Chapter 1450 Group Killing Art

Peng Wansheng and Sha Guangyan, as well as the other experts of the ancient races, ancient family alliance, and Corrupt path, were currently staring at the battlefield intently.

Peng Wansheng suddenly yawned. After watching for so long, he felt bored, and his eyelids felt a bit heavy.

The others were also weary. Some people were starting to nod off.

“Watch out! We’ve fallen for a soul bewitching art!”

Sha Guangyan suddenly cried out, his voice stabbing into their ears like needles.

Everyone was instantly startled awake. Their expressions completely changed. In the instant that they awoke, countless black and white spears were shooting at them.

These spears were dozens of meters long and thinner at the front than they were at the back. They whistled through the air at them.

These spears weren’t actually spears. They were the mouthparts of the Spotted Ghost Mosquitoes. They were extremely hard and sharp.


It was too late. The Spotted Ghost Mosquitoes’ mouthparts became the spears that reaped their lives. Tens of thousands of the mouthparts pierced through these experts’ bodies.

The mouthparts immediately unleashed their poison when piercing a person’s body. This poison was not inferior to the Golden Tail Underground Centipedes’ at all. It instantly paralyzed people.

Like shooting stars, the mouthparts pierced through the entire army, slaying many of them. The mouthparts seemed to be alive, flying through the bodies of one expert after another.

Anyone who was struck would stiffen and then collapse to the ground, their souls dissipating.

They weren’t killed from the poison, but from the Spiritual Strength attached to the mouthparts. The main thing was that Meng Qi was too kind. Even when facing enemies, she preferred that they died painless deaths. If the poison slowly killed them, it would be much more painful.

“Kill that woman!”

Peng Wansheng and Sha Guangyan were the first to react. They roared and charged at Meng Qi.

Meng Qi was like a specter that had appeared in the air. Under her control, the mouthparts were deadly weapons.

Listening to Long Chen’s suggestion, she had gathered all the Spotted Ghost Centipedes’ mouthparts and placed her spiritual mark on them. Although they weren’t true soul items, nor had they been nourished by her soul, having them shoot out in a straight line was very simple for her. For this many of the mouthparts to shoot at wherever there were the most enemies, many of them were slain.

Peng Wansheng and Sha Guangyan were infuriated. They couldn’t figure out how Meng Qi had appeared here. She had clearly been on the other side of the battlefield just now. How had she appeared here?

However, there was no time to consider this question. Just now, Meng Qi had used a soul art to make them feel tired, causing their sense of alarm to sharply drop before attacking.

All three powers on their side had suffered huge losses in an instant. The two of them didn’t hesitate to attack her.

Peng Wansheng was halfway there when a figure appeared before him. That figure came without any warning and without any killing intent. The figure raised a hand.



Long Chen’s hand viciously slapped across Peng Wansheng’s face. He shot back like a shooting star.

Long Chen’s arrival caused everyone to feel even more shocked. They looked back at the battlefield to see that Long Chen was still over there, wrapped in flames and fighting intensely. How had another Long Chen appeared here?

Sha Guangyan was about to attack him when Long Chen summoned lightning wings and chased after Peng Wansheng.

“Endless Falling Wood.” Just as everyone was shocked by Long Chen’s arrival, the ground burst apart, and wooden stakes flew into the air like dragons, attacking Peng Wansheng.

“Chu Yao!” Sha Guangyan was startled again. Long Chen, Meng Qi, and Chu Yao had all come to launch a sneak attack on them. They were caught completely off guard.

The slightest hesitation from his shock allowed Chu Yao’s wooden stakes to wind together and form a spherical cage around the two of them.

The cage then shot into the distance, leaving the battlefield.

“They’ve dragged away our leaders! Let’s get them!” shouted an ancient race rank nine Celestial.

“Don’t panic. We first have to kill that woman. She’s just a rank nine Celestial!” cried another.

There were eleven rank nine Celestials here, while Meng Qi was not an Empyrean. Now that she was left here all alone, she was definitely dead.


Everyone charged toward Meng Qi. Meng Qi formed a new hand seal, and all the Spotted Ghost Mosquitoes’ mouthparts flew back to her, forming a huge barrier that blocked them.


The barrier was immediately attacked by all the experts. Unable to bear such an impact, it instantly blew apart.

“Where is she?”

The mouthparts were smashed apart, but Meng Qi had vanished, stunning them.

“She’s already over there!”

