Chapter 1448 An Insignificant Trick

Magical Beasts were roaring ferociously, filling the sky and the ground. All kinds of Magical Beasts as large as mountains with shocking auras were attacking.

Long Chen’s sea of flames roasted them, but these Magical Beasts seemed insane. They charged straight through to attack the Dragonblood Legion.


Guo Ran attacked the first one and sliced a Magical Beast, whose whole body had been charred black, in half. It was the opener to a great battle.

“Wan-er, help me look after the battlefield,” said Long Chen.

“Alright.” Tang Wan-er nodded and summoned her manifestation. Wind blades filled the air around her, and more and more of them appeared. Some of them were already slicing their way toward the Magical Beasts.

Normally, Tang Wan-er’s individual wind blades would have great difficulty piercing the defenses of an eleventh rank Magical Beast. After all, she summoned millions of wind blades at once, so their individual power was limited.

However, after becoming a rank nine Celestial, her control over Heavenly Dao energy had reached an unprecedented height, and the power of her wind blades also grew.

After passing through the sea of flames, the Magical Beasts were badly burned, and many of them were still burning as they passed through. With their defensive power lowered, her individual wind blades could easily pierce their bodies.

So Tang Wan-er was the one best suited for overlooking the entire battlefield.

“Long Chen, I should attack too,” Meng Qi transmitted to Long Chen upon seeing everyone else join the battle.

“No, you have another mission. Sense Gui Yan’s current position,” transmitted back Long Chen.

“Oh? Gui Yan’s gone. Wait, that direction… he’s trying to loop around the battlefield. What’s he doing?” Meng Qi was startled by what she sensed.

“It’s not that surprising. Have Cloud go out to keep a watch on Gui Yan. My guess is he wants to loop around to attack the Spirit race warriors from behind. Since Peng Wansheng and Sha Guangyan are still standing at the front to draw out attention, they probably want to launch a simultaneous attack from both our front and back,” said Long Chen.

Meng Qi nodded. A small, rainbow-colored bird appeared on her shoulder. It was Cloud.

After comprehending its ancestral secret arts from the Myriad Spirit Diagram, Cloud had not only learned several domineering techniques, but it had also learned how to control its size and conceal its aura. With its speed and Meng Qi’s senses, keeping watch over one person was practically like playing a game.

Cloud quickly flapped its wings and vanished into the distance.

“Chu Yao, I need you to just make a token effort for now. Your mission will come a bit later…” Long Chen smiled wickedly.

“Fuck those two, they actually sent me to sneak attack from the back. Fuck!”

Gui Yan was stealthily leading three thousand experts in a large loop around the battlefield. He cursed inside.

He was completely enraged. Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng had ordered him around like a dog.

However, there was no way around it. Their reasoning was simple: the Corrupt path didn’t have an expert on their level, so they had to listen to the two of them.

The Corrupt path’s top expert, Leng Yueyan, hadn’t revealed herself from the start. Some people even suspected that she had already left the Spirit World.

Their three large powers were currently working together with the Dark Forest. Although the Corrupt path had sent the most people, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, the majority of them were just extras who had come to dredge up some benefits. Their actual combat power was limited. So the ancient races and ancient family alliance’s experts all mocked them for being a group of poor ghosts come to beg for food.

During this time, Gui Yan and the other Corrupt experts had been forced to endure the mocking of the ancient races and ancient family alliance. The ancient family alliance had been the worst of the two, as they were originally enemies with the Corrupt path. They naturally had all kinds of words for them.

Nobody had asked the Corrupt path to not have a top expert with them. Now that the great battle was starting, it clearly showed that they were lacking sincerity in their cooperation with the Dark Forest.

If they didn’t cooperate, then considering the wooden brains of the Dark Forest’s leaders, it would be all too easy for the ancient races and ancient family alliance to convince the Dark Forest that the Corrupt path wasn’t worth allying with. In the future, they might even be cut out like Pill Valley.

To the Corrupt path, the Dark Forest was an important ally due to their control over the Spirit World. The Corrupt path definitely couldn’t offend them. This was something the higher-ups had told them before they had entered the Spirit World.

So Gui Yan had a belly full of anger and nowhere to release it. He could only curse Peng Wansheng and Sha Guangyan inside.

He couldn’t even say his curses out loud, because amongst the three thousand experts he was leading, there were people from the ancient races and ancient families.

