Chapter 145 Sinister Method

Lei Qianshang’s fist shot out. Thunderforce covered his fist as it whistled over to Tang Wan-er.

Tang Wan-er was completely serious as a longsword-like wind blade in her hand slashed out.

With an explosive bang, Tang Wan-er’s wind blade directly collapsed from Lei Qianshang’s force.

But Lei Qianshang’s fist only paused for a moment before continuing forward.

Tang Wan-er’s expression didn’t change in the slightest when her hand’s wind blade collapsed. With a wave of her hand, the wind blades around her surged in front of her, forming a wall of wind blades.

Lei Qianshan’s fist smashed into the wind blade wall. That wall trembled several times, but it didn’t break, blocking his fist.

Lei Qianshang was shocked. He was the clearest about how powerful his fist was. Having used his thunderforce, this fist had never failed to defeat enemies in the same realm as him.

But Tang Wan-er’s expression was still completely indifferent as if blocking him wasn’t taxing at all. He suddenly realized that he had underestimated her. None of the monster-class experts could be underestimated.

He once more shouted and punched out. As for Tang Wan-er, she retreated slightly, floating back several meters gracefully, dodging his fist.

At the same time, she formed a seal with her hands, and an enormous Spiritual Strength welled out of her. Those floating wind blades began to revolve around her body.

Hundreds of meters away from them was the battle between their two factions. However, at this time, their battle had essentially ended.

Lei Qianshang’s people had all been defeated, huge bumps covering their faces. They could only lie on the ground in pain.

As for Long Chen, he was on the winning side, and his entire focus was on their battle now. He wanted to see what the result of their fight would be.

The others were worshipfully looking at their goddess while Long Chen silently estimated both of their strengths.

This was the first time he had seen such terrifying geniuses. The two of them were definitely monsters, existences that were unmatched in the same realm. He wanted to know just how powerful the two of them really were.

When Tang Wan-er’s Spiritual Strength spread out, Long Chen was greatly startled. He had never thought Tang Wan-er’s Spiritual Strength was so exquisite.

Although he had been tricked by her once, at that time, he hadn’t had any defenses up and so he hadn’t considered it to be that impressive.

But now he was truly given a fright. At the same time, now that her Spiritual Strength had spread out, he immediately understood Tan Wan-er’s method of fighting.

As he guessed, once her Spiritual Strength spread out, those flying wind blades immediately seemed to come to life and began to buzz.

“Phoenix Plume Arrow!”

All the wind blades converged into one, forming a three meter long arrow.

That arrow’s appearance caused space to incessantly tremble. When the arrow was completely formed, it appeared as if an invisible bow had appeared and drawn it back before it shot straight at Lei Qianshang with a strength that could split apart heaven and earth.

Lei Qianshang was greatly shocked. He found it difficult to even breathe in the face of this arrow. He could even feel the sensation of death coming from this terrifying arrow.

“Rushing Thunder Fist!”

Lei Qianshang finally became aware of how frightening Tang Wan-er was. Putting away his previous contempt of her, he shouted and his whole body’s thunderforce circulated. Countless concentrated thunderbolts gathered over his fist as he punched out.


When the fist and arrow collided, a dazzling radiance exploded out. The wind blades collapsed, transforming into a terrifying hurricane that wildly surged out, enveloping everything.

“Everyone run!” Long Chen hastily shouted out to everyone. He knew Tang Wan-er’s wind blades were all formed from wind energy. Once they exploded, it would release powerful energy no different from explosives.

And once hundreds of wind blades exploded together, that would be exceedingly horrifying. Everyone quickly fell back when they heard Long Chen’s cry.

But even so, they were still swallowed by that wave of qi. Some of the weaker cultivators were even sent flying, spitting out blood.

Long Chen stood at the front. This kind of qi wave wouldn’t pose any threat to him. But he was still shaken by that incredible exchange.

When the qi wave finally scattered, Lei Qianshang looked at his fist in disbelief. A small bit of blood was slowly dripping from his fist.

Obviously, he had been at the disadvantage during that exchange. His thunderforce had been unable to completely block Tang Wan-er’s wind blades, causing him to be wounded.

Although his wound was extremely light, and it had only just broken through the skin, Lei Qianshang was completely unable to accept this result.

His Lei family’s ‘thunderforce protecting the body’ had been praised as the strongest armor-like Battle Skill. Up until now, he had never received any wounds.

“Do you want to continue?” Tang Wan-er lightly brushed a fallen strand of hair behind her ear.

“Hmph, although you injured me, your wind blades were also completely destroyed by me. So we’re both even,” snorted Lei Qianshang.

He wasn’t necessarily wrong. Although Tang Wan-er had injured him, the wind blades she had condensed with her wind energy had also been destroyed. On the surface, it did look like both sides were even.

But although Tang Wan-er had used up her wind energy, Lei Qianshang had also used up his thunderforce. It was actually more accurate to say that Lei Qianshang truly had lost by a bit.

“If you want to say we’re even then that’s fine. I also don’t feel the need to continue this. Your army has already been completely defeated, so according to our agreement, this Nine-leaf Orchid will be mine,” said Tang Wan-er.

