Chapter 1453 A Frantic and Bloody Battle

Peng Wansheng was incredibly fast. His huge body unleashed a fierce burst of astral winds that shook the sky.

His huge wings slammed down, seemingly unstoppable. In the form of the Golden Peng True Body, A single one of his wings was three thousand meters long.

Now that his wings slammed down, they were like giant unstoppable blades. This was Peng Wansheng’s strongest state.

Long Chen was prepared, and golden flame wings spread on his back. He punched the air.

When he punched, the flame essence of the world concentrated on his fist and condensed into a huge fist-image of flames that smashed toward Peng Wansheng.


The golden wings smashed into the golden flame fist. Golden light erupted, blazing even brighter than the sun.

Long Chen’s expression changed slightly, as his attack was shattered by Peng Wansheng’s wings. But even more shocking was that he had lost track of Peng Wansheng.

Suddenly, he twisted. Using his leg like a whip, he swung it behind him.


Long Chen’s foot landed on a sharp claw. Peng Wansheng, whose body had shrunk to just a few meters, had appeared behind Long Chen. Long Chen was blown away.

Although he had used his startling spiritual perception to intercept this claw, a bloody mark had been left on his leg. Even his dragon scales were unable to block Peng Wansheng’s sharp claws.

“Die!” Peng Wansheng’s body instantly grew larger again, and he once more smashed his wings at Long Chen.

“Raging Flames Devour the Heavens!” Long Chen pulled out all his flame energy, covering the world with golden flames.

“Idiot, in my Golden Peng True Body form, your flames are unable to harm me!” Peng Wansheng sneered as his wings mercilessly slashed down.


The huge wings blew Long Chen back once more. He carved a long ditch in the ground.

“No…” Peng Wansheng suddenly felt that something was off. This flame-wrapped figure was lacking some kind of aura.

BANG! Peng Wansheng tried to dodge, but a black pot viciously smashed into his head.

Unable to defend in time, Peng Wansheng’s head slammed into the ground, causing it to shatter.

“Bastard!” Peng Wansheng roared. He had fallen for the same trick twice. Long Chen had a strange movement art. In a battle, he could randomly summon a flame clone that could be easily mistaken for his true body. In truth, this was one of Pill Valley’s secret arts.

“Double Dragon Destruction!”

Peng Wansheng had just shot out of the ground when a god-like roar rang out.

Two thirty-thousand-meter dragons appeared around Long Chen. One was golden, while one was violet. They looked incredibly lifelike as they coiled together agilely.

When they coiled together, heaven and earth rumbled, and the void was torn asunder. A terrifying pressure caused the world to quiver.

This was Long Chen’s first time using his full lightning and flame power after Huo Long had devoured all those Earth Flames and Lei Long had devoured the huge energy inside the lightning chains.

Normally, there wasn’t a suitable time to use such a huge move. If your enemy dodged, you would have just shown off your trump card for nothing. This kind of move could only be used to kill your opponent in one move.

Long Chen had no time to look for openings. Since he had no time, he might as well force it.

Peng Wansheng’s heart shook as he stared at those two huge dragons coiling in the sky. This move was horrifying.

“Don’t think you’re the only one with trump cards! I have plenty as well!” Peng Wansheng spread his wings. Starting from his tail, all his golden runes began to flow toward his head. At the same time, the golden runes in his eyes spun and began to blaze like suns. “I’ll let you experience the Golden Peng race’s unrivaled skill - Golden Peng Destroys the Void!”

A huge golden figure appeared in front of Peng Wansheng. It was the exact same form as him; however, it was composed entirely of golden runes.

It suddenly shot forward. The golden runes within it were growing larger and unleashing even more dazzling light.

This move could no longer be called a technique of the ancient races. This was an inherited secret art of the Golden Peng race. Only extremely pureblooded Golden Winged Great Pengs could use it.

Peng Wansheng was the descendant of the human race and the Golden Winged Great Peng race. Thus, being able to unleash this move was already inconceivable.

The two dragons smashed into the Golden Peng. The world shook violently and the ground exploded. Terrifying astral winds blew apart the clouds. It was day, and yet it was possible to see the stars in the sky shaking.

Such an intense collision unleashed a blinding explosion of light that was visible even on the distant battlefield.

