Chapter 1455 Landing in Desperate Straits

Long Chen had used Evilmoon for the first time to unleash an unrivaled attack. But he was shocked to find that the majority of his spiritual yuan had been sucked away by Evilmoon.

Long Chen immediately assumed it was some nonsense caused by Evilmoon and cursed it. But the truth was that he had wrongly accused it.

Although he was just using Dragonbone Evilmoon’s body and not actually utilizing its true power, trying to use the fifth form of Split the Heavens would automatically use up over ten times the spiritual yuan as when he used it with his previous Ancestral item sword.

That amount of energy was the majority of his spiritual yuan. The exhaustion was huge, but the attack power was terrifying. His power had also been increased by over ten times, or there was no way Long Chen would have been able to defeat Peng Wansheng’s attack.

On the other hand, he had now used up so much energy that he didn’t have enough left for another attack. He could only use the Blazing Dragon Cauldron.

The Blazing Dragon Cauldron, which had almost been completely crippled by the black pot, had now recovered by thirty percent after this long recovery time. Its power had risen immensely.

The dragon image on the Blazing Dragon Cauldron lit up, and a faint dragon roar could be heard. The Blazing Dragon Cauldron became three thousand meters wide, and it was like a meteor as it shot toward the giant hole.

Peng Wansheng was hacking up blood in the bottom of the hole, his face completely pale. Even the golden runes in his eyes had dimmed. That attack just now hadn’t just used up a great amount of his essence blood, but it had also exhausted his spiritual yuan.

In his heavily injured state, he hadn’t even had time to recover before the Blazing Dragon Cauldron whistled toward him.

“Golden Peng Flash!” A ray of light shot out of Peng Wansheng’s eyes and struck the Blazing Dragon Cauldron. At the same time, golden light revolved around his body and transformed him into a phantom that shot away.

The golden ray merely caused the Blazing Dragon Cauldron to quiver ever so slightly, but it couldn’t change its trajectory. It smashed down.

The ground exploded when the Blazing Dragon Cauldron struck it. But Peng Wansheng had used this attack and strange movement art to avoid this fatal blow.

Although he wasn’t struck directly, he was blown away by the astral winds and coughed up more blood. Just at this moment, Long Chen circulated his flame and lightning energy, not giving Peng Wansheng any opportunity. This time, he was ninety percent confident in being able to kill Peng Wansheng. Without having a chance to heal, Peng Wansheng couldn’t handle the Double Dragon Destruction.

Peng Wansheng’s expression changed once more. He felt himself be locked onto by a terrifying attack. Long Chen was once more using a big move, and in his current state, there was no way Peng Wansheng could receive it.


Suddenly, the void exploded, and countless killer chains shot toward Long Chen.

“It’s the willow!”

Long Chen’s expression changed as he was far too familiar with this aura. These chains were actually willow branches, and their terrifying killing intent made long Chen’s hair stand on end. He immediately gave up on attacking Peng Wansheng and changed his attack to the willow branches.

BOOM! The two dragons flew out, breaking countless willow branches. But as they did, the void crumbled and a huge figure appeared. It was a giant willow tree.

It was many times larger than when Long Chen had first seen it. If he hadn’t recognized its aura, he wouldn’t be able to tell it was the same one.

The giant willow’s branches covered the sky. But most of its branches had now been destroyed by Long Chen’s attack. 

He had no time to bother with the willow. Long Chen immediately shot after the pale Peng Wansheng. He had to kill him first before considering anything else.

Long Chen was quick as lightning, and he took out the Blazing Dragon Cauldron again. From the moment he had unleashed the fifth form of Split the Heavens, to when he attacked with the Blazing Dragon Cauldron, to when the strange willow had appeared, had been just a moment. There was no time to wait. He had to attack before his opponent could react.

This was valuable experience gained through battles. On the battlefield, even the slightest opportunity could not be wasted.

Peng Wansheng was just about to use his primal chaos manifestation to heal when the Blazing Dragon Cauldron smashed into him again. Peng Wansheng barely managed to survive it and was sent flying once more, one of his wings broken.

Long Chen was shocked inside. Peng Wansheng was truly powerful. Under the torrent of attacks, despite being on his last breaths, Peng Wansheng was still able to survive.

