Chapter 1452 Golden Peng True Body

The Dragonblood warriors who were close to berserk clenched their teeth and retreated.

Long Chen had instilled this principle into them: at any time, they could be willful, rash, even cause trouble if they wanted to, but they could not be like that on the battlefield.

On the battlefield, orders were everything. What were orders? Orders were things that had to be followed even if they involved sacrificing your life.

Once orders were sent out, they had to be followed immediately and without any hesitation. Anyone who dared to go against the orders would no longer be a member of the Dragonblood Legion.

So despite their hatred, despite their fury, the Dragonblood Legion retreated upon hearing Guo Ran’s orders.

Other than the rank nine Celestials, the front lines suddenly pulled back.

The ancient race, Corrupt path, and ancient family experts chased, but their expressions quickly changed as they entered bow range of the Spirit race warriors.

The Spirit race warriors didn’t need any orders. They concentrated their firepower on assisting the Dragonblood Legion.

As a result, the spirit beasts of the Forest of Life lost their protection and were forced to clash all-out against the Dark Forest’s Magical Beasts. The battle was reaching its climax.

The rank nine Celestial from the ancient family alliance tried to attack the Dragonblood Legion several times as they retreated, but he was forced back by the Spirit race warriors’ concentrated attacks.

As for the other experts, they used those openings to attack and cause chaos in the Spirit race warriors’ formations. However, unexpectedly, the Spirit race warriors were extremely courageous and would rather die to protect the Dragonblood Legion.

Only once they guaranteed that the Dragonblood Legion was safe did they start fighting back. As a result, large casualties appeared amongst the Spirit race warriors.

The Dragonblood Legion began a fierce fight against the experts from the ancient races, the Corrupt path, and the ancient family alliance, along with the Dark Forest’s Magical Beasts. This was the most brutal fight the Dragonblood Legion had fought in all of history.

Their enemies were fierce and outnumbered them by thousands of times, but their hearts were firm. As long as that person was present, he would definitely lead them to victory. All they had to do was wait for news.


Peng Wansheng was sent flying by Long Chen’s slap. Before he could do anything, he was kicked flying.

This kick was extremely powerful, because Long Chen was already fighting all-out. His divine ring and battle armor were in full force.

Peng Wansheng shot across the ground, creating a straight ditch.

“Long Chen, you’re asking for it!” Peng Wansheng finally stabilized himself. At this time, he was already far from the battlefield. Golden runes lit up all over his body.

“I don’t have time to waste words with you. Today, let’s decide who dies!”

Long Chen didn’t waste any time. He sent another kick at Peng Wansheng.

Peng Wansheng was infuriated. This attack was clearly just to humiliate him. A cold light flashed in his eyes, and his hands turned into sharp claws that reached toward Long Chen's foot.

Peng Wansheng was a descendant of the Golden Peng, so his cultivation base’s power was concentrated in his claws and wings. If he grabbed Long Chen’s foot, he was confident that Long Chen wouldn’t be able to escape.

Thus, he was pleasantly surprised that Long Chen was so arrogant as to keep going with his foot. He easily caught it.

Delighted, Peng Wansheng attempted to slam him into the ground. But just as he tried, thunderforce erupted out of Long Chen, and an irresistible energy forced Peng Wansheng to let go. At the same time, the thunderforce invaded his body, causing him to stiffen.

At this moment, Long Chen’s other foot viciously kicked Peng Wansheng in the nose.

The sound of bones breaking rang out. Peng Wansheng let out a muffled groan as he was once more sent flying.

Like a bolt of lightning, Long Chen chased after him. But at that moment, Long Chen felt his heart turn cold. When Peng Wansheng raised his head, Long Chen saw two golden runes in his eyes.

Long Chen forcibly twisted his body in the air. At the same time, two golden rays shot out of Peng Wansheng’s eyes.

Long Chen’s instinctive dodge managed to protect his vitals. However, his shoulder was struck by one of the golden rays, and it was blown away. Blood poured out, and even his bones were exposed. His blood dyed his upper body.

This attack was bizarre. It had come so suddenly and at such a close range. If it hadn’t been for his shocking spiritual perception, Long Chen might have been killed.

“This is the Golden Peng race’s inherited secret technique, the Golden Peng Light. How does it feel?” Peng Wansheng’s primal chaos manifestation appeared behind him, and his broken nose was already healed.

