Chapter 1454 Utilizing Evilmoon

The black pot became enormous, and a mass of its black rust floated away. Long Chen was finally able to create the slightest connection between himself and the pot, allowing him to use a bit of its powers.


Peng Wansheng had never seen such a bizarre weapon, and he slammed his claws into the pot, trying to tear it apart.


What cracked wasn’t the pot but Peng Wansheng’s claws. The pot wasn’t harmed at all. Peng Wansheng let out a pained groan as he was sent flying. The pot’s power was too bizarre. His claws, which were comparable to Ancestral items, had been broken.

Long Chen didn’t give Peng Wansheng any chance to take a break. He once more smashed his pot at Peng Wansheng.

The pot was what remained of the ancient expert who had created the Four Nations Ancient Remnant. Now he could form the slightest spiritual connection to it.

Before this, the black pot had never responded to Long Chen. It was only just now that it seemed to have woken up from a deep slumber.

Long Chen’s spiritual energy poured into the pot, and the pot finally responded. It instantaneously grew to help him strike Peng Wansheng.

Peng Wansheng released a noise that sounded like an explosion. He turned into a golden ray of light that slammed toward Long Chen.


Golden light mixed with black dust flew through the air. Long Chen’s wrist cracked, and he vomited blood.

Peng Wansheng was no better off. His golden wings were now bloody, and his huge body tumbled back across the ground.

The wings of the Golden Peng race were their strongest weapons. But when he used them to clash with the pot, they had almost broken. That filled Peng Wansheng with shock.

“Fuck, a damn pot for begging dares to show off in front of me?! Ridiculous!” Peng Wansheng roared furiously. His huge body vanished as he reverted to his original, winged human form. The primal chaos behind him revolved, and the injuries to his wings quickly healed.

This was the terror of Peng Wansheng. Someone with such a powerful physical body and quick recovery abilities was practically impossible to defeat.

“This pot isn’t for begging but for stir-frying. Today, I’m planning on eating chicken wings!” Long Chen used the pot once more.

The pot’s item-spirit had woken, but it still seemed to be in a half-conscious state. Long Chen couldn’t use too much of his power.

As long as he poured in his spiritual yuan to it, it would grow larger and unleash greater power. Just that was enough.

“Having humiliated the Golden Peng race, you’ve signed death warrants for your entire bloodline, Long Chen!” Peng Wansheng was a descendant of the noble Golden Winged Great Peng, but Long Chen had called him a chicken.

As he roared, Peng Wansheng’s feathers raised, and a golden rune appeared on his forehead. A golden spear materialized in his hand.

Countless runes revolved around the spear, and it was like the sharp fang of a devil king.

“Using my name as a descendant of the Golden Peng, awake my full power!” Divine light began to shine from the rune on Peng Wansheng’s forehead. The golden spear in his hand began to buzz.

The spear seemed like an ancient beast that had been sealed for countless years and now finally regained its freedom. Overflowing killing intent erupted.


Peng Wansheng’s spear unleashed a wave of golden light. A terrifying pressure caused the world to shake.

Long Chen’s expression changed. He knew that Peng Wansheng had used some secret technique to fully activate the Ancestral item in his hands.

Ancestral items were normally only usable by Life Star experts. Below the Life Star realm, an Ancestral item’s item-spirit would not be fully convinced of their master’s power and would only use a small portion of their own power to help their master.

Yet, Peng Wansheng had now fully activated the Ancestral item. This attack was full of destructive power.

It came so suddenly that Long Chen had no time to change what he was doing. He could only pour his spiritual yuan into the pot.


The golden spear slammed into the pot. A heaven-shaking eruption unleashed huge ripples that blew apart the ground and shattered any mountains in their way.

A giant mushroom cloud of dust appeared in the sky, and the space for ten thousand miles was twisting like the world was covered in water.

Long Chen repeatedly coughed up blood. His upper body was a bloody pulp, and even his bones were exposed. That huge power had almost caused his body to crumble away.

Long Chen was in an extremely miserable state, but Peng Wansheng was also covered in blood. He was staring in shock at the remaining half of the spear in his hand. The rest of it had shattered.

Long Chen pressed his feet into the air, stopping himself from being blown further away. Faint cracks had now appeared on the pot, and he didn’t dare to use it any longer.

