Chapter 1446 Using the Attacker’s Spear as Your Shield

A wild wind wrapped around the black mist, turning it into a black mist cyclone that shot toward the distant experts.


Tang Wan-er’s winds were quick, and they reached the enemies in an instant, not giving them any time to react. Quite a few people were devoured by the black mist.

The black mist was sticky, and a person’s body would dissolve on contact. The weaker ones were instantly turned into white skeletons, before their bones also turned black. In just a breath’s time, they were completely dissolved. Even Soul Transformation experts couldn’t escape with their Yuan Spirits.

Only rank seven Celestials and above were barely able to endure the poison by summoning their Heavenly Dao manifestations. But they still withered, and their skin dissolved away, exposing their flesh and blood.

As for those below rank seven Celestials, even Soul Transformation experts were unable to endure. They were all killed by the black mist.

The rank seven Celestials and above who managed to survive thanks to their Heavenly Dao manifestations immediately fled for their lives. They hadn’t expected Long Chen to dare to attack them. Tens of thousands of experts flew into a panic. The majority of the experts that had crept forward died in the mist. 

“Bastards of the Xuantian Dao Sect, just wait! If we don’t kill you all today, I’ll swear I’m not human!” roared an ancient family expert. His face no longer had a shred of skin on it. It was a mass of flesh and blood.

He was a powerful rank eight Celestial, but he had still been turned into his current state. His Heavenly Dao energy was in the midst of expelling the poison from his body.

However, the poison was very difficult to deal with. It felt like it had taken root in his body and was trying to tear him apart inch by inch. Even his soul was in immense pain. This was definitely a kind of torture.

“Idiot, if you have any guts, then just come. Does shouting over there have any meaning?” scoffed Long Chen.

Since they were standing on the battlefield, they were already enemies. Shouting obscenities at the other side was meaningless.

Tang Wan-er’s wind continued to blow through the enemies. They had to hastily retreat and flee like bunnies. Eventually, they went too far, and her wind energy weakened, allowing them to escape.

“Ignore them. Send the mist to attack the Magical Beasts,” said Long Chen to Tang Wan-er.

Long Chen was smiling brightly inside. The Dark Forest truly did have wooden brains. They didn’t even know how to properly plan out battles or what the proper order should be.

As Tang Wan-er’s wind returned, the black mist began blowing through the Magical Beasts. The Magical Beasts also let out mournful wails as smoke began coming from their bodies. Only a few armored Magical Beasts were able to resist the mist and continue attacking the Dragonblood Legion.

“Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, trap the centipedes. But don’t attack them. Spirit race warriors, shoot the furred Magical Beasts,” shouted Long Chen.

Thanks to the poison mist, the Spotted Ghost Mosquitoes were falling from the sky. They were the first to die from the poison.

“The Dark Forest is so stupid! Aren’t they just helping Long Chen now?!” cursed Peng Wansheng.

“There’s no way around it. Those idiots all have wooden brains, and they don’t know how to think. Furthermore, they’re so stubborn that they won’t listen to anyone else. It doesn’t matter. Even if they die, they aren’t really our people,” said Sha Guangyan indifferently. He had long since heard of the Dark Forest’s stupidity. But today, he supposed he was experiencing what peak stupidity was.

In the end, the black mist annihilated the Spotted Ghost Mosquitoes. Only a small portion of them actually died to the Spirit race warriors. The rest all died to the poison, as the poison mist was their bane.

The furred Magical Beasts were also weak to the mist. Thanks to the poison’s corrosion, their defenses sharply dropped.

For the Spirit race warriors, shooting through their tough hides was very difficult. But that tough defense had become as weak as paper now, and their arrows rained down on them.

Their arrows were very accurate, and each one aimed for vitals. The Magical Beasts collapsed one by one.

As for the Golden Tail Underground Centipedes, they were constantly popping out from the ground, attacking the Dragonblood warriors. The Dragonblood warriors retreated repeatedly.

Li Qi and Song Mingyuan both summoned their Heavenly Dao manifestations, and nine flowers revolved around each of them. They slammed their hands on the ground.

“Great Earthen Wall!”

A huge wall rose from the earth. It was many miles thick and tall, and it spread through the battlefield. 