These people were all elites. Including Gui Yan, there were four rank nine Celestials. Two were from the Corrupt path, while there was one each from the ancient races and ancient families.

The remaining experts were mostly rank eight Celestials, and the majority of those people were Soul Transformation experts. There were also over ten Life Star experts.

Those Life Star experts were just rank six Celestials, and thanks to the Heavenly Dao suppression, they wouldn’t be able to defeat elite rank eight Celestial Jade Core disciples.

However, when facing the Spirit race warriors who had no Heavenly Dao pressure to suppress them, these Life Star experts could unleash even greater destructive power.

It could be said that this group of three thousand experts was extremely powerful. They were like a sharp blade about to viciously stab the Spirit race warriors in their backs.

On the battlefield, there were over one million three hundred thousand people from the ancient races, Corrupt path, and ancient family alliance. For three thousand people to stealthily leave was practically unnoticeable.

This sneak attack had a very high chance of success. What Gui Yan was cursing Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng for wasn’t for their tactics.

Instead, it was that the two of them had sent their own people to keep a watch over him, as well as to say that when they succeeded, it was thanks to their people and their plan, not the Corrupt path’s.

However, if this ambush failed, the two of them would push all the blame on Gui Yan, saying that he didn’t know how to fight properly. Naturally, Gui Yan was aware of this, but he had no way to go against it. That was why he was so angry.

“That bitch Leng Yueyan, where did she go? She never should have been sent here,” cursed Gui Yan.

If Leng Yueyan was present, how could the Corrupt path be abused like this? Right now, there was nothing they could do. If they won, they wouldn’t share the merit, but if they lost, they would take all the blame. 

“The Righteous path is all a bunch of scheming two-faced hypocrites!” Gui Yan felt like he might explode out of anger. Although the ancient family alliance was a power in their own right, they could somewhat be considered part of the Righteous path.

In the end, it was the Righteous path that was most skilled in scheming. Right now, the Corrupt path had no choice in the matter. If they refused to do what the others said, then once the Dark Forest investigated, the ancient races and ancient family alliance would definitely paint them in a bad light. 

Gui Yan had led his three thousand experts well toward the back of the battlefield. Concealing their auras, they were getting closer to the Spirit race warriors.

After two hours of travel, they finally managed to see the battlefield again. They had truly made a huge loop.

Just as they were getting closer, they suddenly sensed something. It felt like something was staring at them from behind.

When they looked back, their souls almost fled in fright. Somehow, over ten thousand Spirit race warriors had appeared behind them.

These warriors all had powerful auras. They were the strongest Spirit Generals of the Forest of Life.

Each of them had a bow with an arrow pointing right at Gui Yan’s army. An invisible aura locked onto them.

“We’ve fallen for a trap! Run!”

There was no way they could fight like this, so they naturally turned to flee. Facing ten thousand terrifying archers, they would have to be stupid not to run.

“Attack!” shouted a Spirit race warrior. Her arrow was released, and in the next instant, one of the Corrupt path’s rank eight Celestials was struck in the head.

His head exploded instantaneously. He was a Soul Transformation expert, but his Yuan Spirit was annihilated by this single arrow as well.



Over ten thousand arrows shot out at the same time. Miserable cries began to ring out as they were slain.

BOOM! One of the Corrupt Life Star experts slashed his sword out, blocking the arrows coming for him. He shouted, “Don’t run! They’re long-range fighters, so we can’t get away. Our only chance is to charge straight at them!”

He truly was worthy of being a Life Star expert. His rich battle experience told him that running in this situation would simply make them targets.

He led by example, and he began charging his way through the torrent of arrows, repeatedly breaking any arrows with his sword.

Following him, everyone else quickly realized that this was truly the only way for them to survive. They turned.

The Spirit race warriors were all Spirit Generals with the Life God Tree’s blessing, and their power was immense. These experts were constantly being slain.

However, there was nowhere for them to run. Since they couldn’t run, they could only charge forward. Very quickly, the Life Star experts managed to charge through their arrows to reach them.

“Die you ignorant creatures!”

The Life Star experts roared and attacked. This was their only chance to retaliate.

Yet, they didn’t notice that atop one of the Spirit race warriors’ shoulders was a tiny rainbow-colored bird staring coldly at them.

Just as they thought that they had seized their chance to counterattack, the Life Star experts found that the world around them had become dark.

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