Chapter 1441 Two Armies Face Each other

Long Chen stood at the front, facing the distance. A pitch-black wave was slowly coming over.

This black wave seemed to be slowly devouring the world. It was a boundless sea of darkness.

This black sea was composed of the Dark Forest’s tree demons. Hundreds of millions were approaching, and their berserk and vast auras were starting to rage through the air.

Although the tree demons were still extremely far away, their killing intent had already reached the Dragonblood Legion. If it was before, then such an impact would multiple the pressure they were feeling. Even experts that had gone through a hundred battles would have their hearts crumble.

Due to Long Chen’s speech before this, and their new comprehension of what the point of the battle was, none of the Dragonblood warriors were afraid.

Not only that, but there was also that figure standing at the front of all of them. Although he wasn’t huge, that figure gave them a boundless drive. He was their undefeatable god. As long as he was present, no matter how pessimistic the situation was, he would be able to lead them to victory. This was their unswerving belief.

Long Chen stood at the front, his long hair and black robes billowing back. His staunch face was still completely calm, and his starry eyes possessed a reserved light. No one could tell what he was thinking.

Chu Yao, Meng Qi, and Tang Wan-er had unconsciously held hands, staring at him with a soft and adoring expression. Everyone worshiped heroes, and when that hero was also their beloved, they felt an indescribable feeling of grandness.

Normally, Long Chen liked to laugh and joke around without any propriety. But at important times, no one was more dependable than him.

Even as the wave of darkness got closer, no one felt the slightest fear. The only thing welling up within them was battle intent. To fight alongside Long Chen was a supreme glory. This was the special charisma that Long Chen possessed.

The darkness got closer, and the atmosphere began to become taut like a bow being drawn. The air grew heavier.

Now that they were closer, the Dragonblood Legion could see experts from the human race at the front of the army of tree demons.

What shocked Long Chen was that there were hundreds of thousands of human experts, and the Corrupt path occupied the majority of that number.

Behind the human experts was the army of tree demons. They were all giants, and their crowns covered the sky.

From within the forest of tree demons came the roars of Magical Beasts. It was even possible to see some of their huge bodies between the tree demons.

“Long Chen, I didn’t expect you to really have some guts. But your current actions are nothing more than a mantis trying to stop a carriage. You don’t seem to know just how weak you are.”

A disdainful voice came from within the dark army. The voice wasn’t particularly loud, and yet it rumbled through heaven and earth. It was like the world was resonating with his words, and that made the Dragonblood warriors’ hearts shake. They had never seen such a terrifying figure before.

When that person spoke, they felt the energy of the world grow distant toward them.

The speaker stood in the air, his eyes like golden lanterns, a pair of wings on his back. The world shook around him. He was the ancient race’s Empyrean, Peng Wansheng. When he spotted Long Chen, killing intent blazed in his eyes.

“Even three slaps didn’t fix your habit of shooting off your mouth. I must regretfully tell you that there’s simply no cure for your illness.” Chewing a stalk of grass, Long Chen spoke as if he felt sorry for Peng Wansheng’s incurable disease.

The Dragonblood warriors’ jaws dropped as low as possible, their eyes almost popping out. Although they didn’t know who Peng Wansheng was, just the fact that several rank nine Celestials were standing deferentially behind him showed what kind of figure he was.

Furthermore, they all felt a great Heavenly Dao suppression from him. It felt like the Heavenly Daos no longer cared about them, and all their energy was surging toward him.

This was their first time seeing such a terrifying figure, but Long Chen said that he had slapped him three times?

“Long Chen, if I don’t tear you to pieces today, I’ll change my surname to yours!” roared Peng Wansheng.

“No, no matter how I try, there’s no way I could give birth to a birdman like you. Find someone else to be your father!” Long Chen shook his head.

“Bastard!” Peng Wansheng fully extended his wings, and golden runes revolved around him. All the Heavenly Dao energy in the air raged. He was about to attack.

“Brother Peng, wait a moment. Don’t be in such a rush. When eating and drinking, you have to do it slowly in order to savor it. The appetizers haven’t even come, but you’re rushing into the feast. That’s boring.” Sha Guangyan held Peng Wansheng back.

