Chapter 1445 Trying to Take Advantage?

The sky in the distance turned black as giant flying figures began rushing over.

“Those are Spotted Ghost Mosquitoes. Hehe, now the Dragonblood Legion’s doomed,” laughed a Corrupt expert.

The black wave in the sky was a mass of black mosquitoes with white spots. Their individual bodies were thirty meters long. There was no way to estimate their numbers as they filled the entire sky.

The Spotted Ghost Mosquitoes were an extremely fierce kind of Magical Beasts. Their mouthparts were exceptionally sharp and could easily pierce the defenses of other Magical Beasts. Even armored Magical Beasts were no exception.

Worst of all was the poison on their mouthparts. If struck, a person would be instantly paralyzed. Then the Spotted Ghost Mosquitoes would suck out every last drop of their blood.

In the Dark Forest, they were masters of their own region. They had been developing for many years, and their numbers were horrific. Other Magical Beasts didn’t dare to provoke them.

A buzzing filled the air as they flew toward the Dragonblood Legion. But as they pounced, wooden arrows glowing with emerald light shot through their midst.

The Spirit race warriors were finally attacking. These were Long Chen’s orders. Down below, the Dragonblood warriors were already having trouble facing the Magical Beasts.

After all, their bodies were too huge, and the Dragonblood warriors were forced to run back and forth to protect their defensive line.

That was why they needed the Spirit race warriors to protect the air above them. After all, they were long-range attackers.

Millions of Spirit race warriors were launching wooden arrows. The rain of arrows caused the Spotted Ghost Mosquitoes to fall from the sky.

Although they had terrifying offensive power, and their numbers were also horrifying, their fatal weakness was their low defensive strength. The Spirit race warriors could bring down a dozen of them with one arrow

They were quickly shot down. Although they were Magical Beasts, they were still of insect types, and they didn’t have crystal cores.

One of them fell right beside Guo Ran. Its long mouthpiece easily stabbed through a tough stone like it was tofu.

“Damn, it’s this powerful?!” Guo Ran smacked his lips. Their mouthpieces were even sharper than the average King item.

“Meng Qi, you should take the mouthparts and brand them with your spiritual sea. These are powerful killing tools,” Long Chen secretly transmitted to Meng Qi.

Meng Qi nodded. Her Spiritual Strength spread stealthily into the ground, and their mouthpieces were silently brought into her spiritual space.

Each mouthpart was several meters long, incredibly sharped, and contained powerful poison. Just as Long Chen said, they were powerful killing tools.

Best of all, the battlefield was completely chaotic. All Meng Qi had to do was silently spread her Spiritual Strength, and no one would sense it.

The Spirit race warriors were continuously shooting. Their movements were very practiced and beautiful, and they could shoot out several arrows in the blink of an eye.

Each time they shot an arrow, a small mark would light up on their foreheads. Their wooden arrows were filled with a strange energy. Even though they were wooden arrows, they were even stronger than steel arrows.

“That should be a kind of faith energy. They give their everything to the Life God Tree, and the Life God Tree gives its own energy to them.” Long Chen felt a bit envious as he watched them. A healthy faith could give a person great power. They would be able to fight fearlessly and without worry of a heart-devil.

The Spirit race warriors were the most beautiful lifeforms. They were kind, pure, and refined. The Dragonblood warriors hadn’t been with them for long, but they had already fallen in love with the Forest of Life and all its lifeforms. Even without Long Chen’s orders, they would be willing to protect them. Even if they had to sacrifice their lives, they wouldn’t hesitate.

In truth, the Forest of Life’s creatures had also become a kind of conviction for the Dragonblood warriors. Protecting the Forest of Life was protecting the pure and kind side of their hearts.

If the Forest of Life was really exterminated in front of them, if the beautiful Spirit race warriors were mercilessly slaughtered, they would go crazy. That was something they refused to see happen.

Now the Dragonblood warriors were working together with the Spirit race warriors. The Spirit race warriors were in charge of the air, while the Dragonblood warriors were in charge of the ground. Both in charge of their individual areas, they managed to hold back the Dark Forest’s army of Magical Beasts.

“How are they so strong?!” raged an ancient race expert.