“Evilmoon, I’m giving you one last warning. You better not cause any trouble, or I’ll toss you in manure and seal you there for eternity.”

A pitch-black saber appeared in Long Chen’s hands. An incredibly evil aura filled the air, mixed with a will to slaughter everything. It felt like the air of hell had suddenly emerged.

Long Chen raised the black saber into the air, and a saber-image soared through the sky, causing the stars to quiver. A formless aura locked Peng Wansheng down.

“Fuck, how can he use it?!” Peng Wansheng’s expression changed upon seeing Dragonbone Evilmoon.

Just now, because he had been lost in shock from the destruction of his weapon, he hadn’t been able to react before being locked down.

It had to be known that powerful moves in battle all required a long casting time, and that was the only way to lock down an opponent and prevent them from fleeing.

Without locking down an opponent, they would just run away when you unleashed your attack. Then your huge ultimate move would be a joke.

So before unleashing a big move, you had to create an opportunity to unleash it, forcing your opponent to have no choice but to receive it.

Long Chen had finally created that opportunity and grasped it. He had locked Peng Wansheng down, and the latter had no choice but to receive his attack now.

The black saber unleashed endless killing intent. It felt like millions of fiends were roaring. It was definitely a peerless evil weapon that was forged only to slaughter.

Peng Wansheng’s expression became extremely ugly. Clenching his teeth, he stuck out a finger and drew a vertical cross on his forehead.

Golden essence blood began to drip out. Peng Wansheng was forcing out his most precious, purest essence blood.

“Blood of the Golden Peng offered to my ancestors! Bloodline summoning, ancestral spirit possession!”

The void exploded, and a huge thirty-thousand-meter figure appeared behind Peng Wansheng. It was like a god had descended to the world. This figure was composed of golden runes. It was a human with golden wings just like Peng Wansheng, and he held a golden spear.

This spear was equally large. When the figure raised the spear, the world rumbled as if it couldn’t bear this power.

This was the Golden Peng race’s secret art, while that figure was an ancestral heroic spirit that the Golden Peng race offered sacrifice to. It was an extremely terrifying existence.

Most extremely ancient inheritances would involve offering sacrifice to an ancestral spirit. In the ancient era, there were some experts who weren’t willing to ascend and instead transformed their lives into protective wills that looked after their descendants.

As long as their descendants continued to sincerely sacrifice to them, their heroic spirit wouldn’t fade. Like an oil lamp, as long as they continued offering more oil, the flame would not go out.

Peng Wansheng had now summoned the Golden Peng race’s ancestral spirit, but the price had been a huge amount of his essence blood, as well as his purest essence blood located in the space between his eyebrows.

Long Chen didn't even look at the giant figure. All he focused on was unleashing his full power. His 108,000 stars poured their energy through forty-five of his acupuncture points.

The black saber-image in the sky grew more and more solid. It now looked like a true blade, but it didn’t cause any rumbling. Instead, it was deadly silent. It was the calm before the slaughter.

“Split the Heavens 5!” Long Chen let out a thunderous cry that was like the roar of a devil god.

The black saber hacked down following Long Chen’s movements. It unleashed boundless killing intent.

“Golden Peng Heaven Breaking Attack!”

Peng Wansheng also let out a cry, and the huge figure behind him stabbed its spear at Long Chen. When the golden spear met with the black saber-image, the explosive rumbling faded. Deathly silence took over the world.


Then an incomparably violent explosion caused the world to rock. Golden rays of light and black waves spread, unleashing apocalyptic power.

The ground crumbled, split, and exploded. Countless cracks appeared in the sky. It felt like a tsunami was spreading through heaven and earth. Terrifying waves spread into the distance.

The huge sound caused all the experts fighting on the distant battlefield to go deaf. Then in the next instant, terrifying astral winds buffeted them. Everyone hastily blocked, while the Magical Beasts high in the sky were blown far into the distance.

The fierce astral winds made them feel like their bodies were being torn apart. The weaker ones coughed up blood.

“What kind of power is this?!” cried one of the ancient family experts as he stared at the space in the distance that was still twisting violently.

Long Chen’s robes were torn apart, and his body was covered in blood. He was panting slightly, but his eyes were calm.

He stepped through the air. Finding his target, he shot over. He put away the black saber, replacing it with a medicinal cauldron that he smashed into a giant hole beneath him.

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