Chapter 1447 Ardent Meteor Shower of Flames

The Golden Tail Underground Centipedes had spat out as much poison mist as they could. Now it seemed that they had received orders, and they suddenly dived back into the ground to flee.

Long Chen naturally wouldn’t let such outstanding helpers leave like that. He immediately gave the order to Li Qi and Song Mingyuan.

Huge hands began to appear in the ground, grabbing the centipedes. A single pinch of two fingers on the Golden Tail Underground Centipedes’ heads and they would die. That was because that was where their poison sac was.

Although it was their fatal weak point and had no armor to cover it, enemies didn’t dare to actually attack them there.

Once the poison sac ruptured, the poison would instantly explode and kill the attacker as well.

So while this was their weakest point, it could also be likened to their strongest point. As long as their poison sac was full, even an eleventh rank Magical Beast would be killed in an instant considering that density. So only enemies prepared to die along with it would attack that place.

However, today was different. They had run into their bane. Long Chen was using them to kill other Magical Beasts.

They were all killed. Their poison parts were removed, and then their corpses were tossed into the primal chaos space as fertilizer.

Just at this moment, rumbling sounds rang out from the distance, and a sea of giant figures were rushing over.

It was a veritable sea of beasts. But this time, the scale was ten times greater than at the start.

Within this wave of Magical Beasts were flying leopards, white tigers, flame wolves, and scaled eagles. All kinds of Magical Beasts were attacking. Furthermore, the Magical Beasts flying at the front were all eleventh rank Magical Beasts with powerful auras.

“Hehe, the Dark Forest is finally bringing out their full power. Now the Dragonblood Legion is doomed,” snickered a Corrupt expert.

“This beast sea is practically endless. Exterminating the Dragonblood Legion would be simple.”

“Hopefully, they won’t be so stupid as to be used by Long Chen again,” said someone worriedly. What had happened with the Golden Tail Underground Centipedes had been too irritating.

Long Chen’s expression also became serious now as the true battle was about to start. Even the wood-brained leaders of the Dark Forest wouldn’t send Magical Beasts like the Golden Tail Underground Centipedes again. There would probably be no chance to use any tactics, and they would only be able to fight head-on.

The mist slowly scattered. The battlefield was running with the blood of Magical Beasts. There were even large lakes of blood on the ground.

The first wave of Magical Beasts had all been killed. Now, the Dragonblood warriors stood behind Long Chen, staring at the endless wave of Magical Beasts. They tightly clenched their weapons.

Behind the Dragonblood warriors were millions of Spirit race warriors. Their expressions were now slightly nervous. This battle related to the survival of the Forest of Life.

If they won, the Forest of Life would have some breathing room. If they lost, the Spirit World would no longer have a Forest of Life.

Although they were nervous, they were fearless. That was because their Spirit Emperor had told them that the man standing at the front was the savior of the Forest of Life. This wasn’t said directly by the Spirit Emperor, but by the Life God Tree.

Even after experiencing countless battles, seeing this endless horde of Magical Beasts still made Long Chen’s heart pound.

To say that he didn’t feel the slightest bit nervous would be a lie. This was a true battle, not a game. Losing meant people would die, and death would give the survivors an unbearable eternal pain. No one wanted that.

Long Chen took a deep breath. He announced, “Brothers, you’ve fought with me against enemies from all sides. Our path was formed by the skeletons of our enemies, and the rivers we crossed were formed with their blood. We were able to defeat powerful enemies time and time again, but that wasn’t because we were so strong, or because we were so brave. It was because we knew we had no path of retreat, it was because we knew we couldn’t lose, it was because we knew winning was our only option. Look around you. Look behind you. They are what you have to protect. This is our conviction. To protect what we want to protect, we would rather die than let it fall. But if we fall, we will leave our pain to others. So we can’t be defeated, and we can’t die. Brothers, raise your weapons. Let us fight together again and sweep away the enemies in front of us. Let us use their corpses as our stepping stones to the peak of cultivation. Let us use their blood to paint the picture of our lives. Brothers, fight. Reap their lives to protect what is inside your hearts.”

