Chapter 1449 Leave Him Alive

“What is this place? Where are the Spirit race warriors?”

The Life Star experts suddenly found themselves in a pitch-black space where they couldn’t see anything.

“Not good, we’ve been ambushed! Ah-!” One of the Life Star experts suddenly sensed something off when a sharp blade of energy cut through his body, severing his waist.

The other experts hastily took out their weapons. Their weapons’ runes illuminated this space. Here, their divine sense was completely suppressed, making them blind.

When their weapons lit up, they managed to see countless thin strands billowing violently in the darkness.

They only just managed to get a glance at those strands when one of them severed a Life Star expert’s arm.

These threads were so thin that they were almost impossible to see with the naked eye. They were many times thinner than a hair, but these experts just barely managed to see that these threads were sawtoothed. Their silent attacks cut through these experts’ bodies like they were tofu.

“Fuck, we’ve been trapped! Run!”

The Life Star experts hastily attacked the threads with their full power. But these threads seemed to be controlled by two hands pulling them tautly. They billowed through the space, cutting through bodies. However, the weapons actually bounced off the threads, unable to damage them at all.

“Our Heavenly Dao energy is also suppressed here! Where the hell is this?!”

More and more threads appeared in the air. Millions and millions of them were cutting through them. The Life Star experts let out miserable cries as they were cut to pieces. Even their Yuan Spirits were no exception.

Even after death, these Life Star experts didn’t realize how they had died. They didn’t even know who had killed them.

They didn’t know, but the other experts who had come with them saw it clearly. They had personally witnessed a giant bird devour them in one gulp.

“The Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow?”

They finally recognized the identity of that little bird.

Cloud let out a sharp bird cry, and black threads flew out rapidly at them.

“Not good!” Gui Yan and the others hastily went all-out resisting. Barriers of light appeared.

BOOM! Cloud’s attack was blocked. But even for four rank nine Celestials, because of how hasty their block was, they were knocked back.

The four of them were horrified. Although the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow was an ancient species of great power, they had no idea how it could possess such power at just the peak of the ninth rank. That was only equivalent to the Jade Core realm!

Worst of all, now that the four of them were knocked back, the Spirit race warriors’ arrows rained down on all of them. There was no way for them to dodge.

Although the four rank nine Celestials managed to block Cloud’s attack, the shockwaves blew away the surrounding experts as well. As they were still impacted by that attack, they were shot down by the arrows.

Cloud’s arrival had instantly ruined their plans. At such a distance, there was no way for them to dodge or block the arrows of ten thousand Spirit Generals.

The three thousand experts were slain, while the four rank nine Celestials fled for their lives. They found that fleeing was their smartest choice right now. They were already regretting what that Life Star expert had said at the beginning. If they had fled from the start, they might already be gone.

All the Spirit Generals aimed their bows at the four of them. As a result, thanks to the divine energy in their arrows, three of the rank nine Celestials were torn through with arrows.

“Damnit, these arrows suppress my Heavenly Dao energy!” roared the ancient race rank nine Celestial. As soon as he was struck, he felt like he was a balloon with a large hole. All his energy was rushing out of him.

Just at that moment, another arrow pierced through his head, and he fell to the ground.

He was filled with regret, but that couldn’t change reality. He died in body and spirit.


The other two rank nine Celestials let out furious roars, but they didn’t even last a few more breaths before being killed.

It wasn’t that they were weak, but that they were facing too many other powerful existences. In front of this absolute power, they had no chance of surviving.

Gui Yan fled, hearing the others’ unwilling cries. His hair stood on end, and he was filled with terror. He thought that he was also about to be killed.

Yet unexpectedly, the Spirit race warriors didn’t chase him after killing the other three. Not only did they not chase, but even the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow, claimed to be unrivaled in speed, wasn’t chasing him. He fled for his life.

The Spirit race warriors immediately turned toward the battlefield and went to assist upon seeing Gui Yan flee. The reason they had killed everyone except for Gui Yan was thanks to Long Chen’s orders.

