Chapter 1456 Everything Hangs By a Thread

“Chu Yao!”

Long Chen let out a heart-rending roar. He hadn’t expected the Bloodkill Hall’s assassin to be patiently lying in wait here.

Long Chen didn’t know what technique that the assassin was using to have prevented Long Chen from sensing his existence. Now that he attacked, his sword was already through Chu Yao’s back.

Due to the distraction, a golden ray pierced Long Chen in the ribs. Peng Wansheng sneered, “Don’t worry, you’ll quickly be reunited with her.”

“Die!” Long Chen roared furiously and switched out the Blazing Dragon Cauldron for Dragonbone Evilmoon. An incredibly evil aura of slaughter soared into the sky as he slashed it at Peng Wansheng.

Peng Wansheng’s expression changed, and he hastily retreated. He had already experienced how terrifying Dragonbone Evilmoon was, so he didn’t dare to take it directly.

Forcing away Peng Wansheng, Long Chen unleashed a spinning saber-image at the Undying Willow.

The saber-image blew apart the willow branches that were at least on the Ancestral item level. In front of Dragonbone Evilmoon, they were unable to withstand a single blow.

Just as Long Chen was crazily forcing back Peng Wansheng and the Undying Willow, the Bloodkill Hall’s assassin stabbed Chu Yao through the back. He smiled coldly, but that smile quickly became shock.

The Chu Yao in front of him stiffened and transformed into a wooden statue.

“Not good, it’s a fake!”

The assassin’s expression changed, and he pulled his sword back, preparing to flee.

However, the statue that his sword had pierced now tightened around his sword, making it so he couldn’t pull it out. Just as he was about to use his full power, a sharp wooden stake stabbed through his forehead.

Blood splashed as the wooden stake stabbed through him like a spear. Countless roots sprang from the wooden stake, digging into his body.

The Bloodkill Hall assassin had no opportunity to flee before his body was completely pierced by roots. The roots then lit up and exploded, killing the assassin.

“Be careful Chu Yao! There are still three more!”

Chu Yao thought that she had escaped a calamity by killing this rank nine Celestial from the Bloodkill Hall, but then Long Chen’s voice rang out again. Just now, when that person had attacked, Long Chen had instantly sensed at least three of the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins in the surrounding area.

Originally, they had been planning to attack together. But Sha Guangyan’s sand had ended up blocking three of them. They hadn’t had a chance to attack, but their killing intent was still sensed by Long Chen in that instant.

Chu Yao had only just killed the first assassin when Sha Guangyan took that chance to launch a powerful attack. A sand hand slammed toward her back, and her hasty wooden shield was blown apart.

“Fairy Chu Yao, sorry, but I’ll have to be vicious today.” That was what Sha Guangyan said, but his expression wasn’t the slightest bit apologetic. Sand filled the air and condensed into flying spears that took advantage of this chance to attack Chu Yao.

Chu Yao wiped off some blood from the corner of her mouth. She was in the midst of forming hand seals when her expression changed. A portion of the wooden stakes that were growing out of the ground and in the midst of attacking Sha Guangyan suddenly came back to shield her back.

Three rays of sword-light came from different angles, stabbing into Chu Yao’s shield. Their swords stabbed into the wooden shield, but that canceled out so much of their power that they couldn’t press forward anymore.

The three of them were like phantoms. They were from the Bloodkill Hall, and as soon as they appeared, they vanished. It was impossible to track them in the sky.

BOOM! The shield in front of Chu Yao blew apart as sand spears stabbed through it.

Chu Yao was originally fighting evenly with Sha Guangyan, but now that three assassins from the Bloodkill Hall had been added into the mix, she had no choice but to divert some of her power to handle them. As a result, her power in other areas dropped, and she could now no longer fully block Sha Guangyan’s attacks.

She hastily retreated, and wooden walls grew out of the wall one by one.

The wooden walls were destroyed one after another. The sand spears destroyed seven of them before finally running out of energy.

Just as Chu Yao was hastily blocking Sha Guangyan’s attack, a sword came from a strange angle and stabbed toward her ribs.

Chu Yao was about to block that when another sword appeared above her head. Only the sword was visible, while its master was nowhere to be seen.

Flowers suddenly bloomed in the air around her, spreading in every direction. Very quickly, an invisible figure was revealed by the flower. The three of them were at three different angles and attacking at the same time to seal all her paths of retreat.

The endless flowers suddenly exploded, forcing the three of them away. They might be rank nine Celestials, but in front of Chu Yao, they still weren’t strong enough.

If it weren’t for the great threat that Sha Guangyan posed to her, the three of them would simply be courting death by attacking Chu Yao. But now, they were like distracting houseflies, constantly disturbing her attacks.

Most importantly, they were terrifying assassins. If she really allowed them to approach her, it would be dangerous.

“Fairy Chu Yao, don’t struggle meaninglessly. Today, you’ll all die here!” Sha Guangyan didn’t have the slightest sympathy. Taking advantage of the three assassins, he focused entirely on attacking. Sand condensed into a huge fist that slammed down.


Chu Yao’s hasty defense was destroyed. She was once more sent flying, coughing up blood that dyed the front of her robes.