Lei Qianshang’s expression was somewhat gloomy. Previously, they had noticed the Nine-leaf Orchid at the same time and made an agreement that whichever side was stronger would obtain it.

This agreement naturally included their underlings. Originally, Lei Qianshang’s people were stronger, but Long Chen’s arrival had changed everything.

Looking at Long Chen watching him completely carefree as if he was a spectator who had bought a ticket to a play, Lei Qianshang became completely infuriated.

“You can take it, but you must receive one of my fists,” shouted Lei Qianshang icily, his whole body’s thunderforce circulating once more.

“Since you want to, then just come.” Tang Wan-er’s expression sank. She hadn’t expected Lei Qianshang to be this shameless and refuse to accept his own defeat, causing her to feel some fury. She once more summoned her wind blades, but this time, there were more than double the amount.

Lei Qianshang turned a blind eye to Tang Wan-er’s fury. A ball of light slowly formed in his hand.

That ball was completely condensed of thunderforce. A terrifying pressure came from it.

“Take care!” Holding that ball of thunderforce, Lei Qianshang charged at Tang Wan-er.

Tang Wan-er icily smiled. That thunder ball might be powerful, full of explosive energy, but it was unable to leave his hand.

With her wind blades, as long just one touched that thunder ball, it would immediately explode.

So in Tang Wan-er’s eyes, Lei Qianshang’s attack had no meaning. It was nothing more than a bright firework.

Tang Wan-er had just prepared herself to use her wind blades when Lei Qianshang suddenly disappeared from in front of her. Startled, her expression completely changed.

“Watch out, Long Chen!”

She didn’t know what footwork Lei Qianshang had used, but somehow he had suddenly blinked away, changing his direction to shoot at Long Chen like an arrow.

A distance of hundreds of meters was crossed in just the blink of an eye. He smashed that thunder ball right at Long Chen as he icily shouted, “Brat, you can die for me now!”

Long Chen himself had also never expected that Lei Qianshang’s target was him. By the time he reacted, Lei Qianshang had already arrived in front of him. It was already too late for him to dodge. Taking a deep breath, he punched out.


Brilliant rays of light shot out, blinding everyone.

Long Chen felt a huge force attack him, sending him flying back. His organs felt as if they were flipping inside. Countless violent strands of thunderforce were constantly wrecking his body.

After being knocked back dozens of meters, Long Chen spat out a mouthful of blood. Startled cries rang out from the crowd.

“Lei Qianshang, you’re asking for it!” Tang Wan-er’s voice was now full of fury. She had never thought Lei Qianshang would be so sly as to sneak attack Long Chen.

A huge blade condensed from countless wind blades and slashed at Lei Qianshang. This time Tang Wan-er was truly infuriated.

BOOM! The huge blade slashed apart the land, but Lei Qianshang had already predicted her reaction and already jumped back by the time the huge blade had landed.

“Long Chen, you killed my right-hand man. I’ve given you a thunderseed. You’ll feel the pain of thunderforce devouring your body for a whole night. That’ll be my revenge for my junior brother. This matter ends here. We’re leaving.” Lei Qianshang waved his hand and was about to bring his people away.

“You want to leave? Do you think I’ll let you?!”

Tang Wan-er’s pretty face was covered in a chilling frost as she icily glared at Lei Qianshang. Obviously, she was planning on making him stay behind.

“Long Chen, how are you-ah!” Qing Yu was the first one to come over to Long Chen. But she had only just touched his body when she let out a startled cry, her arm turning numb.

Long Chen’s body was completely covered in thunderforce. Anyone who touched him would also be attacked.

“Hehe, Tang Wan-er, although I admire you, that doesn’t mean I’m afraid of you. If you really want to fight until the end, I will accompany you,” sneered Lei Qianshang.

The trial had only just begun. Before the finale, everyone would reserve some strength to fight over the core disciple positions.

And so they all had misgivings about using their full strength. But Lei Qianshang’s conduct had truly infuriated Tang Wan-er, and she was no longer thinking of that.

Although she had tricked Long Chen in the beginning, that was just for revenge. But after what had happened with Zhao Wu, for some reason, his figure had slowly started to appear within her heart.

Seeing Long Chen’s injured body immediately caused her fury to go out of control. As to why that was happening, even she didn’t know. All she wanted now was to give Lei Qianshang a beating.

“Let him take a hike.”

A weak and slightly hoarse voice rang out. Tang Wan-er turned to see that Long Chen had walked over.

Long Chen gently rubbed the blood off his mouth. He indifferently said to Lei Qianshang, “I underestimated you.”

“Hmph, this is the price of killing one of my people,” snorted Lei Qianshang coldly.

“I never thought a gorilla would have the intelligence to launch a sneak attack against others. Ah, the times really are changing. Even the wild beasts are starting to think. It really is frightening.” Long Chen sighed emotionally.

“You want to infuriate me? Hehe, keep dreaming. Just properly enjoy the thunderforce destroying your body.”

Lei Qianshang laughed and brought his battered underlings away.

He didn’t notice that deep within Long Chen’s eyes wasn’t anger but a trace of ridicule.

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