Just as Long Chen was preparing to attack again, willow leaves rained down like arrows at him. The willow branches, which covered the sky, had countless leaves, and they now began to shine and shoot down at him.

The willow leaves were shockingly able to resist the Heaven Incinerating Flame. It was like there was some kind of divine energy protecting and isolating them from the Heaven Incinerating Flame.

Long Chen did his best to smash the leaves apart with the Blazing Dragon Cauldron, but the leaves came from every angle, and they were incredibly sharp, easily piercing his body.

Not even his dragon scales were able to block these willow leaves. They were life-reaping weapons. Long Chen had never encountered such a terrifying existence.

Long Chen extended his arms, unleashing Lei Long and Huo Long. They sped toward the willow leaves, but the willow leaves didn’t break, despite being attacked by the true bodies of Lei Long and Huo Long.

However, thanks to the two of them, the willow leaves were blown back and unable to harm Long Chen. Using that opening, Long Chen went straight toward the willow’s crown, because standing there was his target.

That figure was the strange willow’s core. Seeing Long Chen coming toward it, it didn’t even move. It simply stared indifferently at him.

Long Chen’s heart thudded. That look was like it didn’t even view him as an enemy. He took a deep breath, and the Blazing Dragon Cauldron in his hand unleashed blinding light as he smashed it at the figure.

Just before the Blazing Dragon Cauldron was about to reach it, the figure simply raised a hand. That hand seemed thin and weak, and yet it flicked the Blazing Dragon Cauldron away easily.

Long Chen’s hand immediately split open and began to bleed. He was actually unable to keep a hold on the Blazing Dragon Cauldron, and he was sent flying.

Long Chen was incomparably shocked. Just what kind of existence was this willow?! It was too terrifying!

More willow branches and leaves shot toward him once more, and Long Chen immediately called out Lei Long and Huo Long to protect him as he retreated.

“Be careful, Long Chen! That’s a legendary Undying Willow from a demon spirit world! Its power is limitless, and it is said to possess an undying body!” called out Chu Yao from the distance.

Chu Yao was trying to rush over to help, but Sha Guangyan was holding her back. Although she had managed to pull away at the start, Sha Guangyan began to go all-out to stop her toward the end, and she couldn’t escape for the moment.

“Long Chen, your death has come!”

Peng Wansheng’s cold shout came just as Long Chen escaped from the Undying Willow’s attack. He had just finished healing with his Heavenly Dao energy and regained some of his power.

Peng Wansheng could tell that the Undying Willow had come to kill Long Chen. He didn’t need to do anything else but stop Long Chen from escaping.

Seeing Long Chen escape the Undying Willow’s attack, Peng Wansheng hastily attacked to prevent him from escaping. But this action was superfluous. How could Long Chen leave all his people behind?


Long Chen slammed the Blazing Dragon Cauldron at Peng Wansheng. Despite healing, Peng Wansheng’s combat power had sharply dropped, and he couldn’t receive Long Chen’s attacks.

Long Chen had only just sent Peng Wansheng flying when a sea of sharp willow leaves whistled toward him.

He hastily used the Blazing Dragon Cauldron to defend. Fortunately, he had Lei Long and Huo Long protecting him as well. For a moment, he managed to endure.

However, Peng Wansheng was now waiting to launch sneak attacks behind him. Long Chen was flustered.

No one had expected that just as Long Chen was about to turn the tables, this terrifying Undying Willow would appear. Now Long Chen was in great danger.

Chu Yao did her best to escape Sha Guangyan’s entanglement to help, but Sha Guangyan had also realized Long Chen was in desperate straits, so he did everything to block Chu Yao. Although he couldn’t defeat her, holding her back temporarily was simple for him.

Long Chen was now caught between the Undying Willow and Peng Wansheng. He was in immense danger, and Chu Yao was panicked. She was the one who knew best just how terrifying the Undying Willow was.

That was why Chu Yao was doing her best to force back Sha Guangyan.

“Chu Yao, watch out!”

Chu Yao was in the midst of crazily attacking Sha Guangyan’s blockade when she heard Long Chen’s furious roar.

His voice had only just rung out when the space behind Chu Yao rippled like water. A sword silently appeared.

The sharp blade stabbed through Chu Yao’s back all the way to its hilt.

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