Chapter 1443 Sharpness Blossoms

That figure appeared so suddenly that no one could react. His sword was already slashing at Guo Ran’s neck.

It was coming from a dead angle, and even if Guo Ran wasn’t busy shooting out cannonballs with his large and clumsy canon, he wouldn’t be able to dodge.

The Dragonblood warriors let out startled cries, but that person was so fast, there was nothing they could do.

The sword landed right on Guo Ran’s neck. But the devastating sight of his head flying didn’t appear. Instead, sparks flew, and people realized that Guo Ran’s neck had suddenly become covered in golden armor.

Guo Ran’s neck was fine, while that person’s sword bounced off.

“Idiot, did you think you could sneak attack your daddy? It seems you’ve never died before!” Guo Ran laughed. Without even turning back, the canon on his shoulder suddenly opened on the other side, and a golden flower blossomed. A red light shot out of the center of the flower at his sneak attacker.

The sneak attacker hadn’t summoned his manifestation in order to sneak up on Guo Ran. To be fair, no one had thought Guo Ran’s canon would be able to fire backward as well. A shameless design like this was probably something only Guo Ran could think of.

The canon’s power was immense, but if a sudden sneak attack was launched from behind him, it would be hard for Guo Ran to face his attacker. So he had come up with this sinister trick.

The sneak attacker’s hair stood on end when that red light appeared. He hastily brandished his sword, about to summon his manifestation.

However, just as he was about to summon his manifestation, his whole body trembled, and an expression of absolute terror appeared on his face. He stiffened.


The red light pierced through his body, and he blew up like a watermelon, filling the air with his blood.

“He killed a rank nine Celestial in one blow?!”


The ancient races, Corrupt path, and ancient family alliance’s experts were all stunned. That was a rank nine Celestial! He had been killed in one blow?!

Seeing Guo Ran actually kill a rank nine Celestial in one blow, Long Chen couldn’t help but feel a bit angry inside. His power was clearly enough to suppress rank nine Celestials, but killing them was always extremely difficult. The slightest carelessness and they would get away.

As for Guo Ran’s little trick, he had been secretly helped by Meng Qi. That rank nine Celestial had been killed before understanding what was going on. It had been too simple.

“Hahaha! A pitiful rank nine Celestial dares to embarrass himself in front of me?! Your daddy Guo Ran swept through this world, looking down on heaven and earth! You little pieces of crap are only fit to crawl before me!” Guo Ran laughed excitedly, feeling incredibly satisfied.

Long Chen glanced at Meng Qi and saw her smiling. She didn’t say anything, and no one else was capable of sensing what she had done.

He knew that Meng Qi was an extremely powerful existence now. After he had given the Three-head Nine-Eye Illusion Spirit Beast’s skeleton to her, she had told him that she would give him a nice surprise.

Now he saw Meng Qi silently assist Guo Ran, without forming a hand seal or even moving, to kill a rank nine Celestial. It could be seen how terrifying Meng Qi was now. The Three-head Nine-eye Illusion Spirit Beast’s skeleton was clearly extremely beneficial to her.

However, Guo Ran’s follow-up bragging was a bit embarrassing. His skin was too thick. Although it was true that he had killed a rank nine Celestial in one blow, if it hadn’t been for Meng Qi’s secret assistance, it was an unknown whether or not he could have even injured that dead Celestial.

Only Guo Ran, Meng Qi, and Long Chen knew about that. The others had no idea, and they all stared in shock at Guo Ran.

“Using my canon to kill you weaklings would be bullying. Today, I’ll let you see what a true unrivaled hero is! I won’t even use my canon, and I’ll still kill you like slaughtering chickens!” cackled Guo Ran as he put away his canon.

Long Chen naturally knew that this was an act. Having used up his cannonballs, Guo Ran still didn’t forget to brag. But the opposition was still stunned by him and was unable to determine if his words were true or not.

Black specks of soil had covered this world. Under Tang Wan-er’s efforts, it was unknown just how many tree demons had been slain, transforming into specks of dust.

“It was even more effective than I expected.” Long Chen was delighted inside. The primal chaos space’s black soil was too mysterious. This could count as divine power.

It was impossible to calculate how many tree demons had fallen to the black soil just now. But he guessed that at least half of the tree demons were now specks of dust on the battlefield.

