Chapter 1451 Fury and Killing Intent

Gu Yang was delighted to hear Guo Ran’s voice. As long as he was alive, it was fine. After all, that had been the full-strength attack of a rank nine Celestial.

However, it couldn’t be said that Guo Ran was fine. The bones in his neck had been crushed, and his skull had cracked. That attack had truly been vicious.

Guo Ran’s armor had eight coils of soft metal around it that were extremely tough yet allowed him to retain his agility. This kind of soft metal was present around all his joints, even his knuckles. That was why Guo Ran was able to keep his body nimble even in his armor. But now, a large hole had been cut into the armor over his neck, and two of the soft metal coils had been severed.

However, high risk signified high reward. If Guo Ran hadn’t done this, then that rank nine Celestial wouldn’t have been slain by Gu Yang and Meng Qi’s follow up.

There was no need for Guo Ran to circulate his Heavenly Dao energy to heal. In just a breath, his bones had healed. Endless life energy flowed through his body, healing his injury.

“I’m fine. Brother, this is a fierce battle that will require our full power. Kill our strongest enemies, or our brothers will be in danger,” said Guo Ran, twisting his neck and feeling that it was good enough to keep fighting.

“Alright, let’s continue killing!” Gu Yang nodded. He knew that this battle was the most dangerous one so far. The fierce Magical Beasts weren’t the problem. The biggest threat came from the army of ancient races, Corrupt path, and ancient family alliance.

Long Chen and Chu Yao had separated Peng Wansheng and Sha Guangyan from the battlefield for fear of them attacking the Dragonblood warriors. That would cause huge casualties in the Dragonblood Legion.

“First, kill that soul cultivator! She’s our greatest threat!” shouted a rank nine Celestial from the Corrupt path.

He and two other rank nine Celestials immediately went to attack Meng Qi. This time, they were smarter and didn’t dare to charge out on their own. If that first rank nine Celestial hadn’t been so greedy and charged out alone, he wouldn’t have been killed.

The three of them had just approached Meng Qi when a bird cry resounded through the air. A huge figure descended from the sky, a dazzling rainbow light shining from its body.

“It’s the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow!”


Cloud’s wings slammed down, and the three of them hastily brandished their weapons. However, they were still blown away.

“Flower of the underworld, reaper of souls. Sea of flowers, blooming limitlessly!” Meng Qi formed hand seals, a soft chant coming from her lips. She looked like a celestial fairy.

A huge flower bud appeared over her head. The flower’s entire body was pitch-black, and it slowly bloomed.

As it bloomed, the world became chaotic. The bloody ground vanished. The corpses vanished. The roaring of the Magical Beasts vanished. It felt like the world had entered a static space. Here, time was forever still. The only thing present here was death, patiently waiting for them.

The flower reached full bloom and then slowly wilted. Meng Qi’s face was pale, and tears of blood could be seen flowing from her eyes. It was a ghastly sight as it dripped down her jade-like face.

When the black flower finally fully wilted, the world regained its original clamor. It was like what had happened just now was an illusion that had passed in the blink of an eye.

When the illusion faded, a huge mass of Corrupt experts had fallen to the ground. Their expressions were still shocked. As their minds faded into eternal oblivion, the sight of the blood pouring down a fairy’s face was the only thing they could recall.

The experts from the ancient races, Corrupt path, and ancient family alliance were all affected. Anyone without strong enough Spiritual Strength fell silently to the ground, their souls extinguished.

Their lives had wilted along with the flower. They vanished from this world.

This was an absolutely terrifying attack that covered the entire battlefield. Less than two hundred thousand of the experts were left standing on the battlefield. Their figures now appeared isolated standing so far apart.

Even a huge mass of Magical Beasts fell to the ground. Corpses covered ten thousand miles of the battlefield.

“Sister Meng Qi!” Tang Wan-er let out a startled cry and rushed over to Meng Qi’s side. Tears of blood were still flowing from Meng Qi’s eyes, which had lost their luster. “Are your eyes alright?”

Tang Wan-er felt incomparable grief. She had no idea what kind of terrifying technique Meng Qi had used to instantly kill so many of their enemies. But it seemed that she had also suffered a terrifying backlash. Her eyes were blind.

“Wan-er, don’t worry. I can use my Spiritual Strength as my eyes. Focus on killing our enemies, or the Dragonblood Legion will be in danger,” said Meng Qi as she flew into the air. Cloud let out a furious bird cry and appeared beneath her, carrying her on its back. It spread its wings and attacked the three rank nine Celestials.