“Cloud, we have to work hard and kill these people. Casualties are already appearing in the Dragonblood Legion. Long Chen will be pained.” Meng Qi’s eyes had lost their luster, and she couldn’t see the light. But she could sense Long Chen’s aura.

She knew Long Chen was putting everything on the line over there. She understood Long Chen too well. Each warrior of the Dragonblood Legion was his brother, and he was incapable of accepting a single one of them as a sacrifice.

However, this battle was cruel. No one amongst the Dragonblood Legion could stop that powerful rank nine Celestial. He was the greatest threat.

Cloud let out a sharp bird cry in response to Meng Qi’s words. Its feathers rose, and divine runes began to appear on them. It launched an all-out attack on the three rank nine Celestials.

Meng Qi formed hand seals and circulated her Spiritual Strength. The world began to change. One moment it was sunny and breezy, and in the next moment, a thunderous storm appeared. One moment it was a wonderland, and the next moment it became a bloody hell.

She was affecting her opponents’ spirits so that their view of the world constantly changed. This made it all too easy for them to make errors in judgment, and now, they were disturbing each other with their attacks.

With Cloud’s power, in a one against one, it could absolutely defeat a rank nine Celestial.

However, to kill one would be very difficult. With Meng Qi’s assistance, they were able to suppress the three of them. But killing them was simply impossible.

After all, those were rank nine Celestials. And right now, what they needed wasn’t to beat them, but to kill them. That was the only way they could assist the others and lessen the casualties of the Dragonblood Legion. They had to go all-out.


Guo Ran forced back his rank nine Celestial, but he was panicked. The situation of the battlefield was extremely grim, and the Dragonblood Legion was in danger.

“Fuck, do I only know how to show off? With this little ability, how can I keep following boss?”


Guo Ran roared, unleashing a tempest of attacks with his dual sabers. His opponent who had originally been fighting evenly with him was now forced to retreat over and over again.

They all sensed Long Chen’s aura, and they knew he was fighting all-out over there. Gu Yang, Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, and the rest of the Dragonblood Legion let out furious roars and went all-out.

In another place far away from the main battlefield, sand and wooden stakes filled the air. Chu Yao stood atop a formation of wood, shooting out wooden stakes like arrows.

She was also going all-out against Sha Guangyan. The land had been turned into a sea of sand, and she had summoned a mountain of wooden stakes. The two of them were fighting an intense battle.

Glancing into the distance, Chu Yao couldn’t conceal her worry.

She was skilled in defense, not offense. Although she was doing her best, she knew it was impossible for her to kill Sha Guangyan.

The two of them had plenty of spiritual yuan, and a fight between them was a fight of endurance. Their offensive and defensive power were too similar to each other, and neither of their elemental natures had a restrictive effect on the other’s. Victory or defeat would be decided by whose spiritual yuan would last longer.

Even if she could defeat Sha Guangyan in terms of spiritual yuan, it would take a long time to do so. Most importantly, Sha Guangyan wouldn’t just foolishly sit here until his spiritual yuan was exhausted. He would run, and Chu Yao wouldn’t have any opportunity to kill him.

So right now, the only one who could turn the entire battlefield around was Long Chen. If Long Chen won, the situation would instantly reverse.

As for if he lost, Chu Yao never thought of that possibility. It wasn’t just her; anyone who understood Long Chen never thought that he would lose.

Right now, Long Chen couldn’t just defeat Peng Wansheng. He had to kill him. Just defeating him was meaningless.

If Peng Wansheng simply fled back to the main battlefield and targeted the Dragonblood warriors, he would cause huge casualties.

So the only thing that could quickly reverse the tides of this battle was if Long Chen could slay Peng Wansheng.

“Long Chen, I trust you. You can do it.” Chu Yao looked at that blazing light in the distance, praying inside.

The Golden Peng and the two dragons exploded. A tempest of chaotic energy unfurled, devouring both Long Chen and Peng Wansheng. Both of them violently hacked up blood.

This exchange had been horrifying. Both of them were injured. Peng Wansheng’s manifestation circulated, and his injuries slowly healed.

At that moment, Long Chen shot over to him. The black pot in his hand explosively grew, becoming as large as a mountain as it smashed down toward Peng Wansheng.

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