“Spirit Emperor, have your people fall back further so they don’t touch the black soil. That thing doesn’t differentiate between friend or foe.” Long Chen transmitted his orders to the Spirit Emperor.

He didn’t need to actually speak to the Spirit Emperor. He could simply use the green leaf image on his hand to transmit his thoughts throughout the Forest of Life.

From the start, he had chosen a spot very far from the Forest of Life to fight. But the black soil was even more terrifying than he had imagined, so to be safe, he had them retreat even further.

At this moment, the sea of beasts crashed upon them. Guo Ran had killed many of them, but there were just too many of the beasts. The amount Guo Ran had killed was nothing compared to this army of Magical Beasts.

“Brothers, raise your weapons! Kill all the threats in front of you. Don’t let them touch the Forest of Life. This is a battle to protect, and even if we have to die, we won’t retreat half a step! Kill!” shouted Long Chen, floating above the battlefield.




The Dragonblood warriors roared, their voices growing louder wave by wave until they drowned out the Magical Beasts.

Over thirteen thousand warriors took out their weapons and summoned their Heavenly Dao manifestations. They charged at the army of Magical Beasts.


Guo Ran was the first to fly toward them. He charged at a golden bull as large as a mountain and covered in scales. It was exceptionally fierce, but Guo Ran simply pointed a finger, and a golden light flew out. A hole appeared in the golden bull’s head, and it tumbled back into the distance before lying motionless, dead.

“Brothers, kill with me! Dragonblood Legion, use the blood of these brutes to testify to our undefeatable oath!” Standing atop the golden bull’s corpse, Guo Ran raised his hand and roared. In all honesty, he truly did have the air of an undefeatable leader at this time.


The Dragonblood warriors charged, filling the air with the blood of Magical Beasts. The scent of blood reeked strongly, but it stimulated the Dragonblood warriors’ killing intent.

Rays of light flashed. The Dragonblood warriors emitted cold rays of Sword Qi that cut through the tough hides of the Magical Beasts. Even the eleventh rank Magical Beasts were no exception.

Runes flowed around the Dragonblood warriors’ swords. Their Sword Qi was thin and long, cutting through the bodies of the Magical Beasts like cutting through tofu. Their bodies were easily cut into pieces.

“How can they have such terrifying weapons?!”

Seeing this, the ancient race, Corrupt path, and ancient family alliance’s experts were stunned.

“That power has surpassed the limit of King items. Although their auras aren’t on the level of Ancestral items, their killing power is almost on that level.”

“Most importantly, their swords are practically identical. Could it be they made them themselves?!”

Startled cries rang out as they watched the Dragonblood warriors charge through the sea of Magical Beasts.

The experts with the most experience could easily see the details of the Dragonblood warriors’ weapons. Although they didn’t have the might of Ancestral items, their material was definitely on that level. The runes carved into them were extremely profound and allowed them to unleash Sword Qi of an exceptionally sharp nature. Even eleventh rank Magical Beasts found their defenses turned to mud in front of their attacks.

“Should we attack? We can kill them and take their weapons,” proposed someone greedily.

Over thirteen thousand warriors with such divine weapons. That was naturally enticing.

Those weapons were all forged by Guo Ran. They were his blood, sweat, and tears. The runes carved on them came from the Ethereal Crafting Secret Record. He had added a rune he had recently comprehended which imbued them with a sharp nature.

The material was of the Ancestral item level, while the runes were amazing as well. The only reason they didn’t possess the might of Ancestral items was because they didn’t have item-spirits.

So, although they couldn’t count as Ancestral items, they made these people greedy.

“There’s no need. The tree demons are restricted by that strange soil and can’t participate in the battle. But don’t look down on the Dark Forest. The Magical Beasts alone are enough to wipe them out. The Magical Beasts we see here are nothing more than a small portion of all the Magical Beasts in the Dark Forest. It’s just that the Dark Forest didn’t expect to encounter the black soil. Now that the tree demons have retreated, they’ll be sending out more and more Magical Beasts. That’s enough to crush them. There’s no need for us to participate. When they’re exhausted, we’ll give them the fatal blow.” Sha Guangyan had a cold smile as he watched the Dragonblood warriors fight.

When they looked at Long Chen floating in the air, Sha Guangyan and Peng Wansheng both had sinister smiles on their faces.

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