Long Chen’s voice was subdued at first, but it grew louder and louder, until it resounded through the air.

His voice contained his arrogant will to sweep through everything before him. His voice and his will were above the Heavenly Daos.




The Dragonblood warriors clenched their fists. Each of Long Chen’s words smashed into their hearts like a hammer.

They looked at their brothers and sisters around them and also looked at the pure Spirit race warriors behind them. Long Chen’s voice pounded in their ears. Their overflowing battle intent was ignited. It felt like they might combust at any moment.

“Hmph, what idiots. Does he think randomly saying a few lines will create a miracle? How laughable.”

Seeing their surging morale, one of the ancient family experts sneered. The others also looked at the Dragonblood Legion disdainfully. In their opinion, Long Chen’s actions were to cover up the terror in his heart. He needed words to make himself feel brave.

“Die.” That person had only just spoken when Meng Qi suddenly opened her mouth.

That ancient family expert suddenly summoned his manifestation, his aura surging violently.


That rank seven Celestial actually self-destructed from just one word from Meng Qi.

His self-destruction killed two others beside him and injured over ten of the people around him. Blood filled the air.

“That woman knows demonic arts!” cried someone. To cause a person to self-destruct from just one word had to be a demonic art. It was absolutely bizarre.

“Everyone be careful. That woman has powerful spiritual fluctuations. She’s a terrifying soul cultivator!” warned someone. That person was also a soul cultivator, but he was absolutely terrified. He was at the peak of Soul Transformation, but not even he could use his Spiritual Strength to control someone from thousands of miles away. Injuring them would be difficult, let alone causing them to self-destruct.

At this time, the sea of beasts finally arrived. Their roaring was like thunder, but they were drowned out by the killing cries of the Dragonblood Legion.

“Ardent Meteor Shower of Flames!”

Long Chen formed hand seals, and flames began to surge behind him. Arrows of fire flew through the sky.

Flame energy circulated through the sky. Golden arrows rapidly grew to become meteors shooting down to the earth.

This was a secret art that came from Pill Valley. It involved using the flame energy in his body to link up to the fire elemental energy in the sky, forming huge balls of fire.

Each ball was three thousand meters wide and smashed down like falling stars, exploding amongst the Magical Beasts.

Each of them was like a firework exploding when they landed. Golden flames covered the battlefield.

The rain of meteors didn’t stop. It was like the heavens were collapsing, and terrifying flames completely enveloped the battlefield.

The Magical Beasts that were struck were instantly smashed to pieces. And those that weren’t smashed to death were burned to death.

Only a few powerful eleventh rank Magical Beasts were able to charge through the flames to attack.

However, their bodies were still burning, and the furred ones had their defensive power sharply drop.

Although Long Chen had unleashed a huge area attack, there were still too many Magical Beasts. Some of them were already skating around the zone of the flames to attack from the sides.

“Life God, bless us with your divine power to repel our enemies!”

Just at this moment, devout chanting filled the air. More and more Spirit race warriors appeared, and countless spirit beasts also arrived. The Forest of Life’s full power was finally appearing.

These Spirit race warriors unleashed a rain of arrows at the Magical Beasts. These arrows easily pierced through the bodies of eleventh rank Magical Beasts and killed them.

These were Spirit Generals, and although their cultivation base was equivalent to the Soul Transformation realm, there was now divine light shining from above their heads. That was the Life God’s blessing. Their arrows now had a terrifying penetrative power. Not even an eleventh rank Magical Beast would be able to endure being struck where their crystal core was.

The Dark Forest’s Magical Beasts were falling in droves from the Spirit race warriors’ arrows. As for the spirit beasts, they protected the Spirit race warriors, preventing the Magical Beasts from reaching them.

The curtains to an immense battle had finally been drawn. With each passing second, lives were mercilessly harvested.

“We’re done watching as well. Prepare to annihilate the Dragonblood Legion in one move,” said Sha Guangyan suddenly, killing intent blazing in his eyes.

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