Chapter 1442 Black Soil Exterminates Tree Demons

It was an image of a huge tree whose branches were like dragons spreading high into the sky. When the surrounding experts looked up, stars seemed to hang amongst its branches. Those were its fruit.

This huge tree was completely black, and tiny scales were covering its body. Its leaves were in the shape of sharp blades. Black qi exuded from it.

When it first appeared, the Dragonblood warriors almost thought it was the Life God Tree. The Life God Tree was the only other tree that they had ever seen that was this giant.

Its huge branches completely covered the sky, and a berserk energy made their hearts shake. The fluctuations coming from this giant tree were horrifying. It was like it could annihilate everyone on this battlefield with just a thought.

Most shocking of all was that this giant tree was nothing more than a projection. It wasn’t its true body, and yet it still possessed such pressure.

“Life Master, I’ll give you a chance. As long as you choose not to participate in this battle of the human race, my Dark Forest will not attack the Forest of Life.” A black figure condensed in front of the tree. That figure seemed to be made out of mist and it was impossible to see its face. But the voice came from it.

The sky once more shook, and a divine light began to force back the black tree. Another giant tree appeared in the sky, dispelling the darkness.

Life energy began to flow through the air. The pressure on the Dragonblood warriors vanished.

“The Life God Tree!” The Dragonblood warriors were delighted. As long as the Life God Tree could block that tree’s pressure, they could still fight to their fullest abilities.

Although it was also just a projection, their power seemed to be equal. That gave the Dragonblood warriors confidence.

“You… you recovered? Impossible!” The black projection’s voice was full of shock.

A figure also slowly condensed in front of the Life God Tree. It was the Spirit Emperor.

“You don’t need to try discussing any conditions. The Forest of Life will fight to the death alongside Long Chen.”

“Hmph, so your life energy recovered. But if you think you can block my army, you’re too arrogant! Since that’s the case, today we’ll annihilate your Forest of Life. Starting today, the Dark Forest alone will govern the Spirit World!”

The black projection snorted. The giant tree exploded, and black rain fell amongst the sea of tree demons.

The tree demons began to crazily grow. All their auras grew and became more berserk.


Countless tree demons began to charge over at the Dragonblood Legion. Their bodies were so huge that humans looked like ants in front of them.

The ancient race, Corrupt path, and ancient family alliance’s experts stood in their original locations. They eagerly anticipated Long Chen and the others’ upcoming miserable plight.

“Boss, now what? We’re not woodcutters!” cried out Guo Ran. He had never experienced a fight against tree demons, so he didn’t know how to fight them.

“These tree demons are nothing to me. Watch me exterminate them with a wave of my hand!” Long Chen laughed and began to rise through the air.

When Long Chen spread his arms, soil suddenly appeared all around him.

“Idiot, you want to use earth energy to handle tree demons? Is there anyone more stupid than you?” sneered Peng Wansheng.

Sha Guangyan was also startled that Long Chen would be summoning earth to handle tree demons. Wasn’t it simply obvious that earth birthed wood? It was like he was trying to drown a fish with water.

“Endless Wind Waves!”

Tang Wan-er, who had long since been prepared, directly summoned her nine flower manifestation. A hurricane was summoned, and waves of wind came from it, dispersing Long Chen’s black soil toward the tree demon army.


“This soil is toxic!”

“My body, it’s withering!”

The sky full of black soil surged forward. The human experts didn’t sense anything from it, but the tree demons let out horrified cries.

When a single speck of the black soil touched their bodies, their life energy would rapidly vanish, and their bodies would wither.

The first tree demon withered in an instant, collapsing to the ground. Then its withered body disintegrated until it was just a speck of dust.


The tree demons cried out panickedly and ran for their lives. But it was too late. Under Tang Wan-er’s powerful wind, the black soil covered the sky. The Dark Forest’s tree demons were easily caught.

This was the black soil from Long Chen’s primal chaos space which devoured all life. It was toxic to vegetation. No matter how strong the tree demon was, they would completely wither in just a few breaths’ time.

The tree demons fell one by one, turning into specks of dust. This scene stunned everyone.