As she was flying back, a sword silently appeared. Chu Yao did her best to dodge, but it still pierced her ribs. Blood dyed her robes.

“Bloodkill Hall, I swear that if I don’t annihilate you all, I won’t be Long Chen!”

Long Chen’s furious roar shook the heavens. He was fighting while wielding Dragonbone Evilmoon, but the Undying Willow was too terrifying. It seemed to be toying with Long Chen, intentionally stalling him so he couldn’t go help Chu Yao.

The willow branches completely covered the sky. Every time he destroyed them, new ones grew. These were the branches of the Undying Willow, and it seemed that there was an inexhaustible supply. As for Peng Wansheng, he was launching ranged attacks so Long Chen couldn’t possibly help Chu Yao. Seeing her injured, Long Chen almost went crazy.

Long Chen wasn’t afraid of bleeding, he wasn’t afraid of being injured, and he wasn’t afraid of dying. But he was afraid of seeing the people by his side bleeding. Seeing his own woman injured, he felt like his heart was being stabbed.

“You’re too weak. You should let me take over. I guarantee I’ll instantly slaughter all of them. As long as you relax your mind and let me work with you, no one will be a match for us.” Evilmoon’s enticing voice rang out at this critical time.

“Shut up!”

Long Chen roared furiously. At this time, Evilmoon was trying to seduce Long Chen to make him release its seal. Then it would take over his soul and make him its slave.

If he really did that, he would completely lose himself and be under Evilmoon’s control. Considering Evilmoon’s brutality, it would definitely annihilate all lifeforms here without discriminating against friend or foe. It existed only to kill.

If he agreed, he wouldn’t end up saving Chu Yao. He would end up killing everyone here. Unfortunately for Evilmoon, Long Chen’s will was extremely powerful, and he wasn’t affected.

He could see Chu Yao in danger as Sha Guangyan crazily attacked and the three assassins constantly launched sneak attacks. There were several times where she almost lost her life to the assassins. Their attacks were very difficult to handle, and they were too shameless, too despicable.

“Long Chen, you can only blame yourself for this. This is the karma for destroying one of the Bloodkill Hall’s strongholds in the Eastern Wasteland and blaspheming the statue of the Killing God. Your death and the deaths of all the people around you, are all because of the seed you planted. Don’t blame anyone else. Death is your only ending, and only death will cleanse you of your sins. The will of the Killing God cannot be overturned,” sneered one of the assassins as his sword almost stabbed through Chu Yao’s back.

“Fuck your mother! Starting today, I will hunt down your Bloodkill Hall to the last man!” roared Long Chen. He repeatedly slashed his saber, unleashing huge saber-images that broke through the obstacles in front of him, allowing him to slowly get closer to Chu Yao.

However, the Undying Willow was too difficult to deal with. It truly had an undying body, and its life energy was almost limitless. Long Chen didn’t even know how many of its branches he had destroyed, but they still continued growing without any sign of stopping.

In the distant battlefield, the Dragonblood Legion also saw Chu Yao’s situation.

“Brothers, kill! We have to save boss and sister Chu Yao!”

The Dragonblood warriors’ eyes were scarlet. This time, it was Long Chen and Chu Yao who had fallen into unprecedented danger. They had to help the two of them; hence, the Dragonblood Legion no longer fought defensively. They focused entirely on attacking, going crazy as they forced their way forward in a suicidal manner.

The Dragonblood Legion had gone insane. Their everything had been bestowed by Long Chen. Without Long Chen, they would have never reached their current heights.

“Kill! The Dragonblood Legion can lose us, but it can’t lose our boss!” One of the squad leaders launched a direct attack at the rank nine Celestial, pulling open the curtains to a crazy, bloody battle.

The Dragonblood Legion was charging forward without regard for death. The Forest of Life’s army almost pressed forward with the Dragonblood Legion, doing their best to protect them.

However, they were too far now, and in their suicidal push, they were cut down one after another by the opposing experts.

The Dragonblood Legion was fighting crazily. They used their bodies to take their opponents’ attacks while their own blades attacked the enemies.

“They’ve gone insane!”

The opposing experts were horrified. The current Dragonblood Legion seemed like a group of bloodthirsty fiends, and they didn’t care about their own lives. Even the fierce Corrupt experts felt a chill.

They pushed forward, gradually getting closer to Chu Yao. But they couldn’t get there in time. Chu Yao was covered in injuries and tottering on the verge of collapse.


Sha Guangyan launched another powerful attack, causing Chu Yao to cough up blood. Her body seemed to fall apart as she involuntarily shot back. Behind her, one of the Bloodkill Hall assassins smiled. His sword slashed toward her like a bolt of lightning. If it landed, it would definitely take her life.

“Long Chen, I’m sorry. I couldn’t help you at all…” Chu Yao was covered in injuries and had spent a great deal of her spiritual yuan. She was powerless to block this attack. Instead of fear, she looked into the distance at the insane Long Chen, a touch of sadness in her eyes.

The Bloodkill Hall assassin’s sword shone brightly as it slashed down.

Yet, before it could reach her body, a gentle hand wrapped around Chu Yao’s waist, and a bone sword swung through the air, cutting through the restrictions of time and space. It was like a star had exploded, and blinding light filled the sky.

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