Just now, he had intentionally covered his face, making it seem like an instinctual reaction to having his nose broken. But it had been an act to cover himself as he unleashed one of his ultimate moves. He had almost succeeded.

“Does your face not hurt? If it doesn’t, stick it out again for me to slap.”

Long Chen sneered as the primal chaos space unleashed its life energy. The injury to his shoulder almost instantaneously healed. Now that there was an ocean’s worth of life energy in the primal chaos space, he didn’t need to worry about being injured.

Seeing Long Chen’s injury instantly heal, Peng Wansheng’s expression twitched. He was an Empyrean, and his attacks contained the power of the Heavenly Daos. Even a rank nine Celestial would have difficulty healing themself from injuries inflicted by him. His attacks contained the will of the Heavenly Daos that constantly attacked the wound. A rank nine Celestial would probably need several days just to heal from that kind of injury.

However, Long Chen had instantly healed it. Peng Wansheng was shocked.

“Since you don’t want to take the initiative, I won’t stand on courtesy.” Long Chen began to form hand seals.

Although he had fought against Peng Wansheng before, he knew that there had been too many people at that time. Although it had looked like a full-power fight, Peng Wansheng had been holding back.

With his experience, Long Chen knew that the most dependable way to defeat an expert like Peng Wansheng was to slowly increase his power and gradually test out his opponent’s tempo and trump cards before attempting to kill them. This way gave the highest odds of victory.

Because of his immense battle experience, Long Chen would have an absolute advantage in this aspect as the battle continued. The longer the fight, the greater his chances of winning.

However, he couldn’t do that now. With each passing second, lives were being lost. Intense fluctuations were also coming from Chu Yao’s side as she fought against Sha Guangyan. It seemed they were already fighting all-out over there.

As for the original battlefield, Long Chen had no confidence in it. This time was different from past battles. This time, he no longer felt any sense of control over the battle. He had to fight for every second, and right now was the moment to go all-out.

“Raging Flames Devour the Heavens!”

Flame energy erupted out of him, and golden flames filled the sky. As he summoned his flame energy, the flames that were still raging on the original battlefield faded. Long Chen had to use all of Huo Long’s power.

“So that’s what it was. You simply left a flame clone to deceive us,” realized Peng Wansheng.

Now he understood how they had been duped by Long Chen. The flames around that Long Chen had made them unable to tell the difference.

Long Chen didn’t reply. The golden flames around him condensed into a huge blade in his hand. He attacked.

“Hmph, did you summon this flame domain to suppress my feathers? Do you really think the Golden Peng race only has that little ability? Then I’ll let you see the true abilities of the Golden Peng race, the power that a human like you would never be able to achieve even if you cultivated for a million years!”

The golden runes in Peng Wansheng’s eyes began to revolve faster and faster, and he suddenly soared into the sky.

The sky suddenly darkened as a huge body appeared. It was a giant bird whose whole body was golden.

“The Golden Peng’s true body?” Long Chen was shocked. He hadn’t expected that someone from the ancient races, who was clearly a mix between the human race and the Golden Peng race, would be able to bring out the complete Golden Peng True Body.

Peng Wansheng’s huge body looked like it had been made of gold. Most terrifying of all, his aura was completely different from before.

“Are you curious? Then I’ll tell you. Although I’m from the ancient races, my bloodline shows signs of returning to an ancestral state. It can be said that ninety-nine percent of my blood is the blood of the Golden Peng race. If it weren’t because of the damn trace of garbage human blood, I’d be able to join the Golden Peng race. If it weren’t for that, I’d be able to summon the Golden Peng True Body whenever I wanted. But now, to protect the purity of my bloodline, I have to rest for several months when I use this technique to make up for my exhausted Spirit Blood. All of this is because of your damn human race. Your garbage bloodline should have never existed in this world. You should all be killed!” roared the transformed Peng Wansheng with great hatred. With his wings fully spread, his giant body covered the entire sky.

He hated the trace of human blood in his body. He had thought of every possible method but hadn’t been able to erase it. He considered it a kind of humiliation. This humiliation was the same humiliation of all the ancient races.

“Die, you damn human!”

Peng Wansheng dived down from the sky, shooting at Long Chen like a golden meteor.

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