Meng Qi’s figure once again appeared on the other side of the battlefield. They had no idea how Meng Qi had escaped from right under their noses.

Meng Qi had naturally slipped away thanks to the channel created by Chu Yao. This was the plan Long Chen had come up with.

Although Meng Qi’s offensive power was shocking, her defensive power was too low. She couldn’t handle the attacks of so many people.

After she had unleashed her killing move, Meng Qi had immediately jumped back into the wooden channel, and Chu Yao sent her back to the original battlefield.

After sending Meng Qi back, Chu Yao closed the channel. No one else could go through it now.

“What do we do now?”

Long Chen had taken away Peng Wansheng, and Chu Yao had taken away Sha Guangyan. They had clearly decided to bring their fights somewhere far away to avoid affecting anyone here.

Now that two of their leaders were brought away, the rest of them were an army without a leader.

“Whatever. Generals against generals, and soldiers against soldiers. We’ll kill the Dragonblood Legion,” said an ancient family expert, taking the lead in charging to the battlefield. However, his expression wasn’t one of hatred or anger, but greed.

They had all begun to long for the Dragonblood Legion’s weapons. Now they could openly kill them for their treasures.

With one person taking the lead, the others all roared and charged at the Dragonblood Legion. Their eyes were all filled with greed as they stared at the Dragonblood Legion’s weapons.

The majority of them had second-rate King items, and only a few amongst them were in possession of top grade King items.

As for Ancestral items, only a few rank nine Celestials were qualified to possess one. But every member of the Dragonblood Legion was carrying a weapon beyond the level of King item. Thus, these experts were naturally greedy for them.

The Corrupt path, ancient race, and ancient family alliance’s experts all rushed toward the Dragonblood Legion. They quickly encountered each other.

“Idiot, I’ve been waiting for a long time. Come and face your deaths!”

Guo Ran went to greet them first. Armed to his teeth, Guo Ran was like a metal monster, slashing his blade at the head of a rank nine Celestial.

“A turtle only knows how to hide in its shell. Die!” The rank nine Celestial sneered and slashed a blood-colored sword at Guo Ran.


The power of Guo Ran’s slash was shocking. The rank nine Celestial was actually blown away.

The rank nine Celestial had just stabilized himself when his expression changed. A wind blade had silently appeared at the back of his head.

“Not good!” He hastily dodged. But just as he did so, Guo Ran’s saber slashed toward his waist.

Guo Ran’s attack was timed perfectly with the wind blade, and the rank nine Celestial could only dodge one. There was no third option.

The rank nine Celestial was infuriated. He hated himself for being too fast and abandoning the others behind him. Now he didn’t have a single helper beside him.

This rank nine Celestial was a powerful figure in his own right, and he didn’t panic even in this situation. Not saying a word, he dodged the wind blade while ignoring Guo Ran’s saber. Instead, his own sword slashed toward Guo Ran’s neck.

That was the weakest spot on Guo Ran’s armor. A person’s head had to be able to turn, and it was the same as the wrist, elbow, knee, and crotch areas of the armor. Allowing those parts to remain agile meant that they were the weakest defensively.

The rank nine Celestial concentrated all his power on his Ancestral item sword. This attack would definitely cut off Guo Ran’s head if it landed.

This was a suicidal attack of exchanging his life for his opponent’s. But it was his only way out of his current predicament.

Theoretically, if Guo Ran’s head was normal, he would give up his attack and dodge or block. But Guo Ran didn’t retreat, nor did his attack change.

Having dodged the wind blade that would have struck his head and thus killed him, the rank nine Celestial was instead cut in two by Guo Ran’s saber.

A cracking sound also came from Guo Ran’s neck. That was the sound of bones breaking. Guo Ran was sent flying back.

“Guo Ran!” Gu Yang cried out. He had been a bit too slow, and now he didn’t even know if Guo Ran was still alive. He immediately smashed his spear at that rank nine Celestial.

Having been cut in two, the rank nine Celestial was still shocked that Guo Ran had chosen to exchange lives with him. While still stunned, he was blown apart by Gu Yang’s attack.

A faint figure appeared amongst the blood mist. It was the rank nine Celestial’s soul. He tried to flee, but a spiritual arrow pierced him, causing his soul to dissipate.

“Guo Ran!”

Gu Yang pulled Guo Ran up, crying out crazily. His eyes were completely red.

“Stop shaking me. I just reattached my neck, and you’re going to shake it off again.” Guo Ran’s familiar voice rang out from inside the armor.

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