted once more.

“Heaven Sealing Earth Locking Killing Formation!”

With a final hand seal, the runes on the sphere began to revolve, causing it to shrink.

In just a moment, it was only a couple of miles wide. It had to be known that the original Undying Willow had been dozens of times larger than that. It had been compressed to this point.

But once it reached this point, it began to shake once more. Most likely, the Undying Willow inside was struggling crazily. Yet, it only managed to stall the compression for a moment before it continued. In the end, it became the size of a fist.

“Boss, it transformed into a seed form. We’re unable to kill it,” said Li Qi, panting slightly.

Long Chen was also weary now. The Undying Willow had been too terrifying. Even his black soil, the bane of all life, was unable to kill it.

The black soil came from the primal chaos space, so Long Chen was even more aware of the situation inside the sphere than Li Qi and Song Mingyuan.

The Undying Willow had been crazily struggling at first. Other tree demons would instantly wither upon coming into contact with the black soil, but this Undying Willow had released some kind of light that had temporarily blocked the black soil.

However, as time passed, the Undying Willow had also not been able to resist. Its leaves and branches had begun to wither.

When the formation was complete and it realized it couldn’t win, it finally transformed into a tiny seed. It seemed to be in a dormant state that made it so even the black soil couldn’t kill it.

It was no wonder it was called the Undying Willow. Those that could be called undying were truly terrifying. Without the black soil, Long Chen wouldn’t have been able to survive today.

Long Chen put away the sphere containing the Undying Willow’s seed form. He was just about to go assist Leng Yueyan when he realized she and Sha Guangyan had already vanished.

Chu Yao and the others came rushing over. All the Dragonblood Legion came. The Dark Forest’s Magical Beasts had been routed along with the army of the ancient races, Corrupt path, and ancient family alliance.

“Long Chen, are you alright?” Chu Yao came forward and helped support Long Chen. She pressed a hand against his back, slowly released the little bit of spiritual yuan she had left into his body. Long Chen’s spiritual yuan was at rock bottom now.

“Where is Leng Yueyan?” With Chu Yao’s assistance, Long Chen no longer felt that the world was spinning around him.

“She already left. She told me to tell you that she had now repaid one of your favors and still owes you one final favor.” Chu Yao looked at Long Chen with a complicated expression.

Leng Yueyan was known as the Corrupt path’s number one killing goddess, unrivaled in her generation. But today, she had come to help Long Chen.

Furthermore, her actions today were equivalent to betraying the Corrupt path. Chu Yao was unable to imagine how Leng Yueyan could owe Long Chen such a favor.

“Long Chen, goodbye. I will return your favor of not killing me twice.”

Leng Yueyan’s parting words from when they had encountered each other in the Ancient Battlefield rang out in Long Chen’s mind.

“One final favor?”

Long Chen had a complicated feeling. He didn’t know what he felt toward Leng Yueyan, but he felt a bit distressed now.

Taking a deep breath, he expelled those emotions for now. The battle was over, and the Dragonblood Legion, the Spirit race warriors, and the Forest of Life’s spirit beasts were all here.

The army of Spirit race warriors had shrunk a great deal. At the very least, half were no longer present. That made Long Chen’s heart turn heavy.

“How many of the Dragonblood Legion sacrificed their lives?” asked Long Chen, his voice heavy. He did his best to keep the emotion out of his voice, but his voice still trembled. His nervousness couldn’t be hidden.

Guo Ran, Gu Yang, and the others were all silent. Tang Wan-er and Meng Qi had expressions of grief. Everyone was silent.

“Tell me,” sighed Long Chen.

In truth, just by using his divine sense, he could see how many casualties there had been. But he didn’t dare. He didn’t want to see those familiar figures gone.

“A total… of… five hundred and thirty-seven of our brothers died…” Guo Ran was the one who spoke the number.

All the Dragonblood Legion had tears in their eyes. This was not a number to them. This was the lives of their brothers that were lost forever.

“Long Chen, it was my fault. I…” said Meng Qi.

“Boss, I didn’t lead the battle well enough…” cried Guo Ran.

Long Chen waved his hand. “Battle is not a game. Since we’ve chosen to fight, those who die will forever be by our side, so don’t blame yourselves. We all did our best. It’s not that we weren’t strong enough, but that our enemies were just too powerful.”

Long Chen was comforting them when he suddenly coughed out a mouthful of blood, alarming everyone.


“Long Chen!”

Chu Yao’s tears overflowed. She was in the midst of healing Long Chen’s injuries, so her soul was connected to his. Only she knew how much pain he was in.

Long Chen was comforting others, when in reality, he was the one who needed to be comforted the most.

“I’m fine.” Long Chen shook his head, but his voice was also choked with emotion just like the others.

“Clean up the battlefield. We’ll go back to the Forest of Life to rest and reorganize. This matter definitely won’t end here.”

Everyone began cleaning up the battlefield, gathering some things that the experts had left behind. The powerful Magical Beast corpses were also gathered.

“Boss, there’s also this arm. It’s… Sha Guangyan’s.” Guo Ran noticed an arm while cleaning the battlefield.

“Keep it. We can use it as a present for the ancient family alliance,” said Long Chen indifferently.


Guo Ran put away the arm, and the battlefield was cleaned up by them. Since the Dark Forest didn’t make any more moves, Long Chen led the Dragonblood Legion back to the Forest of Life.

The world returned to calm. But the battlefield was now covered in rivers of blood. Countless dead spirits were buried, along with the souls of five hundred and thirty-seven heroes who had sacrificed all their hot blood here.

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