Gui Yan fled, not even returning to the battlefield. He didn’t alert Peng Wansheng or Sha Guangyan of his failure. Instead, he went straight toward the exit of the Spirit World.

Gui Yan was now completely terrified of Long Chen. Whether it was in terms of wits or martial might, he was now afraid of him.

Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng had only come up with the plan to sneak attack them at the moment, but Long Chen had long since laid down a trap, waiting for these experts to fall into it.

Such an enemy was too terrifying. He felt that the only reason he had survived was thanks to the Corrupt God’s blessing. He no longer dared to be enemies with Long Chen. In fact, he didn’t even have the courage to see him again. He wanted to flee back to the Martial Heaven Continent, back to the Corrupt path. He had to report everything that had happened here.

Flames continuously burst out of Long Chen as he spread them through the air. From a distance, it was like a flame god was shooting out an endless torrent of golden meteors at the Magical Beasts.

The Magical Beasts were too numerous, and even with Long Chen’s efforts, a lot of them were charging through his flames.

However, after going through his flames, they were severely weakened, and the Dragonblood Legion killed them easily.

In fact, as he unleashed his flame attacks, Long Chen still had time to gather some corpses.

At this time, the World Trees in the primal chaos space were all about the same height of three thousand meters. There was now a thriving green forest.

“Oh, they already made their move.”

Long Chen suddenly sensed many more fruits appearing on the Heavenly Dao Tree in the black soil.

He didn’t need Cloud’s report to know what had happened over there. The Heavenly Dao Tree was also growing stronger. It was actually able to absorb the Heavenly Dao energy of slain Celestials from such an immense distance now.

“Three rank nine Heavenly Dao Fruits. It should be close to the end.” Long Chen quickly saw three rank nine Heavenly Dao Fruits appear.

There was nothing new from the Heavenly Dao Tree for a while. Long Chen nodded and sent a spiritual message to Chu Yao and Meng Qi.

In the distance, Peng Wansheng and Sha Guangyan were staring closely at the battlefield. They didn’t have the slightest idea that the troops they had sent had long since been annihilated. They were still waiting for the sneak attack from the back before launching an all-out attack from the front.

Instead, all they were witness to was Long Chen repeatedly unleashing flames. There wasn’t the slightest bit of disorder in the Dragonblood Legion’s fighting.

“Why haven’t they attacked yet? It should be about time,” said Peng Wansheng impatiently.

“Just wait. I did tell them to go around very far so that they wouldn’t be noticed. It’ll take them a bit of time,” said Sha Guangyan.

The two of them continued watching closely. This was a world-shaking battle. Not only were the Dragonblood warriors powerful, but the millions of Spirit race warriors were also quite strong.

The Spirit race army would be left to the Dark Forest’s Magical Beasts in a bit, so the two of them only need to keep watch on Long Chen. As soon as he was thrown off balance by their sneak attack, they would kill him.

Just as they were staring intently at the battlefield, a snaking wooden stake passed underground from beneath the battlefield to beneath them.

The wooden stake was like a serpent. The slightest crack appeared on the earth as its head reached the surface. Two small holes appeared on the wooden stake, seeming to be eyes. It looked around.

It saw the ancient race, Corrupt path, and ancient family alliance’s experts floating in the air, staring at the battlefield. They didn’t notice what was happening beneath them.

After observing the situation, the wooden stakes slowly retreated underground. It was originally an inch thick, but now it began to thicken.

Because everyone’s attention was on the battlefield, they didn’t notice a small piece of earth beneath them starting to bulge slightly.

As the wooden stake thickened, the bulge of earth grew. But this small bulge wasn’t particularly rare in this terrain.

Once the wooden stake had become three meters thick, it stopped growing. Instead, it became hollow, creating a wooden passageway.

Long Chen, Meng Qi, and Chu Yao silently slipped through the wooden channel.

When they reached the end, Long Chen nodded to Meng Qi. Meng Qi took a deep breath and slowly formed many complicated hand seals. Her Spirit Strength began to circulate. The Three-head Nine-eye Illusion Spirit Beast in her spiritual space suddenly quivered.

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