These tree demons were comparable to Life Star experts. But they were instantly killed.

“Life Master, stop! We can still discuss this matter!” The Dark Forest’s expert suddenly roared.

“Sorry, my Forest of Life is listening to Long Chen’s orders. Asking me is useless,” said the Spirit Emperor.

The Spirit Emperor was also shocked. She had never heard of such a powerful soil of death in this world. It caused her to also feel fear.

No wonder Long Chen had been so confident before this battle. This black soil was absolutely dreadful.

To the Forest of Life’s creatures, this soil was even more deadly. Fortunately, it was flying toward the Dark Forest. If it flew backward instead, the Forest of Life would be doomed.

Now she also knew why Long Chen hadn’t let them approach the battlefield and were told to just hold their position.

“Fuck, what are you still standing around for?! Kill that bastard!” roared the Dark Forest’s expert.

Roaring rang out and the ground trembled as countless Magical Beasts charged over at Long Chen.

These Magical Beasts were all huge and powerful, and the majority of them were eleventh rank Magical Beasts. This mass of Magical Beasts was also terrifying.

Long Chen waved his hand, and a mountain of the black soil appeared. Long Chen had no time to release it bit by bit for Tang Wan-er, so he just dropped a mountain of it off for Tang Wan-er to spread. They had to annihilate as many tree demons as they could right now to frighten them from ever coming back.

Tang Wan-er summoned a huge sphere of wind blades. It smashed into the black mountain, and the black soil shot out.

Because there were so many tree demons, and they covered such a huge area, it was impossible for them to fully retreat in time. Their giant bodies were easy targets.

Even as they fled, Tang Wan-er sent her wind blades after them, using the black soil to touch their bodies. Just the slightest bit represented death for them.

“Magical Beasts of the Dark Forest, hurry up and come! Your daddy Guo Ran’s latest invention has long since gotten thirsty of blood!”

Guo Ran had already flown into the air. The huge cannon on his shoulder pointed at the army of Magical Beasts.


A huge cannonball shot out. It was only a foot long when it came out, but it rapidly grew.

When it landed amongst the Magical Beasts, it had already grown to three hundred meters. It was a giant bomb.

Guo Ran had placed spatial runes on it to shrink the cannonball. That way, he didn’t need a giant cannon.

BOOM! It was like a beautiful firework had gone off in the army of Magical Beasts. Fiery-red blades flew out in every direction.

Those blades were inscribed with golden runes, and with the power of the explosion behind them, not even eleventh rank Magical Beasts were able to block them. Even with their tough hide, the flying blades cut through their flesh. If they didn’t strike bone, they would continue all the way through their bodies.

There were too many blades, and the targets were too concentrated. Many Magical Beasts had their heads pierced and their crystal cores shattered. They were slain just like that.

“Come, come! Your daddy Guo is still hungry!” Guo Ran’s mighty attack shook everyone. Even Long Chen was experiencing the power of Guo Ran’s latest invention for the first time.

It seemed that this fellow was finally learning about how to be low-key, at least in order to show off with greater effect. This one attack was absolutely stunning. At the very least, even Long Chen was stunned by it.

Most shocking of all, Guo Ran shot out six cannonballs in total, aiming them at the most concentrated locations of the Magical Beasts. They were slain in massive numbers.

“Boss Guo Ran is mighty!” The Dragonblood warriors cheered. This opening from Guo Ran was beautiful.

“Someone, go kill him,” ordered Sha Guangyan with a dark expression. He turned to a rank nine Celestial beside him. 

The rank nine Celestial nodded and vanished. At this time, Guo Ran was freely shooting more bombs, relishing in the feeling of having all eyes on him.

Long Chen’s mouth curled into a smile upon seeing Guo Ran show off. Guo Ran’s greatest goal in life was to show off in front of others. He was walking further and further along this unending path.

When the rank nine Celestial vanished, Long Chen frowned and slowly raised a finger. But after a moment of hesitation, he lowered his hand again.

A figure appeared behind Guo Ran like a ghost, slashing at Guo Ran’s neck.

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