Chapter 1444 Expediting the Growth of the World Trees

The Dragonblood warriors’ swords danced. Over thirteen thousand of them had formed a giant human wall that blocked the charge of the Magical Beasts.

Guo Ran was at the very front, wearing his golden armor that shone brightly and drew everyone’s attention.

He was a metal machine, wielding a special saber in his hand that killed a Magical Beast with each attack. Even eleventh rank Magical Beasts weren’t able to endure his power.

Guo Ran wasn’t strong himself, but through his armor, his power multiplied hundreds of times. Even Long Chen had become envious of that.

He had asked about making such armor for himself, but the control mechanism for Guo Ran’s armor was too complicated. As soon as he saw the principles involved he gave up on that idea.

It wasn’t just Long Chen. In the Dragonblood Legion, there were quite a few people who asked for some simple mechanisms from Guo Ran, but they all abandoned the idea in the end.

Even just a mechanism to increase the power of their arms was difficult to control. On a battlefield, there was no way for them to fight freely with such a thing.

If one arm was too difficult to control, then there was even less to say about a full set of armor. That would be even more difficult than ascending the heavens.

Guo Ran hadn’t wanted to keep his armor to himself. In fact, he hoped to create similar armor for the entire Dragonblood Legion. Then they could dominate these lands.

Unfortunately, not everyone had his kind of unique talent. They were unable to manipulate the subtle mechanisms effortlessly like he was. This dream was shattered.

With a slash of Guo Ran’s saber, a black-striped tiger was cut in two, and a long scar was cut in the ground. Guo Ran raised his head and roared, except it sounded a bit more like a wolf howl. “Come, your daddy Guo Ran’s blade is still thirsty!”

His voice was amplified by his armor and contained a metallic ringing to it. It was exceptionally bold, and adding on his terrifying combat power, it caused his enemies’ hearts to shake.

The current Guo Ran looked like a merciless slaughter machine. He was constantly reaping the lives of these Magical Beasts.

A giant snake opened its mouth, and shot a violet ray at Guo Ran. A huge explosion rocked the world when it struck Guo Ran, but when the dust settled, Guo Ran was fine. He simply slashed his blade once more, killing another eleventh rank Magical Beast.

“Who is that?! How is he so terrifying?!” cried out someone from the ancient races.

They were aware that Long Chen’s combat power was terrifying, but they hadn’t heard of other figures on this level as well. In front of Guo Ran, those powerful Magical Beasts were all cut down, their blood dyeing the ground scarlet.

“Hmph, he just relies on his armor. Without his armor, he’d be a snail without a shell, and anyone could easily crush him,” said someone irritably.

Each time Guo Ran attacked, the runes on his armor would light up. Based on that, it wasn’t difficult to determine that Guo Ran’s power depended on his armor.

But more shocking was that it wasn’t just Guo Ran. Gu Yang, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan were also incredibly powerful. The Magical Beasts were also killed in one blow by them.

“They’re just relying on the sharpness of their weapons. They can’t last long like this. They’ll still definitely die,” sneered someone. They were standing in the distant sky and could see the entire battlefield clearly.

In truth, the Dark Forest had only brought out half their tree demons and less than a tenth of their Magical Beasts. The Dark Forest didn’t even view the Forest of Life as an opponent. They were just prey and a bargaining chip for their cooperation with the Martial Heaven Continent. Their only goal had been to force the Forest of Life to hand over Long Chen.

They didn’t want to destroy the Forest of Life. If that happened, their bargaining chip would vanish. They wouldn’t do something so stupid as to kill the goose that laid the golden eggs.

So their main goal had just been intimidation this time. And to intimidate them, they didn’t even need to bring out all their troops.

However, they hadn’t expected their powerful tree demons to run into their bane. Over half the army they had brought had been killed. They could only send out their Magical Beast army.

To prove their worth to the powers of the Martial Heaven Continent that they were trying to work with, the Dark Forest would definitely send their other Magical Beasts over.

It was because Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng had long since seen through that that they were just watching for now.

“Long Chen, this isn’t favorable to us. Peng Wansheng and Sha Guangyan are our greatest threats,” said Chu Yao who stood beside Long Chen.

Clearly, Peng Wansheng and Sha Guangyan were ordering their side to just watch and wait for when the Dragonblood Legion was exhausted to launch a fatal blow. Having such a threat just standing by was worrisome.