Six hours had passed, and the Dragonblood warriors didn’t show any sign of fatigue. Instead, their auras were still blazing with power as they fought.

The battlefield was still the same. The mountain of corpses that should have piled up had been cleanly taken away by Long Chen. The only change was that now the ground was running with rivers of blood.

“What is Long Chen doing? Why is he cleaning up the battlefield?” None of the experts on the other side could understand what he was thinking.

Long Chen was just floating at the center of the battlefield. He didn’t go kill Magical Beasts, nor did he direct his people’s attacks. Instead, he just silently cleaned up the battlefield.

Although the corpses of eleventh rank Magical Beasts were valuable, especially their crystal cores, who would actually have the heart to gather those things with death at hand? No matter how precious something was, didn’t he think his life was more precious?

They had no idea that Long Chen was silently rejoicing. More and more Magical Beast corpses were being tossed into the primal chaos space’s black soil.

The black soil was like a bottomless mouth, constantly devouring the corpses to unleash endless life energy for the World Trees.

After this many hours, even the final batch of World Trees had reached a height of six hundred meters. The barren primal chaos space was finally filled with greenery. It was thriving with vitality.

But as the sprouts grew, their growth slowed down. They needed more and more life energy to grow.

Now there were hundreds of thousands of World Trees absorbing energy at the same time. Their growth looked very slow.

Yet, the slower they grew, the happier Long Chen was. That signified that the World Trees’ life energy was even greater. Once they were all fully grown, he would possess an undying body.

More and more Spotted Ghost Mosquitoes arrived, but the Spirit race warriors were still strong enough to handle them. Their arrows never stopped. Even after this long, their tempo didn’t fall.

The Spotted Ghost Mosquitoes were constantly slain, and Meng Qi silently gathered their mouthparts while Long Chen gathered the corpses of all the Magical Beasts. Thanks to the two of them, the battlefield was very clear.

“Watch out below!”

Long Chen suddenly shouted. Just after he shouted, the ground below the battlefield exploded, and a large mouth devoured over ten of the Dragonblood warriors.

The mouth belonged to a black centipede. Its body was glossy, giving off a metallic luster. Its head was as large as a mountain.

BOOM! The black centipede’s head suddenly exploded as over ten rays of Sword Qi shot into the air. It was killed.

The ground began to erupt in more and more places as giant centipedes launched a sudden attack.

This time, they didn’t devour anyone. Instead, they spat out a black mist, which was pitch-black and spread rapidly.

“The mist is poisonous!” cried out the Dragonblood warriors. They immediately held their breath and fell back.

However, some of the black mist still reached them. As soon as it touched their skin, they felt like they were being hit by a branding iron. Their skin instantly corroded.

“Haha, now the Dragonblood Legion is doomed!” The distant experts all smiled delightedly.

Some people were already stealthily approaching the battlefield, ready to snatch the Dragonblood warriors’ weapons. These people had been waiting to get the weapons for a long time now.

The huge centipedes were an ancient species. They were called Golden Tail Underground Centipedes. Although their bodies were huge, they had a strange ability that allowed them to move underground like fish in water. Their auras would be concealed to make them ideal for sneak attacks.

These Golden Tail Underground Centipedes had eleven stripes on their heads. That was a specific mark, with each stripe representing a rank. In other words, these were all eleventh rank Magical Beasts. Their poison mist could kill Life Star experts.

That was why these experts immediately felt that the Dragonblood Legion was doomed, and that this was the best moment to take advantage of them.

“Everyone retreat!”

Long Chen cried out. Although the Golden Tail Underground Centipedes’ arrival was a bit sudden, he wasn’t panicked. Even if there was poison, it wouldn’t be a problem. That was because each of them had the blessing of the spirit trees.

As soon as the poison reached them, a green leaf image would appear on their foreheads. Life energy would fill them, expelling the poison.

Although there was no danger to their lives, there was still a time lag between being poisoned and expelling the poison. That would gravely affect their combat strength.

After sending out the order to retreat, Tang Wan-er didn’t need a reminder from Long Chen. She formed hand seals, summoning a wild tempest that blew the poison mist toward the experts that had just crept closer to the battlefield to take advantage.

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