Tang Wan-er didn’t tarry and attacked one of the ancient races’ rank nine Celestials. Gu Yang, Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, and the recently recovered Guo Ran each picked out a rank nine Celestial to fight.

Meng Qi’s terrifying attack had emptied the battlefield. However, there was still an endless stream of Magical Beasts from the Dark Forest that was charging in without regard.

Right now, the ancient races, Corrupt path, and ancient family alliance all had nine rank nine Celestials. Meng Qi and Cloud were fighting against three of them.

Just now, she had used the power of the Three-head Nine-eye Illusion Spirit Beast to activate a terrifying killing technique. But the power of this technique had surpassed her limit.

The backlash had blinded her eyes and given her a mental blow. Now she felt like needles were stabbing into her mind, but she endured it to continue fighting.

In her current state, she couldn’t launch direct attacks against the three of them. But she could use her Spiritual Strength to affect their tempos and give Cloud more opportunities to attack.

Having cultivated in the Myriad Spirit Diagram, Cloud’s power was extremely terrifying. Under Meng Qi’s lead, the two of them weren’t at the slightest disadvantage against three rank nine Celestials.

On the other side, Tang Wan-er, Guo Ran, Gu Yang, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan were all fighting a rank nine Celestial each. They were all tied up with their own opponents.

However, there was still a rank nine Celestial who managed to reach the Dragonblood Legion. He was an expert from the ancient family alliance.

“Xuantian Dao Sect, today, you’ll pay the price for killing Luo Minghao.” The ancient family alliance expert wielded a long battle-ax. With a single swing of his battle-ax, a dozen of the Dragonblood warriors were blown back, coughing up blood.

“Haha, not bad. Not even one of you died from that. Then try to keep receiving my attacks!” The ancient family expert laughed and his aura suddenly soared. The battle-ax in his hand began to shine as he actually activated a portion of his Ancestral item’s power. This attack was many times more terrifying than the last.

“Get out of the way!” One of the squad leaders charged forward to receive this attack alone. He knew this attack was something others couldn’t receive. If they tried, they would simply be killed.

“You think you can stop me? What a joke!” sneered the ancient family expert. His battle-ax didn’t pause and mercilessly fell.


The squad leader’s sword exploded, while the battle-ax merely paused for a moment before continuing down to strike his body. His armor was blown apart along with his body.

The squad leader had died. However, that terrifying attack had been stopped with just his death. The surrounding Dragonblood warriors were only sent flying, and none of them died.

“Squad leader!”

Seeing their squad leader sacrifice his life to protect them, the others let out bestial roars.

“Hahaha, the Dragonblood Legion really has money. Not only do you have such powerful weapons, but you even have such powerful armor.” The ancient family expert laughed.

At this time, the other experts from the ancient races, the Corrupt path, and ancient families arrived, each of them filled with greed.

“Kill! Avenge the squad leader!” roared a Dragonmark warrior, tears covering his face.

He and the others had joined the Dragonblood Legion later, and they felt great respect and admiration for the Dragonblood warriors that had started out with Long Chen in the Eastern Wasteland.

It was the Dragonblood warriors that had led them through the initial slaughter and strengthened their resolve. They had been their teachers. They had taught them the essence of the martial path.

They had been like big brothers looking after their little brothers. Whenever the latter had encountered danger, the former had been the ones to bear it.

Even after everyone had grown to this point, the original Dragonblood warriors still looked after them like little brothers. And today, to protect them, one of them had died. Despite knowing he would die, he still sacrificed himself.

Ever since they had officially joined the Dragonblood Legion in the Central Plains, they had experienced many battles but had always maintained a zero casualty record. Their squad leader’s death was unacceptable to them.

“Haha, a group of ants also dares to call for revenge? Just die!” The ancient family expert laughed at the Dragonblood Legion’s warriors who were charging at him. His battle-ax slashed down once more.

The nine flower manifestation behind him revolved as endless Heavenly Dao energy poured into his Ancestral item. This attack was equally unblockable.


The ancient family expert was just about to kill everyone before him when the ground beneath him suddenly swelled up, sending him flying into the air and causing his attack to miss.

“All warriors, hear my orders! Retreat back to the defensive line of the Spirit race warriors and spirit beasts!” Guo Ran cried out new orders.

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