Chapter 1457 A Shocking Reversal

The bone sword swung through the air, unleashing blinding light. In that instant, it felt like time was standing still. The only thing moving in this world was the bone sword.

The Bloodkill Hall assassin suddenly turned icy-cold. Then the world split in two and began to slide away.

A line of blood appeared from the top of his head, down to his nose, then neck, stomach, until his entire body split in two.

It wasn’t this world that was split in two, but his body. His eyes were seeing things from different angles.

However, he had no time to consider that issue. That sword didn’t just cut apart his body, but it also annihilated his soul.

“Ready yourself. I’ll handle them, but the battle’s not over.” A beautiful voice rang out in Chu Yao’s ears, but that voice felt icy, as if it could freeze a person’s soul.

Chu Yao looked in disbelief at the person before her. This was a woman who was beautiful to the peak.

Her blue eyes were like gemstones in the night, releasing a dream-like light. She was beautiful and mysterious. But those eyes also contained unconcealable killing intent. They were like the eyes of a merciless goddess of death.

“Leng Yueyan?”

Sha Guangyan was also filled with disbelief as he stared at this woman.

She was the Corrupt path’s supreme expert, Leng Yueyan. No one had expected her to appear and save Chu Yao.

Leng Yueyan completely ignored Sha Guangyan. Without even looking back, her sword slashed out behind her, cutting through a figure hidden in space.

“Shameful things, you really disgust me.” Leng Yueyan’s sapphire eyes were shining, looking like they could see through all the mysteries of heaven and earth.

“It’s the Voidpiercing Eyes!”

Since three of the four assassins from the Bloodkill Hall had been slain, the last one fled hastily.

However, he had just moved when a bone sword slashed out. Although Leng Yueyan was simply slashing through the air and not striking him, the distant assassin instantly exploded. It was a bizarre sight.

Long Chen had not expected Leng Yueyan to come and help. But she had truly come at the right time. This was his first time being full of gratitude toward her.

Chu Yao stared in shock at this death goddess. Even as all the assassins were slain, she didn’t recover from her shock.

Leng Yueyan’s name was known throughout the Martial Heaven Continent. She possessed both beauty and power that could shake the world, and her vicious means were well-known. Who could have possibly thought that she would come to save Chu Yao?

Chu Yao was pushed away by Leng Yueyan. Leng Yueyan’s voice rang in her ears. “Don’t just stand there. That Undying Willow is an emperor amongst Undying Willows, and its origins are mysterious. Hurry and help Long Chen! Otherwise, he’ll be killed before long.”

Only then did Chu Yao realize that Long Chen’s figure had vanished behind a wall of willow branches.

She nodded. Although she didn’t know why Leng Yueyan would help her, she guessed it was connected to Long Chen. Hastily using her Heavenly Dao energy to heal, she rushed over to Long Chen.

“Leng Yueyan, what do you think you’re doing?! You intend to violate the agreement?” Sha Guangyan was infuriated that his victory was ruined at the last moment.

“First of all, don’t shout at me; only he is qualified to do so. Other than him, everyone else who has dared to do that has died. Second, I don’t care about any agreement. There is nothing in this world that can restrict me. Third, I’ll simply say this: my throne just so happens to be missing an expert’s skull, and yours will do quite nicely.” Leng Yueyan stared at Sha Guangyan without the slightest emotion. But a chilling killing intent had already enveloped him.

Sha Guangyan laughed, “What a joke! You and I are both Empyreans. In a one against one, who knows whether or not you can even defeat me, let alone kill me? Are you sleeptalking?”

Leng Yueyan’s mouth curled into a smile. “Someone who hasn’t even awakened their manifestation dares to call themself an Empyrean? That’s a real joke. As for whether or not I’m sleeptalking, you’ll quickly know.”

Leng Yueyan slashed her sword at the same time as the final word came out her mouth. It was incredibly quick, and it had already reached Sha Guangyan.

Sha Guangyan was shocked by her speed. Not only did it come without any warning, but she also didn’t have to store up any energy to launch such a fierce killing blow.

By the time he could react, the bone sword was right before his face. He didn’t even have time to summon his sand energy, and a sand chain pulled him from behind, bringing him away. His reaction speed was also shocking.

Although the speed at which he retreated was shocking enough, he didn’t manage to completely dodge it. The tip of the bone sword slashed across his face, leaving a bloody wound from his forehead to his chin. It was so deep that you could see bone. Any slower and he’d have been cut in two.