Countless runes floated across the wall. Thanks to the runes, the earthen wall actually gave off a metallic luster. A heavy aura came from it that made it seem like an invincible city wall.

Long Chen smiled. After becoming rank nine Celestials, Li Qi and Song Mingyuan’s earth energy had grown even purer. This wall’s defensive power was startling.

Countless Golden Tail Underground Centipedes came crashing out of the ground. This wall didn’t just seal the sky, it also sealed the ground beneath it. They were unable to pass.

More and more of the centipedes were popping out, crazily attacking the wall.

However, this wall was the result of both Li Qi and Song Mingyuan pouring in all their strength. It was incomparably tough. No matter how the Countless Golden Tail Underground Centipedes attacked, they were unable to break through it. At most, they would cause a few cracks, but those would quickly recover.

They tried to climb the walls, but as a result, the wall’s runes shook them off. No matter what they tried, they were unable to get by. They were so infuriated that they began to spit out more black mist.

“They’re so useless! The Dark Forest is filled with idiots!” cursed an ancient race expert.

Unable to get past the earthen wall, the Golden Tail Underground Centipedes began crazily spitting out poison mist. Tang Wan-er was sending the mist to the attacking Magical Beasts. As a result, those Magical Beasts had their defenses sharply drop and were easily picked off by the Spirit race warriors’ arrows.

As for the defensively powerful armored Magical Beasts, Guo Ran would target them with a giant crossbow. Although the armored Magical Beasts didn’t fear the poison, Guo Ran’s explosive arrows were much more terrifying. He aimed for their weakest spots, and once his arrows pierced their bodies, they would explode.

Guo Ran only targeted the armored Magical Beasts. He didn’t want to waste his exploding arrows on the other Magical Beasts. He left them to the Spirit race warriors.

As a result, the battlefield became very strange. The Dragonblood warriors were standing atop the giant wall, looking at the centipedes attacking.

Tang Wan-er was constantly sending out the centipedes’ mist at the other Magical Beasts. Guo Ran killed armored Magical Beasts, while the Spirit race warriors killed the furred Magical Beasts.

Long Chen continued to gather corpses, while the Dragonblood warriors’ injuries had long since vanished.

The Dragonblood warriors didn’t go kill the Golden Tail Underground Centipedes. Occasionally, they would launch an attack to provoke them a bit and make them spit out more poison.

“Fuck, are you serious?! I can’t watch this!” The ancient race, Corrupt path, and ancient family experts were all enraged. They couldn’t tell what the Dark Forest was thinking. Were they trying to help the Dragonblood Legion?

The most difficult thing to bear was that despite the poison clearly being at the front, the other Magical Beasts all continued foolishly charging head-on into it. That was no different than sending themselves to their deaths.

“Are these Magical Beasts also idiots? Have their heads turned to wood as well?!” cursed someone.

“The Dark Forest’s Magical Beasts are all controlled by the Dark Forest. Their souls are completely controlled, and they were originally dumb anyways. Now they basically don’t have any ability to think on their own,” said one of the Life Star experts from the Corrupt path. He clearly knew a bit more than the others.

“But then… this is too painful to watch,” said another expert.

It wasn’t as if Long Chen’s tactics had been very skilled. But those Magical Beasts were still just foolishly falling for everything. Seeing the powerful Magical Beasts being slaughtered so easily enraged these experts.

The Dark Forest’s tree demons had all retreated, and there was no way for them to communicate with them. These Magical Beasts were all dying for nothing.

Long Chen felt like flowers were blooming in his heart. The Magical Beast corpses were all being tossed into the primal chaos space, and endless life energy was nourishing his World Trees.

It had to be known that these Magical Beasts were the elites of the Dark Forest. They were all tenth and eleventh rank Magical Beasts. They possessed extremely strong life energy.

Now the World trees were slowly growing, and even the final batch of them had reached fifteen hundred meters. They had almost caught up to the first batch.

It seemed the primal chaos space was spreading its life energy evenly throughout the World Trees. In the future, the difference between them would grow less and less. In the end, they would reach the same height.

“You want to run? That’s no good. Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, slaughter them.” Long Chen suddenly snorted. He also saw intense fluctuations coming from the distance. Shocking auras were rapidly approaching.

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