“I know. But it’s fine. All schemes are useless in front of absolute power.” Long Chen smiled calmly and slowly raised his hand. Runes began to fall from his hand, transforming into runic chains that fell to the battlefield.

All the experts watching had their hearts shake when they saw Long Chen make a move. They all looked toward him.

“They’re done for already? How boring,” sneered Peng Wansheng.

For Long Chen to make a move meant the Dragonblood Legion had to already be having trouble. But right now, it was still just the start.

As the leader of the Dragonblood Legion, he was supposed to lead his troops. To have to join the fight so early, it only proved their defeat was set in stone.

Originally, Peng Wansheng and Sha Guangyan had been expecting Long Chen to only take action when the Dragonblood Legion was getting tired. That would be their best time to attack as well. They would then teach him what despair was.

“What is he doing?”

Suddenly, people realized that Long Chen wasn’t taking action against the Magical Beasts. Instead, his runic chains fell toward the Magical Beast corpses on the ground.

Wherever the runic chains went, those huge corpses vanished. Clearly, they were taken away by Long Chen.

“What an idiot. Even with death at hand, he’s greedy for their crystal cores,” sneered Peng Wansheng.

Hundreds of runic chains flew from Long Chen’s body, spreading out and gathering the corpses throughout the battlefield.

“Long Chen, you…?” probed Tang Wan-er. Why would he be cleaning up the battlefield at this time?

“You shouldn’t waste a single piece of grain. In a bit, things will become too chaotic to take them.” Long Chen smiled and didn’t explain much.

Right now, he urgently needed the flesh of Magical Beasts. If he didn’t quickly gather the corpses, then the battle would cause their bodies to explode and become more difficult to gather. So this was actually the best time.

His runic chains were like his own hands. Whatever he touched could be drawn into the primal chaos space.

Those corpses were all tossed into the black soil in the primal chaos space.

This was his first time since advancing to the Jade Core realm to go all-out absorbing Magical Beast corpses. The black soil was like a sea, and the Magical Beast corpses slowly sank within it. Life energy began to fill the primal chaos space.

The World Trees were growing extremely slowly. Even now, they were only thirty meters tall. They were still in the form of soft shoots. They couldn’t even count as saplings.

However, as piles of Magical Beast corpses landed on the black soil, life energy spread throughout the primal chaos space, and the World Trees finally began to grow at a visible rate.

They quickly reached a height of three hundred meters. For normal large trees, this was already a fully grown state.

Yet, the World Trees were still in the form of soft shoots. Their bodies were still not fully opaque. However, now a third leaf finally sprouted.

Long Chen couldn’t help being shocked. These World Trees were truly shocking. They required a huge amount of life energy to grow. Finally, when they reached a height of one thousand meters, the first branches began to grow out of them, and they took on the form of saplings.

That delighted Long Chen. He was waiting just for this moment. He began carefully snapping off those branches and planting them as well.

The primal chaos space didn’t disappoint him. Those branches also began to take root and grow as the life energy nourished them.

“Yes! Primal chaos bead, you are really amazing!”

Long Chen gathered corpses as he planted more branches. This time, he left many miles between each World Tree.

By the time the World Trees were fully grown, they would be hundreds of miles tall, and being too concentrated would affect their growth.

Long Chen was hard at work. The first batch of the World Trees was already at fifteen hundred meters, and more and more branches were growing. He was crazily transplanting them.

Fortunately, everything in the primal chaos space was controlled by his Spiritual Strength. His Spiritual Strength was spread throughout it, and he was constantly snapping off branches to plant them.

In just a short couple hours, the primal chaos space was filled with the World Trees.

However, these World Trees were all in different stages of growth. There were clear differences between the first ones and the later ones.

Furthermore, as he planted more, their growth slowed down as well. The first batch of world trees that had reached eighteen hundred meters were no longer growing at a visible rate.

However, the shocking thing was that just that batch of World Trees had as much life energy as thousands of fully matured Iron Spruce Oaks.

It had to be known that these World Trees were still in a very young state. They were only slightly larger saplings, but they possessed this much life energy. This was a nice surprise for Long Chen.

Just as he was relishing in this happiness, rumbling rang out. A black mass of figures filled the distant sky.

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