Blood spurted, and Sha Guangyan was horrified to find that some unknown energy was present on his wound, causing his blood to pour out rapidly. He hastily circulated his Heavenly Dao energy to heal.

“Leng Yueyan, you’re courting death!” roared Sha Guangyan. Leng Yueyan had almost killed him just now.

Following his roar, the just-healed injury on his face split open once more, and blood poured out.

Leng Yueyan’s bone sword possessed a special energy that was above the Heavenly Daos. The injuries caused by it could not be healed. Even using Heavenly Dao energy to heal it would just heal the appearance. Once the muscles were used, they would split apart again. It was an eternal injury.

Sha Guangyan was shocked, and he roared furiously. Sand soared into the air, forming a huge twister that smashed toward Leng Yueyan.

This was a huge area attack that had once made Chu Yao suffer. It was extremely powerful. But Leng Yueyan was not showing any expression. A primal chaos manifestation appeared behind her, and killing intent caused the sky to shake.

Her sword slashed down, and the sand twister was cut in two. Leng Yueyan appeared right in front of Sha Guangyan like a death goddess.

“Sand Waterfall!”

Sha Guangyan was horrified and slammed the ground with his palms. His sand soared into the sky like a waterfall flowing in reverse, forming multiple layers in front of Leng Yueyan.

But yet again, Leng Yueyan simply slashed her sword out. The runes on it unleashed a bright glow, and the waterfall was blown apart.

“Let me see how long you can last.” As her bone sword danced, the waterfall was constantly being blown apart.

Sha Guangyan was filled with terror. This sand waterfall was his strongest defense. But it appeared so weak in front of Leng Yueyan’s bone sword.

He was comforted that the speed at which Leng Yueyan broke through his waterfalls was not as fast as the rate at which he created them.

However, Leng Yueyan was just randomly slashing her sword, while he was using up a huge amount of his spiritual yuan. He would run out of energy sooner or later, and then his death would come.

Sha Guangyan hadn’t expected Leng Yueyan to be even more terrifying than the rumors said. In truth, he was already defeated. He was only bitterly enduring in hope that the situation would turn around.

Leng Yueyan instantly forced Sha Guangyan into desperate straits. If he didn’t specialize in defense, he’d already have been killed. Leng Yueyan was too powerful.

Chu Yao flew over to Long Chen’s side. Her current power had dropped from her peak, and she couldn’t handle the Undying Willow. However, Peng Wansheng was also weakened, and she could protect Long Chen’s back from him.

Yet, just as she went to stop Peng Wansheng, Long Chen sent her a spiritual message. “Go help Meng Qi and the others. Then call over Li Qi and Song Mingyuan.”

Chu Yao was startled, but she chose to listen to his directions. She turned toward Meng Qi’s side.

“Endless Falling Wood!”

Wooden stakes soared into the sky like serpents, attacking the rank nine Celestials.

One of the Corrupt rank nine Celestials in the midst of attacking Cloud did his best to dodge the wooden stakes, and as a result, he was slain by Cloud’s attack.

Chu Yao’s arrival instantly broke the equilibrium of the battle. The Dragonblood Legion’s absolute disadvantage became an absolute advantage.

Wooden stakes flew out everywhere, covering the battlefield. Following the death of one rank nine Celestial, Cloud let out a cry, and with Meng Qi’s assistance, it spat out a black ball of light that killed another rank nine Celestial entangled by the wooden stakes.

Two rank nine Celestials were slain in just a moment. The balance was completely ruined, with the scales of victory tipping toward the Dragonblood Legion.

With Gu Yang’s assistance, Guo Ran killed a rank nine Celestial from the ancient races. Another expert was freed up.

“Kill them all! Don’t leave a single one! Vengeance for our brothers!” Guo Ran roared furiously and started a crazy slaughter of the opposing experts.

Due to their absolute disadvantage, Guo Ran had been forced to watch as several of the Dragonblood warriors were slain. Some of them died from launching suicidal attacks that brought down their enemies with them. That sight was branded in his heart. His killing intent overflowed as he cut down these experts one by one.

“Kill them all!”

The Dragonblood warriors roared furiously, their eyes scarlet. They were like bloodthirsty Magical Beasts that only knew slaughter. That was the only way to release their fury.

With Chu Yao’s arrival, the Dragonblood Legion slaughtered their enemies. Li Qi and Song Mingyuan rushed over to Long Chen’s battlefield.

Just as they were getting closer, they saw a giant saber-image soar into the sky and shatter countless willow branches.

“Split the Heavens 5!”

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