Long Chen nodded at Sha Guangyan. “Good, a slap in the face had a clear effect on your illness. You no longer start bragging as soon as you open your mouth. There’s hope for you.”

Sha Guangyan’s expression sank just like Peng Wansheng’s had. His previous calm expression instantly became twisted with fury.

Now not only were the Dragonblood warriors shocked, even the people from the ancient races, the Corrupt path, and the ancient family alliance were stunned.

Such terrifying figures had both been slapped by Long Chen. Had they gone insane? Or was it the world that had gone insane?

Only the people who had been there knew what had happened in the Ancient Battlefield. They naturally had to keep that secret, so no one knew about the face-slapping.

Unfortunately for them, Long Chen immediately brought it up here. Everyone felt that this was inconceivable. Just what kind of monster was capable of consecutively slapping the face of Empyreans?

“Boss is too low-key. He didn’t even tell us such a thing,” sighed Guo Ran. If it was him, he’d have announced the matter to the whole world.

The Dragonblood warriors stared at Long Chen’s back, filled with worship. No matter what level of genius he was facing, they would still have to be slapped by their boss. He was unrivaled.

“Long Chen, let me tell you your smartest move! Hand over Evilmoon, and we’ll immediately leave without making things hard on you. Otherwise, not only will all of you die, but the Forest of Life will also be destroyed, and once you’re all dead, we’ll slaughter every last member of your family. Can you still act so tough now?” Sha Guangyan glared at Long Chen, not bothering to hide his killing intent.

“Bullshit, do you dare to touch a single hair of our families?!” raged Guo Ran. This person was too arrogant. Not only did he say he would kill them all, but he even said he would kill their families. That was too much.

“Hahaha, do you think I’m just trying to scare you? You’re mistaken. Once we leave the Spirit World, we can annihilate all of your families, and not even the Martial Heaven Continent would dare to say anything,” laughed Sha Guangyan.

Seeing their fury, he continued, “Do you still not know? The Spirit World’s Forest of Life is viewed as an enemy of the Martial Heaven Continent. Back then, they betrayed the human race. When the dark era descended and the Martial Heaven Continent was in danger of being destroyed, they chose to stand to the side and just watch, causing the Martial Heaven Continent to descend into a dark era lasting tens of thousands of years. Countless human experts fell, and even the Sovereign of that era died because of them. They are our enemies, and by standing with them, you become enemies with the entire Martial Heaven Continent. Since you are the enemies, who would dare to say a thing about killing your families?”

“What slander! It was the human race that betrayed the Forest of Life! You-” raged a Dragonblood warrior.

“Idiot, have you not opened a history book? Plenty of historical records clearly state that the Forest of Life is a bunch of lying, backstabbing traitors. They caused the Martial Heaven Continent to fall into that long-lasting dark era and caused almost all life on the continent to die. It’s all because of them,” snorted Sha Guangyan.

The Dragonblood warriors were infuriated and just about to burst into curses when Long Chen waved his hand.

He indifferently said, “History is written by the winners, or can be changed according to the requirements of the strong. The true history has long since been lost in the river of time. Arguing about it doesn’t have any meaning. I told you all that the current world is one of chaos and disorder. When there’s no way to talk reasonably about things, when your convictions clash, the only thing you can do is kill. Sha Guangyan, I won’t waste time arguing with you. If you want to play mental warfare, I’d advise you not to embarrass yourself with your little smarts. I owe the Forest of Life my life, and as long as I live, you won’t be able to step half a foot into the Forest of Life. Furthermore, there’s one thing I should say. I have a certain principle. Those who step onto a battlefield and raise their blades toward me are viewed as my enemies, and the people I recognize as enemies all die. Since we come from the same race, I’ll say some awkward words, especially to the ancient family alliance’s people. I’ll give you one last chance to retreat from this battlefield, and then you’ll still have a chance to keep living. But if you choose to fight, don’t blame me when I cut off your heads.”

“Hahaha, how arrogant. Do you think we’re children? You’re the one who’s going to die, yet you still dare to say such big words. How childish,” sneered a person from the ancient family alliance.

However, the Dragonblood Legion’s people looked at them with pitiable expressions. This one sentence had sealed their fate.


The void suddenly exploded, and a huge illusory image covered the sky.

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